Mortal Kombat Inferno


Lui Kang and his earth realm friends defeated Shao Kahn, but another evil remained. One who was the mastermind behind the whole annihilation; Kahn and Rayden’s father, Shinnok. Shinnok lied to the other elder gods, who he himself was one as well. Shinnok kept the portals open for Shao Kahn, to invade earth, only to be let down by his son’s failure. The other two elders gods were present at the fight. When Shao Kahn was defeated, the elder gods banished his father to the nether realm. Left behind by Shinnok was the very key that allowed him to keep the portals open for Kahn, an amulet known as the Kamidogu. The elder gods knowing its power it held, hid it in a place known as the temple of elements,. They wanted to destroy it, but was unable to. In the temple of elements, the Kamidogu was safely guarded by elemental gods. The world appeared to finally be at peace; Shinnok was trapped in the nether realm forever unless………………….

Appearing out of nowhere, as a specter, he realized he was at his normal state. He looked down at his feet , which was touching the cracked red ground. The heat was unbearable and the atmosphere didn’t look to pleasant, but he didn’t care he was an elder god. Making sure he hadn’t lost his power, he tested it on a grotesque creature known as an oni. Oni’s were native to the nether realm along with other outcasts. Happily reassured he hadn’t lost it, he walked along viewing, the landscape, looking for a way out. His curiosity was short lived when he was stopped by the nether realms ruler, Lucifer. This devilish looking beast stood twice as tall as Shinnok and five times his size. Frightened he burst his hand forward in a fury with sorcery to find out that the beast was not affected. Lucifer laughed and yelled “ You won’t be needing these”. With the wave of his hand, he took away Shinnok’s powers.

Lucifer had Shinnok carried away by two large onis. The two onis stripped him of his robe and proceeded to beat him to a pulp. As a mortal he was weakened and had attempted to fight back, but it got him nowhere. Laying on the ground bruised and beaten , one of them grabbed him by his hair and cut it off with a sharp edge of a blade. He did the same with the rest of his facial hair, making him appear hairless as the rest of the oni’s. The savage beasts lifted his arms and dragged his body along the rugged ground to a rocky hill with a steep slope. They swung his arms and made him tumble down the hill like a rag doll until he landed face down in what seemed like hard sandpaper.
Back on earth, everything was at ease, Jax and Sonya were called back to the states for a small mission assigned by the Special Ops. In China, Liu Kang made home near the temple of the order of light, where he visited daily. Him and Kitana moved in together and Kitana’s mother Sindel, lived not too far away from there, living on her own, watching over them and visiting time to time. Rayden, the newest elder god, kept his promise and watched over all of them and made sure they stayed out of trouble. The elder god spent most of his time at the eternal palace, where he belonged.
Bleeding badly, almost to his death, he was helped by a bystander who had seen everything, since he got there. Seeking opportunity, knowing the power that Shinnok had possessed, he helped him up. This bystander was an Oni who had a human figure but with white ghostly skin. Shinnok grunted as he got to his feet. “ Welcome to the nether realm, where no one can escape. I’ve tried before believe me and have failed every time. My name is Quan Chi, who are you”, the oni asked. “ I am Shinnok”. “I’ve been down here all my life. I’m tired of this hell. I want out. I want more”, gasped Quan Chi. “ So don’t I and I just got here”, remarked Shinnok who was nearly out of breath.
“ I need to take you to safety, before they come back for me”, replied Quan Chi. He guided Shinnok to a crevice in the hillside, that was dug out to make a small bungalow. He laid him down to rest and as Quan Chi starred out an opening in the bungalow, he thought to himself. “ Shinnok, I know how to get your power back.” The words of this oni, caught his interest, so he said “how?” “ Lucifer can be defeated. It may not be easy, but with your help it can be done. Rest for awhile, regain your strength, you’re going to need it.” Shinnok nodded his head in agreement.
In the mist of the heat, Quan Chi gazed at Lucifer’s tower. It almost seemed like it reached the sky, if there was one. Lucifer’s spire contained four levels, each heavily guarded. At the top, set the tormentor’s throne room also occupied by guards. Getting in and out alive was going to be tricky.
2 Back in China, Liu Kang went to the temple to visit his grandfather. He walked through the temple and caught this bold elderly monk praying to the gods. As he walked passed he caught a glimpse of his grandfather meditating. “ I’m so happy you’ve come to visit me, I haven’t heard from you in a few days”. “I’m sorry grandfather I’ve been busy lately.” They hugged and exchanged words of a typical conversation.
Kitana had went to go visit her mother and had embarked in the same typical conversation. Kitana had spoke that she wanted to marry Liu Kang but was afraid. Kitana explained how she didn’t want to live forever and watch Liu age and die, she wanted to be mortal like him. “ I don’t want to live forever either, I want to find happiness and die in peace like the rest of the world” acclaimed Sindel. “ Only if there was a way.”
Shinnok rested for three days only to be awakened by the voice of Quan Chi, “ It’s time!” As they walked Quan Chi mentioned how they couldn’t possibly take on all the guards. So they had to find a way in from the top somehow. They walked up a hill that stood taller than the spire and overlooked the very peak. When they reached the top they saw the same two Onis that had attacked Shinnok. The Oni turned around in a mad surprised pivot to a slicing through flesh sound as their heads fell to Quan Chi’s swords. Their massive bodies fell to the unstable ground cracking it. Suddenly the cliff gave way and they all fell toppling on the spire. The weight was too much and it smashed through the throne room, nearly crushing Lucifer. In a sudden act of surprise Quan Chi finished the remaining guard and leapt his blades at Lucifer. Before he got there Shinnok slit his throat with a jagged rock, from behind. The beast roared as blood spewed out. A sudden powerful force shocked through the air and struck Shinnok. His eyes gleamed an inferno. His skin tightened and he had become younger with the remaining hair singed off his face.

