mortal kombat episode 1

—————-Chapter 1 Lord Shinnok———————-

After killing Shao Kahn( season 2. cancelled by the directors) , his father, Shinnok, want revenge and he tries to kill Kung Lao and he’s friends.
Shinnok: I now am in control of the tropes Reiko.
Reiko: Yes Sire.
Shinnok: Order a ninja to attack Kung Lao and bring him alive.
Reiko: I’m on my way.
Reiko goes to a very dark place and he looks at a Shadow.
Reiko: Noob Saibot. I need you. I need you to kill Kung Lao and he’s friends.
Noob Saibot: No human is stronger than I.
Reiko: If you see a stranger, it’s Stacy. She’s helping you to kill kung Lao.
Kung Lao was in a festival with Siro to buy something for they’re trading post and Taja was there to vender.
Salesman: What do you want?
A strange woman walk by with a box saying delivery.
Kung Lao: I want some apples to eat please.
Salesman: Here it is.
Kung Lao: Thank you.
When they return to the trading post, Taja told them about a strange woman:
Taja: A strange woman comes here saying that she was a deliverywoman and he gives us a…amulet.
Kung Lao: She was with blond air and she haves my size?
Taja: Yeah. Yeah it was.
Siro: She is very strange.
In Shao Kahn’s castle, Shinnok was fighting against an attack of Zaterras.
Reiko: Fire!
All the warriors launched fire from they’re catapult and killed the Zaterras.
Shinnok: All of you! Try to find Reptile and his clan. I’m sick of it!
Reptile was very angry for his cousin died against the shadow priests.
Reptile: Shinnok and he’s army destroyed our warriors. This ends now!
Raiden: Kung Lao…what are you doing?
Kung Lao had a nightmare and a dream. Very weird.
Kung Lao: First of all, I had a nightmare. The Shaolin Temple was being under attack. The dream was that…we wined against…I don’t know who he is but earth was save until the next tournament.
Raiden: You’re dreams could be visions of the future.
Kung Lao: I know
Noob Saibot: I’m going to kill you Kung Lao!
Kung Lao: Who are you?!
Noob Saibot: I’m the one who’s going to kill you!
Noob started with a high punch and then a high kick. Kung Lao then low kicked in the air and then he graved a stick in fire to give light and burned Noob.
Shinnok: You failed me!
Noob Saibot: No I don’t!
Shinnok: Forget it! Stacy’s plan is next! Let’s wait for one of them to use the amulet.
In the trading post, Taja was almost wearing the amulet when Raiden appeared.
Raiden: That amulet it’s possessed.
Taja: How do you know?
Raiden: It’s an amulet of my father.
Taja throw him away and the amulet transform into a warrior called Smoke.
Smoke: Sub-Zero, you’re time has come!!!

To be continued…

——————— Chapter 2 Smoke———————

Kung Lao: Who are you?!
Smoke: I’m Smoke and you will die Sub-Zero!
Kung Lao: I’m not Sub-Zero!
Smoke lunched smoke against him and he gives a high punch throwing him into the wall.
Siro: Stop that! We aren’t Sub-Zero!
Siro gives him a low kick and then Taja throw’s him a knife.
Taja: This is team work!
But then he appears again.
Siro: All right stop with this!
Smoke: If you aren’t Sub-Zero. Who are you?
Kung Lao: We are the earth realm warriors.
Smoke: I’m the Lin kuey robot. I failed to kill sub-zero so I was trapped in this amulet. If anyone doesn’t use it…is luck. I got to go!
Raiden: Smoke it’s a very strong robot.
Taja: You were there all the time?!
Raiden: Of course.
Reiko was hidden in the trading post and he saw the fight.
Reiko: Smoke is free from the amulet and Stacy’s plan failed.
Shinnok: What?! Send a warrior from the Lin Kuey. Send Sub-Zero but first I have to talk to the grandmaster.
Grandmaster: Why do you want to talk with me?
Shinnok: I need Sub-Zero.
Grandmaster: I’ll send him to kill Kung Lao.
Kung Lao was hading the same nightmare over and over again.
Raiden: Again that nightmare.
Kung Lao: Yes.
Raiden: At least we can know the end. If it’s true.
Sub-Zero appeared and low kicked kung Lao and he fall down.
Kung Lao: Sub-Zero!
Kung Lao start the fight with a power slam and then a low kick, when Sub-Zero raised up he launched a ice ball but Kung Lao ducked and then he throw Sub-Zero into the wall and he goes away.
Siro: What he want from us?
Raiden: Your lifes.
Taja: What?
Raiden: He want to kill you.
Kung Lao: Shinnok is behind of this.
Smoke was in the temple of Zhu Zhin. He was there to concentrate on Sub-Zero.
Smoke: Where are you Sub-Zero?
In Zhu Zhin there was a little party and Smoke knew that Sub-Zero will be there to kill Kung Lao.
Siro: I hope any warrior shows up.
Kung Lao: Well…there is one.
Sub-Zero: I’m here to complete my mission!
Smoke: Your adversary is here!
Sub-Zero: But you were dead!
Smoke high kicked him, sub-zero low kicked and high punched. Smoke launched smoke and high punch him and Sub-Zero failed his mission.
Smoke: My job is done!
Kung Lao: Wait! Why you were sent to kill Sub-Zero?
Smoke: I was an assassin.
A ninja was hiding and he said:
Ninja: He’s a killer and he’s mine to kill!

To be continued…