The Alliance

—-This is the Third part of The Threat of Quan Chi—————–

———The Title is called “THE ALLIANCE”

In the Hell of Neitherrealm darkness pervade over this world as a war between the power of Quan Chi, Shinnok and The Guardian known as Lucifer and all his undead minions. Crumbling rocks and avalanches fell into the fire and brimstone causing caos and calmaity because the power was to great. Quan Chi and Shinnok fought their way through Lucifer’s undead army.(If your thinking why is Shinnok fighting because in the last episode he was weak Quan Chi gave Shinnok some energy boost, with the power of the amulet). For years the battle reighed over and over but the forces of hell was weakening and Lucifer was finally defeated after years of struggle. (Time moves differently in hell than in our reality, 100 long years will pass in the hell of Neitherrealm- in our reality it’s just two days). After the defeat of Lucifer Shinnok turned to Quan Chi

Shinnok-“Why did you risk your life for me”

Quan Chi-“Because-you-and-I-have-the- same enemy-and-together-with an alliance-we-will-defeat the mortals of Earth realm.”

Shinnok had a smerk upon his blue wrinkly face as Quan Chi handed him the power of the amulet. Shinnok looked at the amulet with a pleased expression upon his face.

Shinnok-“Now the mortals of Earth realm will feel my wrath and will perish and I will defeat the Elder Gods including my long forgotten son Rayden, ha ha ha”. The power of the amulet glowed as it filled Shinnok with strength of invulnerabilty.

In the Realm of Edenia Queen Sindel sat upon her throne with princess Kitana at her side talking to some local villagers about the destruction of their harvest. As darkness fell over the realm of Edenia one of Queen Sindel’s general aproached the throne.

The General-“My Queen pardon my desruption but new dark forces has entered our world. Kitana looked with a concered expression.

Kitana-“Than we must be prepared to fight”

Sindel-“We have not a clue to what entered our world”

The General-“What ever it is my queen, it was powerful enough to punch a whole through our realm.”

Kitana-“Than I must go-and find Liu, he will know what to do.”

The General-“I am sorry my princess but the portal to Earthrealm has been blocked by this new dark force.”

The doors to the throne room opend as a mysterious hooded figure walked down the path toward Kitana and Sindel as the general walked up to this mysterious person.

The General-“Halt(With a spear pointing at this stranger)right their, who are you.”

The Stranger-“Who am i(With a feminine voice while unhooding herself)They call me Tanya.”And before the geneal had a chance to apprehend this stranger Tanya instantaneousy jumped upon the general shoulders as she cracked his neck with her thighs twisting all around his head. The General fell to the floor twitching with his neck facing backwards, Queen Sindel look astonished with her hands before her open mouth and wide eyes.

Kitana-“What do you want from us”.

Tanya-“My dear child, little do you know, it’s not what I want from you, it’s what he wants—“. Then Shinnok and Quan Chi entered the throne with an evil expression of happiness upon their face.


Kitana-“YOU! We have defeated you before Elder God, and we will aga–

Shinnok yelled-“SILENCE”, while he flung a green flaming skull at Kitana causing her to drain life force(Shinnok can possess the powers of his foes and allys).

Queen Sindel-“My sweet Kitana.” Queen sindel stood up on her throne as she open her arms and levitated, her long white hair blew in the breeze as her eyes turned white Sindel shrieked, the power she possessed had an empact on the God and Sorcerer, causing them to fly agains a brick wall, the force field that imprisoned Kitana faded. Sindel grabbed princess Kitana and before she had a chance to escape The Elder God Shinnok was before them.

Shinnok-“Queen Sindel such an honor to meet a woman of fine beauty, but you didn’t think that little trick would have such an effect on this immortal body now, did you”, Shinnok then grabbed Queen Sindel by the throat. Sindel was gasping for air as Shinnok lifted her highly in the sky Sindel’s eyes was rolling in the back of her head.

Shinnok-“You see Queen this is the price for your benevolence, now I would like to see you die slowly in this crushing hand of mine.”Queen Sindel was swinging like she had been hung and before she could take the last gasp of air princess Kitana threw one of her bladed fans at Shinnoks head. The blade was stuck in his immortal face as he peeled the blade out from his immortal skin.