Knowing what Shinnok had just done, Quan Chi was in dismay. He wanted all that power for himself. He knew the rule, how it worked. The one who kills Lucifer consumes his power and becomes the new ruler. The nether realm always needed a ruler. Deep down inside he wanted to kill Shinnok, but was afraid of his power now. The new ruler moved the corpse of Lucifer with the wave of a hand and took his seat at the throne. Sensing jealousy he gave Quan Chi a proposition. “ I will give you some of this power and make you arch sorcerer of the nether realm and the general of my soon to be grand army, if you help me.” “ What is it that I have to do?” replied Quan Chi. “ There is an amulet I used before to travel freely through realms. I want you to find it for me and see to it that it makes its way back here.” “It will be done,” Quan Chi answered. Shinnok added that the Kamidogu cannot be destroyed and that the elder gods probably hid it on earth. Shinnok asked him if he had any outside friends that live on earth. Yes I have one I can use. Shinnok thought for a moment and came up with an idea. “ I have a plan, I can trick the Lin Kuei into assisting us with this matter as well.”
On earth, at the Lin Kuei temple, Sub Zero had returned. He was no longer trying to flee from them. He kept at peace and trained vastly, readying himself for anything and studying farther into his powers. He had once helped Liu Kang but was stopped by Scorpion. Someday he hoped that Scorpion would come to realize that neither his brother nor him killed his family. Scorpion still roamed the earth from time to time. His older brother who died in the first tournament haunts the depths of hell also seeking a way out.
In the nether realm there are several portals leading in, but none leading out. The nether realm was everyone’s hell. Shinnok had it all worked out, he was going to get Quan Chi to talk to Scorpion, so then Scorpion could get his younger brother on earth searching for the amulet. Younger scorpion will then think his older brother wants out and will bring it to him. To guarantee his escape Shinnok to the Lin Kuei Grand master. The Grand Master recognized his voice as an elder god.” Find me the Kamidogu, bring it to me. Send it through the nether realm so I can use it to escape, and punish those who banished me here. Your life will be spared and you will receive great power for your reward.” The Grand Master stunned from what he had heard opened his eyes from meditating and thought hardly about his next move. The Grand Master knew that the elder god Shinnok was sent to the nether realm. He wanted power and lots of it, more than what Sub Zero had been gifted with. He thought why not, it’s not going to hurt any.
Shinnok was already finding followers and fast, because he was the nether realms new ruler. Under his power he now controlled all the demons. He had gotten a bunch of demons to his 3gathering just to worship him. These demons became known as the brotherhood of shadow. Noob Saibot, Sub Zero’s older brother was one of them. Shinnok loved the power he obtained . He wanted to take back earth, with his new army of demons along with the scattered remnants of Shao Kahn’s army. He thought if he could take earth, then he could rule the universe. Shinnok sat in his clean throne room. The fallen rock removed as well as Lucifers body. The ceiling now had an opening, but he liked it, it illuminated the room with a gleam from fire outside. He stole a black garment he liked from an Oni and placed it upon his head. A messenger came and told him that Quan Chi had found Scorpion and that his brother was on his quest to find the amulet. Overjoyed he smiled and laughed at the thought of ruling the universe. His glowing eyes looked down at the worshippers bowing at his feet.

