—————–Last Epidode “Soul Survivors”———————–

————————–Title “ALIVE”——————————


——-In LA Quan Chi walked again to see the darkend skies of Earthrealm crumble while Shinnok leveitated above the grounds.

Shinnok said in an angry voice–“QUAN CHI! How did Fujin knock me to my feet, the power of the amulet should have destroyed them.”

Quan Chi–“YES! But-your-forgetting-one thing, the power of the amulet takes time to adjust and you have just witnessed it’s potential strength but also the lack of it.”

Shinnok–“Well sorcerer, I don’t have time for these impetuous games, I WANT THE MORTALS OF EARTH DESTROYED.”

Quan Chi–“Well, if plan-A-doesn’t succeed, then we move to the second phase.”

——-All around the mortal globe caos and mass destruction reigned all over this world. War has broken out and warriors from other realms fought the civilians of Earth. The Elder Gods tried to keep the gates closed but everytime one passage was locked another one was open. In Brazil a shaman by the name of Nightwolf saw the destruction through the green flames of his pyre. There was nothing he could do to help the Earth warriors fight, his people needed his strength because they to were in need of a hero.

——-In Las Vegas, people ran the streets because so much was upon them portals were open, and people were killed. In an ally way a dark mysterious figure walked the streets. A portal opened as two outter world warriors entered the gateway to find a mysterious man stand before them.

Guard 1–“Earth realm warrior are you prepared to die.”The mysterious man was in complete silence as the two guards approached him. Before they had a chance to strike, this man placed his hands on their throats causing them to freeze to death. While they both were ice statues this man kicked the fragile bodies of these soldiers only to shattered them like glass, as he walked away.

——-In the realm of Edenia, it was dark because of the fatal eclipse which block out the sun. The portal opened as the mortals of Earth entered the gateway only to find darkness. Fujin was still injured holding onto kai, Sonya walked along side of Jax who had a hold of Jerek who was struggling, Rayden looked around as Liu Kang and Tanya walked ahead of the group, trying to find the direction of Princess Kitana’s castle.

Jerek–“If I ever get out of this, Sonya I will kill you.” Jax gripped Jerek’s hands alittle tighter.

Sonya–“Jerek, I hate you, I hate the black dragon, I hated Kano because you have taken someone precious from my life, and now that he is dead, I vowed to capture and imprison the last of the black dragon, Oooh my god, it’s you.”

Jerek–“Sonya, I can care less about you and your friend, Kano did the right thing, I regretted not doing the job myself.” Sonya punched Jerek accross the face causing him to bleed. The warriors stared at Sonya with her eyes filled with tears.

Sonya–“You son of a bitch, the being I was talking about was my brother.”Jax pushed Jerek to the ground only to comfort Sonya.

Jax–“Look man! I can care less if you survive, I can kill you myself in this place.”

Jerek–“you wouldn’t, you have to uphold the law.”

Jax–“You see Jerek, that’s the funny thing about this world, the law doen’t apply here, I can Kill you easily and nobody would hear you scream.” Jerek started to feel the intimidation of Jax.

Jerek–“Okay, okay what do you want me to do.”

Sonya–“Jerek, we need you to fight on our side just to bring Quan Chi and Shinnok down.”

Jerek–“Sonya, If I betray them do you have any idea what they will do to me.”

Sonya–“If you don’t, your only worry is what will Jax do to you.” Jerek looked behind him only to see Jax punch his palm of his hand with his metal fist.

Jerek automatically aggreed to help the warriors of Earthrealm.

——–In the Neitherrealm Quan Chi was in his laboratory mixing up a potion. While Siann approached him.

Siann–“My lord what are you doing.”

Quan Chi–“You filthy harlot get away from me, this spell requires consentration.” Quan Chi held out both hands as he called upon the powers of the dishonored dead. The souls of one-million deaths entered as the spirit of Shang Tsung found it’s rightful body after all. Quan Chi had brough back Shang Tusng from death only to find him an old man, who needed souls to remain youthful for eternity.

——–In Earthrealm The Elder Gods were in parral trying to keep the minions out of our world. This world was in so much caos that the gates to heaven was blocked out by some unnatural forces causing the once deceased Johnny Cage to return to the world. Only to find the world half destroyed by this evil new destruction Johnny Cage walked the streets confused and disoriented.

————————-TO BE CONTINUED—————————

Soul Survivors

——–Last Episode “The Last of the Black Dragon”——————

———————-“Soul Survivors”——————————



——–Last Episodes Quan Chi had released Shinnok from the Neitherrealm after his fight with Fujin for the Sacret Amulet. The Amulet contains the emense powers of the Elder Gods to make invinsible to mortals and immortals alike. Quan Chi struggled to liberate Shinnok from the hells of Neitherrelam. Only to be confronted by Lucifer the King of this hellish dimension. Their fight took years which gave Quan Chi and Shinnok leverage to escape into Edenia. Princess Kitana and Queen Sindel were incarcerated in the colebalt minds of Shokkan by the former Elder God and Quan Chi. The Sorcerer and Shinnok found the portal to Earthrealm in the realm of Edenia as they both entered the vortex. Tanya now joined up with the mortals of Earthrealm to take out the uninvited guest and stop this invasion from coming to pass. Kai was in search of Liu Kang while Quan Chi liberated Jerek from the National Security State Prison to fight against Rayden’s army. And Now we continue our story……….


