In a world of a freind



this episode takes place after “the serpent and the ice”


Sub-Zero was wondering aimless he no longer had a meaning in life, the same as nowhere he can hide, he knew the Lin Kuei or Scorpion will find him sooner or later, he wandered in the woods as studdenly he was surronded by Lin Kuei warriors, an army of them…. the leader stepped forwards and read from a scroll “Sub-Zero, you disobeyed a direct order from the Lin Kuei’s grand master, your punishment will be your death and the death of your family, we have no choice but to eliminate you…” Sub-Zero knew he didn’t stand a chance against an army of Lin Kuei warriors he had no choice but to flee, he jumped and climbed on the nearest tree and jumped from him to another tree and continued until they lost track of him he lay down and rested, he then heard the slightest sound, but he didnt see anything, he rememberd who was that, he laughed and said “Hello Reptile” a small lizard apeared and turned into the green ninja known as Reptile, Reptile talked in his whispering voice “Runing!

are you, from who?” Sub-Zero looked torwards him “the Lin Kuei, not that i see how is it your buisness” Reptile nodded and said “I may be able to help you…. i will let you stay at my world as long as you fight with us on our fights and fight with us on our wars and you just might acctully be accepted in my realm” Sub-Zero breathed deeply and spoke with a tired voice “how do i know that its not one of Shao Kahn’s traps?” Reptile laughed “they’ll catch up with you eventually, i dont think you have much choice….” Sub-Zero took a deep breath “Fine then… lets go to your realm” Reptile opened a portal and they both walked through, as soon as the entered the realm Sub-Zero was attacked by a male fighter from Reptile’s race.

To Be continued




Sub-Zero dodged the Zaterrian warrior’s hit and he noticed that that

Zaterrian warrior had bright yellow eyes like a snake, Sub-Zero twisted the warrior’s hand and grabbed his other hand, “Let him go!” Reptile said and Sub-Zero did so, Reptile looked angrily torwards that Zaterrian warrior “Snake Eyes, what are you doing?” the warrior bowed and talked with a whispery voice, sort of like a snake “I am sorry lord Reptile i thought the outlander was an intruder and i did not see you my lord” Reptile nodded “you may leave with no punishment but this shall never happen again!” Snake Eyes nodded and walked away, Sub-Zero turned his head torwards Reptile “whats wrong with him?” Reptile replied sadly “he was born with a curse, a curse never to belong anywhere ever” Sub-Zero nodded “So, where do i sleep?”

Reptile lead him to his quarters and left Sub-Zero there alone, Sub-Zero

read an old book wich was there and then went to sleep he woke up and saw the door opening, he pretended to be sleeping, two red eyes entered the darkness of the room they slowly uproached Sub-Zero, Sub-Zero studdenly lit a torch and attacked the whatever it was, but it dodged, and “It” had a lot of resemblens to a man, infact he was exactly the same as a man exept two red bright eyes and two long fangs, sort of like a vampire, Sub-Zero asked angrily “Who are you?!” the man-like creature replied “I am Nerull, Vampire at the services of Darkworld, i have somewhere to take you!” Sub-Zero nodded “and where is that?!” Nerull laughed “Darkworld” Sub-Zero raised an eyebrow “why do you want to take me there?” Nerull laughed again “that you will see!” Sub-Zero nodded and agreed.


