Lord Shinnok


In the last episode of Mortal Kombat (Mortal Kombat – God’s Deception), Raiden is trying to communicate with Kung Lao in order to tell him that Shang Tsung is lying about Ian and that he’s imprisoned in a world called The Realm of Darkness. Siro, Taja and Kung Lao are unsuccessfully looking for Raiden.

Kung Lao is on his knees praying.
Kung Lago: I need to talk to you, Raiden. Raiden, protector of Earth Realm. I summon thee. I summon thee, Raiden. Come to me.

Suddenly thunders are heard and the room is evolved by light as strong as the light of midday. An image of the Elder God appears in front of Kung Lao.
Raiden’s image: Kung Lao. I was fooled by Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. With the help of the fallen Elder God Shinnok, they’ve sent me to a realm known as the Realm of Darkness. I need you Kung Lao to go the Temple of the Order of Light and summon the Elder Gods. Tell them what has happened. They’re my only chance to escape this place. Furthermore, I need to tell you that Ian Stung is Shang Tsung. Don’t believe Ian, Kung Lao. Shang Tsung tricked us. I need to go now, Kung Lao. This is not Outworld but I feel that my powers are very unstable in here.
Kung Lao: Siro, Taja. Get back here!. Siro! Taja!
Siro: What’s happening? Are you okay, Kung Lao?
Taja: What’s going on?
Kung Lao: I found him. I’ve managed to contact, Raiden, somehow.
Taja: Great! Where’s he? Why isn’t he…
Kung Lao: He’s imprisoned in a world known as the Realm of Darkness.
Siro looks confused
Siro: The Realm of Darkness? What is it exactly, Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: I don’t know. I’ve never heard of it. I must go to the Temple of the Order of Light. It’s the only way to…
Ian Tsung appears in the room.
Ian: Hello, everybody. How’re you doing!
Kung Lao stands and walks towards Ian.
Kung Lao: I’m better now that Raiden is about to be avenged.
Ian stung casts a spell on Kung Lao and makes him fall near Taja and Siro.
Taja: What’s going on?! What did you do that, Ian?
Kung Lao: He’s not Ian Taja. Ian doesn’t exist. He’s…
Ian morphs into Shang Tsung.
Shang: Hello, Taja, dear. Did you miss me?
Taja: Ew! You won’t get away with this you animal!
Shang: I’m an animal, aren’t I? So you are about to see how beasty I can become.
Suddenly Shang Tsung morphs into a giant serpent. He tries to bite Siro, but he nearly escape by throwing a chair at the snake. The snake suddenly starts hunting Kung Lao. It prepares to bite him, but Taja stab its tale, making it morphs back into Shang Tsung screaming in pain.
Shang: This does not end here!
Shang opens a portal and goes back to Outworld.
Shang: Damn it!!!!
Quan Chi is laughing.
Quan Chi: What happened, Shang. Have you failed again? Quan Chi laughs.
Shang stares at Quan Chi.
Shang: It’s enough! From this moment on, it’s not my failure. It’s ours!! Don’t you understand, if I fail, you fail. We’re both in this together. Shinnok is not merciful. He does not forgive easily.
And voice can be heard behind Shang Tsung, saying: “And neither does I.”
Shang and Quan Chi: What?!
Shang: Vorpax?! How could this be?
Vorpax: You thought you’d get rid of me so easily, Shang Tsung.
Quan Chi: That’s impossible. You’re dead. Shang Tsung told me that Shao Kahn killed you.
Vorpax: Indeed. You know, if I’m standing here today I must thank only one person.
Quan Chi: Who?
Vorpax: I must thank her! Vorpax points to a woman’s silhouette.
Quan Chi: Who are you?
Shang Tsung: I can’t believe it.
Woman: Well, you should. It is I. Omegis.
Quan Chi: Long time no see.
Omegis: I know what you’re doing.
Shang Tsung: How? How can this be?
Omegis shows a flaming crystal ball with Shinnok’s face in it.
Omegis: He told me and asked me to assist you.
Quan Chi: Ingenious.
Kung Lao, Taja and Siro are on their way to the Temple of the Order of Light.
Siro: We’re almost there.
Taja: Kung Lao, I don’t understand much about these deities of yours. So, I’d thank you if could explain for us who is this Shinnok guy.
Kung Lao: Shinnok was an Elder God. You know, there was a time he was pure and share the same feeling of peace and brotherhood that the Elder Gods have. But, then, one day he became obsessed with the worlds. He wanted to conquer them all. Fortunately, his treason was discovered by the Elder Gods who banished him, with help of Raiden, to the Netherealm.
Siro: Netherealm?
Kung Lao: Most people know it as hell.
Taja: But if this guy is in how. Why do we have to worry about him? I mean, what can he do against us?
Kung Lao: Quan Chi is free roaming sorcerer. He can go wherever he wants to. You know, there was rumor that after Shinnok was banished there, he granted a sorcerer with the status of supreme sorcerer of the Netherealm. I think this sorcerer is Quan Chi. I do not know any other who can go back and forth to the Netherealm without being detected.
Siro: Oh, man. If that is true we’re in trouble.
Kung Lao: Don’t worry. I’m going to do everything that’s upon my reach to stop him from escaping the Nethrealm.

A tall hooded figure is sitting on a throne. Behind the throne a lava river can be seen. Apparently the hooded figure is not alone. He’s talking to a priest.
Hooded figure: Have you done what I’ve ordered to you to do?
Priest: Yes. I have. I’ve given the crystal ball to that witch, Omegis.
Hooded figure: Excellent. Now it’s just a matter of time before Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Vorpax and Omegis free me from this wretched realm. I’ll be free again and the world will bow to LORD SHINNOK!!!!
Shang: Baraka? Where are you Baraka?
Baraka: I’m here my Lord.
Shang: Where are the others? You said you would bring hundreds of Tarkatan warriors with you.
Baraka: They’re here my Lord.
Baraka points to hundreds of Tarkatan warriors hidden in the shadows. It’s so Dark that Shang hardly could see them.
Baraka: When do we attack the emperor?
Shang: Tonight. Tonight is the night.
Baraka: Excellent, my Lord.
Shang: You must not attack Shao Kahn’s warriors until I give you my order. Do you understand? Do you understand?
Baraka: Yes, my Lord. I do.
Baraka commands his warriors to leave. Baraka follows them into the shadows. Shang Tsung smiles. He points his finger near a wall and opens a portal to Shao Kahn’s throne room. Shang Tsung enters it.
Shao Kahn is sitting on his throne as a portal burst open and Shang Tsung comes out of it.
Shao Kahn: Shang Tsung! What are you doing here? You are supposed to be at…
Shang: My Lord. I’ve come to report that Baraka is forming an army. He intends to strike against your forces tonight. You must be prepared, my emperor.
Shao Kahn: Baraka? How dare him… after all I’ve… I’m going to kill him. Leave me now Shang Tsung. Go back to the Cobalt Mines before I kill you myself.
Shang: But, my Lord, I thought you would set my free from there. I’m loyal to you. Can’t you…
Emperor: Shut up! I will think of what I’m going to do with you later. For the time being, I want you to return to the Cobalt Mines.
Shang: Yes, emperor.
Shang Tsung opens a portal and goes back to the Cobalt Mines.
Shang: It is done. Baraka will fight Shao Kahn’s warriors. And Shao Kahn will win the battle. And I’m luck he’s going to set me free for this information. Hope Baraka is killed in the battle.
Quan Chi appears behind Shang Tsung
Quan Chi: Talking alone, sorcerer?
Shang: Where’s Omegis and Vorpax?
Quan Chi: I’ve sent them to Kung Lao’s house. They said there’s something hidden there that might help us set Lord Shinnok free.
Shang: Interesting.
Omegis: Now, where is that Crystal! Damn it! I can’t fight it!
Vorpax: What is this?
Vorpax is holding a red crystal.
Omegis: That’s it. Give it to me. Now let’s return to the Cobalt Mines.
Kung Lao is lighting some candles. He bows to an image and gets on his knees.
Siro: Do you need any help, Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: No. I just need to concentrate.
Taja: Siro, let’s wait for him outside.
Kung Lao: I invoke the Elder Gods. I need you Elder Gods, protectors of all realms. I need you. Come to me.
The wind starts blowing severely inside the room. Thunders are lighting are striking everywhere outside the temple. The clouds grow in its width.
Omegis: It is done. Let’s go. All of us. Let’s go to the Netherealm. Shinnok will be pleased. We’re going to set him free! He will grant us with abilities beyond our…
Quan Chi: Shut up and let’s go.
Shang looks to Omegis and say: “I’ve always said that you talk too much.”
Omegis opens a portal and all of them go into it.
Omegis: My Lord. Here is the tool that will set you free.
Shinnok: Excellent. Give it to me.
Omegis is about to give the crystal to Lord Shinnok.

Will Lord Shinnok finally have his revenge against Raiden and the Elder Gods?
Will Kung Lao tell the Elder Gods what’s happening before Shinnok is set free from the Netherealm?
Will Raiden escape the Realm of Darkness?

Mortal Kombat Inferno


Lui Kang and his earth realm friends defeated Shao Kahn, but another evil remained. One who was the mastermind behind the whole annihilation; Kahn and Rayden’s father, Shinnok. Shinnok lied to the other elder gods, who he himself was one as well. Shinnok kept the portals open for Shao Kahn, to invade earth, only to be let down by his son’s failure. The other two elders gods were present at the fight. When Shao Kahn was defeated, the elder gods banished his father to the nether realm. Left behind by Shinnok was the very key that allowed him to keep the portals open for Kahn, an amulet known as the Kamidogu. The elder gods knowing its power it held, hid it in a place known as the temple of elements,. They wanted to destroy it, but was unable to. In the temple of elements, the Kamidogu was safely guarded by elemental gods. The world appeared to finally be at peace; Shinnok was trapped in the nether realm forever unless………………….

Appearing out of nowhere, as a specter, he realized he was at his normal state. He looked down at his feet , which was touching the cracked red ground. The heat was unbearable and the atmosphere didn’t look to pleasant, but he didn’t care he was an elder god. Making sure he hadn’t lost his power, he tested it on a grotesque creature known as an oni. Oni’s were native to the nether realm along with other outcasts. Happily reassured he hadn’t lost it, he walked along viewing, the landscape, looking for a way out. His curiosity was short lived when he was stopped by the nether realms ruler, Lucifer. This devilish looking beast stood twice as tall as Shinnok and five times his size. Frightened he burst his hand forward in a fury with sorcery to find out that the beast was not affected. Lucifer laughed and yelled “ You won’t be needing these”. With the wave of his hand, he took away Shinnok’s powers.

Lucifer had Shinnok carried away by two large onis. The two onis stripped him of his robe and proceeded to beat him to a pulp. As a mortal he was weakened and had attempted to fight back, but it got him nowhere. Laying on the ground bruised and beaten , one of them grabbed him by his hair and cut it off with a sharp edge of a blade. He did the same with the rest of his facial hair, making him appear hairless as the rest of the oni’s. The savage beasts lifted his arms and dragged his body along the rugged ground to a rocky hill with a steep slope. They swung his arms and made him tumble down the hill like a rag doll until he landed face down in what seemed like hard sandpaper.
Back on earth, everything was at ease, Jax and Sonya were called back to the states for a small mission assigned by the Special Ops. In China, Liu Kang made home near the temple of the order of light, where he visited daily. Him and Kitana moved in together and Kitana’s mother Sindel, lived not too far away from there, living on her own, watching over them and visiting time to time. Rayden, the newest elder god, kept his promise and watched over all of them and made sure they stayed out of trouble. The elder god spent most of his time at the eternal palace, where he belonged.
Bleeding badly, almost to his death, he was helped by a bystander who had seen everything, since he got there. Seeking opportunity, knowing the power that Shinnok had possessed, he helped him up. This bystander was an Oni who had a human figure but with white ghostly skin. Shinnok grunted as he got to his feet. “ Welcome to the nether realm, where no one can escape. I’ve tried before believe me and have failed every time. My name is Quan Chi, who are you”, the oni asked. “ I am Shinnok”. “I’ve been down here all my life. I’m tired of this hell. I want out. I want more”, gasped Quan Chi. “ So don’t I and I just got here”, remarked Shinnok who was nearly out of breath.
“ I need to take you to safety, before they come back for me”, replied Quan Chi. He guided Shinnok to a crevice in the hillside, that was dug out to make a small bungalow. He laid him down to rest and as Quan Chi starred out an opening in the bungalow, he thought to himself. “ Shinnok, I know how to get your power back.” The words of this oni, caught his interest, so he said “how?” “ Lucifer can be defeated. It may not be easy, but with your help it can be done. Rest for awhile, regain your strength, you’re going to need it.” Shinnok nodded his head in agreement.
In the mist of the heat, Quan Chi gazed at Lucifer’s tower. It almost seemed like it reached the sky, if there was one. Lucifer’s spire contained four levels, each heavily guarded. At the top, set the tormentor’s throne room also occupied by guards. Getting in and out alive was going to be tricky.
2 Back in China, Liu Kang went to the temple to visit his grandfather. He walked through the temple and caught this bold elderly monk praying to the gods. As he walked passed he caught a glimpse of his grandfather meditating. “ I’m so happy you’ve come to visit me, I haven’t heard from you in a few days”. “I’m sorry grandfather I’ve been busy lately.” They hugged and exchanged words of a typical conversation.
Kitana had went to go visit her mother and had embarked in the same typical conversation. Kitana had spoke that she wanted to marry Liu Kang but was afraid. Kitana explained how she didn’t want to live forever and watch Liu age and die, she wanted to be mortal like him. “ I don’t want to live forever either, I want to find happiness and die in peace like the rest of the world” acclaimed Sindel. “ Only if there was a way.”
Shinnok rested for three days only to be awakened by the voice of Quan Chi, “ It’s time!” As they walked Quan Chi mentioned how they couldn’t possibly take on all the guards. So they had to find a way in from the top somehow. They walked up a hill that stood taller than the spire and overlooked the very peak. When they reached the top they saw the same two Onis that had attacked Shinnok. The Oni turned around in a mad surprised pivot to a slicing through flesh sound as their heads fell to Quan Chi’s swords. Their massive bodies fell to the unstable ground cracking it. Suddenly the cliff gave way and they all fell toppling on the spire. The weight was too much and it smashed through the throne room, nearly crushing Lucifer. In a sudden act of surprise Quan Chi finished the remaining guard and leapt his blades at Lucifer. Before he got there Shinnok slit his throat with a jagged rock, from behind. The beast roared as blood spewed out. A sudden powerful force shocked through the air and struck Shinnok. His eyes gleamed an inferno. His skin tightened and he had become younger with the remaining hair singed off his face.

