unholy confessions

“Shao khan what are you doing!” raiden yelled “I’m brining kung lao back to life so he can die by my hand.” Shao khan explained “Be carful even you couldn’t have mastered rebirth.” raiden said “Don’t be a fool. Me emporor of outworld not master rebirth.” shoa khan gloated “Fine but don’t be surprised if you bring back more then you bargained for.” raiden said before teleporting away “How did he do that? priest i thought you said you took all of his powers away!” shao khan yelled “It was the elder gods sir” the Priest said “Get every assassin to find him.”

“Kung lao wake up.” said a man in the shadows “Master Cho is that you?” Kung Lao asked “Yes and no.” The man said “How is that possible you are either Cho or not.” kung lao said “My name is master Cho but i am not fully me.” Cho said “I think i know what you mean.” Kung lao said taking his fighting pose “Smart boy!” Cho said taking his fighting pose. Kung lao attacked first with a spinning crane kick but Cho ducked and punched Lao in the knee that took him to the ground. Kung lao jumped back to his feet and did a windmill kick combo knocking Cho onto a chair that broke instantly Cho then jumped back onto his feet and tried an axe kick but Kung Lao dogded it and did a flip onto the second layer of rock, picked up a chair and then threw it at Cho who hit it away but didn’t see Kung Lao jump down and get behind him Kung Lao then did an vaulting axe kick that broke Cho’s neck “See you in the next life.” Kung lao said before he was kicked in the back by sub-zero, the sub-zero started to freeze Kung Lao’s body

to be continued in a cold demise

lin-kuei ninjas approach sub-zero “So they sent 4 ninjas after me. Funny i thaught they would have sent smoke.” “It seems they taught you well.” said a voice suddenly a thick fog appeared over the forest where sub-zero was. Sub-zero quickly killed the ninjas “Show yourself smoke!” He yelled. Some smoke fell from the sky then a robot steped out “This ends now.” Sub-Zero said “Hahahahahaha you think i’m the only robot they made. This will never end.” Smoke said “One by one they will fall. starting with you.” Sub-Zero said before taking his fighting stance “So you are eager to die.” Smoke said and teleported behind Sub-Zero “Then die!” Smoke said then he grabbing Sub-Zero around the neck but it was an ice-clone “Nice try Smoke.” said Sub-Zero launching an ice ball in his direction Smoke tried to dodged it but it hit his arm “This is not the time nor the place.” Smoke said before turnig into smoke and leaving

“Ice-Man get over here.” Scorpion yelled launching his snake- like harpoon. Sub-Zero dodged it and launched an ice-ball at scorpion in mid-air but it missed as soon as Sub-Zero rushed in for the attack but was attacked by Scorpions ninjas “To scared to fight me.” Sub-Zero said “Me afraid. Hahahahaha dont make me laugh ice-man.” Scorpion replied “Kill him.”
Sub-Zero got into his fighting stance the fist ninja attacked with a 5 kick combo but Sub-Zero blocked them all and returned with a roundhouse kick that landed on target and broke the ninjas neck the second and third drew thier hook swords and attacked but Sub-Zero dodged them all and froze thier weapons then froze them the final ninja was held back by Scorpion “He’s mine.” Scorpion said. Scorpion threw out his harpoon at Sub-Zero and it was on target “Get over here!” Scorpion yelled pulling back on his harpoon “You’re dead” Sub-Zero said before launching an ice-ball at scorpion that hit and using the momentum from the harpoon to leap to scorpion and make the finishing blow
“And stay dead.”

To be continued…..

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