dragon king

This story begains with the death of goro,and the death of Kintoro .When they died they where banished to the neither realm where they killed the god Blaze….When Blaze died the portal to earth realm opened, and Shinock was about to escape,but suddenly he head an idea,but it wouldn’t work if Goro died as he was about to beacause Squopion was trying to rip his head of with his spear.Shinock rushed down and tried to attack Squrpion,but insese Squrpion was dead his power incresed every second,and Shinock’s energy grew weaker so Kintoro helped Shinock,and knocked Squrpion out.Then without explaining his plan he fused Goro and Kintoro and from half human-half dragon they became the dragon king.Then Shinock explaned his plan witch was to over all realms the first realm was outworld they touk out Shoa Khan with no problam,but what frustratated Shinock was there next invasion on earth realm.For there their was Lui-Kang,Smoke,Kitana,Kung-Lao,Sub-Zero,Raynen,Soya,Jax,andFujin.

When they started there invation they killed three people Smoke,Sonya,and Fujin.Jax,Sub-zero,and Raynen where enraged since one of the three was a companon,soo they lead the attack.Sub-zero shot a ball of ice at Shinock.Shinock wacked it back at Sub-Zero.Sub-Zero did an ice-clone witch blocked the ice ball.Then Shinock rushed behind Sub-Zero and kicked him in the neck and knocked him out.This happened to all the others too exept for Lui Shinock rushed to Lui but the dragon king kneed him and

said “Lui is MINE!”.Shinock replied “You dare challenge….before Shinock could finish his sentece the dragon king did a whirlwind attack….Shinock is dead.When the dragon king turned arouned and saw millions of fire balls being shot before he knew it he was dead.

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