——-The eclipse of the sun blocked out the light of Earth and only darkness remained, the oceans were drying up and animals were walking dead. The trees of the forest were slowly withering and dying like flowers in contaminated soil. The Cities of many countries were annhilated only remained of ruins and wastelands. New York was destoyed, fires broke out and bodies bloodied the streets, this world was in mass caos and the only two who still walked Quan Chi and Shinnok.

——-In the forest was a cave hidden beneath the trees and inside the cave was Lord Rayden, The God of Wind Fujin, Sonya, Jax, Liu Kang and Tanya. Fujin was still injured from the fight with Quan Chi, but he only had enough left to fight, just to bring back Sonya and Jax. Fujin was lying down on cold harded sharp rocks but didn’t feel any pain.

Sonya–“Rayden what is up with Fujin, I mean isn’t he also a “God” couldn’t he just heal himself.”

Rayden–“Sonya, there is little to know about Fujin, he’s dying even as an immortal.”

Sonya–“What? That’s impossible, he helped us fight off those warriors in New York, you both saved our asses.”

Rayden–“Yes, but he also sacrificed his immortality for you. Since Shinnok now possess the Sacret Amulet, he wants to destroy the essense of Earth.”

Sonya–“The essense of Earth, Which is?”

Rayden–“Nature,” “By destroying nature Fujin is apart of it, he’s connected and if you kill Mother nature then the balance is thrown out of track. It’s like night and day or the yin and yang, Fujin is apart of that balance he controls the powers of nature, one of the strongest elements.”

——Liu Kang was medetating in the forest when he heard a strange whisper. His eyes opened and saw the vision of Princess Kitana.



Liu–“I had a dream about you the other night Kitana.”

Kitana–“Later Lui, we need your help, I don’t have alot of time left.”

Liu–“What are you talking about.”

Kitana–“Quan Chi and Shinnok are back and they want to destroy you, I heard their plan, their is a sabatour involve……”The image faded while Kitana was struggling with another being from the other world.

Lui–“KITANA!” Liu Kang shouted as he instantaneoulsy ran back into the cave.

Lui–“RAYDEN! Princess Kitana needs our help.”

Tanya replied with a sarcastic concern on her face—“Is she alright”

Lui–“No, I think she is a prisoner in Edenia, because I sensed the area she was located at.”

Sonya–“Then we must save her.”

Rayden–“No, it’s to risky, with the possession of the sacret amulet in Shinnok’s hands, none of us will survive.”

Jax–“I’m with homey here, it’s gotta be a trap.”

Liu–“I’m going with or without your consent.”

Rayden–“Liu, don’t be obstenant, we have to figure out a plan.”

Fujin–“Rayden,” he said in a tired voice “There is a portal that goes to Edenia—-But it may be risky.”

Liu–“I don’t care, Kitana and Sindel need our help.”

Rayden–“All in favor of going to Edenia raise your hand.” Everyone raised their hand especially Fujin who was tired and weak.

Rayden said to himsel–“I’m getting to old for this. Okay, everyone grab ahold of my hand.” Everyone surrounded Rayden, grabbing ahold of his immortal body they disappeared in a flash of lightning.

——–In the city of Los Angeles, war broke out between the army and the militia of shinnok’s minions. Thundered roared the sky only to reappear in the middle of this battle Rayden and his warriors. Liu Kang, Sonya, Jax, Tanya and injured Fujin were ducking from ongoing bullets and the shout of many soldiers roaming the streets of L.A. Their were fights and riots and bodies bloodied the streets.

Rayden was talking to his warriors–“Okay, look I need some time to open the portal to Edenia, and make sure these mortals don’t hit me with one of those stupid bullets.”

Sonya–“Geee, Rayden, worried much.”

Rayden stood in the middle of the streets with his long white robe blowing in the breeze along with his pale like hair. The Thunder God opened his arms to the sky calling upon the opening of the portal. The clouds thundered and lightning struck the solid pavement of the street causing the war and the fighting to stop. While many mortals ran for their lives along with the minions of the outter dimension. Rayden’s eyes turned coma white as the lightning grew stonger.

——-The warriors of Earthrealm stared, watching Rayden open the portal only to be confronted by Quan Chi and Shinnok who levetated above the grounds.

Sonya shouted–“RAYDEN! LOOK OUT”. With the powers he had left, Fujin tried calling upon the winds of Earth. A weakening tornado twisted only the debris of the littering trash on the streets of L.A, but the impact made Shinnok fall to his feet.

Shinnok–“What the….”

Quand Chi started laughing as he called upon the forces of Neitherrealm as hands emerged from the grounds holding down the warriors. Liu Kang was fighting back but the hands grabbed both his hands and his legs. Sonya and Jax was also captured while Fujin was lying motionless on the ground. Rayden was helpless because his concentration was on opening the portals. Shinnok and Quan Chi slowlied walked up toward Rayden.

Quan Chi–“Mmmmmm, Well, “Thunder God” what-will-you-do next, ha ha ha.”

