mortal domination

now sub-zero an elder god of ice sets out his on his journey to the neverealm and seek his revenge on the newly ressurected shang tsung. After raidens death caused by the most powerful sorcerer in the universe quan-chi sub-zero was asked to take his postion and fight with the mortals. Quan-chi heard of the ressurection and decided he would travel to see shang tsung and become partners to try and take over earth realm. Shang tsung aggreed to form an alliance with quan-chi aslong as he becomes the over ruler of earth realm and that quan-chi becomes his desendant, quan-chi aggreed to these terms and they travelled to the outworld to assinate shao kahn, after doing so shao kahns monks were forced to take all of sub-zeros powers away from him rendering him useless of ice power, the monks disagreed because they know now not to try and overcome the power of an elder god. Shan tsung and quan-chi execute them alland claim outworld as there own. Will sub-zero be able to stop the powerful alliance of shang tsung and quan-chi or will the mortals fail and lose earthrealm to the most deadly alliance ever formed find out next story I make

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