Bill Scharpf

Bill ScharpfWhy did you decide to do the role?

Needed a job

Didn’t it somewhat feel silly pretending to be strangled by Scorpion’s spear?

Done sillier things, Stuntmen are like camelions we adapt to to do anything.

How did it feel when Scorpion wrapped some chains around your neck? Did you get hurt too?

Don’t think about how it feels, just want it to look good like M.J.Fox once said, pain is temporary…film is forever

What other series/movies have you been in?

To many to list… just finished The Fast and the Furious 2. Was One of Paul Walkers two stunts doubles

Where did you learn martial arts? What fighting style do you use?

I’m not one of those ‘martian’ artist, just picked up a few things from freinds like John Medlin and Jeff Pruitt

Whose role would you have liked to play (if not the Scorpion’s victim)?

Never seen the show so ? how about….. Producer/Director

What do you think about the MKC site?

never been there will check it out

Is there anything you want to say to people who read this?

I’m looking to Produce my own shows and need investors $10 million will get the first movie done, investing in film is better than the markets right now 🙂 LOL.