Shinnok-“ENOUGH, of these little games, (As he threw the bladed fan on the floor with impact causing it to skid across the grounds of the throne room) I am claming this realm as my own,”As he grabbed the still gasping for air Queen Sindel and the disorented princess Kitana by the throat, Later they both were incarcerated in the Coldbalt Minds of Shokkan chained to a wall.

Shinnok sat above the throne where Shao Kahn use to sit as Tanya was before him.

Tanya-“My God I have done what you asked and now I am ready for my next task.”

Shinnok-“Very Well, you know what to do.”

As Tanya left the throne room, Quan Chi approached the staires while looking up at Shinnok.

Shinnok-“You see sorcerer their is no one in any realm that will oppose us we are the inevitable and Earth Realm will bow down to our will, ha ha ha.” While looking up at his sphere and embeded within, was the sacret amulet. Quan Chi left the throne room as the doors closed behind him, Quan Chi had in his possession the real sacret amulet.

Quan Chi-“Now-Elder-Gooood-We’ll soon find out who controls this universe,” As he whipered to himself while walking away.

-To Be Continue-

dragon king

This story begains with the death of goro,and the death of Kintoro .When they died they where banished to the neither realm where they killed the god Blaze….When Blaze died the portal to earth realm opened, and Shinock was about to escape,but suddenly he head an idea,but it wouldn’t work if Goro died as he was about to beacause Squopion was trying to rip his head of with his spear.Shinock rushed down and tried to attack Squrpion,but insese Squrpion was dead his power incresed every second,and Shinock’s energy grew weaker so Kintoro helped Shinock,and knocked Squrpion out.Then without explaining his plan he fused Goro and Kintoro and from half human-half dragon they became the dragon king.Then Shinock explaned his plan witch was to over all realms the first realm was outworld they touk out Shoa Khan with no problam,but what frustratated Shinock was there next invasion on earth realm.For there their was Lui-Kang,Smoke,Kitana,Kung-Lao,Sub-Zero,Raynen,Soya,Jax,andFujin.

When they started there invation they killed three people Smoke,Sonya,and Fujin.Jax,Sub-zero,and Raynen where enraged since one of the three was a companon,soo they lead the attack.Sub-zero shot a ball of ice at Shinock.Shinock wacked it back at Sub-Zero.Sub-Zero did an ice-clone witch blocked the ice ball.Then Shinock rushed behind Sub-Zero and kicked him in the neck and knocked him out.This happened to all the others too exept for Lui Shinock rushed to Lui but the dragon king kneed him and

said “Lui is MINE!”.Shinock replied “You dare challenge….before Shinock could finish his sentece the dragon king did a whirlwind attack….Shinock is dead.When the dragon king turned arouned and saw millions of fire balls being shot before he knew it he was dead.

mortal domination

now sub-zero an elder god of ice sets out his on his journey to the neverealm and seek his revenge on the newly ressurected shang tsung. After raidens death caused by the most powerful sorcerer in the universe quan-chi sub-zero was asked to take his postion and fight with the mortals. Quan-chi heard of the ressurection and decided he would travel to see shang tsung and become partners to try and take over earth realm. Shang tsung aggreed to form an alliance with quan-chi aslong as he becomes the over ruler of earth realm and that quan-chi becomes his desendant, quan-chi aggreed to these terms and they travelled to the outworld to assinate shao kahn, after doing so shao kahns monks were forced to take all of sub-zeros powers away from him rendering him useless of ice power, the monks disagreed because they know now not to try and overcome the power of an elder god. Shan tsung and quan-chi execute them alland claim outworld as there own. Will sub-zero be able to stop the powerful alliance of shang tsung and quan-chi or will the mortals fail and lose earthrealm to the most deadly alliance ever formed find out next story I make


———–This is The sequal to the Threat of Quan Chi—————-

—————–I Hope you like it————————————

—————DARKNESS FALLS————————————–
Quan Chi stood above the bows of the canyons of the Neitherrealm watching this hell from above, he smiled while holding up the sacret amulet that he possessed not so long ago. His fight with Fujin was but the beginning of the end for the mortals of Earth realm. The sky’s turned pitch black and the moon faded with the clouds that hovered over this red hell. Quan Chi’s eyes turned green as his flaming skulls surrounded his being and he disappeared (Like he did in Vengeance while escaping from the shadow priest).