To Be Continued




Nerull holded Sub-Zero’s hand and a great green cricle apeared around them, it grew smaller and smaller until it touched them and when that happend it teleported them to a place Sub-Zero had never seen before, he was stunned “what is this place?” Nerull turned his head torwards him “This is Darkworld, rulled by Shao Kahn’s older brother, Darth Kahn, his real name is unknown, he dosent tell it to anybody” Sub-Zero nodded “what does it has to do with me?” Nerull smiled “We are not like outworld, we have respect, we let Outworld get defeated or defeat earth, and if they are defeated WE enter the picture, by that time you will be dead since you have a limit of age, but your descendant will, and our sources from the future tell us that he will defeat us, so i recived a mission, to kill you and then your descendant will never exsist!” Sub-Zero entered a fighting stance and so did Nerull, they fought but Sub-Zero couldnt keep up with the accuracy of Nerull’s hits, its like he knows exactly where Sub-Zero will dodge to, Nerull hit Sub-Zero with a direct punch to the face and then another twisted kick to the stomach, and after them followed other hits, Sub-Zero fell down and Nerull laughed “Ha Ha Ha!!!, you are young and you age along with time, while I am a Vampire i am ageless, i am 324 years old, and ive fought many that had exactly the same technic as you, i know where will you dodge to, what hits will you try and hit me with, and exactly where to hit you!” Sub-Zero got up and try to give a twisted kick to Nerull, but Nerull ducked and gave a low kick to Sub-Zero’s legs, Sub-Zero fell and Nerull laughed as he fell, Nerull took out two short swords out of his belt and entered a fighting position with them, he was about to stab Sub-Zero as studdenly a bright light apeared and formed into a white ninja, wich gave a suprise kick to Nerull and Nerull fell backwards, as he got up he laughed “Kray….. long time no see, you leave me no choice but to kill you!” studdenly Sub-Zero smiled and got up “You forgot about me!” Nerull fought the both and the fight lasted long about 4 hours, Kray gave a jumping kick to Nerull’s stomach wich sent Nerull a few meters back, Studdenly a blue fog apeared and formed into a woman, and a pretty one aswell, Kray looked angrily torwards her “Saphire, sorcory isnt going to help you!” the woman smiled “guess what, new orders from Darth kahn, we let the Lin Kuei have him!” she shot a blue fireball wich exploaded in the air and made a portal, she then shot another one on the ground where Sub-Zero and Kray standed wich resulted in them sent to the portal from the hunormous blast, they both landed in a forest in earth realm, Sub-Zero stood up and said angrily “Look what the hell is going on?!” Kray looked sadly “im afraid ill have to take your memory away because seeing the future, will always change it!” Kray touched Sub-Zero’s Forehead and studdenly Sub-Zero woke up in his quarters in Zaterra, he saw Reptile infront of him “You looked scared, how was the night?” Sub-Zero thought for a moment “I had a wierd dream” Reptile raised an eyebrow “what was in that dream” Sub-Zero scratched his head “thats even wierder, i cant remember a thing from it!”
To Be Continued


The Lin Kuei asked Reptile to come, that they have something to talk about, Reptile knew that there is no warrior there who can defeat him since he killed Twister, that is because he didnt know of the exsistence of Sub-Zero, he came and said angrily “you tried to kill me and now you want to talk to me?!”, the Lin Kuei grand master awnserd “yes….” Reptile looked deep into his eyes, “i will not awnser anything for you, nor will i do anything for you!”, the Lin Kuei grand master laughed, “then i guess you dont care about him!” the grand master holded a child from Reptile’s world, Reptile recondized that child, it was his nefue, Reptile breathed deeply “what do you want me to do?….” the Lin Kuei has an enemy wich has been bothering us for some time, his name is Kung Lao and he is earthrealm’s chosen one, Reptile awnserd “i have heard of this Kung Lao, i cannot kill him on my own!” the grand master nodded “you wont have to, Twister had power but not expirience, our most powerfull and expirienced warrior will join you, his name is Sub-Zero” Reptile said seriucely “and i guess you want me to babysit him like i did to Twister?!” the grand master laughed “acctully i think he would babysit you more than you will babysit him” Reptile said angrily “i would like to fight him, just to see how good he is!” the grand master nodded and called Sub-zero with a special sighn (like they do on MKC), Sub-zero entered the room, the grand master said “Sub-zero, you and Reptile shall fight until the other one cannot fight anymore, i request no deaths” Sub-Zero nodded, Reptile smiled “this will not take long!”, Sub-Zero laughed “that is correct because i will beat you before you can even beggin!” they started fighting, they fought and fought and fought, no winner no loser , every hit is blocked every acid hits ice, they look much alike in combat, they both have the same Killer instict, the fight lasted 6 long hours of no winning and no losing until something happend, Sub-Zero punched Reptile in the face and Reptile kicked Sub-Zero in the stomach they both fell backwords, both couldnt continue, “Then it is a draw!” the grand master said, Reptile and Sub-Zero were impressed with each other’s fighting skills, “you will have 10 hours of resting and then you will start on your mission TOGETHER!”

