Second season finale of Mortal Kombat Konquest. (This is a pretty long Story and I hope you like it) The one who bought you “Battle of the Immortals”

Hero part 1 and 2

After being incarcerated in the Shokkan minds for years Shang Tsung was none other than an old man with powers to steal the life force from others. Then the guards entered the prison and took Shang Tsung away. The emperor wanted to see Shang Tsung and confront him about his disloyalty to Outworld. But Shao Kahn granted Shang Tsung one last chance at redemption that in Mortal Kombat Kung Lao will die. Shao Kahn has given Shang Tsung a present and this present walked into the throne room. This seven foot giant roared and growled walking with his concubine known as Sheeva, they called him Goro. Goro was a general in Shao Kahns army and a leader in the subterranian realm of Shokkan. Shang Tsung was pleased at this gift that he bowed to his master and apologized for his past disloyalties.

While back on Earth Realm Fujin and Rayden meditatied with Kung Lao at the temple of the order of light. Where he trained most of his fighters including his followers known as Taja and Siro.

As always Taja and Siro constantly complained about their efforts amounting to nothing. But Kung Lao said that, “training is part of survival”. Some of the new recruits were getting burnt out and tired and frustrated and some where even leaving. But Kung Lao was a leader so he talked to them about Mortal Kombat and the meaning behind the title. That he learned from Rayden awhile back.

Kung Lao had recurring nightmares about his death as a message sent from Princess Kitana, waking up still tired and disoriented Rayden was in his room talking to him about his doubts and illusions. Because apart of him fears death and apart of him rejects it but if he does die he will be reunited with his lost love.

Shao Kahn sat at his throne on the day of Mortal Kombat with the aid of his Lieutenant Reiko and two shadowed priest. Many warriors gathered from all walks of life on other realms to witness Mortal Kombat and it’s Kompetators. Many of Kung Lao’s warriors where killed and some where heavenly wounded. Siro was about to aproach the platform.

A man dressed in a red ninja suit walked eye to eye with the exiled guard Siro. Siro was not a bit intimidated by this foreign warrior known as Ermac. They started out with a bow followed by a stance and then the offensive and defensive attacks. Since Ermac is telekenitic he had used alot of telekenitic powers to take on this six foot Siro. Dazed Siro was that did not stop him from his ongoing attacks with roundhouse kicks and fury punches. All of a sudden Ermac raised his hands and telekinetically Siro was levitating, with the control of his hands Siro hit pavement really hard and up in the air again bouncing like rubber ball. Siro was battered and beaten while blood dripped from his motionless body. Rayden, Kung Lao and Taja looked with a heavy heart with the expression of concern Shao Kahn yelled, “Finish Him”. Taja Screamed (like sonja in Mortal Kombat when Art Lean took on Goro) Rayden then closed his eyes and Kung Lao with a motionless expression saw Siro’s soul being consumed by Shao Kahn. While the emperor stood upon his throne and said, “Your soul is Mine.” After the soul entered Shao Kahns body he replied, “Fatality”.

Kung Lao and Taja where both silenced as watching from afar Kitana was crying over the death of the mighty Siro.

Taja approached the platform going up against an opponent she has already meant in battle Vorpax. Taja was fired up she wanted Shao Kahn but she got Vorpax instead. Before Shao Kahn said “Fight”, Taja was already throwing down. She was kicking and punching and Vorpax was screaming but a vision appeared that distracted Taja from completing her next move. A hooded man was in the crowd she recognized him as her long lost estranged Father who mysteriously disappeard when Taja was very young. Vorpax used all of her strength to knock out Taja. But the vision was none other than Shang Tsung disguised as Taja’s father. Taja was knocked out but in a dream Taja finally remembered her past before Shao Kahn Yelled, “Finish Her”. With a smile upon her face Vorpax grabbed Taja’s neck and echoed thoughout the Fortress was the sound of a neck being cracked.

Kung Lao’s eyes where heavy with tears as Rayden approached him. Rayden told Kung Lao that your next opponent is none other than Shang Tsung, you have already beaten this opponent and will again. Kung Lao had doubts and that recurring dream. Rayden told Kung Lao to concentrate because if Shao Kahn wins this tournament he has to wait until he wins nine more tournaments (Because of Shao Kahs thirst for vengeance the Elder Gods granted these new rules saying in order to invade the Earth realm you have to win ten mortal kombats in a row).

Kung Lao approached the platform in his uniform with his blade like black hat and hate in his eyes because now he wants to kill Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung approached the platform as well with a smile upon his face he said, “today you die Kung Lao but the fight will not be with me”. A giant raor echoed thoughtout the fortress as a giant gladiator walked toe to toe with Kung Lao. “I like you to meet Goro my protector,” Shang Tsung said.

Kung Lao stared at this monster, the emperor had a sinster smile upon his face as he shouted “Fight”. Goro used four of his hands for punches while Kung Lao could not even block them, he was still getting hit by this massive monster. Kung Lao doged every punch thown at him, as he jumped upon this boulder he now was the height of this monster. Kung Lao jumped with his summersalt kick in the air hit Goro upon the head. But Goro emerged grabbing Kung Lao with both arms and the other two was set free to cause serious damage to our hero. Kung Lao was dazed and disoriented with a smile upon Shang Tsung’s face the emperor shouted “Finally Finish Him”. Rayden wanted to step in but Shao Kahn blocked him with a massive force field. Kung Lao was motionsless in the arms of Goro as both arms raised above Kung Lao’s head. Kung Lao had visions of seeing his beloved Gennivere again while Goro fury puches wore out our champion till nothing was left not even bones. Shang Tsung finally devoured the soul of our Hero Kung Lao.

Rayden could not belive the death of our champion as he disappeared in a flash of lightning, our warriors parished as Shao Kahn laughed because he had finally regained control of his people. Shao Kahn had finally gotten revenge on now the disceased warriors of Earth Realm. Kitana walked away with tears in her eyes she finally replied, “Now you are reunited with your love, good by my Kung Lao.”

The End

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