Shinnok–“Rayden, this is for sending me into purgatory.”Shinnok’s eyes turned bright green as he held out his hand, an emerald like fireball was shot directly toward Lord Raden, and before the green ball hit Rayden from behind,it was interfered by a black boomerang. Shinnok and Quan Chi turned their heads to find an unknown warrior stand before there presence. Rayden looked behind only to find the warrior Kai come to the rescue.

Shinnok–“Who are you, puny man!”

Kai–“I am Kai, and you are no more.” Kai’s hands were to the sky as a fireball emerged, Quan Chi and Shinnok were in a confused state of mind as the fireball came from the sky. It smashed the sorcerer and Shinnok into the ground giving time for Rayden to open the portal to Edenia. The undead hands that held the warriors down disappeared. They ran into the direction of Rayden, watching the bright portal open.

Kai stared at the hole in the ground only to see Liu Kang stand before him–“Liu, it’s been awhile.”

Liu–“Kai, how did you find us”

Kai–“It was easy, the Elder Gods gave me a lift, to help bring an end to Shinnok’s reign.”

Liu–“I guess the Elder Gods have their own problems to deal with, but thanks for showing up in time, right now princess Kitana needs our help.”

Kai–“Until the end my friend.” Rayden and his warriors were about to enter the portal when from a distance Sonya saw Jerek peeking at the whole were Quan Chi and Shinnok were buried by a fireball. Sonya was in shock to find Jerek liberated so with the strength of her legs she ran toward Jerek.

Jax shouted from afar–“SONYA! Nooooooo”

With rage in her heart she ran quicker than a cheata. Jerek didn’t even know that Sonya was on his trail, and before he had a chance to turn away, Sonya hit him with a square wave fist only to knock him out unconscience. Jax carried him into the portal as they all entered this vortex.

—–Buried deep within the grounds of L.A, Shinnok and Quan Chi were intomed within the rocks only to find a pale white fist emerge from the grounds. While the portal to Edenia closed.

————————TO BE CONTINUED————————–

The Last of the Black Dragon

——————Last Episode “The Univited”——————–

————–Title “The Last of the Black Dragon———————-


Liu Kang-“Tanya, how do you know the princess.”

Tanya-“Oh, me and Kitana go way back, before the crusades of Outworld.”Rayden had a suspicious look upon his face.

Sonya-“I’m sorry but I don’t trust her.”While Sonya was just mad dogging Tanya from the side of her eyes.

Jax-“Sonya, how could you say somethin’ like dat girl, you have some trust issues, look at those legs and that body, there is not an evil bone in that.”While checking out Tanya from the side of his eyes, Sonya decided to roll hers.

Fujin-“ENOUGH, look Tanya, we still don’t know who you are, and why you have come, but we have a powerful former Elder God and a sorcerer angry about our success in helping the mortals of Earth. If you say who you are than we need all the help we can get.”

Sonya-“Fujin are you crazy, Rayden tell Fujin what happend to the last body who was from Outworld that help us aid this fight. Her name was Jade and she totally betrayed us, what makes you any different, sweet heart.”

On the Otherside of the globe chaos reigned while warriors from the other world declared war on the people of Earthrealm. In Asia there was a warrior who was from the White Lotus Society known as Kai a master who ventered throughout the world in search for Liu Kang. He was in the city of New York during the time of the invasion, when he was approached by several of Shinnoks soldiers.

Soldier 1-“YOU, mortal of Earth will bow at our masters feet. Sware your loyalty to Shinnok and maybe we will spare your life.”

Kai dropped his bag to the floor and with a nonchalant expression he started laughing.

Soldier 2-“SO, you think that’s funny, two against one, let’s take him out.

Kai stared at the on coming soldiers who were about to rush him and before they even got close, Kai grabbed both of their hands with the skill of tai chi they both flipped to the ground, using their energy against themeselves. Then before the soldiers had a chance to be revived Kai was already gone.

Darkness fell everywhere on the mortal globe, National State Security Prison. Quan Chi was in search for a new ally, walking slow to the gates of the prison the prison guardes had riffles pointed at the sorcerer. As Quan Chi looked up at the guards and sneared.

Quan Chi-“Mmmmm, you-filty-mortals-what are you going to do.”

Guard 1-“Freeze, right their you clown, who do you think you are breaking into this prison, and how? we had two guards posted at that station.

Quan Chi laughed-“OOh, you mean these guards right here,”As he held up two decapitated heads by the hair in his hands, throwing them to the ground. The guards got excited and started firing at the sorcerer. The bullets was tearing his skin until their was nothing left but bones. With an aghast expression the guards decided to check out the body of Quan Chi. As the guards stared for a second one of the quards grabbed the arm of the sorcerer, the bone turned to ashes, as it dusted away like air.

In the prison cell was the last of the black dragon known as Jarek, Jerek heard strange and unusual voices echoeing in his head. Then Quan Chi appeared before the former thug.

Jerek-“Who in the hell are you?”

