A stranger Part2

Reptile knew the excact reason Twister attacked him, he was simply ordered by the Lin Kuei because they figured Reptile was no longer needed in Twister’s training, Twister and Reptile fought excactly the same, the fight lasted a few hours and Twister was beggning to win, Reptile knew it wount be worth trying to talk to him but he tryied anyway,

Reptile: Why must you follow orders from a foolish clan when you can rule this world with me?!

Twister: i must follow my orders!

they continued fighting, and then Reptile made a final desecion, reptile took over his mask and suit and showed his true form (a lizard’s form) Twister was shocked from the apperance of Reptile, in the few seconds he had, he spit acid on Twister and then ran torwards him with all of his speed and punched him to the stomach with all of the thrust from the running, his fist exsited Twister’s back and Twister fell down, his eyes were empty, he was surely dead. A spirit then got out of his body, it looked like Fujin, earth’s wind god, Reptile was shocked and asked the spirit “What kind of trickery is this?!” the spirit awnsered “i am the spirit of Fujin, Earth’s wind god, i have been locked by a special spell in this body, i had no contorl, for there was also a Lin Kuei warrior’s soul in there and my powers moved to his soul, that is the reason he had the power to control wind. Reptile nodded “i see then, that is why he was so powerfull aswell right?” the spirit nodded. the spirit then talked again “i would be going now, you have a visitor”. Reptile looked behind him, Hundreds of citizents in his realm were watching the fight all along, they now saw Reptile’s full strengh and they would listen to him now, Reptile thought to himself “so the Lin Kuei helped after all”

The end.

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