The portal opened in the skys of the hell beneath the Neitherrealm, as Quan Chi looked around and saw nothing but fire and purgatory as skulls where hanging from brimstone as the flames grew and heat nourished in this place. There Quan Chi saw a man who swam through the fire like he was swimming on water or something. This man was known as Blaze a shadow of heat who thirst on nothing but the flames of this perpetual hell. Quan Chi stood toe to toe with this fire adversary, Blaze replied,” What business do you have here sorcerer.” Quan Chi replied with a sinster voice,”I am here–to find an old friend.” Blaze said,” Oh, really-well sorcerer, if my memory corrects me you are still a prisoner in my domain.” Quan Chi laughed and replied,” Blaze-Do-you-have-any-idea-who-you-are messing with.” Blaze looked with flames in his red heated eyes as he charged toward Quan Chi like a fire ball. Quan chi disapperared through the ground, with a confused look upon Blaze’s heated face, Quan chi used his teleport stomp coming from the sky and stomped his opponent to the ground. Quan Chi didn’t realize by stomping on this creature his legs where on fire, not realizing the pain because of his invulnerablity of the sacret amulet, the fire exstiguised as Quan Chi walked away.

Back on Earth Realm Rayden was tending to a wounded semi-God of wind Fujin (If your thinking why is Fujin hurt, because he is immortal, the amulet is like a God cryptonite, it works on by inflecting the damage not the one who possess it).

Rayden- replied to Fujin,” I summon the Elder Gods to aid us in this battle with the fallen Elder God my brother.”

Fujin-“If Shinnok is free to roam this world, it will crumble and the will of man will be broken.”

Rayden-“That is why our mortals will fight for a better world.”

Fujin-“Well then my faith is with them and we will fight at their side. But fighting Quan Chi was like fighting my own God Strength, that amulet is very powerful and cannot fall into the hands of Shinnok.

Liu Kang entered the cave where Rayden and Fujin were having a conversation.

Liu Kang-“Rayden if Shinnk is set free then he will come after me for defeating his son(Shao Kahn) in the illegal form of Mortal Kombat. If Fujin couldn’t defeat Quan Chi than we are no match for Shinnok.

Rayden-“Liu Kang every being has a weakness and because he is my father I will destroy him.”

Back in the Neitherealm Quan Chi entered this pyre like door built unbreakable, but not to the sacret amulate which seperated the walls of fire as Shinnok was held in bondage. With the aid of Quan Chi, Shinnok escaped but not before Lucifer the King of the hell beneath the Neitherrealm caught them. A giant shadow figure was before them and nothing but hissing and brithing of this massive monster known as Lucifer the king of this dimension. Shinnok was hanging on Quan Chi’s shoulder wounded and tired of his last battle weaken by the powers, the energy and force of this world. But not before a battle broke out and darkness fell over the bows of the Neitherrealm.

-To be Continue-

A Sranger Part1



this is before the few last episodes of the show




Reptile had problems in his world, the people would no longer listen to him, he needed help, he went to the Lin Kui and asked for their help. they agreed to help him if he will agree to train their latest warrior “Twister” with the power to control wind and some training from reptile he will be the ultimate warrior. reptile agreed, as he trained Twister he noitced something strange. with most of his students they got quite a fond of each other, while Twister only trained and followed orders. even though they didnt know each other well, Twister was quite a student, he learned fast and he was swift strong and didnt know pain. Reptile relized then that Twister does not need to train and become stronger, he just needed to know the fighting metahte itself. Reptile was innocent enough to tell the Lin Kui about this. Reptile relized that Twister may have been stronger even than him and that he would kill him if he would be ordered to, after a few hours Twister jumped on reptile from the shadows and engaged kombat
To be continued

