In a world of a freind



this episode takes place after “the serpent and the ice”


Sub-Zero was wondering aimless he no longer had a meaning in life, the same as nowhere he can hide, he knew the Lin Kuei or Scorpion will find him sooner or later, he wandered in the woods as studdenly he was surronded by Lin Kuei warriors, an army of them…. the leader stepped forwards and read from a scroll “Sub-Zero, you disobeyed a direct order from the Lin Kuei’s grand master, your punishment will be your death and the death of your family, we have no choice but to eliminate you…” Sub-Zero knew he didn’t stand a chance against an army of Lin Kuei warriors he had no choice but to flee, he jumped and climbed on the nearest tree and jumped from him to another tree and continued until they lost track of him he lay down and rested, he then heard the slightest sound, but he didnt see anything, he rememberd who was that, he laughed and said “Hello Reptile” a small lizard apeared and turned into the green ninja known as Reptile, Reptile talked in his whispering voice “Runing!

are you, from who?” Sub-Zero looked torwards him “the Lin Kuei, not that i see how is it your buisness” Reptile nodded and said “I may be able to help you…. i will let you stay at my world as long as you fight with us on our fights and fight with us on our wars and you just might acctully be accepted in my realm” Sub-Zero breathed deeply and spoke with a tired voice “how do i know that its not one of Shao Kahn’s traps?” Reptile laughed “they’ll catch up with you eventually, i dont think you have much choice….” Sub-Zero took a deep breath “Fine then… lets go to your realm” Reptile opened a portal and they both walked through, as soon as the entered the realm Sub-Zero was attacked by a male fighter from Reptile’s race.

To Be continued




Sub-Zero dodged the Zaterrian warrior’s hit and he noticed that that

Zaterrian warrior had bright yellow eyes like a snake, Sub-Zero twisted the warrior’s hand and grabbed his other hand, “Let him go!” Reptile said and Sub-Zero did so, Reptile looked angrily torwards that Zaterrian warrior “Snake Eyes, what are you doing?” the warrior bowed and talked with a whispery voice, sort of like a snake “I am sorry lord Reptile i thought the outlander was an intruder and i did not see you my lord” Reptile nodded “you may leave with no punishment but this shall never happen again!” Snake Eyes nodded and walked away, Sub-Zero turned his head torwards Reptile “whats wrong with him?” Reptile replied sadly “he was born with a curse, a curse never to belong anywhere ever” Sub-Zero nodded “So, where do i sleep?”

Reptile lead him to his quarters and left Sub-Zero there alone, Sub-Zero

read an old book wich was there and then went to sleep he woke up and saw the door opening, he pretended to be sleeping, two red eyes entered the darkness of the room they slowly uproached Sub-Zero, Sub-Zero studdenly lit a torch and attacked the whatever it was, but it dodged, and “It” had a lot of resemblens to a man, infact he was exactly the same as a man exept two red bright eyes and two long fangs, sort of like a vampire, Sub-Zero asked angrily “Who are you?!” the man-like creature replied “I am Nerull, Vampire at the services of Darkworld, i have somewhere to take you!” Sub-Zero nodded “and where is that?!” Nerull laughed “Darkworld” Sub-Zero raised an eyebrow “why do you want to take me there?” Nerull laughed again “that you will see!” Sub-Zero nodded and agreed.


To Be Continued




Nerull holded Sub-Zero’s hand and a great green cricle apeared around them, it grew smaller and smaller until it touched them and when that happend it teleported them to a place Sub-Zero had never seen before, he was stunned “what is this place?” Nerull turned his head torwards him “This is Darkworld, rulled by Shao Kahn’s older brother, Darth Kahn, his real name is unknown, he dosent tell it to anybody” Sub-Zero nodded “what does it has to do with me?” Nerull smiled “We are not like outworld, we have respect, we let Outworld get defeated or defeat earth, and if they are defeated WE enter the picture, by that time you will be dead since you have a limit of age, but your descendant will, and our sources from the future tell us that he will defeat us, so i recived a mission, to kill you and then your descendant will never exsist!” Sub-Zero entered a fighting stance and so did Nerull, they fought but Sub-Zero couldnt keep up with the accuracy of Nerull’s hits, its like he knows exactly where Sub-Zero will dodge to, Nerull hit Sub-Zero with a direct punch to the face and then another twisted kick to the stomach, and after them followed other hits, Sub-Zero fell down and Nerull laughed “Ha Ha Ha!!!, you are young and you age along with time, while I am a Vampire i am ageless, i am 324 years old, and ive fought many that had exactly the same technic as you, i know where will you dodge to, what hits will you try and hit me with, and exactly where to hit you!” Sub-Zero got up and try to give a twisted kick to Nerull, but Nerull ducked and gave a low kick to Sub-Zero’s legs, Sub-Zero fell and Nerull laughed as he fell, Nerull took out two short swords out of his belt and entered a fighting position with them, he was about to stab Sub-Zero as studdenly a bright light apeared and formed into a white ninja, wich gave a suprise kick to Nerull and Nerull fell backwards, as he got up he laughed “Kray….. long time no see, you leave me no choice but to kill you!” studdenly Sub-Zero smiled and got up “You forgot about me!” Nerull fought the both and the fight lasted long about 4 hours, Kray gave a jumping kick to Nerull’s stomach wich sent Nerull a few meters back, Studdenly a blue fog apeared and formed into a woman, and a pretty one aswell, Kray looked angrily torwards her “Saphire, sorcory isnt going to help you!” the woman smiled “guess what, new orders from Darth kahn, we let the Lin Kuei have him!” she shot a blue fireball wich exploaded in the air and made a portal, she then shot another one on the ground where Sub-Zero and Kray standed wich resulted in them sent to the portal from the hunormous blast, they both landed in a forest in earth realm, Sub-Zero stood up and said angrily “Look what the hell is going on?!” Kray looked sadly “im afraid ill have to take your memory away because seeing the future, will always change it!” Kray touched Sub-Zero’s Forehead and studdenly Sub-Zero woke up in his quarters in Zaterra, he saw Reptile infront of him “You looked scared, how was the night?” Sub-Zero thought for a moment “I had a wierd dream” Reptile raised an eyebrow “what was in that dream” Sub-Zero scratched his head “thats even wierder, i cant remember a thing from it!”
To Be Continued

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