Quan Chi-“Mmmmm, Jerek, let’s get-out-of this peacful place.” The gate to Jerek cell broke off with the control of the sorcerers hands. Jerek looked shocked as he ran down the corridor toward the exit. There the guards were coming up after witnessing the ashes of Quan Chi. They saw Jerek run in their direction. Jerek instantaneously grabbed the handcuffs of one of the prison guards opening the cuffs until the pointy section was exposed. Jerek stuck the handcuff in one of the guards throat, while the other guard had his gun pointing at Jerek. The First guard was twitching as blood dripped from his throat. Quan Chi appeared before the guard, in a hypnotizing state Quan Chi made him see his future. The pain and the suffering brutilized his physical state causing him to relive his future in this time and place. The guard saw his future and his death in a drive by shooting that is how he died in the present. While this was taking place, this gave Jerek a chance to escape.

Still running and out of breath Jerek was approached buy Quan Chi.

Jerek still breating hard-“LOOK! who are you, and why did you help me escape.”

Quan Chi-“The-name-is-Quan-Chi and I am here because we both know who put you behind bars and now-is-a-chance-for vengeance.”

Jerek said in an angry tone-“SONYA!

————————–To Be Continue—————————–

The Uninvited

————–Last episode “The Alliance”————————–

————-The Title “The Uninvited”————————–

—————-The Fourth Part——————————

Earth Realm, It was a beautiful day, the birds were flying around and the sun was bright, there was not even a cloud in sight. Many people walked the streets of New york, with their everyday lives, TRL was on every station and many people screamed of celebrities. Just an average day in the world of Eath Realm.

Then darkness fell over this world and eclipse blocked out the sun causing clouds to reign of fire, volcanic eruptions beneath the streets of New York. Earthquakes and hurricanes shaked our foundation as the waves of the seas grew to our depths. In the sky thunder roared causing a tare in our demension as a portal emerged, warriors from all reamls entered our domain causing panic among the cilvilians of Earth. Their was so much going on in this world that bodies lyed in the streets, many people were killed within the hour.

Leutenant Sonya Blade and Jackson Briggs were on duty that night wathcing from afar a portal in the distance.

Sonya-“Jax Look”, with an astonished look upon her face.

Jax-“Sonja we must help them.”

Sonya-“No, Jax we need help against those warriors, they cannot be from Shao kahns army, we have defeated him, the Elder Gods sentenced him to exile, there is no way.”

Jax-“Okay, then we must find Rayden he will know what to do.”As they both were about to leave a portal opened as warriors entered the gate. The screams of soldiers sorrounded Sonya and Jax, with weapons in hands they were about to fight until the wind changed directions and a tornado emerged blowing the warriors away in the skies above as thunder struke down from the clouds and electricuted the minions from other demensions. Fujin and Rayden appeared with anger in their eyes.

Sonya-“Rayden, what are you doing here.”

Rayden-“Sonya/Jax we must leave this world is being invaded, there is not much time.”While grabbing Sonya and Jax’s hands they disappeared in a flash of lightning.

As the civilians of Earthrealm were in a state of panic, rioting, mass histeria two uninvited guests entered this world. Walking side by side Quan Chi and Shinnok walked the streets of a world once peaceful (Yeah right). There were civilians with anger in their heart in the means streets of Brooklyn. A man fired his gun at Shinnok.

The Man-“Take that you son of a bitch,” While firing his weapon.

The Other Man-“How does that feel homey, we just capped your ass,”with a smile upon his face. Shinnok was riddled with bullets as he stared upon the mortals of Earth as he began to laugh.

Shinnok-“You filthy mortals and your weapons,” as the weapons began to burn like fire in their hands, they dropped them with their fingers burning and a shocked expression upon their faces.”You want to see something exciting little man,”Shinnok disappeared as the earth trembled causing two rock hands emerging from the grounds, the man was scared stiff watching them rise to the sky, and simutaneously they clapped together with the man in between the two, blood poured to the ground like rain. While Shinnok reappeared with anguish expression upon his face. The other man ran with tears in his eyes as Quan Chi was before him, and before he could take the next step, Quan Chi grabbed his leg as the man pleaded for mercy, the sorcerer ripped the bone right out of the waist of this man, causing him to scream like a woman. Quan Chi had the man’s leg in his hand while the man was still alive twitching and crawling, the sorcerer was beating him down sensively with his own leg ligament, this man died while Quan Chi snickered.

Sonya and Jax was at the cave with Rayden, Fujin and Liu Kang.

Sonya-“Rayden what is going on here, we almost got our ass kicked, we like a little explanation.

Rayden-“Somehow with the aid of Quan Chi, Shinnok is finally liberated from the hell of Neitherrealm, they defeated Lucifer and taken the sacret amulet.”

Jax-“Sacret amulet what’s that.”

Rayden-“For centeries the sacret amulet was guarded by four semi-Gods, Fujin was one of them, until Quan Chi stolen the amulet.”

Sonya-“So your Fujin the god of what—”


Sonya-“Damn, you don’t need to shout.”

Rayden-“Quan Chi possessed the power of the sacret amulet and defeated Fujin with it’s emese power.”

Jax-“So who ever possess this amulet is invincible.”

Liu Kang-“YES, we must go to Outworld and ask for Kitana’s help.

The female voice-“It won’t be necessary.”

Liu Kang-“Who are you.”

