The Battle of the Immortals

Last season we had witnessed the deaths of all of the warriors and enemies to shao kahn. I am used of making things short and sweet and I totally sux with spelling so here we go.

Raiden was incarcerated in the Colbalt Minds of Shokkan as an example to all those who opposed him. Still grieving over the deaths of his warriors he prayed to the elder gods.

Though the Elder Gods heard his prayer, back on Earth realm an immortal worrior was summond by the Elder Gods and they called him Fujin the god of wind. They sent this immotal warrior because the Elder Gods were busy keeping Shao Kahns minions out of our world.(I thought they should add some more characters from the game to the show)Fujin left his post at the temple (Fujin is the protector of the sacret amulet to prevent the resurrection of the one Powerful Elder God who seeks it’s power, but that is another story) to aid the Elder Gods to rescue Raiden from Outworld

While caos reigned on Earth Realm back at the trading post Fujin saw the disaster and the mortal kombat medallion lying on the floor. As he picked it up he had a premonition this vision of death and annhilation of his brother god, know as Raiden. Raiden was sending him a message about the red little ruby that can alter time and open portals (Seen in episode 3 and 8). Last seen with Taja who stole the crystal from Shang sung and gave it back to Kung Lao as they all escaped from the Colbalt Minds of Sokkahn.

Anywayz, With his god like powers he found the crystal buried near the Temple of the order of light.

Then with the crystal’s power a portal was opened and Fujin entered this portal saving Raiden but it was not easy. Some of Shao Kahns spies in the Colbalt Minds of Shokkah decided to attack the powerful God of Wind. With the power he had a tornado emerged from the ground and driven all the ememies of the Earth Realm away. But his powers where weakening because the Colbalt drains any type of power possessed by an immortal or an inhuman sorcerer. With the wounded and left for dead Raiden, Fujin rescued Raiden as they both stepped through the portal opened by this sacred crystal.

So Raiden and Fujin stepped through the portal and back into Earth Realm before any information about their escape reached Shao Kahn.

Raiden was weak and tired and near death as a mortal, back in Earth Realm he had recieved his god-like powers again. With his rage he destroyed the open portal left in the valley of Shakka (Last seen in episode 21-22 were Raiden was trapped with Shao Kahn) and before any invaders came through the portal gate Raiden grabbed the red Ruby crystal in Fujins hands. With an unknown language he chanted as the world turned in reverse, the powers of the crystal brought everyone that Shao Kahn killed (in the episode vengeance) back to life.

But the only one who has the memory of anything is Raiden, Fujin and Shao Kahn because the power of the crystal doesn’t work on immorals and Shao Kahn was not on Earth Realm when it rotated backwards.

Kung Lao, Siro, Taja, Kitana, Vorpax, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Siann, Reptile and Kiri was brought back to life with no knowledge of their death experience due to the hands of the Shadow priest.

Back on Outworld a furious Emperor was outraged with violence and hate that he vowed to take out the champion in mortal kombat.

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