Knowing what Shinnok had just done, Quan Chi was in dismay. He wanted all that power for himself. He knew the rule, how it worked. The one who kills Lucifer consumes his power and becomes the new ruler. The nether realm always needed a ruler. Deep down inside he wanted to kill Shinnok, but was afraid of his power now. The new ruler moved the corpse of Lucifer with the wave of a hand and took his seat at the throne. Sensing jealousy he gave Quan Chi a proposition. “ I will give you some of this power and make you arch sorcerer of the nether realm and the general of my soon to be grand army, if you help me.” “ What is it that I have to do?” replied Quan Chi. “ There is an amulet I used before to travel freely through realms. I want you to find it for me and see to it that it makes its way back here.” “It will be done,” Quan Chi answered. Shinnok added that the Kamidogu cannot be destroyed and that the elder gods probably hid it on earth. Shinnok asked him if he had any outside friends that live on earth. Yes I have one I can use. Shinnok thought for a moment and came up with an idea. “ I have a plan, I can trick the Lin Kuei into assisting us with this matter as well.”
On earth, at the Lin Kuei temple, Sub Zero had returned. He was no longer trying to flee from them. He kept at peace and trained vastly, readying himself for anything and studying farther into his powers. He had once helped Liu Kang but was stopped by Scorpion. Someday he hoped that Scorpion would come to realize that neither his brother nor him killed his family. Scorpion still roamed the earth from time to time. His older brother who died in the first tournament haunts the depths of hell also seeking a way out.
In the nether realm there are several portals leading in, but none leading out. The nether realm was everyone’s hell. Shinnok had it all worked out, he was going to get Quan Chi to talk to Scorpion, so then Scorpion could get his younger brother on earth searching for the amulet. Younger scorpion will then think his older brother wants out and will bring it to him. To guarantee his escape Shinnok to the Lin Kuei Grand master. The Grand Master recognized his voice as an elder god.” Find me the Kamidogu, bring it to me. Send it through the nether realm so I can use it to escape, and punish those who banished me here. Your life will be spared and you will receive great power for your reward.” The Grand Master stunned from what he had heard opened his eyes from meditating and thought hardly about his next move. The Grand Master knew that the elder god Shinnok was sent to the nether realm. He wanted power and lots of it, more than what Sub Zero had been gifted with. He thought why not, it’s not going to hurt any.
Shinnok was already finding followers and fast, because he was the nether realms new ruler. Under his power he now controlled all the demons. He had gotten a bunch of demons to his 3gathering just to worship him. These demons became known as the brotherhood of shadow. Noob Saibot, Sub Zero’s older brother was one of them. Shinnok loved the power he obtained . He wanted to take back earth, with his new army of demons along with the scattered remnants of Shao Kahn’s army. He thought if he could take earth, then he could rule the universe. Shinnok sat in his clean throne room. The fallen rock removed as well as Lucifers body. The ceiling now had an opening, but he liked it, it illuminated the room with a gleam from fire outside. He stole a black garment he liked from an Oni and placed it upon his head. A messenger came and told him that Quan Chi had found Scorpion and that his brother was on his quest to find the amulet. Overjoyed he smiled and laughed at the thought of ruling the universe. His glowing eyes looked down at the worshippers bowing at his feet.

Already had the assignment picked for Sub Zero, his best warrior, the Grand Master sent him to retrieve this amulet. Sub Zero first ventured to the temple of the order of light. Disguised as a monk with his hood up, he never drew any attention. The Grand Master knew there was a map drawn by the monks leading to the secret kamidogu. Sub Zero searched far and wide for this scroll and found a locked chest towards the back of the temple. Now to only find the key he thought. One of the lead monks must keep it with him. Since they all look the same it was hard to tell them apart. He had an idea, he didn’t know if it was going to work or not. He yelled out “ Hurry hurry, I think the secret scroll is gone.” A monk walked over to the chest and tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. So he got the key out and unlocked it quickly. He viewed in and said, “See.” As soon as he said that he snatched the scroll; the monk almost closing the lid on his hand. The monk yelling “ Catch him” as Sub Zero was already at the door. He paused for a moment and called on his powers. He froze the opening shut behind him. He fled and was on his way to the other temple unaware he was being followed by the specter.

Liu Kang walked up the steps to the entry of the temple, for his daily visit, noticing there was water everywhere. Confused he walked in to be stopped by his grandfather who said someone had stolen the secret scroll. “ The secret scroll to what?” “It’s a map that leads to a magical amulet that if in the wrong hands can mean disaster for us,” devastated his grandfather replied back. “What can I do?” said Liu Kang. Then out of thin air smoke swirled and came together to make Rayden. “Gather up your friends, keep them close, I sense something bad is going to happen. I will go to the Lin Kuei, for they are responsible for this.”
Sub Zero had made it to the temple of elements. The temple was in the mountains of Asia. The amulet was buried deep in the ground by Rayden and a temple was built around it He swung on ropes, climbed down walls, fought off and killed guards he seemed to be invincible. He reached the very bottom at last. There were four elemental gods guarding the amulet. Each protector represents an element that makes up the realm, earth, fire, wind and water. He defeated the elemental gods with no problem, as if an unknown force was at his side. He went to the middle of the chamber and dug his hands deep in the ground of soil and came apon cold metal. He lifted his hand and glanced at the gold plated amulet. Then from a corner appeared Scorpion,” I’ll be taking that!” His snake speared forward and knocked the amulet out of his hands. They fought feircly as they once did before, only this time Sub Zero had won. He got out as quickly as possible as soon as he picked up the amulet beside Scorpions knocked cold body. The temple was collapsing , he only had so much time.

Liu Kang sent a message to Jax and Sonya for them to come quickly. He explained to them Rayden thinks the earth is going to be under attack again. except this time by a bigger force. They showed up and everything seemed serious, no friendly greetings or anything.

The grand master was kneeling as he was talking to his so called elder god Shinnok. He told him that Sub Zero had found the amulet and that it would be in the nether realm in no time. The grand master told Sub Zero” Now take this to the nether realm, Shinnok will see to it that you find your way back. Sub Zero opened the portal and stepped in. Scorpion, not dead, undetected followed behind. Sub Zero took off to the spire., as Scorpion appeared and finally found his brother. Reunited they were happy to see each other.
On his way to the spire he was stopped by Quan Chi. “ I see that you have the amulet, 4Shinnok will be pleased.” He handed Quan Chi the Kamidogu and was guided to the top of the spire to the throne room. “Here it is my master” Quan Chi showed it to him. “Finally the key to our escape and to do what needs to be done to the earth realm, Shinnok said with an echo that muttered in the air. Sub Zero asked what was to be done, but got no reply. Quan Chi knew Shinnok’s plan and waited for his reward. “ Your reward Quan Chi, power to help you on your quest with me.” Shinnok waved his hand and Quan Chi’s body consumed green mystical energy. “Now give me the amulet so we can get out of here,” barked the new devil. “ I don’t think so hahahahahaha!“ The new sorcerer opened a portal to the remnants of Outworld and jumped in without hesitating. Sub Zero followed closely and leapt in as well. The dimensions of the portal caved in around them. “Nooooooooooooooo, you will pay for your treachery when you die, Shinnok said in a fit of rage.
“Why have you followed me Sub Zero?” “I want to help” We’ll see” snapped Quan Chi as he holstered the amulet on his belt. They both walked in the dark realm, where hardly anyone else existed. They found there way to the emperors tower, that seemed dead and empty, but a tarkatan warrior jumped out of nowhere. Quan Chi chanted words, he never knew he had known and a green skull shot out of his hands. The skull ate away at his flesh and he was dead in a matter of seconds. Surprised he looked at his hands in an awe. They both made it to the throne room and Quan Chi sat in Shao Kahn’s chair. “ So this is what it feels like with all this power. Know that I have the amulet I can control Shao Kahn’s army.” He called upon the army and his warriors all gathered in front of the tower. Quan Chi lit the torches on a battle platform, out side the tower and looked at his grand army. It was grand all right, it was of course diminished since Kahn’s rule, but it was still great in size. He even had remnants of Reptiles in the army“ Earth will be unprepared, I will open the portals and will lead the army in to wipe them clean. With two immortals at the front, I and you, they will have no chance. If you do not help me I will destroy you. You are the only one who knows of this plot and Shinnok, who I stole it from.
Sitting on his throne, Shinnok thought since Quan Chi Stole his ruling the universe plan, he would still like to see the earth realm crushed and in dismay, that would mean more souls for him to collect if possible. More souls, more power. He exercised his right as the Devil Shinnok and brought upon the Armageddon. The more bad people on earth that die equals more power as well. Shinnok cast a spell over the entire world. The world was now in darkness. Every human on earth turned against each other, killing brothers alike.
Quan Chi and Sub Zero entered the realm. Before he could realize it, Sub Zero took off. “Go after him make sure he doesn’t get away” demanded Quan Chi. As some of his warriors were occupied he had noticed that the sky had darkened and brimstone and fire had been falling. What is happening he thought as he saw another man kill another by snapping his neck. People were screaming and yelling, running with fear as brimstone crushed their bodies. They ran from others who were trying to kill them and they tried to kill them back. It was hell on earth. Quan Chi liked it, it made things easier for him.
Back at home Jax turned against Liu Kang. Sonya, Sindel and Kitana all turned on one another. Quan Chi stormed with his grand army and struck what was left of the monks at the monastery.

Shinnok grinned as he accepted the souls of thousands of people at a time. His nether realm was growing and he felt more powerful than ever. A mist of smoke appeared and then Rayden. “ Stop this at once, I know you’re up to this” “ You cannot stop me my son. Welcome home. Come stay awhile.” Shinnok stood up and knocked Rayden to the ground with a mystical fist. The fight was on between two immortals, father and son. The fate of the world was always on his shoulders as well as Liu Kang. Shinnok tried to take away his powers, but couldn’t he was an elder god and had a higher status.

In the end Rayden proved to be too much for Shinnok. Fighting him was like fighting the wind, Shinnok should have known better, but he didn’t give up until he was laying on the ground crippled and badly beaten. Rayden came to the conclusion, like his brother he could not kill his own father as well. “Call off the spell and you will live, I mean business this time.” Shinnok actually fearing that his death may be at the hands of his son, called off the spell. “ I see that you like your place father as the new tormentor. Forever shall there be an equal balance. Then we can all live at peace and how we want to without problems.” Rayden vanished and Shinnok sighed in pain.

5 What was done was done. All the souls that were taken could not be brought back, but the skies lit back up at blue and the aroma of blood still filled the air. There was still one problem left Quan Chi and his army. Rayden came to Liu Kang and his friends aid, surprised to see that they were all still alive. “ Liu Kang are you able to fight, we have to make one last stand against an evil sorcerer known as Quan Chi. He has taken Shao Kahn’s army and invaded the earth. I would do it myself but I am bound by rules. “ After we regain our strength” “ We don’t have time for that, you can get that on the way to find him” exclaimed Rayden.

They searched the mesa that was once considered home and seeked out an army of warriors and it’s leader. They were out for days searching. Staying in a group, afraid to split up, the elder god Rayden had left them. “What are we supposed to do when we find this army? We cannot take that many fighters at once,” Jax replied. “ Yeah that’s suicide,” stated Sonya. Before they could finish their conversation Quan Chi and his army showed up. The sounds of aggression filled the air as the warriors raised their weapons as did the sorcerer. He didn’t know who Liu Kang was and he didn’t care, in his eyes he was dead. They sprung for attack. Before Quan Chi’s blades met Liu Kang’s body, his whole army and himself were frozen in time. Quan Chi grunted and then Rayden came out of the sky and was now standing in front of him. He snatched the amulet from his belt and with a mere thought he sent the army back to Outworld. He put his hand on Quan Chi and sucked the immortality out of his body.

