Dean Barnes

How did you get listed in the Mortal Kombat Conquest staff (as a co-producer)?

Dean Barnes: New Line TV called me to interview for the job.

Why MKC ended?

Warner Bros. Distribution and TNT were unable to sustain market interest in the product for another season.

Could You tell us what’s TNT got to do with the Mortal Kombat Conquest series? Did TNT have a part in the making of MKC?? But it is just a TV channel?!

Yes. TNT shared in the cost of the show with Warner Bros. distibution. Once Warner Bros. Distribution aired the show in syndicatins, TNT could air it as well on cable just a couple of weeks later.

Are there going to be new season of MKC?

Not that I am aware of.

Are there just 22 episodes or are there some more ‘hidden’ episodes?

There are no additional episodes.

Had you heared about Mortal Kombat games and movies before you got to co-produce the MKC series?


What does it take to become a fight choreographer?

Expertise in martial arts as well as an understanding of how to film such scenes.

Do you still have contacts with someone from the MKC staff?

Not really.

You did a great job co-producing the Mortal Kombat Conquest. Tell us, what do you think of the show? Do you like it?

I liked the show very much and we were all disappointed that there was not a second season.