Death of the lighting god

Heart beating, Rayden worried…”Who’s next, WHO?” Rayden already knew who was getting people to assasinate the warriors. Rayden asked

himself “What was in that powder that would kill them, was it natron to dry out their organ and body fluids, murcury… all I know is that theres no escape from my death… unless.” Rayden drew out a map of the arenas and shrines and planned an daring escape. The next morning

as they planned this brutal and gory Rayden looked out on all the possible ways he could get out. “More guards than usual but its no big deal.” As they tied Rayden to the poles that would pull of his head legs and arms and let his torso hit the ground. But when they tied him thunder hit the ropes and burnt them to shreds. Rayden ran so fast that he was a blur to every in the arena. Eventually he slowed down and the guards could see him as he ran from the arena the guards chased him throwin their giant halbideirs which are not meant to be thrown, and their spears. As Rayden ran he noticed Sony and Jonny Cage following him. He chuckled there gunna get thereselves killed. Just then Rayden felt a shock of pain, lots of pain! A guard had thrown a spear and had impaled him. As a god it wouldnt kill him instantly. His life flashed before his eyes. Sonya and Cage caught up and saw him. “He’s Dead” Cage said

“No….”Sonya started to cry, Cage then comferted her “Im sorry….” said

Cage The guards then saw Cage and Sonya and arrested them. “Wha, What are you doing??” Sonya said. Your under arrest! To be continued

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