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Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Hello from sunny Los Angeles!!D3n_X in Onstage1 asks: Hey Kristanna, how was it like making a movie with the big guy?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Well I definitely learned a lot from watching him. He’s done the character twice before and knows what he wants and doesn’t want to use. Working off his energy is very empowering.

DishDiva says: Kristanna Loken stars in the new film “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.”

WildBill11335 in Onstage1 asks: How much did you have to workout to get in shape for the movie?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: I did extensive training. I started with a nutritionalist and I wanted to put on weight so I put on 15 pounds and I did weapons training and I did what’s called Krav Maga. It was very surreal.

DishDiva says: It’s too bad you didn’t train for this. . . (laughs)

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: (laughs)

Series600 in Onstage1 asks: Was the fake arm you wore, to simulate the Plasma cannon, comfortable to wear?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: We actually had 3 different prosthetic arms so they could be shot from right, left, or straight on. They weren’t terribly comfortable, as well as a fake plasma cannon arm can.

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: The one that had to be shot from straight on I had to have my arm tied behind my back and that was uncomfortable they made it as good as it could be.

slurrey_dot_com in Onstage4 asks: In the movie do you use your sexiness as a way to get what you want?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Absolutely she uses her feminine side to get what she wants. She can be conniving.

NorthernStar7657 in Onstage1 asks: Did Arnold pick you for the part?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: He signed off on me. The audition process was laborious. The first was with Johnathan and it was laborious. The last few were very physical and he told me it would be the strangest audition I’d be on and he was right. I was running, punching, kicking. I

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: didn’t even know if I was doing what he wanted. But it all worked out.

TheStorm03891 in Onstage1 asks: Did you need to take special driving lessons to drive the Champion Crane truck or did some one else do it for you?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: They spent quite a bit of money reversing the steering on the crane. We had a great stunt driver that actually did the driving.

DishDiva says: You could use someone like that in L.A. (Laughs)

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Yes, and I think I could use my plasma cannon as well.

Mike&Ike in Onstage1 asks: What was the most challenging part of the movie?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Probably the most challenging part was just the continual amount of training I had to do and the regimented diet program. So it was the continuation for the 8 months for absolute body control.

Luigi3054 in Onstage1 asks: have you seen the final copy of the movie yet? what do you think the fans can expect from it?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Yes I did see it on Monday. I think the fans will be pleased. Old and new fans alike. The story is compelling and goes with the last two movies. The action is great, the fight sequences are well choreographed and I think people will be happy with the

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: outcome.

Manolis_Varnasactor1 in Onstage1 asks: Kristanna how do you think that your character you ve played in the movie difference to the previous evil characters in the last 2 terminators

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Number one, it’s a woman, and we’ve never seen that before so you can only imagine the interesting qualities of the female terminator. She’s got a lot of tricks up her sleeve. More than the last two.

Series600 in Onstage1 asks: What was your favorite scene to film?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: I would say there are some sensory related powers I have working with blood and they were interesting to play. With her sensory related powers.

Napalm_Freak in Onstage4 asks: Hey Kristanna. How many times did you saw T-1 and T-2?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Before I got the job I watched them both on a loop. (laughs) I’ve always been a big fan of Robert Patrck in T2 and what he did with that character.

T-3rocks1 in Onstage1 asks: When you and arnold did the fight scenes..did he accidentally hit you or you hit him by mistake?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: I had 30 million dollars behind me and I didn’t want to miss my mark and luckily I never did.

BeBopRevolver in Onstage1 asks: Will we see the T-X in Terminator 4?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Well, God willing, I would love to reprise my roll but who knows at this point.

sonicslicer in Onstage4 asks: what is the plot of this movie.  I mean what is different about it?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: There’s some new twists that are very unexpected and the great new character that Claire Danes plays Kate Brewster. Nick does a great job in the John Connor role as the anti hero. And of course Arnold’s and myself and the surprise ending.

DishDiva says: Oh, you tease, you! (laughs)

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: (laughs)

GrungierOyster in Onstage4 asks: Kristanna, how does it feel to be the next big sex symbol?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Hmm, well I hadn’t thought of myself that way but I’m very flattered by the people that think of me that way. I’ve done a lot of work on my body so I’m glad it is paying off.

KristannaLokenLover in Onstage1 asks: Did you like the tight red leather outfit you had to wear?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: You know, we went through a lot of debate what I would wear, making sure it was comfortable and photographed well. We went with burgandy leather and I had leather and faux leather, and stretch leather and I would wear what was best for the scene.

DishDiva says: Did you keep any of your costumes/

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: NO! They wouldn’t let me!!

Suave_Sammy in Onstage4 asks: Has your role in this movie been the hardest accomplishment you’ve ever had to partake in your acting career?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Yes. I would definitely say so. It’s been the most challenging and to see the things you can do that are above your expectations and seeing them on screen.


Kristanna_Loken_Live says: (laughs) Krav Maga was a great part of my training and made me comfortable with my aggressive side. It’s a very brutal and street fighting. It’s something I am more confident knowing in a dark alley.

GrungierOyster in Onstage4 asks: Kristanna, Robert Patrick was quoted saying that he didnt blink when he acted his role and was offering you the same advice … did you catch that one?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Definitely. That was a big human trait. It’s little things like that that showed the human side. So he tried to not blink or show exhertion. Everything had to look effortless.

T-85O in Onstage1 asks: I am a really big fan of your Kris and I was wondering are you goina to make any public appearances where your fans could meet you?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Yeah, I think I will be. I’m not sure what, where or when but I’m a big fan of my fans so I would love to be supportive with them and make appearances.

Series600 in Onstage1 asks: What was the main purpose of having you learn miming techniques, and how does it play out in the movie?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: The mime work was the icing on the cake. They really work with internal energy and building up heat internally. Being able to alienate different muscle groups. They also work with eye muscles, mimes don’t blink. It was a huge part of my training.

TheStorm03891 in Onstage1 asks: Have you heard your “music theme” yet? Is it scary like the T-1000’s theme?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: I have, but what’s great about the score in the film, it doesn’t out do the performance. There is a TX theme.

ladyduboiseidaho in Onstage1 asks: hmmmmm. so how have you prepped yourself for Big Fame…meaning your image constantly in the public eye?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: It’s a little bit daunting and change is always scary but with change comes great growth. And that comes with doing the roles I like to do. So I will have to, as cliche as it sounds, take it day by day.

DishDiva says: Mandy_dawn says: Are you excited about the release date and what will you do on opening day?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: I am very excited about the opening. I will actually be in Japan for the premiere there when it opens on the 2nd.

DishDiva says: The movie opens on July 2.

Mr_Love870 in Onstage1 asks: Who is your childhood hero?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: My dad. My dad has always been my #1 hero and will continue to be.

TheManInTheLighthouse in Onstage1 asks: Do you think the audience will think there is some sort of sexual tension between the T-X and T-850?

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: There’s definitely an underlining theme of sensulity in the character, but it’s low key and that’s more appealing than being overly sexy.

DishDiva says: Kristanna, from all of your fans on MSN from around the world, best of luck with “T3.”

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: My mantra has always been to belive in and follow your dreams.


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