The New champs

The episode begins… You see Liu Kang and another warrior (Unknown)

after the battle with Liu Kang the victor a portal opens with a band of New warriors. One was wearing a Lin Kuei suit with a helmet covering his face and spikes running down his chest. Another with a ponytail and

a black outfit with images of fire on his shirt the rest of the warriors

come out and get settled as another fight begins. Sonya meets up with the man with the ponytail. “Uh…hello.” she says quietly as knowing J cage is right behind her. “Hello” he responds and introduces himself

“Im Shang Tu-!” “I mean Shangular!” he says. As they leave the man with the helmet points to Liu Kang as hes talking to another warrior.


In a shrine where the warriors train Jonny Cage got a chance to talk to the man with the helmet “Im Oblivion.” he said after that part the story

things start getting weird, Members die and all die by a poison marked

Oblivion Powder So they start getting suspicious with the warrior oblivion after that theres lots of talking about if Oblivion is Guilty or

not and It ends With Rayden saying “GUILTY!” and then

to be continued

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