The female voice-“The name is Tanya.”

—To Be Continued—-

The Alliance

—-This is the Third part of The Threat of Quan Chi—————–

———The Title is called “THE ALLIANCE”

In the Hell of Neitherrealm darkness pervade over this world as a war between the power of Quan Chi, Shinnok and The Guardian known as Lucifer and all his undead minions. Crumbling rocks and avalanches fell into the fire and brimstone causing caos and calmaity because the power was to great. Quan Chi and Shinnok fought their way through Lucifer’s undead army.(If your thinking why is Shinnok fighting because in the last episode he was weak Quan Chi gave Shinnok some energy boost, with the power of the amulet). For years the battle reighed over and over but the forces of hell was weakening and Lucifer was finally defeated after years of struggle. (Time moves differently in hell than in our reality, 100 long years will pass in the hell of Neitherrealm- in our reality it’s just two days). After the defeat of Lucifer Shinnok turned to Quan Chi

Shinnok-“Why did you risk your life for me”

Quan Chi-“Because-you-and-I-have-the- same enemy-and-together-with an alliance-we-will-defeat the mortals of Earth realm.”

Shinnok had a smerk upon his blue wrinkly face as Quan Chi handed him the power of the amulet. Shinnok looked at the amulet with a pleased expression upon his face.

Shinnok-“Now the mortals of Earth realm will feel my wrath and will perish and I will defeat the Elder Gods including my long forgotten son Rayden, ha ha ha”. The power of the amulet glowed as it filled Shinnok with strength of invulnerabilty.

In the Realm of Edenia Queen Sindel sat upon her throne with princess Kitana at her side talking to some local villagers about the destruction of their harvest. As darkness fell over the realm of Edenia one of Queen Sindel’s general aproached the throne.

The General-“My Queen pardon my desruption but new dark forces has entered our world. Kitana looked with a concered expression.

Kitana-“Than we must be prepared to fight”

Sindel-“We have not a clue to what entered our world”

The General-“What ever it is my queen, it was powerful enough to punch a whole through our realm.”

Kitana-“Than I must go-and find Liu, he will know what to do.”

The General-“I am sorry my princess but the portal to Earthrealm has been blocked by this new dark force.”

The doors to the throne room opend as a mysterious hooded figure walked down the path toward Kitana and Sindel as the general walked up to this mysterious person.

The General-“Halt(With a spear pointing at this stranger)right their, who are you.”

The Stranger-“Who am i(With a feminine voice while unhooding herself)They call me Tanya.”And before the geneal had a chance to apprehend this stranger Tanya instantaneousy jumped upon the general shoulders as she cracked his neck with her thighs twisting all around his head. The General fell to the floor twitching with his neck facing backwards, Queen Sindel look astonished with her hands before her open mouth and wide eyes.

Kitana-“What do you want from us”.

Tanya-“My dear child, little do you know, it’s not what I want from you, it’s what he wants—“. Then Shinnok and Quan Chi entered the throne with an evil expression of happiness upon their face.


Kitana-“YOU! We have defeated you before Elder God, and we will aga–

Shinnok yelled-“SILENCE”, while he flung a green flaming skull at Kitana causing her to drain life force(Shinnok can possess the powers of his foes and allys).

Queen Sindel-“My sweet Kitana.” Queen sindel stood up on her throne as she open her arms and levitated, her long white hair blew in the breeze as her eyes turned white Sindel shrieked, the power she possessed had an empact on the God and Sorcerer, causing them to fly agains a brick wall, the force field that imprisoned Kitana faded. Sindel grabbed princess Kitana and before she had a chance to escape The Elder God Shinnok was before them.

Shinnok-“Queen Sindel such an honor to meet a woman of fine beauty, but you didn’t think that little trick would have such an effect on this immortal body now, did you”, Shinnok then grabbed Queen Sindel by the throat. Sindel was gasping for air as Shinnok lifted her highly in the sky Sindel’s eyes was rolling in the back of her head.

Shinnok-“You see Queen this is the price for your benevolence, now I would like to see you die slowly in this crushing hand of mine.”Queen Sindel was swinging like she had been hung and before she could take the last gasp of air princess Kitana threw one of her bladed fans at Shinnoks head. The blade was stuck in his immortal face as he peeled the blade out from his immortal skin.

Shinnok-“ENOUGH, of these little games, (As he threw the bladed fan on the floor with impact causing it to skid across the grounds of the throne room) I am claming this realm as my own,”As he grabbed the still gasping for air Queen Sindel and the disorented princess Kitana by the throat, Later they both were incarcerated in the Coldbalt Minds of Shokkan chained to a wall.

Shinnok sat above the throne where Shao Kahn use to sit as Tanya was before him.

Tanya-“My God I have done what you asked and now I am ready for my next task.”

Shinnok-“Very Well, you know what to do.”

As Tanya left the throne room, Quan Chi approached the staires while looking up at Shinnok.

Shinnok-“You see sorcerer their is no one in any realm that will oppose us we are the inevitable and Earth Realm will bow down to our will, ha ha ha.” While looking up at his sphere and embeded within, was the sacret amulet. Quan Chi left the throne room as the doors closed behind him, Quan Chi had in his possession the real sacret amulet.

