Lord Shinnok


In the last episode of Mortal Kombat (Mortal Kombat – God’s Deception), Raiden is trying to communicate with Kung Lao in order to tell him that Shang Tsung is lying about Ian and that he’s imprisoned in a world called The Realm of Darkness. Siro, Taja and Kung Lao are unsuccessfully looking for Raiden.

Kung Lao is on his knees praying.
Kung Lago: I need to talk to you, Raiden. Raiden, protector of Earth Realm. I summon thee. I summon thee, Raiden. Come to me.

Suddenly thunders are heard and the room is evolved by light as strong as the light of midday. An image of the Elder God appears in front of Kung Lao.
Raiden’s image: Kung Lao. I was fooled by Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. With the help of the fallen Elder God Shinnok, they’ve sent me to a realm known as the Realm of Darkness. I need you Kung Lao to go the Temple of the Order of Light and summon the Elder Gods. Tell them what has happened. They’re my only chance to escape this place. Furthermore, I need to tell you that Ian Stung is Shang Tsung. Don’t believe Ian, Kung Lao. Shang Tsung tricked us. I need to go now, Kung Lao. This is not Outworld but I feel that my powers are very unstable in here.
Kung Lao: Siro, Taja. Get back here!. Siro! Taja!
Siro: What’s happening? Are you okay, Kung Lao?
Taja: What’s going on?
Kung Lao: I found him. I’ve managed to contact, Raiden, somehow.
Taja: Great! Where’s he? Why isn’t he…
Kung Lao: He’s imprisoned in a world known as the Realm of Darkness.
Siro looks confused
Siro: The Realm of Darkness? What is it exactly, Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: I don’t know. I’ve never heard of it. I must go to the Temple of the Order of Light. It’s the only way to…
Ian Tsung appears in the room.
Ian: Hello, everybody. How’re you doing!
Kung Lao stands and walks towards Ian.
Kung Lao: I’m better now that Raiden is about to be avenged.
Ian stung casts a spell on Kung Lao and makes him fall near Taja and Siro.
Taja: What’s going on?! What did you do that, Ian?
Kung Lao: He’s not Ian Taja. Ian doesn’t exist. He’s…
Ian morphs into Shang Tsung.
Shang: Hello, Taja, dear. Did you miss me?
Taja: Ew! You won’t get away with this you animal!
Shang: I’m an animal, aren’t I? So you are about to see how beasty I can become.
Suddenly Shang Tsung morphs into a giant serpent. He tries to bite Siro, but he nearly escape by throwing a chair at the snake. The snake suddenly starts hunting Kung Lao. It prepares to bite him, but Taja stab its tale, making it morphs back into Shang Tsung screaming in pain.
Shang: This does not end here!
Shang opens a portal and goes back to Outworld.
Shang: Damn it!!!!
Quan Chi is laughing.
Quan Chi: What happened, Shang. Have you failed again? Quan Chi laughs.
Shang stares at Quan Chi.
Shang: It’s enough! From this moment on, it’s not my failure. It’s ours!! Don’t you understand, if I fail, you fail. We’re both in this together. Shinnok is not merciful. He does not forgive easily.
And voice can be heard behind Shang Tsung, saying: “And neither does I.”
Shang and Quan Chi: What?!
Shang: Vorpax?! How could this be?
Vorpax: You thought you’d get rid of me so easily, Shang Tsung.
Quan Chi: That’s impossible. You’re dead. Shang Tsung told me that Shao Kahn killed you.
Vorpax: Indeed. You know, if I’m standing here today I must thank only one person.
Quan Chi: Who?
Vorpax: I must thank her! Vorpax points to a woman’s silhouette.
Quan Chi: Who are you?
Shang Tsung: I can’t believe it.
Woman: Well, you should. It is I. Omegis.
Quan Chi: Long time no see.
Omegis: I know what you’re doing.
Shang Tsung: How? How can this be?
Omegis shows a flaming crystal ball with Shinnok’s face in it.
Omegis: He told me and asked me to assist you.
Quan Chi: Ingenious.
Kung Lao, Taja and Siro are on their way to the Temple of the Order of Light.
Siro: We’re almost there.
Taja: Kung Lao, I don’t understand much about these deities of yours. So, I’d thank you if could explain for us who is this Shinnok guy.
Kung Lao: Shinnok was an Elder God. You know, there was a time he was pure and share the same feeling of peace and brotherhood that the Elder Gods have. But, then, one day he became obsessed with the worlds. He wanted to conquer them all. Fortunately, his treason was discovered by the Elder Gods who banished him, with help of Raiden, to the Netherealm.
Siro: Netherealm?
Kung Lao: Most people know it as hell.
Taja: But if this guy is in how. Why do we have to worry about him? I mean, what can he do against us?
Kung Lao: Quan Chi is free roaming sorcerer. He can go wherever he wants to. You know, there was rumor that after Shinnok was banished there, he granted a sorcerer with the status of supreme sorcerer of the Netherealm. I think this sorcerer is Quan Chi. I do not know any other who can go back and forth to the Netherealm without being detected.
Siro: Oh, man. If that is true we’re in trouble.
Kung Lao: Don’t worry. I’m going to do everything that’s upon my reach to stop him from escaping the Nethrealm.

