The Final Battle: Bound by Kombat

Kit: As a fan of the series, I thought the series ended too abruptly. I thought this might have been a more conclusive ending, or possibly a turn to the future.

The earth realm is being raided by Shao Kahn’s exterminating forces. Earth’s mortal armies fight valiantly but is losing ground quickly. Shao Kahn laughed as the slaughter ensuses.

Suddenly two bright lights flashes and Shao Kahn is met by the elder gods.

“How dare you?!” said an eleder god, “Have you forgotten about the rules by which you are bound?”

“Damn you and your rules!”, shouted Shao Kahn.

Kahn sends his demons against the elder gods but they are smitten with ease at the hands of the elder gods. Kahn glares at the elder gods with furious eyes.

“We’ve come to set things right,” declared the elder gods.

A bolt of lighting flashes and Raiden appears with Kung Lao at his side.

“How….?” asked Kung Lao.

“The champion of mortal kombat is immortal until he is defeated in the tournament,” answered Raiden. “remember?”

Kung Lao’s eyes lit up with alarm.”Taja…? Siro…?”

“I’m sorry Kung Lao,” sighed Raiden, “only YOU were mortal kombat champion, not them. They’re gone.”

“No……”. Kung Lao’s eyes filled with tears. The same tear-filled eyes then sets on Shao Kahn with fury. “DAMN YOU SHAO KAHN!!!!!!!!!” Kung Lao roared at the top of his lungs. “Shao Kahn, I challenge YOU to mortal kombat!”

“You would like that, wouldn’t you? No, I want you to live and die knowing that I, your friends’ killer lives whether you win or lose this mortal kombat.” Shao Kahn says with a sadistic smile.

Shao Kahn then conjures up the soul he just harvested when he had Shang Tsung killed.

Shang Tsung appears and looks around, “What’s going on?”

“I have decided to grant you one more chance to redeem yourself, defeat Kung Lao now, claim for me earth realm, and you will be in my good graces once more,” explains Shao Kahn.

“Thank you emperor,” Shang Tsung bows. “It’ll be a pleasure.”

Kung Lao steps forward.”You’re a coward, Kahn!”

“Say what you will,” Kahn said quietly. “I’d concentrate on the fight at hand.”

Now Shang Tsung and Kung Lao faces each other once more, for the true final battle.

“LET MORTAL KOMBAT BEGIN!” Declaes the elder gods.

The fighting is furious, the two warriors exchanges blow after blow. Kung Lao, fighting with a new found fire burning within him, slowly gains the upper hand.

“This is for you, my friends…”. Kung Lao moves in and finishes Shang Tsung with back to back vault axes. Shang Tsung falls to the ground, defeated and unable to continue.
“Damn you Kung Lao, now finish it.”

Kung Lao turns his back to Shang, “No, a worst fate awaits you.”

“He’s right, sorcerer,” Shao Kahn says,”for this new disgrace, I present your punishment…CHAN.”

Shang’s eyes looked up with fright.”Master…NO!!!”

Shang’s former master looks down at him,”It’s time.” The master then used his sorcery and stripped Shang Tsung of his youth, finally he drags Shang’s old carcass through a portal back to the cobalt mines for further torture.

“Mark my words monk, I will return.” Shao Kahn says with disgust as he turn to go back to outworld.

Kung Lao stands victorious,”We’ll be ready.”

“Order has been restored, we now once again leave the safety of earth in your hands. Good luck, Kung Lao and Raiden.” With that, the elder gods vanishes back to the heavens.

“What will you do now?” asks Raiden.

“I will continue the work that Taja, Siro, and I started. I’ll return to the trading post and search for the next generation of warriors to train.” says Kung Lao with hope in his voice.

Many months pass and Kung Lao is in the courtyard of the trading post training a few pupils he’s accepted. All his pupils were great fighters, but Kung Lao contiues to wait for one with true potential. Suddenly, a knock at the door.

“Okay guys, have a rest.”

Kung Lao opens the door to a fresh-faced young man. “May I help you?”

“I hope so, are you Kung Lao?” asks the young man.

“I am, what can I do for you?”

“Finally! Master Kung Lao, I’ve traveled many a miles to come and train with you! I believe I can become the strongest fighter ever with your guidance!” exclaims the young man.

“Well that remains to be seen. For now, come in from the sun and have a drink of water, you must be parched.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem. By the way, young man, what’s your name?” Kung Lao asks as he ushers the young man in.

“Oh, where are my manners? The name’s Kang, Zhu Kang.”


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