The Alliance

—-This is the Third part of The Threat of Quan Chi—————–

———The Title is called “THE ALLIANCE”

In the Hell of Neitherrealm darkness pervade over this world as a war between the power of Quan Chi, Shinnok and The Guardian known as Lucifer and all his undead minions. Crumbling rocks and avalanches fell into the fire and brimstone causing caos and calmaity because the power was to great. Quan Chi and Shinnok fought their way through Lucifer’s undead army.(If your thinking why is Shinnok fighting because in the last episode he was weak Quan Chi gave Shinnok some energy boost, with the power of the amulet). For years the battle reighed over and over but the forces of hell was weakening and Lucifer was finally defeated after years of struggle. (Time moves differently in hell than in our reality, 100 long years will pass in the hell of Neitherrealm- in our reality it’s just two days). After the defeat of Lucifer Shinnok turned to Quan Chi

Shinnok-“Why did you risk your life for me”

Quan Chi-“Because-you-and-I-have-the- same enemy-and-together-with an alliance-we-will-defeat the mortals of Earth realm.”

Shinnok had a smerk upon his blue wrinkly face as Quan Chi handed him the power of the amulet. Shinnok looked at the amulet with a pleased expression upon his face.

Shinnok-“Now the mortals of Earth realm will feel my wrath and will perish and I will defeat the Elder Gods including my long forgotten son Rayden, ha ha ha”. The power of the amulet glowed as it filled Shinnok with strength of invulnerabilty.

In the Realm of Edenia Queen Sindel sat upon her throne with princess Kitana at her side talking to some local villagers about the destruction of their harvest. As darkness fell over the realm of Edenia one of Queen Sindel’s general aproached the throne.

The General-“My Queen pardon my desruption but new dark forces has entered our world. Kitana looked with a concered expression.

Kitana-“Than we must be prepared to fight”

Sindel-“We have not a clue to what entered our world”

The General-“What ever it is my queen, it was powerful enough to punch a whole through our realm.”

Kitana-“Than I must go-and find Liu, he will know what to do.”

The General-“I am sorry my princess but the portal to Earthrealm has been blocked by this new dark force.”

The doors to the throne room opend as a mysterious hooded figure walked down the path toward Kitana and Sindel as the general walked up to this mysterious person.

The General-“Halt(With a spear pointing at this stranger)right their, who are you.”

The Stranger-“Who am i(With a feminine voice while unhooding herself)They call me Tanya.”And before the geneal had a chance to apprehend this stranger Tanya instantaneousy jumped upon the general shoulders as she cracked his neck with her thighs twisting all around his head. The General fell to the floor twitching with his neck facing backwards, Queen Sindel look astonished with her hands before her open mouth and wide eyes.

Kitana-“What do you want from us”.

Tanya-“My dear child, little do you know, it’s not what I want from you, it’s what he wants—“. Then Shinnok and Quan Chi entered the throne with an evil expression of happiness upon their face.


Kitana-“YOU! We have defeated you before Elder God, and we will aga–

Shinnok yelled-“SILENCE”, while he flung a green flaming skull at Kitana causing her to drain life force(Shinnok can possess the powers of his foes and allys).

Queen Sindel-“My sweet Kitana.” Queen sindel stood up on her throne as she open her arms and levitated, her long white hair blew in the breeze as her eyes turned white Sindel shrieked, the power she possessed had an empact on the God and Sorcerer, causing them to fly agains a brick wall, the force field that imprisoned Kitana faded. Sindel grabbed princess Kitana and before she had a chance to escape The Elder God Shinnok was before them.

Shinnok-“Queen Sindel such an honor to meet a woman of fine beauty, but you didn’t think that little trick would have such an effect on this immortal body now, did you”, Shinnok then grabbed Queen Sindel by the throat. Sindel was gasping for air as Shinnok lifted her highly in the sky Sindel’s eyes was rolling in the back of her head.

Shinnok-“You see Queen this is the price for your benevolence, now I would like to see you die slowly in this crushing hand of mine.”Queen Sindel was swinging like she had been hung and before she could take the last gasp of air princess Kitana threw one of her bladed fans at Shinnoks head. The blade was stuck in his immortal face as he peeled the blade out from his immortal skin.

Shinnok-“ENOUGH, of these little games, (As he threw the bladed fan on the floor with impact causing it to skid across the grounds of the throne room) I am claming this realm as my own,”As he grabbed the still gasping for air Queen Sindel and the disorented princess Kitana by the throat, Later they both were incarcerated in the Coldbalt Minds of Shokkan chained to a wall.

Shinnok sat above the throne where Shao Kahn use to sit as Tanya was before him.

Tanya-“My God I have done what you asked and now I am ready for my next task.”

Shinnok-“Very Well, you know what to do.”

As Tanya left the throne room, Quan Chi approached the staires while looking up at Shinnok.

Shinnok-“You see sorcerer their is no one in any realm that will oppose us we are the inevitable and Earth Realm will bow down to our will, ha ha ha.” While looking up at his sphere and embeded within, was the sacret amulet. Quan Chi left the throne room as the doors closed behind him, Quan Chi had in his possession the real sacret amulet.

Quan Chi-“Now-Elder-Gooood-We’ll soon find out who controls this universe,” As he whipered to himself while walking away.

-To Be Continue-

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