Unexpected Savour

While Shao Kahn beats a powerless Raiden, the camera turns back to the city where Kung Lao, Taja, Siro are surrounded by the Shadow Priest’s, at this point they are not quite dead, but most certainly have no energy to fight back at the priest’s. The leader priest asks his fellow priest’s to hold the three while he takes the final blow. He looks to a dazed Kung Lao and say’s “You may watch as I kill your friends before I kill you”, and with that the Priest leaps into the air toward Taja. The priest is just about to strike Taja when from out of nowhere a blast of Ice freezes him. He falls to the ground and shatters in peaces. His fellow Priest’s (Still with the three fighters in they’re grasp) turn to see where it came from. There standing at the bottom of the steps is none other than Sub-Zero, “Let them three go, or you will join your fellow priest in hell” warned Sub-Zero. After that on priest yells out “Come on all of you lets kill this fool. No one kills our leader priest and lives”. After that all the priests go to attack Sub-Zero. Zero fly kicks one priest but unfortunatly he lands in the middle of them and gets knocked to the ground. As the priests surround Sub-Zero a huge blast of ice shoots out from the middle of them and freezes them all. Then with a break dancing style kick smashes them to peaces. Zero flips up to his feet and looks around at the floor to see big piles of ice “ha ha ha I warned you all, but you just didn’t listen”. Zero chuckles a bit more before turning to where Kung Lao, Taja and Siro lay. He walks over to them and crouches down beside Kung Lao. “Kung Lao, you Ok my friend? Come on get up”. Lao starts to move and opens his eyes to see Sub-Zero, someone he least expected to see again “Sub-Zero”! “Come on my friend let me help you up”. Zero helped Lao to his feet and lent him against the stone table “Rest there for a minute while I see to your other friends”. Zero helps both Taja and Siro to their feet and leans them next to Kung Lao.

As the three fighters get their strength back, Sub-Zero explained to them how he found this city, and way he saved their lives. He told them that he was walking through the woods when he found an opening in the wall leading to this city. He said he saw the Priests and then you three in the middle. At that point he thought back at the time when his former family were saved by Kung Lao and his two friends from Scorpion and then with no hesitation took action and saved the three fighters.

Meanwhile in Outworld, Raiden is laying on the ground completely powerless. Shao Kahn towers over him with his huge sword in his hand and a massive grin on his face, “ha ha now Earth is finely mine” Kahn graps the sword and raises it above his head, preparing to drive the sword through Raidens chest “But don’t worry Raiden, I promise to take great care of it… of it’s destruction anyway ha ha ha ha”. Just as Kahn is about to drive the sword through Raiden, Kung Lao, Taja and Siro appear in front of him “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Kahn” shouts Kung Lao. “WWWhat!” shouts an angry Shao Kahn “How are you all still alive? My Shadow Priests should have crashed you easily”. “Yes they would have if it wasn’t for the fact that they are dead” came a voice from behind the three fighters. Kahn looked to see Sub-Zero appearing from behind Kung Lao. Sub-Zero then added “And now you will join them”. Kahn roared in fury and a huge final battle commenced. The fight was vicious, brutle and very bloody. But it finaly came to an end with Kung Lao grabbing Kahns sword and chopping his head of, Kahn’s dead. After getting their breath back Lao, Taja, Siro and Zero help Raiden to his feet and return to earth. The minute Raiden touches the Earth floor, his powers return to him, and he then destroys the portal. Everything is back to normal, the sun shines in the beautiful blue sky and birds can be heared. They return to the trading post, and the Kung Lao, Taja and Siro thanks Zero once again for what he did tells Sub-Zero he is welcome to stay, but Sub-Zero turns down his offer, telling them there’s things he needs to do. Raiden thanks the Earth warriors for saving him. After that the three go to bed and have a damn good rest.

The end

Hoped you liked it, I know there’s no Paragraphs but never mind

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