To Be Continued




After the fight between Reptile and Sub-zero the both rested and after 10 hours they were already ready infront of the Grand master, the grand master smiled when he saw them, “you will both be sent to destroy Kung Lao, you must do this mission together if you want to stand a chance against Kung Lao, if i dicover that you failed doing this mission, I shall kill your nefue Reptile, and you shall be banished from the Lin Kuei Sub-zero, they both nodded and headed out for their mission, they didnt speak to each other and didnt even look at each other, they walked torwards the city but they didnt know they were watched, a bunch of robers were looking from the tree, “they wear custom made silk clothes, rare kind of silk it is, we can get hundreds from those suits, we will wait a little and then we shall surround them and kill them, and please, try not to spill their blood on the suits, it may hurt their value. Sub-zero and Reptile walked on a hill with small rocks, Reptile slipped and fell on Sub-zero wich made them both fall down the hill, Sub-Zero said angrily “i hope your happy insect!” Reptile turned arround with anger “Listen frosty!!! the only reason im doing this is because your Grand master has my nefue and he shall kill him if i wont do this!!” Sub-Zero was so angry that you can fill the heat coming from his head. “The only reason im doing this is because i was ordered to and i shall violet the rules of the Lin Kuei if i disobey any order!, you think i wanted to babysit an insect that pukes acid?!, i can defeat Kung Lao myself and i dont need your help!!!” Reptile smiled widely “so i guess you want to get banished from the Lin Kuei huh?!, It wasnt my idea to go hunt for a monk with an Icepick! But i must do that because my nefue is in danger!!!” they both studdenly looked around them, they were surrounded by a bunch of robbers, Sub-Zero thought it was Reptile’s warriors and Reptile thought it was Lin Kuei warriors, Reptile said calmly but there was rage in his words “i guess your grand master dosent trust us to do this mission!” Sub-Zero replied “what do you mean?!, you are the one sending your warriors to help us!”, Reptile thought for a moment and then said “if they are not Lin Kuei warriors and they are not my warriors who are they?” Sub-Zero looked at them for a moment and then replied “ordinary robers, shouldnt be a problem!” Reptile counted them “there are only 8 of them, this is going to be easy!” 12 more robers jumped from the woods, Reptile breathed deeply “maybe not…”, they attacked Reptile and Sub-zero and 3 of them were dead/unconcious in the first 30 seconds, Sub-zero said to Reptile “we’ll have to do the back to back methate to defeat them” Reptile smiled “finally you say something correct, we’ll do the back to back methate, only because i had it in mind aswell” they fought back to back, each fought in his own direction, they fought and fought and fought but more robers just keeped coming, Sub-Zero said despertly “how much are there?!” he studdenly felt something stingy in his neck like a bee stung him there, in a bare moment he fell to the ground unconcios, Reptile looked torwards him, and then the same happend to him aswell.

To Be Continued.