Already had the assignment picked for Sub Zero, his best warrior, the Grand Master sent him to retrieve this amulet. Sub Zero first ventured to the temple of the order of light. Disguised as a monk with his hood up, he never drew any attention. The Grand Master knew there was a map drawn by the monks leading to the secret kamidogu. Sub Zero searched far and wide for this scroll and found a locked chest towards the back of the temple. Now to only find the key he thought. One of the lead monks must keep it with him. Since they all look the same it was hard to tell them apart. He had an idea, he didn’t know if it was going to work or not. He yelled out “ Hurry hurry, I think the secret scroll is gone.” A monk walked over to the chest and tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. So he got the key out and unlocked it quickly. He viewed in and said, “See.” As soon as he said that he snatched the scroll; the monk almost closing the lid on his hand. The monk yelling “ Catch him” as Sub Zero was already at the door. He paused for a moment and called on his powers. He froze the opening shut behind him. He fled and was on his way to the other temple unaware he was being followed by the specter.

Liu Kang walked up the steps to the entry of the temple, for his daily visit, noticing there was water everywhere. Confused he walked in to be stopped by his grandfather who said someone had stolen the secret scroll. “ The secret scroll to what?” “It’s a map that leads to a magical amulet that if in the wrong hands can mean disaster for us,” devastated his grandfather replied back. “What can I do?” said Liu Kang. Then out of thin air smoke swirled and came together to make Rayden. “Gather up your friends, keep them close, I sense something bad is going to happen. I will go to the Lin Kuei, for they are responsible for this.”
Sub Zero had made it to the temple of elements. The temple was in the mountains of Asia. The amulet was buried deep in the ground by Rayden and a temple was built around it He swung on ropes, climbed down walls, fought off and killed guards he seemed to be invincible. He reached the very bottom at last. There were four elemental gods guarding the amulet. Each protector represents an element that makes up the realm, earth, fire, wind and water. He defeated the elemental gods with no problem, as if an unknown force was at his side. He went to the middle of the chamber and dug his hands deep in the ground of soil and came apon cold metal. He lifted his hand and glanced at the gold plated amulet. Then from a corner appeared Scorpion,” I’ll be taking that!” His snake speared forward and knocked the amulet out of his hands. They fought feircly as they once did before, only this time Sub Zero had won. He got out as quickly as possible as soon as he picked up the amulet beside Scorpions knocked cold body. The temple was collapsing , he only had so much time.

Liu Kang sent a message to Jax and Sonya for them to come quickly. He explained to them Rayden thinks the earth is going to be under attack again. except this time by a bigger force. They showed up and everything seemed serious, no friendly greetings or anything.