“The rules have changed. Invasion is unaccepted, this should have never happened. No longer is direct conquest allowed on earth. Before one invades you must fight earth’s chosen warrior in Mortal Kombat!” With a snap of his fingers all of them ended up inside the eternal palace. The candles had all been removed except ones on the wall lighting the dark room. Jax, Sonya, Kitana, Sindel watched desperately as Liu Kang and Quan Chi starred each other down, standing on a dragon battle ground, they were ready. Water, wind and fire swirled in their cubby holes. “Fight!” all three said.
Every move Liu Kang had Quan Chi blocked. He had come from a bad realm and was ready for anything, but so was the previous Mortal Kombat champion. They fought hard with all their might and with a look that proved to be an inferno. In the end, Liu Kang caught Quan Chi with a right, a left and another right, until he was knocked senseless. Liu Kang jumped in the air like nothing and struck Quan Chi with a round house kick to the face. Quan Chi was on the ground now. Liu Kang came to him, with his hand and lifted Quan Chi’s head. With a quick snap, his neck was broken. Quan Chi was dead and the battle for earth was over.
With a thank you of gratitude, the elder god’s granted Liu Kang and his friends immortality and they kept the Kamidogu very well hidden in the eternal palace. Quan Chi’s now mortal soul was sent back to the nether realm. Everything was beginning to get back to normal. The elder god’s, Liu Kang and his friends tried their hardest to restore earth to its original beauty. Liu Kang and Kitana got what they wanted and got married. Sindel found an immortal and did the same. The grand master of the Lin Kuei was held prisoner for his wrong doings. Lin Kuei was still intact and Sub Zero became their new grand master. Surprising enough Liu Kang’s grandfather was still alive and had survived the attack. As an immortal, Liu Kang was granted the status of being the new protector of the realm of earth and lived happily ever after.
As for Quan Chi, he awoke beneath Shinnok sitting on his throne. Before Shinnok could say anything, both the specters, the younger and older scorpion confronted Quan Chi. One said “ We know who killed our family!” The other said, “It was you!” Sub Zero had told both of them every detail in how he had slaughtered their family. Quan Chi had no response, except for a smile. One of the specters forced his hands behind his back and the other threw a serpent where his gut used to be. His smile became a scowl as the ghostly serpent dug in and slithered through his insides. The snake came out of his mouth, went up his nose and popped out an eye. “ Sick him Shao Kahn!” said Shinnok. A fearsome dragon stepped away from being petted and growled at Quan Chi. Within a matter of a second Quan Chi was engulfed by flames as the beast opened his mouth. The damned soul screamed in agony as the words” Welcome to your new Hell!” left the mouth of the tormentor of realms.


Episode 23 – The new earthrealm protecter

Raiden’s blood drips from his lips and splashes soundlessly is the smokey mist of Shao Kahn’s throne room floor. Raiden’s eyes winsed in agony. ” That,” Mocked Shao Kohn, ” Is what you pathetic mortals, call pain. Get used to it Raiden. There will be more to come. ” A coy smile arose behind the bones which covered him. Raiden clenched his fists and bit down hard, he didn’t want Shao Kohn to know his pain, to know that his tactics could very well break the once proud thunder god. He raised his eyes to meet his enemies, but in the darkness he could only see the skeletal mask that hides the amusement of his attacker.

“Ah, Lord Raiden, is that a tear on your cheek?” Mocked the hated emperor. “Allow me to get that for you!” he said as he brought his hand up and crashed it down onto his adversary. Raiden collapsed back into the mist. Now he could see the blood which has spilled from him. The thought of him bleeding, made him instantly think about Kung Lao and his friends. “Did they bleed in their deaths? Did they suffer? Was it quick…” Raiden understood why Kung Lao protected his friends vigerously. It wasn’t a job he realized… but a passion. A bond. A bond Raiden understood at a time he couldn’t help.

Back at the trading post, a small secht of six Outworld solders, led by Baraka were scouring the seemingly endless crates and containers looking for anything useful that they could present to their emperor as a tribute. ” Master Baraka,” hissed a grunt. ” There is nothing to be found in this dump. Perhaps we should move to a different location?” Baraka walked around the sandy training area. His eyes were accustomed to the now purplish aura that the sky was and he was able to see all in absolute. “Perhaps, you can’t find anything, because this place is a mess. Hard to find something if you destroy stuff in the process. You vermin. Now get out of my site, go guard the door. Take him with you.” Baraka barked as he pointed to another grunt close by. He walked up the small steps up to the dinning room. He smelled around and smiled. “Ahh, my favorite smell… Chicken soup… and mortal death.” but the grin on his jagged teeth filled mouth turned into an open mouth look of amazement.

Infront of him, one of his grunts was holding a small orange glowing piece of metal. The design was familiar to him, but he couldn’t make it out with the angle he was at. He took long steps to get to his warrior, just to see the treasure at which he held, then he stopped in his tracks. “The amulet of the mortal kombat champion!” He roared in an outworldish cry. “Give it to me now! The emperor will be pleased and reward me greatly when I hand him this tribute!” He stuck out his hand. The grunt couldn’t even take his eyes off the precious medallion. He crooked his lips to the side towards baraka but didn’t make eye contact, and he uttered. “No.”

“What did you say to me you peon!” Baraka barked as he withdrew his hand. “Give it to me or suffer my wrath…!” he was interupted by a the front wooden door opening slowly. He and all the other grunts looked cautiously. “This had better be important to disrupt a direct order…” before him lay the two grunts he sent out, dead. Not by weapons front what he could tell. He looked at the other four grunts. “Go check it out.” as the grunts started to leave he stopped the one with the medallion by sticking his knuckles to the grunts chest. “You wont disobey me again.” And without warning his arm swords came out cleaving into the grunts flesh. The grunt let out a shriek, and slid off of the blade, and plummited to the dusty floor. Baraka bent over and investigated his hand, and peeled the medallion out of them. “Thank you.” He smiled.

The remaining grunts went outside, slowly walking past the corpses of their bretheren. Their faces grimmaced with fear and anger. They started hearing sounds all around them. “We are surrounded…” one said. They all got ready and braced themselves for the worst to come. So many sounds around them, they easily got confused. “There must be 20 of them! We are done for!” The sounds got closer and closer. Sweat started searing down them, their eyes wide with anticipation, and fear. Baraka stepped outside confidently. “What are you worms worried about! We out outworld warriors. No mere earthrealm people could harm us!” He hissed confidently.

The wind started picking up vigerously. Swirling debre and items all over the bazzaar. The wind was starting to push the grunts back a little, but baraka stood his ground, eager to see what dared challenge him, but just as quickly as it started, the wind had stopped. The four outworld warriors looked around impatiently. Waiting for someone, or something to appear. They didn’t have to wait long. A figure emerged from the risen dust and debre. The figure was a well built man, with long silverish hair reaching down to behind his knee that was in a ponytail. His eyes glowed white like raidens, but didn’t shine as bright.

The man looked in disdain at the outworld inhabitants. “Who dares enter earthrealm without the victory of Mortal Kombat!” he roared. One of the grunts felt cocky. “Earthrealm now belongs to Shao Kohn! Move fool or suffer our wrath in his name!” The man stood there and looked at his opponiates. “Fujin… you wont get far! If we don’t kill you, the emperor will! If he was able to kill Raiden then he will easily kill the… BACKUP defender of earthrealm!” baraka barked.

Fujin smirked. Lord Raiden is not dead yet. If I know your master he will be busy torturing Raiden for as long as possible. And I am well aware I can’t beat Shao Kohn alone, but killing you will make him lose some sleep!” The wind started to pick up behind him, slinging him closer to his enemies. They didn’t have time to prepare, Fujin was already on them. A vortex of wind started to encircle them. Baraka barked as one by one the vortex swept up his only back up. Their screams of terror and pain echoing savagely, then silencing as quickly as the echo started. Baraka unsheathed his blades and started circling within the ring of the vortex.

“Behind you Baraka.” Fujin yelled over the sound of the howling wind. Baraka turned sharply and saw Fujin and gnawed as his lips in fear. “Baraka, I will pass judgement on any one from outworld who steps foot in this realm. And you don’t belong. So prepare to feel the wrath on the god of wind!” Baraka charged at him wildly. Swinging and slashing, kicking and howling. Missing completely every time. Fujin was much to fast for him. A small faint glow caught Fujin’s eye immediately. It was coming from Baraka’s pocket. “Maybe thats why I was drawn here…” he thought. Instantly Fujin vanished and the vortex with him.

Baraka looked around in confusement. “Where did you go wind GOD!?” he yelled. He felt a bit lighter. He searched in his pocket to reveal what he feared. His treasure was gone. The Mortal Kombat Medallion was no longer with him. He howled at the sky in anger.

mortal kombat episode 1

—————-Chapter 1 Lord Shinnok———————-

After killing Shao Kahn( season 2. cancelled by the directors) , his father, Shinnok, want revenge and he tries to kill Kung Lao and he’s friends.
Shinnok: I now am in control of the tropes Reiko.
Reiko: Yes Sire.
Shinnok: Order a ninja to attack Kung Lao and bring him alive.
Reiko: I’m on my way.
Reiko goes to a very dark place and he looks at a Shadow.
Reiko: Noob Saibot. I need you. I need you to kill Kung Lao and he’s friends.
Noob Saibot: No human is stronger than I.
Reiko: If you see a stranger, it’s Stacy. She’s helping you to kill kung Lao.
Kung Lao was in a festival with Siro to buy something for they’re trading post and Taja was there to vender.
Salesman: What do you want?
A strange woman walk by with a box saying delivery.
Kung Lao: I want some apples to eat please.
Salesman: Here it is.
Kung Lao: Thank you.
When they return to the trading post, Taja told them about a strange woman:
Taja: A strange woman comes here saying that she was a deliverywoman and he gives us a…amulet.
Kung Lao: She was with blond air and she haves my size?
Taja: Yeah. Yeah it was.
Siro: She is very strange.
In Shao Kahn’s castle, Shinnok was fighting against an attack of Zaterras.
Reiko: Fire!
All the warriors launched fire from they’re catapult and killed the Zaterras.
Shinnok: All of you! Try to find Reptile and his clan. I’m sick of it!
Reptile was very angry for his cousin died against the shadow priests.
Reptile: Shinnok and he’s army destroyed our warriors. This ends now!
Raiden: Kung Lao…what are you doing?
Kung Lao had a nightmare and a dream. Very weird.
Kung Lao: First of all, I had a nightmare. The Shaolin Temple was being under attack. The dream was that…we wined against…I don’t know who he is but earth was save until the next tournament.
Raiden: You’re dreams could be visions of the future.
Kung Lao: I know
Noob Saibot: I’m going to kill you Kung Lao!
Kung Lao: Who are you?!
Noob Saibot: I’m the one who’s going to kill you!
Noob started with a high punch and then a high kick. Kung Lao then low kicked in the air and then he graved a stick in fire to give light and burned Noob.
Shinnok: You failed me!
Noob Saibot: No I don’t!
Shinnok: Forget it! Stacy’s plan is next! Let’s wait for one of them to use the amulet.
In the trading post, Taja was almost wearing the amulet when Raiden appeared.
Raiden: That amulet it’s possessed.
Taja: How do you know?
Raiden: It’s an amulet of my father.
Taja throw him away and the amulet transform into a warrior called Smoke.
Smoke: Sub-Zero, you’re time has come!!!

To be continued…

——————— Chapter 2 Smoke———————

Kung Lao: Who are you?!
Smoke: I’m Smoke and you will die Sub-Zero!
Kung Lao: I’m not Sub-Zero!
Smoke lunched smoke against him and he gives a high punch throwing him into the wall.
Siro: Stop that! We aren’t Sub-Zero!
Siro gives him a low kick and then Taja throw’s him a knife.
Taja: This is team work!
But then he appears again.
Siro: All right stop with this!
Smoke: If you aren’t Sub-Zero. Who are you?
Kung Lao: We are the earth realm warriors.
Smoke: I’m the Lin kuey robot. I failed to kill sub-zero so I was trapped in this amulet. If anyone doesn’t use it…is luck. I got to go!
Raiden: Smoke it’s a very strong robot.
Taja: You were there all the time?!
Raiden: Of course.
Reiko was hidden in the trading post and he saw the fight.
Reiko: Smoke is free from the amulet and Stacy’s plan failed.
Shinnok: What?! Send a warrior from the Lin Kuey. Send Sub-Zero but first I have to talk to the grandmaster.
Grandmaster: Why do you want to talk with me?
Shinnok: I need Sub-Zero.
Grandmaster: I’ll send him to kill Kung Lao.
Kung Lao was hading the same nightmare over and over again.
Raiden: Again that nightmare.
Kung Lao: Yes.
Raiden: At least we can know the end. If it’s true.
Sub-Zero appeared and low kicked kung Lao and he fall down.
Kung Lao: Sub-Zero!
Kung Lao start the fight with a power slam and then a low kick, when Sub-Zero raised up he launched a ice ball but Kung Lao ducked and then he throw Sub-Zero into the wall and he goes away.
Siro: What he want from us?
Raiden: Your lifes.
Taja: What?
Raiden: He want to kill you.
Kung Lao: Shinnok is behind of this.
Smoke was in the temple of Zhu Zhin. He was there to concentrate on Sub-Zero.
Smoke: Where are you Sub-Zero?
In Zhu Zhin there was a little party and Smoke knew that Sub-Zero will be there to kill Kung Lao.
Siro: I hope any warrior shows up.
Kung Lao: Well…there is one.
Sub-Zero: I’m here to complete my mission!
Smoke: Your adversary is here!
Sub-Zero: But you were dead!
Smoke high kicked him, sub-zero low kicked and high punched. Smoke launched smoke and high punch him and Sub-Zero failed his mission.
Smoke: My job is done!
Kung Lao: Wait! Why you were sent to kill Sub-Zero?
Smoke: I was an assassin.
A ninja was hiding and he said:
Ninja: He’s a killer and he’s mine to kill!