Quan Chi-“Now-Elder-Gooood-We’ll soon find out who controls this universe,” As he whipered to himself while walking away.

-To Be Continue-


———–This is The sequal to the Threat of Quan Chi—————-

—————–I Hope you like it————————————

—————DARKNESS FALLS————————————–
Quan Chi stood above the bows of the canyons of the Neitherrealm watching this hell from above, he smiled while holding up the sacret amulet that he possessed not so long ago. His fight with Fujin was but the beginning of the end for the mortals of Earth realm. The sky’s turned pitch black and the moon faded with the clouds that hovered over this red hell. Quan Chi’s eyes turned green as his flaming skulls surrounded his being and he disappeared (Like he did in Vengeance while escaping from the shadow priest).

The portal opened in the skys of the hell beneath the Neitherrealm, as Quan Chi looked around and saw nothing but fire and purgatory as skulls where hanging from brimstone as the flames grew and heat nourished in this place. There Quan Chi saw a man who swam through the fire like he was swimming on water or something. This man was known as Blaze a shadow of heat who thirst on nothing but the flames of this perpetual hell. Quan Chi stood toe to toe with this fire adversary, Blaze replied,” What business do you have here sorcerer.” Quan Chi replied with a sinster voice,”I am here–to find an old friend.” Blaze said,” Oh, really-well sorcerer, if my memory corrects me you are still a prisoner in my domain.” Quan Chi laughed and replied,” Blaze-Do-you-have-any-idea-who-you-are messing with.” Blaze looked with flames in his red heated eyes as he charged toward Quan Chi like a fire ball. Quan chi disapperared through the ground, with a confused look upon Blaze’s heated face, Quan chi used his teleport stomp coming from the sky and stomped his opponent to the ground. Quan Chi didn’t realize by stomping on this creature his legs where on fire, not realizing the pain because of his invulnerablity of the sacret amulet, the fire exstiguised as Quan Chi walked away.

Back on Earth Realm Rayden was tending to a wounded semi-God of wind Fujin (If your thinking why is Fujin hurt, because he is immortal, the amulet is like a God cryptonite, it works on by inflecting the damage not the one who possess it).

Rayden- replied to Fujin,” I summon the Elder Gods to aid us in this battle with the fallen Elder God my brother.”

Fujin-“If Shinnok is free to roam this world, it will crumble and the will of man will be broken.”

Rayden-“That is why our mortals will fight for a better world.”

Fujin-“Well then my faith is with them and we will fight at their side. But fighting Quan Chi was like fighting my own God Strength, that amulet is very powerful and cannot fall into the hands of Shinnok.

Liu Kang entered the cave where Rayden and Fujin were having a conversation.

Liu Kang-“Rayden if Shinnk is set free then he will come after me for defeating his son(Shao Kahn) in the illegal form of Mortal Kombat. If Fujin couldn’t defeat Quan Chi than we are no match for Shinnok.

Rayden-“Liu Kang every being has a weakness and because he is my father I will destroy him.”

Back in the Neitherealm Quan Chi entered this pyre like door built unbreakable, but not to the sacret amulate which seperated the walls of fire as Shinnok was held in bondage. With the aid of Quan Chi, Shinnok escaped but not before Lucifer the King of the hell beneath the Neitherrealm caught them. A giant shadow figure was before them and nothing but hissing and brithing of this massive monster known as Lucifer the king of this dimension. Shinnok was hanging on Quan Chi’s shoulder wounded and tired of his last battle weaken by the powers, the energy and force of this world. But not before a battle broke out and darkness fell over the bows of the Neitherrealm.

-To be Continue-

The Threat of Quan Chi

The Threat of Quan Chi

Confine to the Neitherrealm for centuries Shinnok vowed revenge against the one who put him in purgatory, Rayden. A Hellish world bent on the dredds of all dimensions the neitherrealm was but far the most dangerous world of all. Above the surface flashed thunder before the moons over Quan Chi’s catles.
He sat at his throne talking to Siann, Mika and Sora his assassins about his benevolent plans to bring back a banished God known as Shinnok. With his scorcery he called upon the powers of the neitherrealm, as his green flaming skulls surrounded him a light shimmered in the sky. Quan Chi wanted to take out the new champion of Mortal Kombat Liu Kang and get revenge on his long lost friend known as Rayden. Quan Chi saw the vision in the sky of Shinnok still incarcerated from his last battle(Seen in Mortal Kombat Annhilation),Quan Chi decided to pay alittle visit to the buried temple hidden deep within the Himalayas mountains guarded by four semi-Gods.
This Temple was built by the monks where the portal to the neitherrealm was located. The Sacred Amulet must never fall in the hands of the banished God know as Shinnok or Earth Realm will fall and the immortals will parish for eternity. Quan Chi entered this temple disguised as an old feeble man walking with a limp in his leg into the room where the Sacret amulet was kept. Quan Chi grabbed the amulet as leaves started blowing in his direction. The winds started to get rough, so rough that Quan Chi’s disguise came off and the known sorcerer was exposed. A Tornado entered the room blowing the sorcerer up agains the wall with the amulet. Fujin was the twister with his glowing white eyes and anger in his voice, “GIVE ME THE AMULET SORCERER,” Quan Chi was intimidated by his anger. The Sorcerer held the amulet in the sky as Quan Chi yelled, “I NOW POSSESS THE POWER OF THE ELDER GODS, THEY WILL SOON FALL AND I WILL BE THE BRINGER OF THE BANISHED ELDER GOD.” The powers of the amulet glowed with a bright green light. That trippled Quan Chi’s power.
Quan Chi stared at Fujin and replied,”LET’S TEST YOUR MIGHT,” Fujin began to levitate with powers he possesed great wind velocity as he called the forces of nature down upon Quan Chi. Quan Chi held the amulet in the sky which brought down Fujin, Fujin was weakening from the amulet and it’s outrageous powers. Fujin was no match for Quan Chi who now possess the emense powers of 100 gods. Fujin was helpless on the floor and before Quan Chi could take the last strike, a lightning bolt thrashed against his body. A pissed off Rayden entered the temple, grabbed Fujin and disappeared in a flash of lightning. Quan Chi stood up on both legs as he looked into the sky and begain to laugh.
Later on Rayden was on to Quan Chi’s plan as he confronted the Elder Gods on the top of Elder God’s Temple. He replied,” 1000 years ago in a battle with the elder Gods…..
Now Earth Realm had a new threat…….