The grand master was kneeling as he was talking to his so called elder god Shinnok. He told him that Sub Zero had found the amulet and that it would be in the nether realm in no time. The grand master told Sub Zero” Now take this to the nether realm, Shinnok will see to it that you find your way back. Sub Zero opened the portal and stepped in. Scorpion, not dead, undetected followed behind. Sub Zero took off to the spire., as Scorpion appeared and finally found his brother. Reunited they were happy to see each other.
On his way to the spire he was stopped by Quan Chi. “ I see that you have the amulet, 4Shinnok will be pleased.” He handed Quan Chi the Kamidogu and was guided to the top of the spire to the throne room. “Here it is my master” Quan Chi showed it to him. “Finally the key to our escape and to do what needs to be done to the earth realm, Shinnok said with an echo that muttered in the air. Sub Zero asked what was to be done, but got no reply. Quan Chi knew Shinnok’s plan and waited for his reward. “ Your reward Quan Chi, power to help you on your quest with me.” Shinnok waved his hand and Quan Chi’s body consumed green mystical energy. “Now give me the amulet so we can get out of here,” barked the new devil. “ I don’t think so hahahahahaha!“ The new sorcerer opened a portal to the remnants of Outworld and jumped in without hesitating. Sub Zero followed closely and leapt in as well. The dimensions of the portal caved in around them. “Nooooooooooooooo, you will pay for your treachery when you die, Shinnok said in a fit of rage.
“Why have you followed me Sub Zero?” “I want to help” We’ll see” snapped Quan Chi as he holstered the amulet on his belt. They both walked in the dark realm, where hardly anyone else existed. They found there way to the emperors tower, that seemed dead and empty, but a tarkatan warrior jumped out of nowhere. Quan Chi chanted words, he never knew he had known and a green skull shot out of his hands. The skull ate away at his flesh and he was dead in a matter of seconds. Surprised he looked at his hands in an awe. They both made it to the throne room and Quan Chi sat in Shao Kahn’s chair. “ So this is what it feels like with all this power. Know that I have the amulet I can control Shao Kahn’s army.” He called upon the army and his warriors all gathered in front of the tower. Quan Chi lit the torches on a battle platform, out side the tower and looked at his grand army. It was grand all right, it was of course diminished since Kahn’s rule, but it was still great in size. He even had remnants of Reptiles in the army“ Earth will be unprepared, I will open the portals and will lead the army in to wipe them clean. With two immortals at the front, I and you, they will have no chance. If you do not help me I will destroy you. You are the only one who knows of this plot and Shinnok, who I stole it from.
Sitting on his throne, Shinnok thought since Quan Chi Stole his ruling the universe plan, he would still like to see the earth realm crushed and in dismay, that would mean more souls for him to collect if possible. More souls, more power. He exercised his right as the Devil Shinnok and brought upon the Armageddon. The more bad people on earth that die equals more power as well. Shinnok cast a spell over the entire world. The world was now in darkness. Every human on earth turned against each other, killing brothers alike.
Quan Chi and Sub Zero entered the realm. Before he could realize it, Sub Zero took off. “Go after him make sure he doesn’t get away” demanded Quan Chi. As some of his warriors were occupied he had noticed that the sky had darkened and brimstone and fire had been falling. What is happening he thought as he saw another man kill another by snapping his neck. People were screaming and yelling, running with fear as brimstone crushed their bodies. They ran from others who were trying to kill them and they tried to kill them back. It was hell on earth. Quan Chi liked it, it made things easier for him.
Back at home Jax turned against Liu Kang. Sonya, Sindel and Kitana all turned on one another. Quan Chi stormed with his grand army and struck what was left of the monks at the monastery.

Shinnok grinned as he accepted the souls of thousands of people at a time. His nether realm was growing and he felt more powerful than ever. A mist of smoke appeared and then Rayden. “ Stop this at once, I know you’re up to this” “ You cannot stop me my son. Welcome home. Come stay awhile.” Shinnok stood up and knocked Rayden to the ground with a mystical fist. The fight was on between two immortals, father and son. The fate of the world was always on his shoulders as well as Liu Kang. Shinnok tried to take away his powers, but couldn’t he was an elder god and had a higher status.

In the end Rayden proved to be too much for Shinnok. Fighting him was like fighting the wind, Shinnok should have known better, but he didn’t give up until he was laying on the ground crippled and badly beaten. Rayden came to the conclusion, like his brother he could not kill his own father as well. “Call off the spell and you will live, I mean business this time.” Shinnok actually fearing that his death may be at the hands of his son, called off the spell. “ I see that you like your place father as the new tormentor. Forever shall there be an equal balance. Then we can all live at peace and how we want to without problems.” Rayden vanished and Shinnok sighed in pain.

