Final Battle Part 1

The scene just before the shadow priests appear to kill the earth warriors.

Shao Kahn: Raiden if I was to walk through that portal into Earthrealm….what will happen to me?

Raiden: Well, considering that you are not allowed to enter Earthrealm, I’ll think that the elder gods will have sumin to say about that.

Shao Kahn: should know me Raiden I’m never a person to back out of a challenge, and I’m 100% on course to take that risk

Raiden: Well Shao Kahn, that is a risk that you will not be takening because you will not enter earth, not while im standing here anyway

Shao Kahn: Well Raiden let’s do sumin about it then

Raiden: Kahn, anytime, anywhere, any place

Shao Kahn: Let’s Finish this Raiden, PROTECTOR OF EARTH REALM…MR THUNDER GOD!

Raiden: Whatever you say Shao Kahn, EMPEROR OF OUTWORLD, MR CONQUER OF REALMS

Kung Lao, Siro & Taja make their way to the portal which Raiden passed through

Kung Lao: C’mon guys, were almost there

Siro: Kung Lao, you reliase we may have to fight shao kahn, and we face the possibililty of dying

Kung Lao: Siro, Taja, your my friends, I saved you once before when both of you were aging, and if need be, I’ll save you again. I will not let nufin happen to you. I Will not let my friends DIE!

Siro: Thank You, Kung Lao, your a true friend.

Taja: Kung Lao, I’m sorry i dragged all of you into this

Kung Lao: What do you mean Taja?

Taja: If i didn’t bring you guys here into this unknown city, we would be still training at the trading post. I allowed that bitch of friend to betray me, and that has lead us into what we are going through at the moment.

Kung Lao: Taja, this would of happened anytime soon. You can’t blame yourself. If anything you did us a favour in finding this city. So now we can find Shao Kahn and finish him off ourselves.

Taja: I think we should of waited at the trading post kung lao, that is what raiden told us to do.

Siro: Raiden could be in trouble Teja, we can’ take that risk in waiting

Kung Lao: Lets go guys, lets try to find Raiden. The portals up ahead

Meanwhile Shao Kahn and Raiden prepare for battle

Shao Kahn: Before we finish our battle Raiden, I’m sure you’ve reliased how i wanted to find my traitors and i’ve promised time and time again…I will have my revenge

Raiden: Fooled by reptile, betrayed by soceror after soceror…Yeah i could understand why you were full of rage and eager for revenge

Shao Kahn: Ah yes Haha…Revenge Raiden. I said i wanted my revenge and what i want Raiden, I always, always Raiden! Always get.

Raiden: Of Course Kahn, thats why you havent got your revenge on any of your traitors yet

Shao Kahn: Oh Raiden, Raiden, if only you knew what was going on

Raiden: What’s wrong Kahn, thats not a guilty sound of adultery is it? If so im deeply upset with the absolute passion

Shao Kahn: Hmph, if only

Raiden: Enough jokes Khan, What’s Going On?

Kahn: Well Raiden i’ve said that i will be getting my revenge, & while we’ve been talking, I’ve sent my shadow priests a err, list if you will

Raiden: List? Shopping are we?

Kahn: Sumin like that. A list which has the names of all the people who have betrayed me. Well had betrayed me

Raiden: What do you mean had? What have you done Kahn?!

Kahn: Now Raiden calm down. I have something to show you. A gift…

Raiden: I’ll never accept anything from you Khan

Kahn: Ahh, But i have a strong feeling that you want to take a look at this

Kahn clicks his fingers, and suddenly a box appears

Kahn: Open it Raiden, see how i have extracted my revenge.

As Raiden looked into the box he took out each item

Raiden: What’s this? Why have you got this?

Kahn: What isit Raiden? Tell me what isit?

Raiden: Reptiles mouthpiece, kitanas weapons, Quan Chi’s weapons, Shang Tsungs shirt, Vorpax’s Robe….what have you done to them?


Raiden: Your forbidden to enter Earthrealm so how did you call kill Vorpax and Shang?

Kahn: Well Raiden, I may be forbidden to enter Earthrealm. But my exercutioners ARE NOT!

The shadow priests then appear behind Shao Kahn
Each shadow priest showed Raiden a vision of how they exucuted the traitors which have been killed

Kahn: You see Raiden I don’t like to brag, but i just hate it when I’m right. Everything I want, I get, and I want 3 more things

Raiden: 3 More traitors…Kahn don’t be expecting a X mas card this year.

Kahn: Haha Funny Raiden. Actually the three things i want…is from you

Raiden: I will not give you anything kahn!

Kahn: Thats where your wrong, you have given me more than i could ever ask for

Raiden: What do you mean?

Kahn: 3 more things…you wanna read the list of the next victims? Beta yet…look in that portal behind you.

The Earthrealm portal shows Kung Lao, Taja and Siro.

Kahn: A thief, A bodyguard and….a champion. What more could you give me raiden? I kept you here long enough for them to come looking for you, as i knew would happen


Kahn: All in good time Raiden, all in good time.

The shadow priests leave kahn, and make their way to the warriors

Raiden: Where they going? You know you can’t kill Kung Lao until the next Mortal Kombat Tournament.

Kahn: I thought about that, so i thought if i can’t kill Kung Lao, I’ll hurt him. When scorpion killed his beloved Jan, Kung Laos world came crashing down. So this time, were just going to bring his world down again….BY KILLING HIS FRIENDS!

The shadow priests move in to kill Taja & Siro as they know they can’t kill Kung Lao

Kahn: Taja & Siro’s soul will be MINE! FINISH THEM!

Raiden: Kung Lao, the shadow priests are going to kill Taja & Siro. GET OUT OF HERE NOW!

Kahn: Its too late Raiden

Kung Lao: Siro, Taja, I’ll Fight with you…I will not let you die!

… be continued. Final Battle Part 2, is currently being written

Scott “MVP” B