-To be Continued-


Second season finale of Mortal Kombat Konquest. (This is a pretty long Story and I hope you like it) The one who bought you “Battle of the Immortals”

Hero part 1 and 2

After being incarcerated in the Shokkan minds for years Shang Tsung was none other than an old man with powers to steal the life force from others. Then the guards entered the prison and took Shang Tsung away. The emperor wanted to see Shang Tsung and confront him about his disloyalty to Outworld. But Shao Kahn granted Shang Tsung one last chance at redemption that in Mortal Kombat Kung Lao will die. Shao Kahn has given Shang Tsung a present and this present walked into the throne room. This seven foot giant roared and growled walking with his concubine known as Sheeva, they called him Goro. Goro was a general in Shao Kahns army and a leader in the subterranian realm of Shokkan. Shang Tsung was pleased at this gift that he bowed to his master and apologized for his past disloyalties.

While back on Earth Realm Fujin and Rayden meditatied with Kung Lao at the temple of the order of light. Where he trained most of his fighters including his followers known as Taja and Siro.

As always Taja and Siro constantly complained about their efforts amounting to nothing. But Kung Lao said that, “training is part of survival”. Some of the new recruits were getting burnt out and tired and frustrated and some where even leaving. But Kung Lao was a leader so he talked to them about Mortal Kombat and the meaning behind the title. That he learned from Rayden awhile back.

Kung Lao had recurring nightmares about his death as a message sent from Princess Kitana, waking up still tired and disoriented Rayden was in his room talking to him about his doubts and illusions. Because apart of him fears death and apart of him rejects it but if he does die he will be reunited with his lost love.

Shao Kahn sat at his throne on the day of Mortal Kombat with the aid of his Lieutenant Reiko and two shadowed priest. Many warriors gathered from all walks of life on other realms to witness Mortal Kombat and it’s Kompetators. Many of Kung Lao’s warriors where killed and some where heavenly wounded. Siro was about to aproach the platform.

A man dressed in a red ninja suit walked eye to eye with the exiled guard Siro. Siro was not a bit intimidated by this foreign warrior known as Ermac. They started out with a bow followed by a stance and then the offensive and defensive attacks. Since Ermac is telekenitic he had used alot of telekenitic powers to take on this six foot Siro. Dazed Siro was that did not stop him from his ongoing attacks with roundhouse kicks and fury punches. All of a sudden Ermac raised his hands and telekinetically Siro was levitating, with the control of his hands Siro hit pavement really hard and up in the air again bouncing like rubber ball. Siro was battered and beaten while blood dripped from his motionless body. Rayden, Kung Lao and Taja looked with a heavy heart with the expression of concern Shao Kahn yelled, “Finish Him”. Taja Screamed (like sonja in Mortal Kombat when Art Lean took on Goro) Rayden then closed his eyes and Kung Lao with a motionless expression saw Siro’s soul being consumed by Shao Kahn. While the emperor stood upon his throne and said, “Your soul is Mine.” After the soul entered Shao Kahns body he replied, “Fatality”.

Kung Lao and Taja where both silenced as watching from afar Kitana was crying over the death of the mighty Siro.

Taja approached the platform going up against an opponent she has already meant in battle Vorpax. Taja was fired up she wanted Shao Kahn but she got Vorpax instead. Before Shao Kahn said “Fight”, Taja was already throwing down. She was kicking and punching and Vorpax was screaming but a vision appeared that distracted Taja from completing her next move. A hooded man was in the crowd she recognized him as her long lost estranged Father who mysteriously disappeard when Taja was very young. Vorpax used all of her strength to knock out Taja. But the vision was none other than Shang Tsung disguised as Taja’s father. Taja was knocked out but in a dream Taja finally remembered her past before Shao Kahn Yelled, “Finish Her”. With a smile upon her face Vorpax grabbed Taja’s neck and echoed thoughout the Fortress was the sound of a neck being cracked.

