———–This is The sequal to the Threat of Quan Chi—————-

—————–I Hope you like it————————————

—————DARKNESS FALLS————————————–
Quan Chi stood above the bows of the canyons of the Neitherrealm watching this hell from above, he smiled while holding up the sacret amulet that he possessed not so long ago. His fight with Fujin was but the beginning of the end for the mortals of Earth realm. The sky’s turned pitch black and the moon faded with the clouds that hovered over this red hell. Quan Chi’s eyes turned green as his flaming skulls surrounded his being and he disappeared (Like he did in Vengeance while escaping from the shadow priest).

The portal opened in the skys of the hell beneath the Neitherrealm, as Quan Chi looked around and saw nothing but fire and purgatory as skulls where hanging from brimstone as the flames grew and heat nourished in this place. There Quan Chi saw a man who swam through the fire like he was swimming on water or something. This man was known as Blaze a shadow of heat who thirst on nothing but the flames of this perpetual hell. Quan Chi stood toe to toe with this fire adversary, Blaze replied,” What business do you have here sorcerer.” Quan Chi replied with a sinster voice,”I am here–to find an old friend.” Blaze said,” Oh, really-well sorcerer, if my memory corrects me you are still a prisoner in my domain.” Quan Chi laughed and replied,” Blaze-Do-you-have-any-idea-who-you-are messing with.” Blaze looked with flames in his red heated eyes as he charged toward Quan Chi like a fire ball. Quan chi disapperared through the ground, with a confused look upon Blaze’s heated face, Quan chi used his teleport stomp coming from the sky and stomped his opponent to the ground. Quan Chi didn’t realize by stomping on this creature his legs where on fire, not realizing the pain because of his invulnerablity of the sacret amulet, the fire exstiguised as Quan Chi walked away.

Back on Earth Realm Rayden was tending to a wounded semi-God of wind Fujin (If your thinking why is Fujin hurt, because he is immortal, the amulet is like a God cryptonite, it works on by inflecting the damage not the one who possess it).

Rayden- replied to Fujin,” I summon the Elder Gods to aid us in this battle with the fallen Elder God my brother.”

Fujin-“If Shinnok is free to roam this world, it will crumble and the will of man will be broken.”

Rayden-“That is why our mortals will fight for a better world.”

Fujin-“Well then my faith is with them and we will fight at their side. But fighting Quan Chi was like fighting my own God Strength, that amulet is very powerful and cannot fall into the hands of Shinnok.

Liu Kang entered the cave where Rayden and Fujin were having a conversation.

Liu Kang-“Rayden if Shinnk is set free then he will come after me for defeating his son(Shao Kahn) in the illegal form of Mortal Kombat. If Fujin couldn’t defeat Quan Chi than we are no match for Shinnok.

Rayden-“Liu Kang every being has a weakness and because he is my father I will destroy him.”

Back in the Neitherealm Quan Chi entered this pyre like door built unbreakable, but not to the sacret amulate which seperated the walls of fire as Shinnok was held in bondage. With the aid of Quan Chi, Shinnok escaped but not before Lucifer the King of the hell beneath the Neitherrealm caught them. A giant shadow figure was before them and nothing but hissing and brithing of this massive monster known as Lucifer the king of this dimension. Shinnok was hanging on Quan Chi’s shoulder wounded and tired of his last battle weaken by the powers, the energy and force of this world. But not before a battle broke out and darkness fell over the bows of the Neitherrealm.

-To be Continue-

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