Death of the lighting god

Heart beating, Rayden worried…”Who’s next, WHO?” Rayden already knew who was getting people to assasinate the warriors. Rayden asked

himself “What was in that powder that would kill them, was it natron to dry out their organ and body fluids, murcury… all I know is that theres no escape from my death… unless.” Rayden drew out a map of the arenas and shrines and planned an daring escape. The next morning

as they planned this brutal and gory Rayden looked out on all the possible ways he could get out. “More guards than usual but its no big deal.” As they tied Rayden to the poles that would pull of his head legs and arms and let his torso hit the ground. But when they tied him thunder hit the ropes and burnt them to shreds. Rayden ran so fast that he was a blur to every in the arena. Eventually he slowed down and the guards could see him as he ran from the arena the guards chased him throwin their giant halbideirs which are not meant to be thrown, and their spears. As Rayden ran he noticed Sony and Jonny Cage following him. He chuckled there gunna get thereselves killed. Just then Rayden felt a shock of pain, lots of pain! A guard had thrown a spear and had impaled him. As a god it wouldnt kill him instantly. His life flashed before his eyes. Sonya and Cage caught up and saw him. “He’s Dead” Cage said

“No….”Sonya started to cry, Cage then comferted her “Im sorry….” said

Cage The guards then saw Cage and Sonya and arrested them. “Wha, What are you doing??” Sonya said. Your under arrest! To be continued

Rayden accused

As Rayden left the leaders building he heard the leaders chatting quietly….”Wait a minute,who wasthe only other one there?”

“Rayden saw the dead carcus, maybe….” “No, he couldn’t,No,No he would never lie to us, he’s loyal…isn’t he?” the group stared at him

“I SAY HE’S GUILTY,GUILTY!” They all agreed…. Rayden was watching two warriors duke it out and tear each other apart. Than he saw somthing, It was the man with the pony tail talking to a warrior.

Then Rayden saw him point to Liu Kang and gave him a little bag with

white powder “THE,THE OBLIVION POWDER!!” Rayden yelled “That warrior is going to assasinate LIU KANG!!” Rayden said to some people

people looked laughed then turned around. Then he saw Sonya and told her about what he saw. She looked and screamed to Liu Kang “LIU KANG

LIU KANG!” Rayden saw the warrior pour it into Liu Kangs drink. “The drink

tell him not to drink it.” “Ok” Sonya replied. As she was about to call to him he drank…. “Its to late!” Sonya said Liu Kang fell dead Instantly

“NO!!” SCREAMED RAYDEN. Everyone made a circle around him. “RAYDEN,

COME TO THE MAIN OFFICE OF MK!” said a tall man. “He looks farmiliar.”

Rayden said to himself. “SHANG TSUNG!” Rayden said.The man started to look uneasy. At the main office “RAYDEN YOU WILL BE KILLED BECAUSE OF THE MURDER YOU HAVE BEEN CAUSING.” “But I did not do all those, the man with the ponytail uh….I dont know his name but,”

“SILENCE!” “you will be killed by tomorrow at noon!” “but,but.”YOU DIE TOMORROW!!

The New champs Part 2

ON the last story I made it ended with Rayden saying that Oblivions guilty (I could have made it longer but I had to wrap it up quick) well anyway. Oblivion was to be killed…So Oblivion tries to get away and gets in a fight with Rayden and Oblivion ditches the battle and runs only

to be seen by The man with the pony tail. “DAMMIT, He’ll See me and take me back I got to hide so he does and in the mean time takes off

his armor (helm,Lin qui suit) and starts running. As he ran The man noticed some noices. Oblivion realized “MY CHAIN!!” so he pulled out his wallet and ditched it. The chain rattling settled (the chain was attached to his wallet you know) So he ran and ran and ran as fast as he could

he stoped to take a breath in the middle of nowhere he relized he was far from civilisation far from the mortal kombat tournamant far from

“Shang T-sung!?” he saw the evil man glaring nearby at him ready to kill.


“Where did he go!!” Rayden says. So Rayden go’s out to find Oblivion

Eventually Rayden tracked him down and sayed “Times up its your turn to die!” “Oblivion, Oblivion!” Rayden looked around the corner and sayed

“If you dont submit yourself to death at the shrine Ill do it right-!”



What Rayden saw that day he would never forget. There on the ground

was Oblivion’s carcus coverd with that “Oblivion powder” stuff.

“How,When,Who??” Rayden said to himself.”Was it suicide?” “No, He didnt want to die he risked his life to live!” “it must have been murder.”

Rayden said to himself. As Rayden told the leaders of the new tournament of MK they wonderd “Wasn’t he guilty of murder with that powder!” “But,But, he cant he ran from death and got so far and…and…DO YOU THINK HE WOULD KILL HIMSELF WELL, DO YOU???”

“You have a point” one leader said “YES HE WOULD HE WAS INSANE!!”

said another “Rayden you cannot prove he was innocent you said it yourself HES GUILTY.” said one leader “Yes Rayden.” said another.

“YOU, YOU dont understand. I think this work is done by Shang Tsung.”

Rayden said “No It wasn’t Liu Kang killed Shang Tsung a long time ago.

To be continued

The New champs

The episode begins… You see Liu Kang and another warrior (Unknown)

after the battle with Liu Kang the victor a portal opens with a band of New warriors. One was wearing a Lin Kuei suit with a helmet covering his face and spikes running down his chest. Another with a ponytail and

a black outfit with images of fire on his shirt the rest of the warriors

come out and get settled as another fight begins. Sonya meets up with the man with the ponytail. “Uh…hello.” she says quietly as knowing J cage is right behind her. “Hello” he responds and introduces himself

“Im Shang Tu-!” “I mean Shangular!” he says. As they leave the man with the helmet points to Liu Kang as hes talking to another warrior.


In a shrine where the warriors train Jonny Cage got a chance to talk to the man with the helmet “Im Oblivion.” he said after that part the story

things start getting weird, Members die and all die by a poison marked

Oblivion Powder So they start getting suspicious with the warrior oblivion after that theres lots of talking about if Oblivion is Guilty or

not and It ends With Rayden saying “GUILTY!” and then

to be continued