To be continued…

Final Battle Part 1

The scene just before the shadow priests appear to kill the earth warriors.

Shao Kahn: Raiden if I was to walk through that portal into Earthrealm….what will happen to me?

Raiden: Well, considering that you are not allowed to enter Earthrealm, I’ll think that the elder gods will have sumin to say about that.

Shao Kahn: Hmmm..you should know me Raiden I’m never a person to back out of a challenge, and I’m 100% on course to take that risk

Raiden: Well Shao Kahn, that is a risk that you will not be takening because you will not enter earth, not while im standing here anyway

Shao Kahn: Well Raiden let’s do sumin about it then

Raiden: Kahn, anytime, anywhere, any place

Shao Kahn: Let’s Finish this Raiden, PROTECTOR OF EARTH REALM…MR THUNDER GOD!

Raiden: Whatever you say Shao Kahn, EMPEROR OF OUTWORLD, MR CONQUER OF REALMS

Kung Lao, Siro & Taja make their way to the portal which Raiden passed through

Kung Lao: C’mon guys, were almost there

Siro: Kung Lao, you reliase we may have to fight shao kahn, and we face the possibililty of dying

Kung Lao: Siro, Taja, your my friends, I saved you once before when both of you were aging, and if need be, I’ll save you again. I will not let nufin happen to you. I Will not let my friends DIE!

Siro: Thank You, Kung Lao, your a true friend.

Taja: Kung Lao, I’m sorry i dragged all of you into this

Kung Lao: What do you mean Taja?

Taja: If i didn’t bring you guys here into this unknown city, we would be still training at the trading post. I allowed that bitch of friend to betray me, and that has lead us into what we are going through at the moment.

Kung Lao: Taja, this would of happened anytime soon. You can’t blame yourself. If anything you did us a favour in finding this city. So now we can find Shao Kahn and finish him off ourselves.

Taja: I think we should of waited at the trading post kung lao, that is what raiden told us to do.

Siro: Raiden could be in trouble Teja, we can’ take that risk in waiting

Kung Lao: Lets go guys, lets try to find Raiden. The portals up ahead

Meanwhile Shao Kahn and Raiden prepare for battle

Shao Kahn: Before we finish our battle Raiden, I’m sure you’ve reliased how i wanted to find my traitors and i’ve promised time and time again…I will have my revenge

Raiden: Fooled by reptile, betrayed by soceror after soceror…Yeah i could understand why you were full of rage and eager for revenge

Shao Kahn: Ah yes Haha…Revenge Raiden. I said i wanted my revenge and what i want Raiden, I always, always Raiden! Always get.

Raiden: Of Course Kahn, thats why you havent got your revenge on any of your traitors yet

Shao Kahn: Oh Raiden, Raiden, if only you knew what was going on

Raiden: What’s wrong Kahn, thats not a guilty sound of adultery is it? If so im deeply upset with the absolute passion

Shao Kahn: Hmph, if only

Raiden: Enough jokes Khan, What’s Going On?

Kahn: Well Raiden i’ve said that i will be getting my revenge, & while we’ve been talking, I’ve sent my shadow priests a err, list if you will

Raiden: List? Shopping are we?

Kahn: Sumin like that. A list which has the names of all the people who have betrayed me. Well had betrayed me

Raiden: What do you mean had? What have you done Kahn?!

Kahn: Now Raiden calm down. I have something to show you. A gift…

Raiden: I’ll never accept anything from you Khan

Kahn: Ahh, But i have a strong feeling that you want to take a look at this

Kahn clicks his fingers, and suddenly a box appears

Kahn: Open it Raiden, see how i have extracted my revenge.

As Raiden looked into the box he took out each item

Raiden: What’s this? Why have you got this?

Kahn: What isit Raiden? Tell me what isit?

Raiden: Reptiles mouthpiece, kitanas weapons, Quan Chi’s weapons, Shang Tsungs shirt, Vorpax’s Robe….what have you done to them?


Raiden: Your forbidden to enter Earthrealm so how did you call kill Vorpax and Shang?

Kahn: Well Raiden, I may be forbidden to enter Earthrealm. But my exercutioners ARE NOT!

The shadow priests then appear behind Shao Kahn
Each shadow priest showed Raiden a vision of how they exucuted the traitors which have been killed

Kahn: You see Raiden I don’t like to brag, but i just hate it when I’m right. Everything I want, I get, and I want 3 more things

Raiden: 3 More traitors…Kahn don’t be expecting a X mas card this year.

Kahn: Haha Funny Raiden. Actually the three things i want…is from you

Raiden: I will not give you anything kahn!

Kahn: Thats where your wrong, you have given me more than i could ever ask for

Raiden: What do you mean?

Kahn: 3 more things…you wanna read the list of the next victims? Beta yet…look in that portal behind you.

The Earthrealm portal shows Kung Lao, Taja and Siro.

Kahn: A thief, A bodyguard and….a champion. What more could you give me raiden? I kept you here long enough for them to come looking for you, as i knew would happen


Kahn: All in good time Raiden, all in good time.

The shadow priests leave kahn, and make their way to the warriors

Raiden: Where they going? You know you can’t kill Kung Lao until the next Mortal Kombat Tournament.

Kahn: I thought about that, so i thought if i can’t kill Kung Lao, I’ll hurt him. When scorpion killed his beloved Jan, Kung Laos world came crashing down. So this time, were just going to bring his world down again….BY KILLING HIS FRIENDS!

The shadow priests move in to kill Taja & Siro as they know they can’t kill Kung Lao

Kahn: Taja & Siro’s soul will be MINE! FINISH THEM!

Raiden: Kung Lao, the shadow priests are going to kill Taja & Siro. GET OUT OF HERE NOW!

Kahn: Its too late Raiden

Kung Lao: Siro, Taja, I’ll Fight with you…I will not let you die!

…..to be continued. Final Battle Part 2, is currently being written

Scott “MVP” B

The Final Battle: Bound by Kombat

Kit: As a fan of the series, I thought the series ended too abruptly. I thought this might have been a more conclusive ending, or possibly a turn to the future.

The earth realm is being raided by Shao Kahn’s exterminating forces. Earth’s mortal armies fight valiantly but is losing ground quickly. Shao Kahn laughed as the slaughter ensuses.

Suddenly two bright lights flashes and Shao Kahn is met by the elder gods.

“How dare you?!” said an eleder god, “Have you forgotten about the rules by which you are bound?”

“Damn you and your rules!”, shouted Shao Kahn.

Kahn sends his demons against the elder gods but they are smitten with ease at the hands of the elder gods. Kahn glares at the elder gods with furious eyes.

“We’ve come to set things right,” declared the elder gods.

A bolt of lighting flashes and Raiden appears with Kung Lao at his side.

“How….?” asked Kung Lao.

“The champion of mortal kombat is immortal until he is defeated in the tournament,” answered Raiden. “remember?”

Kung Lao’s eyes lit up with alarm.”Taja…? Siro…?”

“I’m sorry Kung Lao,” sighed Raiden, “only YOU were mortal kombat champion, not them. They’re gone.”

“No……”. Kung Lao’s eyes filled with tears. The same tear-filled eyes then sets on Shao Kahn with fury. “DAMN YOU SHAO KAHN!!!!!!!!!” Kung Lao roared at the top of his lungs. “Shao Kahn, I challenge YOU to mortal kombat!”

“You would like that, wouldn’t you? No, I want you to live and die knowing that I, your friends’ killer lives whether you win or lose this mortal kombat.” Shao Kahn says with a sadistic smile.

Shao Kahn then conjures up the soul he just harvested when he had Shang Tsung killed.

Shang Tsung appears and looks around, “What’s going on?”

“I have decided to grant you one more chance to redeem yourself, defeat Kung Lao now, claim for me earth realm, and you will be in my good graces once more,” explains Shao Kahn.

“Thank you emperor,” Shang Tsung bows. “It’ll be a pleasure.”

Kung Lao steps forward.”You’re a coward, Kahn!”

“Say what you will,” Kahn said quietly. “I’d concentrate on the fight at hand.”

Now Shang Tsung and Kung Lao faces each other once more, for the true final battle.

“LET MORTAL KOMBAT BEGIN!” Declaes the elder gods.

The fighting is furious, the two warriors exchanges blow after blow. Kung Lao, fighting with a new found fire burning within him, slowly gains the upper hand.

“This is for you, my friends…”. Kung Lao moves in and finishes Shang Tsung with back to back vault axes. Shang Tsung falls to the ground, defeated and unable to continue.
“Damn you Kung Lao, now finish it.”

Kung Lao turns his back to Shang, “No, a worst fate awaits you.”

“He’s right, sorcerer,” Shao Kahn says,”for this new disgrace, I present your punishment…CHAN.”

Shang’s eyes looked up with fright.”Master…NO!!!”

Shang’s former master looks down at him,”It’s time.” The master then used his sorcery and stripped Shang Tsung of his youth, finally he drags Shang’s old carcass through a portal back to the cobalt mines for further torture.

“Mark my words monk, I will return.” Shao Kahn says with disgust as he turn to go back to outworld.

Kung Lao stands victorious,”We’ll be ready.”

“Order has been restored, we now once again leave the safety of earth in your hands. Good luck, Kung Lao and Raiden.” With that, the elder gods vanishes back to the heavens.

“What will you do now?” asks Raiden.

“I will continue the work that Taja, Siro, and I started. I’ll return to the trading post and search for the next generation of warriors to train.” says Kung Lao with hope in his voice.

Many months pass and Kung Lao is in the courtyard of the trading post training a few pupils he’s accepted. All his pupils were great fighters, but Kung Lao contiues to wait for one with true potential. Suddenly, a knock at the door.

“Okay guys, have a rest.”

Kung Lao opens the door to a fresh-faced young man. “May I help you?”

“I hope so, are you Kung Lao?” asks the young man.

“I am, what can I do for you?”

“Finally! Master Kung Lao, I’ve traveled many a miles to come and train with you! I believe I can become the strongest fighter ever with your guidance!” exclaims the young man.

“Well that remains to be seen. For now, come in from the sun and have a drink of water, you must be parched.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem. By the way, young man, what’s your name?” Kung Lao asks as he ushers the young man in.

“Oh, where are my manners? The name’s Kang, Zhu Kang.”


Shaowuji: Kombat of the Future Pt 2 – 4

Arc 1: Three Brothers of Destiny
Chapter 2: Twisted Clash

“We’re ready”, Liu Said.

“Good. Follow us”, Jian said leading the way.

Jian, followed behind by his younger brother Lao led two of Earth Realm’s greatest fighters, Liu Kang and Kung Lao, to a location safe from chaos. This is where everything would be explained.

Lao looked up at the sky. Just by staring at the sun, he knew how much time passed by.

“Damn it. 90 minutes left. We need to hurry”.

“Whatever you say little brother. Here’s fine”, Jian said.

The warriors sat down. Lao and Jian sat on the ground to one side while Liu Kang and Kung Lao sat on the other.

“So, do you mind explaining why Raiden called us so oddly?” Liu asked.

“What do you mean?” Jian replied innocently.

“Please Jian. Stop messing around. I’ll tell you why”, Lao said.

Lao’s face turned grim while Jian looked at him with an expression that said “Don’t tell them”.

“This…this man, or demon, or whatever you want to call him, rose to power in Outworld. No one knew how. The Elder Gods were baffled at how this middle-aged person overthrew Shao Kahn just like that. They all thought he would continue the traditions of Mortal Kombat, but…”

“He didn’t”, Jian continued. “He enlisted Quan Chi’s help before Quan was even known to exist in Earth Realm. This guy was just glowing with power. Every step he took, the ground shook. Every breath he made, everything was blown away. Apparently, Quan Chi sensed this power and joined him.”

“So what did he have Quan Chi do?” Kung Lao asked.

Jian and Lao looked at each other. Jian then took in a deep breath and sighed.

“Immediately after meeting, this freak ordered Quan Chi to create a portal that would make them able to travel to the future or any time they want. Quan Chi said he didn’t have enough power to do it, so the freak turned Quan Chi to who he is today”.

“What do you mean?” Liu asked.

“Did you ever wonder what those black marks over his eyes were? Or why his skin was so pale?” Lao asked.

Liu and Kung both nodded “no”.

“Well, before he met this new ruler, he looked like a mortal. Like Shang Tsung. When he made the new ruler mad, he cursed him. He burned his skin off, turned it to ash, and made it stick permanently on Quan Chi. Those black marks are from when the ruler used his pet Dragon Titan Long Yuan.”

“Dragon Titan?” Liu asked.