A tall hooded figure is sitting on a throne. Behind the throne a lava river can be seen. Apparently the hooded figure is not alone. He’s talking to a priest.
Hooded figure: Have you done what I’ve ordered to you to do?
Priest: Yes. I have. I’ve given the crystal ball to that witch, Omegis.
Hooded figure: Excellent. Now it’s just a matter of time before Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Vorpax and Omegis free me from this wretched realm. I’ll be free again and the world will bow to LORD SHINNOK!!!!
Shang: Baraka? Where are you Baraka?
Baraka: I’m here my Lord.
Shang: Where are the others? You said you would bring hundreds of Tarkatan warriors with you.
Baraka: They’re here my Lord.
Baraka points to hundreds of Tarkatan warriors hidden in the shadows. It’s so Dark that Shang hardly could see them.
Baraka: When do we attack the emperor?
Shang: Tonight. Tonight is the night.
Baraka: Excellent, my Lord.
Shang: You must not attack Shao Kahn’s warriors until I give you my order. Do you understand? Do you understand?
Baraka: Yes, my Lord. I do.
Baraka commands his warriors to leave. Baraka follows them into the shadows. Shang Tsung smiles. He points his finger near a wall and opens a portal to Shao Kahn’s throne room. Shang Tsung enters it.
Shao Kahn is sitting on his throne as a portal burst open and Shang Tsung comes out of it.
Shao Kahn: Shang Tsung! What are you doing here? You are supposed to be at…
Shang: My Lord. I’ve come to report that Baraka is forming an army. He intends to strike against your forces tonight. You must be prepared, my emperor.
Shao Kahn: Baraka? How dare him… after all I’ve… I’m going to kill him. Leave me now Shang Tsung. Go back to the Cobalt Mines before I kill you myself.
Shang: But, my Lord, I thought you would set my free from there. I’m loyal to you. Can’t you…
Emperor: Shut up! I will think of what I’m going to do with you later. For the time being, I want you to return to the Cobalt Mines.
Shang: Yes, emperor.
Shang Tsung opens a portal and goes back to the Cobalt Mines.
Shang: It is done. Baraka will fight Shao Kahn’s warriors. And Shao Kahn will win the battle. And I’m luck he’s going to set me free for this information. Hope Baraka is killed in the battle.
Quan Chi appears behind Shang Tsung
Quan Chi: Talking alone, sorcerer?
Shang: Where’s Omegis and Vorpax?
Quan Chi: I’ve sent them to Kung Lao’s house. They said there’s something hidden there that might help us set Lord Shinnok free.
Shang: Interesting.
Omegis: Now, where is that Crystal! Damn it! I can’t fight it!
Vorpax: What is this?
Vorpax is holding a red crystal.
Omegis: That’s it. Give it to me. Now let’s return to the Cobalt Mines.
Kung Lao is lighting some candles. He bows to an image and gets on his knees.
Siro: Do you need any help, Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: No. I just need to concentrate.
Taja: Siro, let’s wait for him outside.
Kung Lao: I invoke the Elder Gods. I need you Elder Gods, protectors of all realms. I need you. Come to me.
The wind starts blowing severely inside the room. Thunders are lighting are striking everywhere outside the temple. The clouds grow in its width.
Omegis: It is done. Let’s go. All of us. Let’s go to the Netherealm. Shinnok will be pleased. We’re going to set him free! He will grant us with abilities beyond our…
Quan Chi: Shut up and let’s go.
Shang looks to Omegis and say: “I’ve always said that you talk too much.”
Omegis opens a portal and all of them go into it.
Omegis: My Lord. Here is the tool that will set you free.
Shinnok: Excellent. Give it to me.
Omegis is about to give the crystal to Lord Shinnok.

Will Lord Shinnok finally have his revenge against Raiden and the Elder Gods?
Will Kung Lao tell the Elder Gods what’s happening before Shinnok is set free from the Netherealm?
Will Raiden escape the Realm of Darkness?