The Threat of Quan Chi

The Threat of Quan Chi

Confine to the Neitherrealm for centuries Shinnok vowed revenge against the one who put him in purgatory, Rayden. A Hellish world bent on the dredds of all dimensions the neitherrealm was but far the most dangerous world of all. Above the surface flashed thunder before the moons over Quan Chi’s catles.
He sat at his throne talking to Siann, Mika and Sora his assassins about his benevolent plans to bring back a banished God known as Shinnok. With his scorcery he called upon the powers of the neitherrealm, as his green flaming skulls surrounded him a light shimmered in the sky. Quan Chi wanted to take out the new champion of Mortal Kombat Liu Kang and get revenge on his long lost friend known as Rayden. Quan Chi saw the vision in the sky of Shinnok still incarcerated from his last battle(Seen in Mortal Kombat Annhilation),Quan Chi decided to pay alittle visit to the buried temple hidden deep within the Himalayas mountains guarded by four semi-Gods.
This Temple was built by the monks where the portal to the neitherrealm was located. The Sacred Amulet must never fall in the hands of the banished God know as Shinnok or Earth Realm will fall and the immortals will parish for eternity. Quan Chi entered this temple disguised as an old feeble man walking with a limp in his leg into the room where the Sacret amulet was kept. Quan Chi grabbed the amulet as leaves started blowing in his direction. The winds started to get rough, so rough that Quan Chi’s disguise came off and the known sorcerer was exposed. A Tornado entered the room blowing the sorcerer up agains the wall with the amulet. Fujin was the twister with his glowing white eyes and anger in his voice, “GIVE ME THE AMULET SORCERER,” Quan Chi was intimidated by his anger. The Sorcerer held the amulet in the sky as Quan Chi yelled, “I NOW POSSESS THE POWER OF THE ELDER GODS, THEY WILL SOON FALL AND I WILL BE THE BRINGER OF THE BANISHED ELDER GOD.” The powers of the amulet glowed with a bright green light. That trippled Quan Chi’s power.
Quan Chi stared at Fujin and replied,”LET’S TEST YOUR MIGHT,” Fujin began to levitate with powers he possesed great wind velocity as he called the forces of nature down upon Quan Chi. Quan Chi held the amulet in the sky which brought down Fujin, Fujin was weakening from the amulet and it’s outrageous powers. Fujin was no match for Quan Chi who now possess the emense powers of 100 gods. Fujin was helpless on the floor and before Quan Chi could take the last strike, a lightning bolt thrashed against his body. A pissed off Rayden entered the temple, grabbed Fujin and disappeared in a flash of lightning. Quan Chi stood up on both legs as he looked into the sky and begain to laugh.
Later on Rayden was on to Quan Chi’s plan as he confronted the Elder Gods on the top of Elder God’s Temple. He replied,” 1000 years ago in a battle with the elder Gods…..
Now Earth Realm had a new threat…….

-To be Continued-

shang tsungs ressurection

lei mei monks try to ressurect the long dead sorcerer shang tsung, they are incapable of doing so until the elder gods give them the right to do so. After alot of begging from the monks the elder gods allow them to bring the sorcerer back to life. They dig up the body of shang tsung and return his soul from the outworld now free from shou chans castle. Sub-zero now helping the mortals in raidens position is awhere of shangs tsungs return and sets out to kill him once and for all. Now at this time sub-zero is close to becoming an elder god of ice so he visits the elder gods to finish the process. When he arrives he finds the bodies of the elder gods lying on the floor dead, but one of the souls of the elder gods is floating above sub-zero and enters his body and sub-zero becomes the only elder god alive the elder god of ice.

Death of the lighting god

Heart beating, Rayden worried…”Who’s next, WHO?” Rayden already knew who was getting people to assasinate the warriors. Rayden asked

himself “What was in that powder that would kill them, was it natron to dry out their organ and body fluids, murcury… all I know is that theres no escape from my death… unless.” Rayden drew out a map of the arenas and shrines and planned an daring escape. The next morning

as they planned this brutal and gory Rayden looked out on all the possible ways he could get out. “More guards than usual but its no big deal.” As they tied Rayden to the poles that would pull of his head legs and arms and let his torso hit the ground. But when they tied him thunder hit the ropes and burnt them to shreds. Rayden ran so fast that he was a blur to every in the arena. Eventually he slowed down and the guards could see him as he ran from the arena the guards chased him throwin their giant halbideirs which are not meant to be thrown, and their spears. As Rayden ran he noticed Sony and Jonny Cage following him. He chuckled there gunna get thereselves killed. Just then Rayden felt a shock of pain, lots of pain! A guard had thrown a spear and had impaled him. As a god it wouldnt kill him instantly. His life flashed before his eyes. Sonya and Cage caught up and saw him. “He’s Dead” Cage said

“No….”Sonya started to cry, Cage then comferted her “Im sorry….” said

Cage The guards then saw Cage and Sonya and arrested them. “Wha, What are you doing??” Sonya said. Your under arrest! To be continued

Rayden accused

As Rayden left the leaders building he heard the leaders chatting quietly….”Wait a minute,who wasthe only other one there?”