“The Dragon Titan”, Jian continued, is a beast said to have come from the pits of the Netherrealm. It was apparently wild and nearly destroyed the Netherrealm since no one got near it. The ruler found it, tamed it, and became its master. Its claws cut deep into Quan Chi’s face. There’s something in its claws…something that turned his scars black. Whatever it was, it gave him full control over Quan Chi”.

“When Quan Chi had enough power to create the portal, he created the Jue Shi Tianxin. The freak figured that if conquering the present was too much hassle, he’d conquer the future where there would hopefully be no more powerful warriors. He was right”, Jian told.

“Somehow, in this time, everything stopped. No more invasions, no more battles, no more evil rulers. The last fight was to take place in Beijing where it ended in a powerful blast, but that’s all we know and that’s what supposedly happened”, Lao said.

“So…his plan is to conquer the future so it would seem like he ruled for over thousands of years?” Liu said.

“Correct”, Lao replied.

“But how can he conquer this time? Everything’s peaceful. There’s no need to conquer anything”, Kung Lao said.

Jian looked up and smiled. Suddenly, an inhuman voice came out of his mouth.

“Your deaths will shape time forever”, Jian said.

Everyone jumped up to see that Jian had been impaled through the heart and was no lying on the ground.

“Jia….JIAN!!!!!!!!!” Lao shouted.

It was Quan Chi. “Calm down Lao Shen. Jian has been dead for some time now. He was killed when he was going through the Shaowuji. You’d be surprised at how much sorcery can help when someone’s traveling through portals”, Quan Chi said laughing.

Lao was beginning to tear while Kung Lao and Liu Kang were stranding ready to fight.

“Quan Chi you bastard!!” Lao shouted. “How dare you?!?!!!”

“What part of calm down do you not understand? How’s this. I pretended to be him since he came back to this time. This is what I call being a “puppet master”. I gave him enough life energy to look alive until I got bored of it. So now that he’s dead, I guess I can feed him to some friends”, Quan Chi said smiling.

Quan Chi lifted his hand which was glowing a green essence. This lifted Jian’s body of the ground. Lao looked in shock.

“Liu! We have to do something now!!” Kung Lao shouted.

“Right! Lao!” Liu shouted.

Lao looked back to see the warriors ready to strike. He nodded back. All three warriors ran towards Quan Chi.

Quan Chi simply smiled and threw Jian behind 20 feet behind him.

Far behind the group was a group of flesh eaters.

Lao stopped in place and looked in horror. They were eating his brother.

“Like them? I call them rukwan. My own little creations.”

Lao heard the flesh of his brother being torn off, bones being broken and crunched on, and sounds of hundreds of hungry men. He couldn’t muster the strength to go on. He couldn’t fight.

This didn’t stop Liu Kang and Kung Lao.

Liu Kang used a flying kick against Quan Chi. A wall of skulls shot out of the ground protecting him. Liu kicked straight into the skulls which slowed him down and made him fall to the ground.

Kung Lao jumped into the air and threw his hat at Quan Chi. Quan Chi formed six skulls in his hands and shot them at Kung Lao. Two deflected the hat, while the other four went to Kung Lao. Kung Lao broke three with his bare hands while the fourth hit him square in the chest and knocked him back down to Earth.

Quan Chi laughed at how weak Liu and Kung Lao were.

“These are Earth’s champions? Pathetic!!”

Laughing, Quan Chi looked towards the sky in his happiness. Laughing with his mouth open, he got his first shock in a long time.

Lao came down from the sky with Kung Lao’s hat. With anger, Lao shoved the hat down Quan Chi’s mouth, slicing his mouth open. As fast as he could move, Quan Chi knocked Lao away, but he didn’t stay down. Lao charged back throwing the hat and then using his own weapons.

The hat was blocked, but Lao then came at Quan Chi with a small dagger. He threw the dagger at Quan Chi’s eye. With a slow reaction from the injury he just received, Quan Chi couldn’t block the dagger.

It impaled him in his left eye and stayed there. Lao ran up to him and unleashed a flurry of kicks. The kicks were delivered with a strength that surprised Liu Kang and Kung Lao. The kicks were visible for about two seconds, then it looked like he had 40 legs, and soon it became impossible to keep track. Each kick hit Quan Chi with so much force, that the ground even took damage.

With a jump into the air, Lao delivered a roundhouse kick to Quan Chi’s face and he went flying backwards.

Quan Chi hit the ground hard. It created a large crater with debris everywhere. Quan Chi spit up blood for the first time since he’s been in the future.

Lao turned to the champions. “Liu Kang! Kung Lao! Now!!!”

Liu and Kung looked at each other and charged to deliver the final blow. Quan Chi just stood up, but he had no time to defend himself. Liu hit him with a bicycle kick that lifted him into the air. He then fired four blasts hitting the sorcerer even farther.

Kung Lao was standing waiting for Quan Chi to descend back down.

In close range, Kung Lao began spinning around quickly. Liu Kang firmly stood. He had enough power to withstand Kung Lao’s tornado. He and Kung Lao was hoping Lao could do the same.

Quan Chi came down and could do nothing about it. He was too weak from Lao’s kicks and Liu’s attacks.

He was shredded instantly. His last screams echoed throughout the three warriors ears as his blood and flesh spilled everywhere.

Kung Lao stopped and was standing in a pool of blood and wet meat.

At this point, Lao was looking over to where his brother laid. All he saw was hundreds of beasts crowding around a body.

Liu put his hand on Lao’s shoulder. “I’m sorry about Jian”, he said.

Kung Lao walked over to the two.

“I’m sorry to–”

Suddenly, Kung Lao went flying through the air. Lao and Liu turned around in shock to see what was happening. Someone was controlling Kung Lao.

They then heard hundreds of screams. Lao turned around to see the rukwan being thrown into the air. Someone was throwing them into the air as he was approaching the warriors.

“It…it’s him! It’s the demon!!” Lao shouted.

Kung Lao was screaming in pain as he was being bounced off the ground and the mountains.

“Put him down now!!” Liu shouted.

Kung Lao screamed in agony at what was happening. His entire body was being broken. His arms crunched as they were pushed into his shoulder. His legs twisted around and came as close to touching his head as they could. His other leg went over his shoulder and snapped. With one final scream, Kung Lao was no more and was now nothing more than a ball of a former human.

“KUNG LAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Liu shouted.

Lao shuddered in fear at the sight. Who could ever be this strong? What were they up against now?

The Kung Lao ball bounced on the ground leaving a puddle of blood with each bounce. One last bounce and the ball exploded in blood.

“You have got to be a fool to not run now”, the figure said.

Liu ran towards him intent on avenging his fallen friend.

“Liu Kang don’t!!!” Lao shouted.

The figure simply chuckled and began walking towards them.

“Do you want to fight me?” the figure asked.

Liu Kang was two inches away and then suddenly…

“You really do”, the figure said.

And Liu went flying back in pain.

“You have no idea what I’m capable of. I can kill you just by talking to you. Everything I do contains power. If I wanted to, you’d be dead just by my breathing”.

“Liu, we have to get out of here. He’s too powerful to fight now. We’ll have to meet with the Elder Gods to find out how to fight this man”, Lao said picking up Liu.

“That’s right. Run”, the figure said.

Lao picked up Liu and began running. However, the figure lifted his hand to reveal a metal claw. He shot the claw towards the two warriors. Liu noticed it.

He shoved Lao out of the way and jumped in front of the metal claw, and everyone was shocked at what happened next.

To be continued….

Author’s Notes: This is something I decided to do now. It just gives notes on what’s going on with the writing and other things about the series. Here’s to start. I’ve been getting a couple e-mails asking if any of the Chinese sounding words are actual Chinese. They’re not. Shaowuji is a play on a comic book called Shenwuji. I just like that name a lot. Jue Shi Tianxin are a mix of some of my favorite character names in Chinese comics. The only actual Chinese word in this story so far is “Ying Xiong” which means “Hero” in Mandarin. In this chapter, the only term to be able to translate into English is rukwan. Ruk in Thai means love and Wan in Cantonese is cloud. Cloud is the nickname and translation of my Vietnamese girlfriend’s name so there’s a little cheeky reference ^_^.

I write the story out beforehand so I’m not making this up as I go along. I want this to go on as long as possible, but I don’t think Emperor will like having the section cluttered with my stories. I’ll have to find a way to condense them. So far, there are still some questions that need answering and I will get to them. I have written the stories I wanted to and drawn some of the characters, and let me say, this can truly be an epic story. In response to Jian, Quan Chi, and Kung Lao dying, there’s a reason. Don’t worry.

I can say right now that there are more MK characters due for appearances and parts in the story. Raiden, Sub-Zero, Kitana, and Johnny Cage are confirmed so far. More are being considered and there are other non-MK characters that I’m sure will be likeable are on the way.


Arc 1: Three Brothers of Destiny
Chapter 3: Jaiden the Descendant

“Remember your task Raiden”.

“I will”.

“We need to start gathering warriors to repel the forthcoming invasion”.

“Is there any reason why we need to recruit his descendant and not his present self?”

“In time Raiden. In time you will learn why”.


Raiden burst into lightning and then disappeared from the Temple of the Elder Gods.

Year: 2345. Location: Los Angeles, California.

She was a bit nervous, but she still decided to go on the date. Hearing nothing but terrible things about his girlfriend, she was even shocked that she went on the date.

“Ummm….Billy…do you think we should be out here in public? I mean your girlfriend–”

He put his finger on her mouth.

“Now Elizabeth, you know that I dumped her. I’m a free man! I can do whatever the hell I want”.

About three tables down, a certain face was enjoying his dinner with a friend. He ordered anything he wanted and had no problem paying it off.

“He…hey Jaiden…d-d-d…ACCCCHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Jaiden ducked.

“Jesus Donnie. Why are you even out here? I know if I had the flu that bad, I’d stay home!”

“Come on…Jaiden..you’re my…my friend. I’m gon-gonna hang out with you”.

“You’re too kind”.

Jaiden turned his head around just to look at all the other people in the restaurant. He happened to look at Billy and Elizabeth. Jaiden silently thought to himself.

“Damn is that guy ugly”.

Jaiden was right. For a guy looking like Billy, it was surprising he got anyone to go out with him. He was short, bald, and chubby with thick red glasses. Elizabeth, however, was easy on Jaiden’s eyes. A tall slender body with blonde flowing hair and a decent size chest. Jaiden was just staring at her trying to listen to their conversation.

“But Billy! I really don’t think we should be out here when Da–”

Billy cut her off right there.

“AAAHHH!!! You can never say her name! No matter what, she’ll show up immediately! I just don’t get it. It’s like she’s psychic and can teleport anywhere”.

Elizabeth scoffed it off and didn’t believe him.

“Tch. Yeah right. I just think you got too much Danielle on your mind!”

Billy looked at the door in shock.


He immediately jumped off the table and hid underneath. Suddenly, an angry teenage girl appeared. She walked around looking like she was looking for something. Jaiden was all too kind to point her in Billy’s direction.

“Ummm…Miss”, Jaiden whispered pointing underneath Billy’s table.

The girl kicked Billy’s exposed behind and he shot out from underneath.

“HA! I caught you! Remember what you said?”

“Yeah yeah, ‘I always love you…blah blah blah’. But damn it Danielle, you’re too controlling!!”

“But don’t you get it Billy? You can’t stop loving me until I stop loving you”, she said.

“What does that mean?” Billy asked confused.

“Well, to put it simply. Only I can dump you”.

“What?!” Billy and Elizabeth shouted.

“WHAT?!” Jaiden thought.

Danielle got up and walked towards Jaiden and Donnie. Since they were both watching, they tried to pretend the weren’t and quickly turned around acting normal.

“Do you have a knife?” Danielle asked in a cutesy voice.

Donnie and Jaiden started grabbing every piece of silverware in sight handing it to Danielle like they wanted to help her in any way they could.

“Here here…take them all”, Jaiden said.

“You think she’s gonna c-cut him?” Donnie asked to Jaiden.

“Heh. I wouldn’t have given here all that silver if she didn’t”, Jaiden said smirking.

Danielle held out a knife.

“Here. Remember what you said? If you ever cheated on me, you’d cut something off…”

“YES!!!” Jaiden shouted.

“…And give me the keys to your Ferrari”.

“Umm…cool?” Jaiden said.

Billy looked at her sternly. He then took the knife and put it near his pinky. He inched it closer and closer. With each move, Elizabeth moved in closer. So did Danielle. So did Jaiden and Donnie. So did the waiters. So did everyone in the restaurant.

“FOR FREEDOM!!!!!!!” Billy shouted.

With one swift move, he diced off his pinky, gave it to Danielle, and ran out with Elizabeth following.

“Ha! Serves him right. But fuck he’s ugly! Now he’s an ugly fuck who can’t drive. Hello bus pass!!” Jaiden thought.

Danielle went back to Jaiden’s table and put down the silverware. She was visibly upset and began to cry.

“This looks good. Can I have some?” she said taking Donnie’s wine.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa…” Donnie said taking it away, “you can’t have any”.

“Well why?” Danielle said taking the glass back.

“Because!” Donnie said loudly. He then drank the wine.

“Donnie…manners”, Jaiden said.

“What? I don’t want her to get my flu”, Donnie said.

Danielle then took the entire bottle of wine and chugged it all within 30 seconds. Jaiden and Donnie were staring at her without moving and they were both shocked.

“That bottle costs a lot”, Donnie said.

