The Last of the Black Dragon

——————Last Episode “The Univited”——————–

————–Title “The Last of the Black Dragon———————-


Liu Kang-“Tanya, how do you know the princess.”

Tanya-“Oh, me and Kitana go way back, before the crusades of Outworld.”Rayden had a suspicious look upon his face.

Sonya-“I’m sorry but I don’t trust her.”While Sonya was just mad dogging Tanya from the side of her eyes.

Jax-“Sonya, how could you say somethin’ like dat girl, you have some trust issues, look at those legs and that body, there is not an evil bone in that.”While checking out Tanya from the side of his eyes, Sonya decided to roll hers.

Fujin-“ENOUGH, look Tanya, we still don’t know who you are, and why you have come, but we have a powerful former Elder God and a sorcerer angry about our success in helping the mortals of Earth. If you say who you are than we need all the help we can get.”

Sonya-“Fujin are you crazy, Rayden tell Fujin what happend to the last body who was from Outworld that help us aid this fight. Her name was Jade and she totally betrayed us, what makes you any different, sweet heart.”

On the Otherside of the globe chaos reigned while warriors from the other world declared war on the people of Earthrealm. In Asia there was a warrior who was from the White Lotus Society known as Kai a master who ventered throughout the world in search for Liu Kang. He was in the city of New York during the time of the invasion, when he was approached by several of Shinnoks soldiers.

Soldier 1-“YOU, mortal of Earth will bow at our masters feet. Sware your loyalty to Shinnok and maybe we will spare your life.”

Kai dropped his bag to the floor and with a nonchalant expression he started laughing.

Soldier 2-“SO, you think that’s funny, two against one, let’s take him out.

Kai stared at the on coming soldiers who were about to rush him and before they even got close, Kai grabbed both of their hands with the skill of tai chi they both flipped to the ground, using their energy against themeselves. Then before the soldiers had a chance to be revived Kai was already gone.

Darkness fell everywhere on the mortal globe, National State Security Prison. Quan Chi was in search for a new ally, walking slow to the gates of the prison the prison guardes had riffles pointed at the sorcerer. As Quan Chi looked up at the guards and sneared.

Quan Chi-“Mmmmm, you-filty-mortals-what are you going to do.”

Guard 1-“Freeze, right their you clown, who do you think you are breaking into this prison, and how? we had two guards posted at that station.

Quan Chi laughed-“OOh, you mean these guards right here,”As he held up two decapitated heads by the hair in his hands, throwing them to the ground. The guards got excited and started firing at the sorcerer. The bullets was tearing his skin until their was nothing left but bones. With an aghast expression the guards decided to check out the body of Quan Chi. As the guards stared for a second one of the quards grabbed the arm of the sorcerer, the bone turned to ashes, as it dusted away like air.

In the prison cell was the last of the black dragon known as Jarek, Jerek heard strange and unusual voices echoeing in his head. Then Quan Chi appeared before the former thug.

Jerek-“Who in the hell are you?”

Quan Chi-“Mmmmm, Jerek, let’s get-out-of this peacful place.” The gate to Jerek cell broke off with the control of the sorcerers hands. Jerek looked shocked as he ran down the corridor toward the exit. There the guards were coming up after witnessing the ashes of Quan Chi. They saw Jerek run in their direction. Jerek instantaneously grabbed the handcuffs of one of the prison guards opening the cuffs until the pointy section was exposed. Jerek stuck the handcuff in one of the guards throat, while the other guard had his gun pointing at Jerek. The First guard was twitching as blood dripped from his throat. Quan Chi appeared before the guard, in a hypnotizing state Quan Chi made him see his future. The pain and the suffering brutilized his physical state causing him to relive his future in this time and place. The guard saw his future and his death in a drive by shooting that is how he died in the present. While this was taking place, this gave Jerek a chance to escape.

Still running and out of breath Jerek was approached buy Quan Chi.

Jerek still breating hard-“LOOK! who are you, and why did you help me escape.”

Quan Chi-“The-name-is-Quan-Chi and I am here because we both know who put you behind bars and now-is-a-chance-for vengeance.”

Jerek said in an angry tone-“SONYA!

————————–To Be Continue—————————–

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