Reptile woke up, he saw a little blury and then got focused, he was tied up to Sub-Zero, he noticed his mask was on the ground, he wore it fast before Sub-Zero woke up, he thought for himself “They must have got scared and ran away by my true apperance…” he tried to melt the rope with his acid but there was some sort of spell protecting it, he knocked on Sub-Zero’s soldier with his head to wake him up, Sub-Zero woke up, “Where the hell are we?!” he said suprisingly “Beats me” repiled Reptile, Sub-Zero tried to get loose from the rope but its like it was made out of steel, and very strong steel, Reptile and Sub-Zero stood up (still tied up to each other) and walked as much as they could, after a few minutes Sub-Zero yelled “i got it!, ill freeze the rope and then youll melt it!” Reptile nodded and said “worth giving a try” Sub-Zero focused all of his energy in freezing that immune to everything rope, luckily he succeded in freezing it, Reptile tried to melt it with ordinary acid but it didnt work, then aswell he focused all of his energy in one single acid spit, and it melt the ice, they both collapsed when the rope was melted and slept like they never slept before, they woke up and continued their way, like in the beggining they didnt speak and didnt even look at each other, until they got to the city, they searched the city for Kung Lao and finally they spot him, they walked in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to attack him, that moment came and the ambushed him, the fight was hard and Kung Lao was beggining to lose to the two ninjas, but Taja and Siro came to his assistance, then the two ninjas was beggining to lose, Sub-Zero whispered to Reptile “lets split and handle the two others seperately” Reptile nodded and replied “ok”, they split to two different wayies, Taja and Siro went after Reptile and Kung Lao went after Sub-Zero, they fought for a long time and Reptile knocked Sirro unconcios with a direct kick to the forehead, the fight lasted many hours and was then interrupted by the city gaurds, at least 30 of them, Sub-Zero and Reptile fleed since they could not deal with such a number, the went back to the Lin Kuei hideout and were suprised to find out that the Grand master was assasined and that Reptile’s nefue was sent to his realm, Sub-Zero and Reptile bowed to each other and went back to their wayies as if nothing has happend, but something did happen, the new Grand master was deeply impressed with their achivments together and they hold many tasks together in the future.

The End

A stranger Part2

Reptile knew the excact reason Twister attacked him, he was simply ordered by the Lin Kuei because they figured Reptile was no longer needed in Twister’s training, Twister and Reptile fought excactly the same, the fight lasted a few hours and Twister was beggning to win, Reptile knew it wount be worth trying to talk to him but he tryied anyway,

Reptile: Why must you follow orders from a foolish clan when you can rule this world with me?!

Twister: i must follow my orders!

they continued fighting, and then Reptile made a final desecion, reptile took over his mask and suit and showed his true form (a lizard’s form) Twister was shocked from the apperance of Reptile, in the few seconds he had, he spit acid on Twister and then ran torwards him with all of his speed and punched him to the stomach with all of the thrust from the running, his fist exsited Twister’s back and Twister fell down, his eyes were empty, he was surely dead. A spirit then got out of his body, it looked like Fujin, earth’s wind god, Reptile was shocked and asked the spirit “What kind of trickery is this?!” the spirit awnsered “i am the spirit of Fujin, Earth’s wind god, i have been locked by a special spell in this body, i had no contorl, for there was also a Lin Kuei warrior’s soul in there and my powers moved to his soul, that is the reason he had the power to control wind. Reptile nodded “i see then, that is why he was so powerfull aswell right?” the spirit nodded. the spirit then talked again “i would be going now, you have a visitor”. Reptile looked behind him, Hundreds of citizents in his realm were watching the fight all along, they now saw Reptile’s full strengh and they would listen to him now, Reptile thought to himself “so the Lin Kuei helped after all”

The end.

A Sranger Part1



this is before the few last episodes of the show




Reptile had problems in his world, the people would no longer listen to him, he needed help, he went to the Lin Kui and asked for their help. they agreed to help him if he will agree to train their latest warrior “Twister” with the power to control wind and some training from reptile he will be the ultimate warrior. reptile agreed, as he trained Twister he noitced something strange. with most of his students they got quite a fond of each other, while Twister only trained and followed orders. even though they didnt know each other well, Twister was quite a student, he learned fast and he was swift strong and didnt know pain. Reptile relized then that Twister does not need to train and become stronger, he just needed to know the fighting metahte itself. Reptile was innocent enough to tell the Lin Kui about this. Reptile relized that Twister may have been stronger even than him and that he would kill him if he would be ordered to, after a few hours Twister jumped on reptile from the shadows and engaged kombat
To be continued