>Mortal Kombat Conquest casting took place on Sunday, June 28, 10 AM to 3 PM. at Splendid China, which is located at 3000 Splendid China Blvd, Kissimmee, Fl.

>The filming of Mortal Kombat Conquest began on July 6, 1998.

>MKC was originally going to be entitled ‘Mortal Kombat: Krusades’ Just before setting the show to air, it’s name was changed from MK Krusades to MK Conquest. It was due to conflicting show names on the WB Network. It was changed because a new show set to air around the same time on the WB Network called Babylon Crusades might be a little confusing to people trying to remember two names with the word K/Crusades in them.

>3D animation, Compositing and Matte Painting were brought to you by Threshold Digital Research Labs.

>Lori’s name was originally going to be Nika and Qali’s name was going to be Jade. It was only so on the first draft.

>In Cold Reality episode when Sub-Zero was introduced, the routine performed by the Ninja Trainees was created from a Wah Lum Kung Fu form called Buddha Palm. It was choreographed by Sifu David Scott.

>Each episode lasts exactly about 42 minutes.

>Goof: In Stolen Lies episode, when Kung Lao and the wrestler begin fighting, you can see that the wrestler wears a bag (like the bagman – Shadow Priest). But a second later when he takes off his hood and begins fighting, then he doesn’t wear any long mantle at all (during the fight). The coat disappeared!?

>Goof: In the Serpent and the Ice episode, when Scorpion is fighting Sub-Zero, Scorpion does a somersault to the roof and then Sub-Zero jumps after him. Scorpion jumps backwards, but a second later he is shown jumping forward… and he also lands facing forward (if you know what I mean).

>Mortal Kombat Conquest was filmed in Orlando (Florida) at Universal Studios: at the Disney/MGM Studios as well as at Splendid China (a unique Central Florida attraction which features China’s historic landmarks).

> Goof: You can clearly see a mat on the floor when the Prisoner is wrestling Taja in Undying Dream episode.

> Besides the ninjas, also Daniel Bernhardt (Siro) was the only main actor who did all of his martial arts tricks in fight scenes himself. Most of the other actors used stuntmen.

> Every episode has exactly 3 fights (normally).

> When Quan Chi speaks, his head is swinging / swaying / rocking / shaking.

> Goof: When Shang Tsung fights against Master Cho, he is wearing a leather jacket. At some points in the fight, Cho knocks Shang up against the wall. When this happens it shows a close-up of Shang, and during these close-ups he is not wearing a jacket at all!

> When Siro knocks Taja up against the wall in Unholy Alliance, he looks like the Alien.

> Jeffrey Meek said that they (MKC actors) didn’t know they were being cancelled. They thought they were coming back for more.

> All the people always drink water from some wooden barrels (in Zhu Zin). Like in the Serpent and the Ice episode – Kung Lao drinks there, Rayden drinks, Taja drinks… There are a lot of episodes where people drink water from that wooden barrel using a ladle.

> In Quan Chi episode… how could Siro fight Kung Lao so well though he was completely drunk? Siro was fighting professionally!

> Jeffrey Meek’s voice was enhanced when playing Shao Kahn, but ‘only a little bit’, he says.


The following trivia was sent by tour guide Wes Carr who was part of the Backstage Pass Tour which took groups through the soundstages at Disney/MGM Studio where MKC was filmed:

  • There was an elevated balcony above the stages behind a soundproof glass window where the guests could look down on what was going on.
  • The Cast Members who worked there were told not to speak to any of the actors unless spoken to.
  • Tracy Douglas kept having wardrobe malfunctions with her costume, and it happened so often she wasn’t even surprised when it did happen. The crew didn’t seem to mind.
  • Fabiana Udenio was filming a scene when she blew a line and started cursing. Since the glass in the tour hallway was soundproof, all the guests saw was the crew cracking up without knowing why.
  • Besides the cobalt mines and city set, there was also Shao Khan’s throne which was carved out of fiberglass and weighed over 300 lbs. There was also a “swing set”, which was basically a large box that could be redressed and used as different locations like the Lin Kuei temple.

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