—————–Last Epidode “Soul Survivors”———————–

————————–Title “ALIVE”——————————


——-In LA Quan Chi walked again to see the darkend skies of Earthrealm crumble while Shinnok leveitated above the grounds.

Shinnok said in an angry voice–“QUAN CHI! How did Fujin knock me to my feet, the power of the amulet should have destroyed them.”

Quan Chi–“YES! But-your-forgetting-one thing, the power of the amulet takes time to adjust and you have just witnessed it’s potential strength but also the lack of it.”

Shinnok–“Well sorcerer, I don’t have time for these impetuous games, I WANT THE MORTALS OF EARTH DESTROYED.”

Quan Chi–“Well, if plan-A-doesn’t succeed, then we move to the second phase.”

——-All around the mortal globe caos and mass destruction reigned all over this world. War has broken out and warriors from other realms fought the civilians of Earth. The Elder Gods tried to keep the gates closed but everytime one passage was locked another one was open. In Brazil a shaman by the name of Nightwolf saw the destruction through the green flames of his pyre. There was nothing he could do to help the Earth warriors fight, his people needed his strength because they to were in need of a hero.

——-In Las Vegas, people ran the streets because so much was upon them portals were open, and people were killed. In an ally way a dark mysterious figure walked the streets. A portal opened as two outter world warriors entered the gateway to find a mysterious man stand before them.

Guard 1–“Earth realm warrior are you prepared to die.”The mysterious man was in complete silence as the two guards approached him. Before they had a chance to strike, this man placed his hands on their throats causing them to freeze to death. While they both were ice statues this man kicked the fragile bodies of these soldiers only to shattered them like glass, as he walked away.

——-In the realm of Edenia, it was dark because of the fatal eclipse which block out the sun. The portal opened as the mortals of Earth entered the gateway only to find darkness. Fujin was still injured holding onto kai, Sonya walked along side of Jax who had a hold of Jerek who was struggling, Rayden looked around as Liu Kang and Tanya walked ahead of the group, trying to find the direction of Princess Kitana’s castle.

Jerek–“If I ever get out of this, Sonya I will kill you.” Jax gripped Jerek’s hands alittle tighter.

Sonya–“Jerek, I hate you, I hate the black dragon, I hated Kano because you have taken someone precious from my life, and now that he is dead, I vowed to capture and imprison the last of the black dragon, Oooh my god, it’s you.”

Jerek–“Sonya, I can care less about you and your friend, Kano did the right thing, I regretted not doing the job myself.” Sonya punched Jerek accross the face causing him to bleed. The warriors stared at Sonya with her eyes filled with tears.

Sonya–“You son of a bitch, the being I was talking about was my brother.”Jax pushed Jerek to the ground only to comfort Sonya.

Jax–“Look man! I can care less if you survive, I can kill you myself in this place.”

Jerek–“you wouldn’t, you have to uphold the law.”

Jax–“You see Jerek, that’s the funny thing about this world, the law doen’t apply here, I can Kill you easily and nobody would hear you scream.” Jerek started to feel the intimidation of Jax.

Jerek–“Okay, okay what do you want me to do.”

Sonya–“Jerek, we need you to fight on our side just to bring Quan Chi and Shinnok down.”

Jerek–“Sonya, If I betray them do you have any idea what they will do to me.”

Sonya–“If you don’t, your only worry is what will Jax do to you.” Jerek looked behind him only to see Jax punch his palm of his hand with his metal fist.

Jerek automatically aggreed to help the warriors of Earthrealm.

——–In the Neitherrealm Quan Chi was in his laboratory mixing up a potion. While Siann approached him.

Siann–“My lord what are you doing.”

Quan Chi–“You filthy harlot get away from me, this spell requires consentration.” Quan Chi held out both hands as he called upon the powers of the dishonored dead. The souls of one-million deaths entered as the spirit of Shang Tsung found it’s rightful body after all. Quan Chi had brough back Shang Tusng from death only to find him an old man, who needed souls to remain youthful for eternity.

——–In Earthrealm The Elder Gods were in parral trying to keep the minions out of our world. This world was in so much caos that the gates to heaven was blocked out by some unnatural forces causing the once deceased Johnny Cage to return to the world. Only to find the world half destroyed by this evil new destruction Johnny Cage walked the streets confused and disoriented.

————————-TO BE CONTINUED—————————

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