Jaiden moved out of his seat so Danielle could sit down.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Jaiden asked.

“Not really”, she said cracking a half smile while tearing up. “He was such an idiot. I was too. I don’t know why I went out with him”.

She was talking, Donnie was trying to get the last few drops out of the wine bottle, and Jaiden was staring and listening. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Shoulder-length brown hair, C-sized chest, broad shoulders, not too tall and not too short. It was practically the girl of his dreams.

“I’m sorry”, she said getting up. “I’m wasting your time and ruining your night”. She began to leave.

Jaiden wasn’t gonna waste any time.

“Danielle wait!”

She stopped and turned around. “Yes?”

“You didn’t get my name yet. Its Jaiden. Jaiden Christan. You can call me JC if you want”.

She smiled and it seemed that she stopped crying altogether. “My name’s Danielle. And I won’t tell you my last name because I don’t want to!” she said cheerfully.

“Haha alright. Got a phone number? Can I call you?”

“Well I don’t really give out numbers to people I don’t know, but…you can reach me at A1-32XD-987”.

“Sweet. Call you later a’ight babe?” Jaiden said jokingly.

“I’ll be waiting”, she said.

“You better not do your 4F’s on her Jaiden”.

“What 4F’s?” Jaiden said.

“Find them, feed them, fook them, flee”. Donnie said.

“Oh please Donnie. There’s something about that girl. I don’t need the 4F’s.”

4:00 a.m. Danielle is sleeping in her bed.

“Get away…you dumb idiot…you suck..you really really suck. Jaiden is better…”

Jaiden is up playing Warcraft 39 on his Playstation 92. Suddenly he remembers.

“Damn! Danielle!” Jaiden grabbed his phone and called her.

“Trying to get to youuuuuuu and ‘dat booty. Trying to get to youuuuuuu and ‘dat booty”.

The ringtone from 2007 was still on Danielle’s phone. She picked up with her eyes still closed.


“Hello? Can I speak to Danielle?”


“Danielllllllllle! I told you I’d call!”

“Are you crazy? Do you know what time it is?”

And she hung up.

“Damn!! How come I have rotten luck with women?” Jaiden yelled running outside.

“For God’s sake!! Take me now!!” he shouted to the sky. “Take me now!! Take me now!!!”

Nearby, a homeless man was watching.

“This is why I don’t come to this city…”, he said walking away.

“Lord! If you want me to have rotten luck with women and take me away, show me a sign!! Hit me with lightning!!!!”

Suddenly, a lightning bolt hit the ground right in front of Jaiden. Jaiden looked straight down and then back up to the sky.

“Oh now you hear me?” Jaiden said.

“Yup”, said a deep voice from the sky.

Jaiden darted his head straight back up to the sky in shock and confusion. He then shrugged it off.

Another lightning bolt hit the ground.

“What the hell?”

Suddenly, the lightning took the form of a being and out walked Raiden.

Raiden’s eyes were filled with electricity. He took one look at Jaiden and the electricity disappeared.

“Wait…you’re Johnny Cage’s descendant?” Raiden asked in shock.

“Johnny who?”

“Come on kid, no time to talk. We got to–”

He was then interrupted by a blood-curdling scream.

“What? SHIT!! DONNIE!!!” Jaiden said running back towards his house. Raiden grabbed him.

“No! I was too late. The Serpent already found us and dispatched the rukwan to this city”.

“RUK-WHAT?!?!” Jaiden shouted.

Suddenly, the rukwan jumped out of Jaiden’s window. There were dozens of them. Seconds later, the night was full with screams from everyone. Women, men, children, everyone.

“I have to get you to China”, Raiden told Jaiden.

“What the hell is in China?! I’m not going anywhere you freak. Not without Donnie. Donnie!!!” Jaiden screamed into the hordes. A rukwan jumped towards Jaiden, but Raiden spotted it quickly and threw a lightning bolt to it, blowing it up.

“Holy God…” Jaiden said in shock.

Raiden jumped in front of Jaiden and threw a huge ball of electricity towards the rukwan, knocking them all away. Inside, Jaiden saw the mutilated and eaten corpse of his former friend.

“What the hell…..DONNIE!!!!!” Jaiden shouted. He then turned to Raiden. “You bastard!! What the hell did you bring here?! You got my friend killed!!” he shouted angrily.

“No time to explain. We have to go. Now”.

“Hell no. I’m not going anywhere with you”, Jaiden said disgusted by Raiden’s unsympathetic voice.

“Is there anyone else we need to get before we leave?” Raiden asked.

Jaiden thought about it. At this point, there was only one other person on his mind.

“Danielle. We gotta get Danielle!”

“Danielle? Danielle who?” Raiden asked.

“Who cares?! I’ll tell where she is!” Jaiden said.

“That’s it? Some girl? Not your parents or anything?”

“My parents are in another country and I have no siblings. Let’s go!”

“Well do you know where she is?” Raiden asked.

Jaiden was about to snap back at Raiden’s remark when he suddenly remembered he didn’t have Danielle’s address.

“Hahahaha ha ha. Looks like Lover boy here doesn’t have an address”, Raiden said in a mocking manner. Jaiden looked to the ground depressed. Suddenly he heard what seemed to be the voice of an angel from behind him.



Jaiden whipped around.

“How did you find me?” Jaiden said running to her.

“Its 2345. My phone can track your address by tracing your phone number silly”, she said. “I left right after I hung up on you”.

“That’s great! I forgot all about that”. Jaiden said.

“What’s going on?” she said.

“I don’t know. Its just crazy”, Jaiden replied back.

“Ahem…excuse me people. Crazy flesh eaters coming and you two standing there. Let’s go!” Raiden said.

“Who’s he?”

“Who cares? He’s getting us out”.

“You’re really gonna trust someone you never met Jaiden?”

Suddenly, a dozen rukwan came running down the street growling and howling. Danielle turned around and looked in shock.

“Let’s go”, she said running towards Raiden.

They both grabbed Raiden and looked around the ruined neighborhood.

“Well what the hell are you waiting for?” Jaiden shouted.

“Nothing. Its just that, being a God, I don’t get hugged like this. Just savoring the moment”.

Danielle then kicked Raiden in the groin.

“OWW! Jeez…fine. China, here we come!!!”

In a flash of lightning, the three were gone.

Author’s notes: Whoo, I need a definite posting schedule. Right now, I’m trying to go one chapter every 11 days.

As you may have noticed, Raiden has his MKC personality. Frankly, I like this one better and I’m using it.

As for the story, I may be doing something I’m gonna regret, but I have all of the story planned. There will be 3 arcs. Shaowuji: Kombat of the Future: The Three Brothers of Destiny will run for 20 chapters and have to deal with (obviously) the Three Brothers of Destiny. The title of the second arc is still being decided. It will either be called Shaowuji EX or GX. The arc will be called 10 Demons of Fate. There is a twist in this second arc that I will not yet reveal and I’m sure you will be surprised. It will run between 20 and 30 chapters. The third will be called Shaowuji Legends. This arc is titled Eternal Heroes and will run for an estimated 20 chapters. It should be noted that the titles and number of chapters will change.

I have come up with more characters that will appear and not. I can say with a firm voice that Scorpion will NOT appear in Shaowuji. I know I know, you must be like “Kenshin you stupid idiot! How could you have Sub-Zero and not Scorpion!?!?!?!?! WTFOMGZ!!?!?!” Well, that’s the thing. Everyone expects that since Sub-Zero is somewhere, Scorpion also has to be there. Well, I want a challenge. I want to see what other enemies can be matched against Sub-Zero. Scorpion will be mentioned though.

Right now, no one from the Deadly Alliance and Deception games will appear. I am tempted to bring Frost in, but I’m not sure.

I am proud to announce that Nightwolf is definitely confirmed. Nightwolf is one of my favorite characters, so here he is.

For all you Chinese novel readers out there, there will be a character solely based on the main character of one of the great novels of China. You will see him when things boil to epic proportions which will be in like….3 chapters I guess.

Sun Wukong here we come!!!


(After almost a year-long hiatus, this story is back after heavy revamping. If you were reading and kept up with this, I thank you very very much)

Arc 1: Three Brothers of Destiny
Chapter 4: The Silver Hero

He had many names throughout his life. The Flying Swordsman. The Flying Drunkard. The Silver Hero. His name is Lau Xun-huan.

The wandering hero with the tragic past moves up and down the country destroying evil and drinking his memories away.

As a child, he was raised in a stable household and was destined for the next Mortal Kombat tournament. Fate would lead him to learn Tai Chi from his father and become a controlled drunk. As his parents and siblings were killed, he left his home carrying earrings filled with the blood of his family and the dagger left behind from his dad. Not caring on who massacred his family and haunted by the memories, his hair gradually turned a silver color; hence his nickname “The Silver Hero”.

The breeze comforted him. It was the first time he felt at peace. He listened carefully as the waves crashed amongst the rocks. This rough sound soothed him.

He pulled out a jug of wine and began drinking. He didn’t care if it got all over him, he just had to have his wine. It splashed all over his face and his clothes. He didn’t care.

Footsteps approached from behind. Lau took a break from drinking and glanced back. Just some ordinary people. He continued drinking.

“Silver Hero..please. We beg you. Our town is pillaged every night by the same bandits. Please we need your help!”

‘Begging and pleading…how pathetic’

“Your town doesn’t concern me unless I happen to walk in that direction. Depending on my mind, your town will be saved or damned”.

True to his reputation, he helped no one who asked directly. He only helped when he encountered it directly.

Lau stood up and left.

Night. Huo Lan Town.

The people of this small community begin locking up their shops and homes and prepare for the bandits to tear through. Some pray to stay alive. Others pray for a miracle by the Silver Hero.

*Crash. Crash*

It was starting.

“Hehehe…let’s see what this piece of shit town has left to offer…”

“No! No! Please let me go!!”

“Bitch hold still!”


“Come on boys. It’s free entertainment!”

Young children hid under tables and their mothers were covering their ears to block out the horrors outside their homes.

One mother was hiding her two young girls.

“Please. Grow up to be honorable women. Please!”

The door burst open. Standing in the doorway was the silhouette of 11 men.

“Hehehe…ah hell. I’m sure the bitch can handle all eleven of us. If not…hehe…well..it’ll still be fun either way. Take the two girls and make sure they grow up nice and tender”.


The birds chirp to a day that would seem normal. The town is in ruins. Houses torn apart and materials littering the streets.

Four of the men from the night before stayed with the woman while the other seven left with the two daughters.

“Come on bitch. I’m ready for more”.

The lead man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards him. He smirked at her and whispered in her ear.

“This time, we’ll make sure all holes are covered”.

The woman’s eyes began swelling in tears because of the incoming pain. However, the door opened.

“Who’s there?”

It was one of the men.

“Oh…Wei. I thought you left. Guess you wanted some too eh?”

He remained silent.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Wei took a few steps forward.

“You can’t tell me that you were worn out from that?”

Wei looked up to the ceiling. It was as if he was straining. He slowly let out a blood curdling scream. Flashes of light passed through his body and it fell apart in large chunks.

The group couldn’t believe what they saw. As the blood and human remains fell, they saw what caused it.

A man.

His sword was dripping with blood and he was glaring right back at them. It was him. The Flying Swordsman. The Flying Drunkard. The Silver Hero. Lau Xun-huan.

“Holy shit! The Silver Hero!”

The group stood up and grabbed their weapons. It was too late.

By the time they even reached, Lau was right next to them.

He speared his sword through the heart of one man, ripped it out of his side to strike the top of the head of another. The third man charged at him. Lau sheathed his sword and used his palms to deflect the man’s weapon: a broadsword. Four beautifully executed palm strikes managed to subdue him. He kicked the weapon away and delivered a palm strike to his throat that pushed it out of the back of his head.

All that remained was the leader.

The woman, now hiding in the corner, is thanking that she’s alive and that the Silver Hero did come through.

Lau began walking towards him. The leader began cowering.

Lau pulled out his sword and stopped in his tracks. He turned around and to the woman’s and leader’s horror, he began cutting off the genitals of the three slaughtered men.

“Lau Xun-huan! Although you gained the name Hero, this is unorthodox for any hero! I demand you to stop desecrating my dead brother’s bodies this instant!”

His words had no effect on Lau.

“I am not the average hero. I believe you deserve what you give. You raped this woman mercilessly. You will all die and be reborn without the gift of making life. You will also die by the gift of making life.”

He grabbed all three severed genitals and began walking towards the leader.

Now shaking more than ever, the leader screamed and blindly swung at Lau.

After one quick dodge, Lau shoved two of the genitals into the leader’s eyes and another into his mouth. The woman couldn’t close her eyes as she wanted these men to get what was coming to them.

The leader, now blind and choking, backed up to the wall. He slowly slid down and then sat down. He stayed there until his slow and painful death occurred.

Lau looked to the woman in the corner who was crying. Was it tears of joy? Tears of sorrow? Perhaps tears of disgust?

“I’m sorry about what happened Miss”.

Lau crouched down to pick her up.

“Stand strong. You will recover”.

The woman sobbed loudly and hugged Lau.

“Thank you Silver Hero! Thank you!”

She looked up at him.

“My children? Where are my children?!”

Lau guided her gaze to outside where her two daughters were running around and playing little games. The woman smiled widely and hugged Lau even more.

She ran outside to great her children.

“Ling! Min!”