“Rayden saw the dead carcus, maybe….” “No, he couldn’t,No,No he would never lie to us, he’s loyal…isn’t he?” the group stared at him

“I SAY HE’S GUILTY,GUILTY!” They all agreed…. Rayden was watching two warriors duke it out and tear each other apart. Than he saw somthing, It was the man with the pony tail talking to a warrior.

Then Rayden saw him point to Liu Kang and gave him a little bag with

white powder “THE,THE OBLIVION POWDER!!” Rayden yelled “That warrior is going to assasinate LIU KANG!!” Rayden said to some people

people looked laughed then turned around. Then he saw Sonya and told her about what he saw. She looked and screamed to Liu Kang “LIU KANG

LIU KANG!” Rayden saw the warrior pour it into Liu Kangs drink. “The drink

tell him not to drink it.” “Ok” Sonya replied. As she was about to call to him he drank…. “Its to late!” Sonya said Liu Kang fell dead Instantly

“NO!!” SCREAMED RAYDEN. Everyone made a circle around him. “RAYDEN,

COME TO THE MAIN OFFICE OF MK!” said a tall man. “He looks farmiliar.”

Rayden said to himself. “SHANG TSUNG!” Rayden said.The man started to look uneasy. At the main office “RAYDEN YOU WILL BE KILLED BECAUSE OF THE MURDER YOU HAVE BEEN CAUSING.” “But I did not do all those, the man with the ponytail uh….I dont know his name but,”

“SILENCE!” “you will be killed by tomorrow at noon!” “but,but.”YOU DIE TOMORROW!!

The New champs Part 2

ON the last story I made it ended with Rayden saying that Oblivions guilty (I could have made it longer but I had to wrap it up quick) well anyway. Oblivion was to be killed…So Oblivion tries to get away and gets in a fight with Rayden and Oblivion ditches the battle and runs only

to be seen by The man with the pony tail. “DAMMIT, He’ll See me and take me back I got to hide so he does and in the mean time takes off

his armor (helm,Lin qui suit) and starts running. As he ran The man noticed some noices. Oblivion realized “MY CHAIN!!” so he pulled out his wallet and ditched it. The chain rattling settled (the chain was attached to his wallet you know) So he ran and ran and ran as fast as he could

he stoped to take a breath in the middle of nowhere he relized he was far from civilisation far from the mortal kombat tournamant far from

“Shang T-sung!?” he saw the evil man glaring nearby at him ready to kill.


“Where did he go!!” Rayden says. So Rayden go’s out to find Oblivion

Eventually Rayden tracked him down and sayed “Times up its your turn to die!” “Oblivion, Oblivion!” Rayden looked around the corner and sayed

“If you dont submit yourself to death at the shrine Ill do it right-!”



What Rayden saw that day he would never forget. There on the ground

was Oblivion’s carcus coverd with that “Oblivion powder” stuff.

“How,When,Who??” Rayden said to himself.”Was it suicide?” “No, He didnt want to die he risked his life to live!” “it must have been murder.”

Rayden said to himself. As Rayden told the leaders of the new tournament of MK they wonderd “Wasn’t he guilty of murder with that powder!” “But,But, he cant he ran from death and got so far and…and…DO YOU THINK HE WOULD KILL HIMSELF WELL, DO YOU???”

“You have a point” one leader said “YES HE WOULD HE WAS INSANE!!”

said another “Rayden you cannot prove he was innocent you said it yourself HES GUILTY.” said one leader “Yes Rayden.” said another.

“YOU, YOU dont understand. I think this work is done by Shang Tsung.”

Rayden said “No It wasn’t Liu Kang killed Shang Tsung a long time ago.

To be continued