A Sranger Part1



this is before the few last episodes of the show




Reptile had problems in his world, the people would no longer listen to him, he needed help, he went to the Lin Kui and asked for their help. they agreed to help him if he will agree to train their latest warrior “Twister” with the power to control wind and some training from reptile he will be the ultimate warrior. reptile agreed, as he trained Twister he noitced something strange. with most of his students they got quite a fond of each other, while Twister only trained and followed orders. even though they didnt know each other well, Twister was quite a student, he learned fast and he was swift strong and didnt know pain. Reptile relized then that Twister does not need to train and become stronger, he just needed to know the fighting metahte itself. Reptile was innocent enough to tell the Lin Kui about this. Reptile relized that Twister may have been stronger even than him and that he would kill him if he would be ordered to, after a few hours Twister jumped on reptile from the shadows and engaged kombat
To be continued

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