Both children ran to their mother and they embraced. Lau looked back and smiled.

“Mother was so worried about you…please thank the Silver Hero.”

Lau noticed something about her tone.

‘No. She wouldn’t!’

The woman walked back to Lau.

“Please, Lau. I don’t know if this goes against your principles, but please watch over my daughters.”

“Miss, you can’t kill yourself! You must stay strong!”

“I have nothing to live for. I don’t!”

She picked up one of the fallen men’s swords and swung at herself. Lau stopped the blow.

“Miss, I beg you. Please reconsider!”

“Goodbye..Silver Hero”.

She ran into the sword and it impaled her face. At the worse possible timing, her children ran in.

“Mother, we wanna play a game with you..”

They stopped and saw their mother lying on the floor dead. They dropped to the floor in order to aid their mother, but to no avail. Unsurprisingly, they began crying.

“Silver Hero…why did mother kill herself?! WHY?!”

Lau couldn’t bring himself to tell them why. He offered a different response instead.

“Let’s give your mother a proper burial”.

In the middle of town, all gathered to witness the Silver Hero burying one of them. He carved into the tombstone the usual things. The woman’s name and “Rest in Peace”. He pulled out his jug of wine and spilled some over her grave.

“She must not go through this world without tasting this fine wine. I give my regards to you”.

He closed the jug and began walking. The two daughters of the woman approached Lau.

“Wait Silver Hero! What are we gonna do?”

Lau turned around.

*Sigh* “I didn’t want you to witness and experience something like this at such a young age. Your mother wanted me to take care of you two, but as you know I wander alone”.

Lau looked toward the sky as if asking “what now?” when suddenly he felt two kicks to his groin.

“You’re just gonna leave us here?! What kind of person are you?!” the older sister barked.

They kicked him again. The dreaded atmosphere soon dissolved into a light-hearted mood.

“Listen kid! I wander alone! Do you think you can handle that?!”

Seemingly louder, the older sister screamed back at Lau.

“Listen old man! My sister and I are now homeless and parentless! And my mother wanted you to take care of us! Do you think you can handle THAT?!”


The townsfolk went to calm the children down.

“Honorable hero, it would be my pleasure to take the children in as my own”, one man said.

Lau looked at them.

“No. I think I will grant that woman’s wish. In all my years, no one has dared to back-talk me like these two youngsters. Fine. I’ll teach you two to be the greatest warriors you’ll ever be and you’ll accompany me on my journeys. How’s that sound?”

The two girls shouted in happiness and agreed.

“Well then, if we’re going to be a group, I need to know your names”.

“Right! I’m Zhao Min and I’m older! And this is Zhao Ling!”

“Hey, I wanted to introduce myself!”

“So what. I’m older! I get to introduce you if I want!”

“You’re only older by a year!”

“Exactly! A year’s a year!”


This got their attention.

“Zhao Min, Zhao Ling. For a couple of kids you sure are a loud”.

“Hey I’m not a kid! I’m 9!”

“Yeah and I’m 8!”

Lau said nothing and began walking away. The two girls followed in his wake.

“From now on, you must dedicate yourself to Tai Chi. You will learn the skills I know and hopefully you will surpass me one day. Understood?”

“Yes…brother”, Zhao Ling said.

Lau stood still as memories of his young sister flashed briefly in his mind. He shook it off and continued.

“If you insist on calling me brother, I have no choice but to call you Ling Ling. Ok?”

Ling nodded “yes”.

Zhao Min had a jealous look on her face.

“Well what if I call you ‘Old Man’. Then what?”

Lau chuckled.

“Hmm..well then I guess I have to call you Min Min. Ok?”

Min returned the chuckle with her own.


Weeks go by as the group travel from town to town and practicing their martial art. Soon months go by. And then years.

Three years after being taken in by Lau.

At a waterfall, Zhao Min is nearby practicing. Her skills soon become developed enough to manipulate a small amount of water. She hurled it at Zhao Ling who was nearby. Ling deflected it and shot back with her own.

As for Lau, he was in inside the waterfall, taking all the pressure from the pounding water. With a swift movement of his arms, he summoned a sphere of energy that deflected all incoming water.

“Now girls, that is what you will soon be able to do.”

“Yeah, and by the time we do it, you’ll be such an old man ours will look gigantic compared to yours!”

“Min Min, you seem to be getting more clever with your insults as you grow older. I’m impressed”.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew towards the group. The wind took the shape of man, and there stood the God of Wind.

Lau bowed down humbly.

“Lord Fujin. What are you doing here?”

“Lau. I must speak with you. It’s urgent.”

Fujin shifted his focus to Min and Ling as if to say “get them away from here”. Lau took notice.

“Its ok my lord. Whatever you say to me you can say to them”.

“Very well. Several hours ago, Kung Lao’s descendant and another champion were sent to the future to aid Shen Lao and Shen Jian”.

“Shen Lao and Shen Jian?! What are they doing in the future?”

“A new warlord made his presence known. He has stolen the thrown of Outworld and he will target all of time. The Elder Gods have sent their order to recruit the strongest warriors to combat this threat. I am hear to bring you to the future Lau”.

Lau widened his eyes from shock.

‘The future? What can the future bring?’

“Lord Fujin, you know I will do any of the God’s bidding. But as you can see, I have two young children with me. I don’t think they’re prepared for the impending carnage.”

“I can see that you’ve been training them Lau. They both have enormous potential. Very well. I will take you to the Ice and Lightning Island to retrieve the Jewel of Ages.”

Zhao Min stepped up.

“Jewel of Ages? What is that?!”

Fujin was surprised by her tone.

“Little girl, do not interrupt.”

“Old man, do not die by old age”.

“Min Min!”


“Lord Fujin, what is the Jewel of Ages?”

“Its a jewel that will transform anyone into their prime. In other words, a young child to the age where they will be most powerful and when they have the most beauty according to their current lifestyle”.

Zhao Ling now stepped up.

“So…we’re gonna be grown-ups?”

Zhao Min butted in.

“And powerful?”

“Yes”, Fujin replied.

Zhao Min and Zhao Ling danced with joy. Lau interrupted their celebration.

“Hold on. It can’t be that simple. It’s never this simple. What exactly is on Ice and Lightning Island?”

“I was afraid you asked that Lau. Guarding the Jewel of Ages are the Prince of Lightning and the Prince of Ice.”

“Prince of Lightning and Prince of Ice…sounds interesting.”

Zhao Min interrupted again.

“Hold on. If you’re so magical, why can’t you poof there and get us this jewel?”

“Because little girl, I am not allowed to interfere with mortal affairs.”

He turned his focus back to Lau.

“Lau, you have a choice. Immediately go to the future to intercept the threat and leave these children behind or you delay yourself and travel to Ice and Lightning Island to retrieve the Jewel of Ages. Which is it?”‘

Lau took a few seconds to think. He knew his answer.

“How fast can you get us to the island?”

“I can take you there immediately.”

“And the children?”

“Unfortunately you have to take them with you as there’s nowhere else and the Temple of the Elder Gods is not fit for children”.


A gust of wind blew the four to the deserted island. It was covered in ice and yet was nowhere near a cold temperature. Lightning crashed through the sky and tore through the ground.

Zhao Min and Zhao Ling grabbed onto Lau.

“When you are finished, I will be back here immediately. Good luck Lau”.

“Thank you Lord Fujin”.

And with that, Fujin disappeared. Lau began surveying the land. He saw some tall mountains and what looked like rough patches of ice. The lightning kept coming down constantly and crashed through the sky. It was like he was in another dimension.

High atop a mountain stares two figures. Both wearing similar outfits that would only seem fit for royalty. A veil covering each of their mouths. An elegantly designed gi. The only difference was in color. One was purple. The other was blue.

“This waiting is getting old”.

“True. But we have to do this right”.

A figure stepped out from the background.

“My Lord. He’s here”.

“Excellent. Be prepared for an interesting bout my two Princes”.

Both Princes kneeled.


To be continued….
Next Chapter: Duel for the Jewel.

Author’s Notes: Alright, it’s been almost a year since the last one. Here I am again. I changed around a lot of things in the story and I plan to finish this even though nobody may be reading it.

Quite frankly, I suck at describing what characters look like. I’ve been thinking of just uploading art of the characters in the Author’s Notes section next time. Yeah..I think I will.

For those paying close attention, I properly worded the names of people as they would be in China. Last name first and first name last. The sole exception would be Lau’s name because I believe it would be easier to read a short name first and long name last.

Oh, Lau is another one of my characters from the Mortal Kombat Nightblood RPG ran by Jaibyrd and HorusRe. Look it up and you can read his entire background. I decided to integrate him into this story because…well…I just did. ^_~.

Now in case anyone is gonna use the plagiarism card on me, I will tell you some of the homages I made in this story:

-The bit where Lau killed the bandits and later poured wine on the woman’s grave and took in the two daughters resembles what Hiko Seijuro does in the anime Samurai X: Trust/Betrayal.
-Zhao Min is also the name of a character in the novel Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre.

As for when will the story go back to Liu and the crew, I first imagined this series as a revolving door where it will focus on certain characters every couple chapters. After Chapter 5, it will bounce back to Raiden and Jaiden and then bounce to Liu. And from there…well…you’ll just have to wait. ^_^


Shaowuji: Kombat of the Future Pt 1

Arc 1: Three Brothers of Destiny
Chapter 1: Generations

Year: 2345. Location: Northern China near the former capital of Beijing. An archaeological search for fossils of ancient ancestors is being held here. 12 men began drilling and scoping the area for anything valuable. The leader of the expedition, Cao Lung, was 54 year-old man. He had long black hair down past his shoulders. For a man in his mid-50’s, he was fit like a 30 year-old body builder. His own ambitions were hidden from his team and his superiors. Whatever he was looking for, it was out here.

“Sir! I found something!” shouted a worker.

Cao Lung spared no time and hustled over to the area. This interested all other workers and they promptly headed over there. Cao Lung stared closely. At first he saw nothing.

“You imbecile. There’s nothing here. You got me excited over nothing”, Cao Lung said angrily. He turned around and walked away cursing silently. “Keep working!”

The workers scoffed in disappointment and continued as ordered. A worker put on a wrist device known as the “Wrist Reader”. If programmed to find a certain object, it would not stop until that object was found. The device slipping on like a watch. The worker pressed a button on the side and pointed it to the ground. In seconds, a hologram projection of the inside of the ground appeared. They could see what was in the ground. This device was highly advanced. Unfortunately, the device was a high-cost gadget, thus only one was permitted to each expedition group.

The worker walked around the ruined landscape scoping the ground. He walked around rubble and giant pieces of debris.

“My god…” he said to himself. “How could this have happened?”

Cao Lung was back on top of a hill. He was thinking to himself. “Hundreds of years. Descendants upon descendants. Still nothing. I swear to you I will not fail”.

Cao Lung left the hill and ran for the man with the Wrist Reader.

“Give me that”, Cao Lung said yanking it away. “I’ll show you how you use this”.

Cao Lung switched the objects he was searching for. Cao Lung scanned the area and sure enough, there was a red object showing in the hologram. Cao Lung turned around and smirked. He ran towards the object. What was it? Could it have been what Cao Lung was searching for?

Cao Lung and the other workers had reached the area. Everyone was panting really loud because of how far it was from the area they had been in. Cao Lung was the only one who wasn’t phased by the running. He looked around at all the workers. “Well what the hell are you waiting for? Dig you lazy bastards! Dig! Dig! DIG!!!”

Just like slaves to their master, they began digging. Cao Lung was smiling like he never smiled before. He nearly died from excitement.

“Sir! We found something!” a worker shouted. “Good! Good! Bring it up! Bring it up!!” Cao Lung shouted hungrily. “Ow!!!” someone shouted wincing. “What is it? Is something wrong?” Cao Lung asked.

“I…I’m fine sir. It’s just that…this hat. It cut me”.

“Yes”, Cao Lung thought. “This is it. I’ll finally appease my ancestors!” “Carefully bring it out!” Cao Lung said out loud.

Slowly, the object reached the surface. Cao Lung grabbed it and marveled in what it was. “Such an odd hat. Sharp as a sword yet hideous as a bastard’s clothes. Good find gentlemen. Let’s go”.

Suddenly, the ground began shaking. “Whoa whoa what’s this?” a worker said. There were four workers where the hat was found. The ground began shaking and a small crack appeared under their feet. They slowly began walking back to the group just to make sure that any sudden movement could trigger something. Cao Lung and the eight other workers watched on.

Suddenly, a giant crack in the earth occurred. A thundering crash echoed through the land. This was the sound of the earth splitting open and swallowing any debris around. The four workers ran towards the others, but it was no use. They too was swallowed by the planet. The others watched in shock, but not Cao Lung. In fact, if anything, he was smiling, like he enjoyed it.

The hat Cao Lung was carrying began to glow a blue color. It leaped out of his hands and began spinning violently in the air and shot into the giant hole in the ground. Everyone could hear the screams of the four workers and they heard limbs being cut off. Suddenly, a bright light shot out of the hole. It went through one worker hitting him through the eyes. At first he thought he was going crazy as he was seeing everyone was sliced between the waist.

He was wrong.

