Episode 23 – Revival

In the last episode of Mortal Kombat Konquest, the emperor of outworld, Shoa Khan had ordered his highly ranked Shadow Preists. With brutal force, each one of Khan’s foes fell to their knees and died. The emperor now has inprisoned the The God Of Thunder Raiden. Earth has now bent it self to the will of Khan, the future of earth realm will depend on one powerfull group… The Elder Gods!

‘Get Back, old man!’ One of khans ninjas ordered as he pushed Raiden into the back of a prison cell. The thunder god wiped the fresh red blood dripping from his mouth, he had been tortured and beaten to near death. Raiden now must communicate with the Elder Gods. Impaled with dreaded fear the god raiden began to prey.

‘Elder Gods, hear me. Elder Gods, i wish to speak!!’ Raiden muttered, then a flash of light burst open infront of raiden, the Thunder God closed his eyes and continued to speak.

‘Elder Gods, earth realm has fallen once again into the hands of outworld, shoa khan!’

‘You dare contact us when you have proven yourself unworthy!! Your flaws are unexceptable.’

‘Gods, it is only in your power that we can set the defenders of the realm free!’

‘Very well thunder god! We will see to it, in a few seconds everything will change! Every one that his shadow priests killed will be brought back to life.’

‘Even the evil ones?’

‘Yes, protect earthrealm well, for we have helped you now, but know this Raiden the future will still not seem bright as you think!’

‘Very Well, thanks, chow now!’

The light infront of him increased as it became brighter, and then Raidens sight dissolved and he was once again in earth ralm, just infront of the temple of light, standing in front of them were the defenders, the shoalin monk, Kung Lao, The theif, Taja and the Exiled guard Siro. Raiden stared at them with releif, This meant that the revival had been complete…

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