Kung Lao’s eyes where heavy with tears as Rayden approached him. Rayden told Kung Lao that your next opponent is none other than Shang Tsung, you have already beaten this opponent and will again. Kung Lao had doubts and that recurring dream. Rayden told Kung Lao to concentrate because if Shao Kahn wins this tournament he has to wait until he wins nine more tournaments (Because of Shao Kahs thirst for vengeance the Elder Gods granted these new rules saying in order to invade the Earth realm you have to win ten mortal kombats in a row).

Kung Lao approached the platform in his uniform with his blade like black hat and hate in his eyes because now he wants to kill Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung approached the platform as well with a smile upon his face he said, “today you die Kung Lao but the fight will not be with me”. A giant raor echoed thoughtout the fortress as a giant gladiator walked toe to toe with Kung Lao. “I like you to meet Goro my protector,” Shang Tsung said.

Kung Lao stared at this monster, the emperor had a sinster smile upon his face as he shouted “Fight”. Goro used four of his hands for punches while Kung Lao could not even block them, he was still getting hit by this massive monster. Kung Lao doged every punch thown at him, as he jumped upon this boulder he now was the height of this monster. Kung Lao jumped with his summersalt kick in the air hit Goro upon the head. But Goro emerged grabbing Kung Lao with both arms and the other two was set free to cause serious damage to our hero. Kung Lao was dazed and disoriented with a smile upon Shang Tsung’s face the emperor shouted “Finally Finish Him”. Rayden wanted to step in but Shao Kahn blocked him with a massive force field. Kung Lao was motionsless in the arms of Goro as both arms raised above Kung Lao’s head. Kung Lao had visions of seeing his beloved Gennivere again while Goro fury puches wore out our champion till nothing was left not even bones. Shang Tsung finally devoured the soul of our Hero Kung Lao.

Rayden could not belive the death of our champion as he disappeared in a flash of lightning, our warriors parished as Shao Kahn laughed because he had finally regained control of his people. Shao Kahn had finally gotten revenge on now the disceased warriors of Earth Realm. Kitana walked away with tears in her eyes she finally replied, “Now you are reunited with your love, good by my Kung Lao.”

The End

The Battle of the Immortals

Last season we had witnessed the deaths of all of the warriors and enemies to shao kahn. I am used of making things short and sweet and I totally sux with spelling so here we go.

Raiden was incarcerated in the Colbalt Minds of Shokkan as an example to all those who opposed him. Still grieving over the deaths of his warriors he prayed to the elder gods.

Though the Elder Gods heard his prayer, back on Earth realm an immortal worrior was summond by the Elder Gods and they called him Fujin the god of wind. They sent this immotal warrior because the Elder Gods were busy keeping Shao Kahns minions out of our world.(I thought they should add some more characters from the game to the show)Fujin left his post at the temple (Fujin is the protector of the sacret amulet to prevent the resurrection of the one Powerful Elder God who seeks it’s power, but that is another story) to aid the Elder Gods to rescue Raiden from Outworld

While caos reigned on Earth Realm back at the trading post Fujin saw the disaster and the mortal kombat medallion lying on the floor. As he picked it up he had a premonition this vision of death and annhilation of his brother god, know as Raiden. Raiden was sending him a message about the red little ruby that can alter time and open portals (Seen in episode 3 and 8). Last seen with Taja who stole the crystal from Shang sung and gave it back to Kung Lao as they all escaped from the Colbalt Minds of Sokkahn.

Anywayz, With his god like powers he found the crystal buried near the Temple of the order of light.

Then with the crystal’s power a portal was opened and Fujin entered this portal saving Raiden but it was not easy. Some of Shao Kahns spies in the Colbalt Minds of Shokkah decided to attack the powerful God of Wind. With the power he had a tornado emerged from the ground and driven all the ememies of the Earth Realm away. But his powers where weakening because the Colbalt drains any type of power possessed by an immortal or an inhuman sorcerer. With the wounded and left for dead Raiden, Fujin rescued Raiden as they both stepped through the portal opened by this sacred crystal.

So Raiden and Fujin stepped through the portal and back into Earth Realm before any information about their escape reached Shao Kahn.

Raiden was weak and tired and near death as a mortal, back in Earth Realm he had recieved his god-like powers again. With his rage he destroyed the open portal left in the valley of Shakka (Last seen in episode 21-22 were Raiden was trapped with Shao Kahn) and before any invaders came through the portal gate Raiden grabbed the red Ruby crystal in Fujins hands. With an unknown language he chanted as the world turned in reverse, the powers of the crystal brought everyone that Shao Kahn killed (in the episode vengeance) back to life.

But the only one who has the memory of anything is Raiden, Fujin and Shao Kahn because the power of the crystal doesn’t work on immorals and Shao Kahn was not on Earth Realm when it rotated backwards.

Kung Lao, Siro, Taja, Kitana, Vorpax, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Siann, Reptile and Kiri was brought back to life with no knowledge of their death experience due to the hands of the Shadow priest.

Back on Outworld a furious Emperor was outraged with violence and hate that he vowed to take out the champion in mortal kombat.