Half of the worker’s head came off and the blood poured to the ground. The object wasn’t a light, it was that hat. It cut men in half, it cut off their arms, it cut off their legs, it cut them vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and it even lifted some into the air so they’d die up in the air. Cao Lung was the only one left alive. He looked around at what happened to him. “Yes! 3 seconds and I didn’t even see what happened!!!” Cao Lung looked around and noticed not a single body. He looked up and there were dismembered people hurtling towards the ground. Their bodies landed all around Cao Lung and then their blood trickled down like rain landing everywhere.

Suddenly, a body jumped out of the hole. Before the blood even touched the ground, he had already caught his hat and put it on his head. The blood stained his hat, but he didn’t seem to mind. After the blood stopped falling, he swiped his hand around the sharp round part of his hat. His hand formed a blue light when he did this. Cao Lung could not see his face, but he knew who he was. He noticed that this figure was wearing a black coat and blue pants. He was wearing no undershirt at all. He was pretty muscular, but smaller than Cao Lung. That didn’t mean Cao Lung was stronger. There was something about this man that made Cao Lung fear for his own life.

Cao Lung slowly approached him. This man stood there in stance like he was ready to kill. His head was facing the ground. Cao Lung decided to speak. “So…”

Before finishing, the man looked up and grunted. His hat flew off his head and spun towards Cao Lung. It swirled around him and a speed so fast, the wind from it began to cut his skin. Cao Lung looked at the man. “Why…? WHY?!?!?!” he shouted. The last thing he saw was the man walking towards him clenching a tight fist.

Another man walked up the hat-swinging man. “Now Lao, was that really necessary?” He put his hand on Lao’s shoulder, but Lao shrugged it off. “Cut the bullshit Jian. We have no time to waste. The Shaowuji will be sealed if we don’t hurry and get them out here. I don’t even know why you had me fight these people”.

Jian clearly was in a light-hearted mood.

“You didn’t feel good releasing the souls of those men working for Cao Lung?” Jian asked.

“I don’t kill anymore. You know that. Not after that fight with Limitless”, Lao said.

“Limitless, Limitless, Limitless. Is that all you talk about? Come on! Technically, that fight was over 2,000 years ago. Get with the times Lao. We’re in the 2300’s now”.

“Yes! For about two hours. Remember our mission. Come here, explore the land, get them, and get out. No where does it say linger here while listening to your older brother babble nonsense”, Lao said.

“Alright alright. Lao Shen, I am proud to call you my brother and all, but you need to lighten up a bit. I’ll go through the Shaowuji and get our champions. You find some peace here in this time and get rid of Cao Lung. Sound good?” Jian asked.

“It’s a plan”, Lao said watching Jian walk away. Lao turned to walk away when he just remembered something. “Hey Jian!” Lao shouted. Jian turned around. Lao tossed the hat at full speed towards Jian, but Jian caught it with ease and even put it on his head. “Give it back to him would you?” Lao asked. Jian winked and smiled and walked away.

Jian stood still and shouted “Ying Xiong Shaowuji”. A swirling blue portal appeared. “1997. China”, Jian said. The portal grew brighter and it sucked Jian through. Lao looked on. He smiled and thought to himself, “This may not be so bad after all. Then again, this may be one of the only times of peace we get”.

Lao went to pick up the conscienceless Cao Lung to kill him. “It’s a shame you had to be this way, fighting for your ancestors. You could’ve been something if you fought with us instead of them”. Cao Lung opened his eyes.

“I’d die for my ancestors. They’d die to see your head on a platter”.

Lao was shocked at how Cao Lung was still alive. Suddenly, a green portal opened. Lao heard the laughing of a maniac and green skulls shot out. Lao dropped Cao Lung and jumped back hitting any skulls that got near by.

Lao saw who walked through. He was clapping and laughing at the same time. This person was Quan Chi.

“Quan Chi!!! I recognized your bad life force the second you entered this realm with that Jue Shi Tianxin portal you created. How dare you defy the Elder Gods and use time travel?”

Quan Chi was still laughing. “Lao Shen. Oh Lao Shen. If I recall, you did the same thing with your little Shaowuji”, Quan Chi said chuckling.

“We had approval of creating it by the Elder Gods! They enlisted us to hunt you down!” Lao said boldly.

“Elder Gods this, Elder Gods that. I’m tired of Elder Gods. I’ll just kill you, your brother, and we’ll take over this time. And my dear descendant here is quite valuable to this plan”, Quan Chi said addressing Cao Lung.

It was quiet. Suddenly, Quan Chi twitched his neck. “Oh my. It seems we have to finish this some other time Lao Shen. Cao Lung! Follow!” Quan Chi ordered. They returned through the Jue Shi Tianxin with Cao Lung waving goodbye.

After getting out of the Jue Shi Tianxin, Quan Chi and Cao Lung were in a dark palace room. It was clear that it was not in this time period and was from long, long ago. In the back of the room was a throne and someone was in it. He was covered with a black cloth in a dimly lit room.

“Just why did you pull me out then? I could have killed him and you know it!” The figure lifted his hand and grunted. Quan Chi was chocked and subdued to the ground. He was then lifted into the air.

“It hurts doesn’t it?” the voice said coldly. “Like getting hanged by a rope. You ever talk back at me like that again, 1000 deaths won’t be able to repay your mistake”.

He dropped Quan Chi. Quan Chi was coughing loudly. “I have a job for you Quan Chi!” the figure shouted throwing a piece of paper to Quan Chi.

“What is this?” he asked. “Three names. These are the foretold men who bring down Outworld. They are the eventuality of hundreds of years of descendants. The three descendants of Liu Kang, Shao Kahn, and Shang Tsung! Destiny is fated to unite them and they will be the strongest fighters in the history of existance!”

“What is my job?” Quan Chi asked humbly. “Kill their ancestors”, the figure said. “You are to use the Jue Shi Tianxin and kill Liu Kang, Shao Kahn, and Shang Tsung”.

“Understood”, Quan Chi said. “Can I ask one question?” Cao Lung asked abruptly. The figure shifted his focus to Cao Lung. “Speak”.

“Where did you get this knowledge from?” Cao Lung asked curiously. “That is MY business and not YOURS!” the figure snapped back. “Now get out”, the figure ordered. Quan Chi and Cao Lung bowed and left.

On the way out, Cao Lung stopped to talk to Quan Chi. “Ancestor! Why are you bowing to this man? You’re strong enough to–” Quan Chi stopped him and choked him with his hand.

“Listen to me you mortal brat. Somewhere down the line, my powers got lost and my descendants turned into humans. I don’t want you with me, but you’re a key piece in my plan. That man back there can crush you if he so even coughed in front of you. Do not ever try to talk back at him. Got that?”

Back to Lao, he was sitting with a worried look on his face. “Jian, where are you? Where?”

A blue light flashed and out walked Jian with two people behind him.

“I’m back”, Jian said smiling.

Lao stood up and bowed sincerely to who was in front of him.

“Master Liu Kang, Master Kung Lao. It’s an honor. My name is…”

Liu Kang cut him off. “We know, Jian told us everything. We were expecting you earlier. What happened?”

“We have much explaining to do”, Jian said.

“And we have even less time to do it”, Lao said.

“Is there no way to extend the Shaowuji?” Kung Lao asked.

“I’m afraid not”, Jian said. “Our master took the secret to everything about the Shaowuji to his grave when he fought”.

“With him…” Lao said coldly. “With Limitless….”

Everyone looked at Lao. Lao was clenching a fist and staring at the ground in anger. Jian tried to shrug it off. “Come on. We have about 100 minutes left before the Shaowuji closes and we get stuck here. We need to inform you on what’s going on and you need to complete your tasks”.

“We’re ready”, Liu said.

“Good. Follow us”, Jian said leading the way.

There are many questions that are asked: what is the Shaowuji? What is the Jue Shi Tianxin? Who is Quan Chi working for? Who or what is Cao Lung? What was Lao doing in the ground? These questions and many more will be answered in time.

To be continued…

Episode 23 – Resurrection

In the last episode of Mortal Kombat: Conquest you saw the earth get taken over by Shao Kahn. The episode ends with Kung Lao’s Mortal Kombat amulet glowing.

Episode 23 – Resurrection

Rayden is forced on his knees by Shao Kahn’s guards as Shao Kahn is telling Rayden how much of a failure he is to Earthrealm. After heaps of verbal abuse from Shao Kahn, Rayden couldn’t take it anymore so he jumps up with anger and knocks out the guard. He takes the guard’s sword and draws it to Shao Kahn’s throat. “What are you going to do with that Rayden”, “What ever I have to, to kill you!” Shao Kahn laughs and says “Remember where you are Rayden, you are in Outworld do you really think you can kill me!” Rayden slashes out a strike only to be blocked by Shao Kahn. He then uppercuts Rayden and he falls to the ground. “Guards! Send him to the Cobalt Mines, I will deal with him later.”

The guards pick Rayden up and take him away. “HaHaHaHaHa, Fool.” (Shao Kahn).
Back on Earth at the Trading Post the amulet is still glowing and starts to get brighter and brighter. Back in the mines Rayden starts feeling faint he senses something very powerful happening. “The Amulet” says Rayden. He has a flashback of what the Elder Gods had told him about the amulet. The reason why this prize is given to the victor of Mortal Kombat is because it makes them immortal until the next tournament, if something awful happens to the champion the amulet will resurrect the warrior and with their command it can also reverse what ever happened to Earthrealm and his allies.

Rayden makes a prayer to the Elder Gods to help him get back to Earthrealm. All of a sudden the Elder Gods appear. “Rayden it is not to late you can still save Kung Lao and his friends”. (Rayden) “The Amulet that’s the key isn’t it.” “Yes, Shao Kahn has broken the rules of Mortal Kombat and as Elder Gods we can not tolerate that.”

“Since Shao Kahn has broken the rules we have decided to help you get back to Earthrealm”. The Elder Gods then restore Rayden’s powers and tell him to collect the Amulet. Rayden then opens up a portal for himself to go back to Earthrealm. He gets to the Trading Post and picks up the Amulet. As soon as he picks it up a huge beam of light shoots up into the sky and then spreads throughout the Earth. When it is finished everyone starts to appear again. Kung Lao, Siro, Taja, Shang Tsung and the rest are all resurrected. Rayden quickly vanishes the enemies to the Cobalt Mines. When they appear in the Cobalt Mines Reiko makes a report to Shao Kahn.

(Reiko) “Sir, Rayden has disappeared”. (Shao Kahn) “WHAT! How can this be!”. (Reiko) “I don’t know Sir but something else has happen as well and I don’t know if you’re going to like it”. (Shao Kahn) “What is it?” (Reiko) “Kung Lao and the rest have been resurrected and some unexpected guests have also arrived.” (Shao Kahn) “Who?” (Reiko) “Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and the rest of our former allies and enemies.”

The episode ends with Shao Kahn’s angry/shocked/furious face.

By StAmAtIs87


“Sir, we have found Sub-Zero. He is in an old temple.” Said one of Scorpions men
“Good work. I will teach you in the way of fire for this achievement.” Scorpion replied

“Sub-Zero i have waited a very long time for this. I challenge you to mortal kombat!” Scorpion yelled
“I accept dead man.” then they both took their fighting stances but Sub-Zeros was new
“What is this?” Scorpion said
“I have been training in the way of magic, Wu-Shu and judo.” Sub-Zero replied
“It matters not i will still kill you now lets fight to the end.” Scorpion said

The fight started slow with no special moves the fight was switching momentum time after time Scorpion then launched a 10 punch combo followed by a triple roundhouse kick knocking Sub-Zero to the ground “Time to die.” Scorpion said removing his mask “What is this!” Scorpion demanded
“During the fight I turned you back into a mortal.” Sub-Zero said
“How dare you make me mortal again for that I will kill you? Mortal or not the outcome will be the same.” Scorpion said shooting his harpoon “Argh why did that hurt.”
Sub-Zero dodges the harpoon “That has always hurt but you didn’t have any nerves but now you’re a mortal you do.” Sub-Zero said

Scorpion ran up to Sub-Zero and kick him in the ribs knocking him to the ground Sub-Zero was rolling on the ground until Scorpion got close to him then Sub-Zero kicked Scorpion in the shin knocking him face first into the ground and his nose started to bleed
“What is this?” Scorpion asked
“It’s called blood moron.” Sub-Zero said
“You are going to die for that!” Scorpion yelled
then the fight started with Sub-Zero using a freeze blast but aiming it at Scorpions feet but Scorpion thought it missed and started running at Sub-Zero but slipped and fell on a rock cutting his forehead open but got up again and leaped at Sub-Zero doing a side kick that hit him on the head then he waited for Sub-Zero to get up then did a backflip kick that was also on target but when Scorpion landed the blood from his forehead got in his eyes and blinded him then taking an advantage Sub-Zero ran in and did a 10 punch combo then a 5 kick combo followed up by a roundhouse to the head knocking Scorpion on his back but got up and wiped the blood out of his eyes and saw Sub-Zero launch an ice attack but fire burst out of his body making a shield

“What is this? I thought you said I was mortal.” Scorpion said
“You are. I don’t know how this happened.” Sub-Zero said

scorpion then ran out of his fire shield and punched him straight in the head then in the gut then picked up a rock and threw it at Sub-Zero and it got him in the head then he ran up and kicked him in the arm and pick up a candelabra and swiped at Sub-Zero and it hit him and started burning his shirt so he ran of.