Messages from Cast & Crew

Questions. And answers from James Cappe (executive story consultant and writer)

>>> Do you have any idea why Goro did not get into any fight in MKC? Was he supposed to come and defeat Kung Lao in the second season?

Goro never fought in MKC simply because he would have been too expensive to create — especially at the time the series was made. Maybe now it could be done with computers, but back then, no.

>>> There are many fights with wrestlers in MKC (Twisted Truth, Stolen Lies, Festival of Death). Why the wrestler instead of some martial arts master? Was it up to you to say who should fight?

Wrestlers were very specifically put into the show because one of the two networks that aired MKC also aired… wrestling! It was a very blatant attempt to promote the wrestling show on our show. We were ordered to do this.

A message from the guestbook [mon 17 mar 2003]

Name:      Grayson Austin
City:      Clermont, Florida
Why I like MKC:      I have always enjoyed MK. I also worked on the series as the Steadicam Operator for every episodeMessage:      Just found this site. It is really good. I will see if I can dig up some on set pics. Don’t know if I still have any. We really did all have a great time shooting the series. We were convinced we would be starting season two in a few weeks when the plug got pulled. TNT wanted a bigger piece of the pie is what I was told and Threshhold did not want to give more away. Anyway, good site. I still don’t know why the full series is not out on DVD when so many crappy series are all out on DVD. Go figure.

Messages from Noob Saibot

Here are some parts of the messages that Master Sultan Uddin (Noob Saibot) wrote me some time ago:

Hello, And please call me Sultan, that’s my real name. And yes it was I who played Noob Saibot, and some of the scenes as shadow priest. in MK2 I fought Rayden in the cave and also taught Talisa Soto Eskrima for her fight scene with the fans as Princess Kitana.

Once again thanks for doing an outstanding job on the web site, and taking out the time inquire about my correct information.

Questions. And answers from Matthias Hues (potential Fujin in the next MK movie)

>>> Is it confirmed that it is You who is going play Fujin in Mortal Kombat: Devastation. Are there any news that You are aware of, anything about the next MK movie? Do You have any idea when the filming is going to start?

Well your guess is as good as mine for the moment, I know the producer personally and my agent and manager is on it like it is his job to do so but for the moment we only encounter tight lips about all of it, however we all believe it is just a matter of conflicting time with ongoing work of one or two actors,at least this is what we heard thought the crape wines.
But as long the film is listed in the production charts you can be fairly certain it will happen.
i do hope so for all the mortal combat fans out there. i myself am honored to be part of it and will do my best to be the best Fujin possible.