Episode 23 – Resurrection

In the last episode of Mortal Kombat: Conquest you saw the earth get taken over by Shao Kahn. The episode ends with Kung Lao’s Mortal Kombat amulet glowing.

Episode 23 – Resurrection

Rayden is forced on his knees by Shao Kahn’s guards as Shao Kahn is telling Rayden how much of a failure he is to Earthrealm. After heaps of verbal abuse from Shao Kahn, Rayden couldn’t take it anymore so he jumps up with anger and knocks out the guard. He takes the guard’s sword and draws it to Shao Kahn’s throat. “What are you going to do with that Rayden”, “What ever I have to, to kill you!” Shao Kahn laughs and says “Remember where you are Rayden, you are in Outworld do you really think you can kill me!” Rayden slashes out a strike only to be blocked by Shao Kahn. He then uppercuts Rayden and he falls to the ground. “Guards! Send him to the Cobalt Mines, I will deal with him later.”

The guards pick Rayden up and take him away. “HaHaHaHaHa, Fool.” (Shao Kahn).
Back on Earth at the Trading Post the amulet is still glowing and starts to get brighter and brighter. Back in the mines Rayden starts feeling faint he senses something very powerful happening. “The Amulet” says Rayden. He has a flashback of what the Elder Gods had told him about the amulet. The reason why this prize is given to the victor of Mortal Kombat is because it makes them immortal until the next tournament, if something awful happens to the champion the amulet will resurrect the warrior and with their command it can also reverse what ever happened to Earthrealm and his allies.

Rayden makes a prayer to the Elder Gods to help him get back to Earthrealm. All of a sudden the Elder Gods appear. “Rayden it is not to late you can still save Kung Lao and his friends”. (Rayden) “The Amulet that’s the key isn’t it.” “Yes, Shao Kahn has broken the rules of Mortal Kombat and as Elder Gods we can not tolerate that.”

“Since Shao Kahn has broken the rules we have decided to help you get back to Earthrealm”. The Elder Gods then restore Rayden’s powers and tell him to collect the Amulet. Rayden then opens up a portal for himself to go back to Earthrealm. He gets to the Trading Post and picks up the Amulet. As soon as he picks it up a huge beam of light shoots up into the sky and then spreads throughout the Earth. When it is finished everyone starts to appear again. Kung Lao, Siro, Taja, Shang Tsung and the rest are all resurrected. Rayden quickly vanishes the enemies to the Cobalt Mines. When they appear in the Cobalt Mines Reiko makes a report to Shao Kahn.

(Reiko) “Sir, Rayden has disappeared”. (Shao Kahn) “WHAT! How can this be!”. (Reiko) “I don’t know Sir but something else has happen as well and I don’t know if you’re going to like it”. (Shao Kahn) “What is it?” (Reiko) “Kung Lao and the rest have been resurrected and some unexpected guests have also arrived.” (Shao Kahn) “Who?” (Reiko) “Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and the rest of our former allies and enemies.”

The episode ends with Shao Kahn’s angry/shocked/furious face.

By StAmAtIs87