5 What was done was done. All the souls that were taken could not be brought back, but the skies lit back up at blue and the aroma of blood still filled the air. There was still one problem left Quan Chi and his army. Rayden came to Liu Kang and his friends aid, surprised to see that they were all still alive. “ Liu Kang are you able to fight, we have to make one last stand against an evil sorcerer known as Quan Chi. He has taken Shao Kahn’s army and invaded the earth. I would do it myself but I am bound by rules. “ After we regain our strength” “ We don’t have time for that, you can get that on the way to find him” exclaimed Rayden.

They searched the mesa that was once considered home and seeked out an army of warriors and it’s leader. They were out for days searching. Staying in a group, afraid to split up, the elder god Rayden had left them. “What are we supposed to do when we find this army? We cannot take that many fighters at once,” Jax replied. “ Yeah that’s suicide,” stated Sonya. Before they could finish their conversation Quan Chi and his army showed up. The sounds of aggression filled the air as the warriors raised their weapons as did the sorcerer. He didn’t know who Liu Kang was and he didn’t care, in his eyes he was dead. They sprung for attack. Before Quan Chi’s blades met Liu Kang’s body, his whole army and himself were frozen in time. Quan Chi grunted and then Rayden came out of the sky and was now standing in front of him. He snatched the amulet from his belt and with a mere thought he sent the army back to Outworld. He put his hand on Quan Chi and sucked the immortality out of his body.

“The rules have changed. Invasion is unaccepted, this should have never happened. No longer is direct conquest allowed on earth. Before one invades you must fight earth’s chosen warrior in Mortal Kombat!” With a snap of his fingers all of them ended up inside the eternal palace. The candles had all been removed except ones on the wall lighting the dark room. Jax, Sonya, Kitana, Sindel watched desperately as Liu Kang and Quan Chi starred each other down, standing on a dragon battle ground, they were ready. Water, wind and fire swirled in their cubby holes. “Fight!” all three said.
Every move Liu Kang had Quan Chi blocked. He had come from a bad realm and was ready for anything, but so was the previous Mortal Kombat champion. They fought hard with all their might and with a look that proved to be an inferno. In the end, Liu Kang caught Quan Chi with a right, a left and another right, until he was knocked senseless. Liu Kang jumped in the air like nothing and struck Quan Chi with a round house kick to the face. Quan Chi was on the ground now. Liu Kang came to him, with his hand and lifted Quan Chi’s head. With a quick snap, his neck was broken. Quan Chi was dead and the battle for earth was over.
With a thank you of gratitude, the elder god’s granted Liu Kang and his friends immortality and they kept the Kamidogu very well hidden in the eternal palace. Quan Chi’s now mortal soul was sent back to the nether realm. Everything was beginning to get back to normal. The elder god’s, Liu Kang and his friends tried their hardest to restore earth to its original beauty. Liu Kang and Kitana got what they wanted and got married. Sindel found an immortal and did the same. The grand master of the Lin Kuei was held prisoner for his wrong doings. Lin Kuei was still intact and Sub Zero became their new grand master. Surprising enough Liu Kang’s grandfather was still alive and had survived the attack. As an immortal, Liu Kang was granted the status of being the new protector of the realm of earth and lived happily ever after.
As for Quan Chi, he awoke beneath Shinnok sitting on his throne. Before Shinnok could say anything, both the specters, the younger and older scorpion confronted Quan Chi. One said “ We know who killed our family!” The other said, “It was you!” Sub Zero had told both of them every detail in how he had slaughtered their family. Quan Chi had no response, except for a smile. One of the specters forced his hands behind his back and the other threw a serpent where his gut used to be. His smile became a scowl as the ghostly serpent dug in and slithered through his insides. The snake came out of his mouth, went up his nose and popped out an eye. “ Sick him Shao Kahn!” said Shinnok. A fearsome dragon stepped away from being petted and growled at Quan Chi. Within a matter of a second Quan Chi was engulfed by flames as the beast opened his mouth. The damned soul screamed in agony as the words” Welcome to your new Hell!” left the mouth of the tormentor of realms.