“Sir, we have found Sub-Zero. He is in an old temple.” Said one of Scorpions men
“Good work. I will teach you in the way of fire for this achievement.” Scorpion replied

“Sub-Zero i have waited a very long time for this. I challenge you to mortal kombat!” Scorpion yelled
“I accept dead man.” then they both took their fighting stances but Sub-Zeros was new
“What is this?” Scorpion said
“I have been training in the way of magic, Wu-Shu and judo.” Sub-Zero replied
“It matters not i will still kill you now lets fight to the end.” Scorpion said

The fight started slow with no special moves the fight was switching momentum time after time Scorpion then launched a 10 punch combo followed by a triple roundhouse kick knocking Sub-Zero to the ground “Time to die.” Scorpion said removing his mask “What is this!” Scorpion demanded
“During the fight I turned you back into a mortal.” Sub-Zero said
“How dare you make me mortal again for that I will kill you? Mortal or not the outcome will be the same.” Scorpion said shooting his harpoon “Argh why did that hurt.”
Sub-Zero dodges the harpoon “That has always hurt but you didn’t have any nerves but now you’re a mortal you do.” Sub-Zero said

Scorpion ran up to Sub-Zero and kick him in the ribs knocking him to the ground Sub-Zero was rolling on the ground until Scorpion got close to him then Sub-Zero kicked Scorpion in the shin knocking him face first into the ground and his nose started to bleed
“What is this?” Scorpion asked
“It’s called blood moron.” Sub-Zero said
“You are going to die for that!” Scorpion yelled
then the fight started with Sub-Zero using a freeze blast but aiming it at Scorpions feet but Scorpion thought it missed and started running at Sub-Zero but slipped and fell on a rock cutting his forehead open but got up again and leaped at Sub-Zero doing a side kick that hit him on the head then he waited for Sub-Zero to get up then did a backflip kick that was also on target but when Scorpion landed the blood from his forehead got in his eyes and blinded him then taking an advantage Sub-Zero ran in and did a 10 punch combo then a 5 kick combo followed up by a roundhouse to the head knocking Scorpion on his back but got up and wiped the blood out of his eyes and saw Sub-Zero launch an ice attack but fire burst out of his body making a shield

“What is this? I thought you said I was mortal.” Scorpion said
“You are. I don’t know how this happened.” Sub-Zero said

scorpion then ran out of his fire shield and punched him straight in the head then in the gut then picked up a rock and threw it at Sub-Zero and it got him in the head then he ran up and kicked him in the arm and pick up a candelabra and swiped at Sub-Zero and it hit him and started burning his shirt so he ran of.

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