Rayden accused

As Rayden left the leaders building he heard the leaders chatting quietly….”Wait a minute,who wasthe only other one there?”

“Rayden saw the dead carcus, maybe….” “No, he couldn’t,No,No he would never lie to us, he’s loyal…isn’t he?” the group stared at him

“I SAY HE’S GUILTY,GUILTY!” They all agreed…. Rayden was watching two warriors duke it out and tear each other apart. Than he saw somthing, It was the man with the pony tail talking to a warrior.

Then Rayden saw him point to Liu Kang and gave him a little bag with

white powder “THE,THE OBLIVION POWDER!!” Rayden yelled “That warrior is going to assasinate LIU KANG!!” Rayden said to some people

people looked laughed then turned around. Then he saw Sonya and told her about what he saw. She looked and screamed to Liu Kang “LIU KANG

LIU KANG!” Rayden saw the warrior pour it into Liu Kangs drink. “The drink

tell him not to drink it.” “Ok” Sonya replied. As she was about to call to him he drank…. “Its to late!” Sonya said Liu Kang fell dead Instantly

“NO!!” SCREAMED RAYDEN. Everyone made a circle around him. “RAYDEN,

COME TO THE MAIN OFFICE OF MK!” said a tall man. “He looks farmiliar.”

Rayden said to himself. “SHANG TSUNG!” Rayden said.The man started to look uneasy. At the main office “RAYDEN YOU WILL BE KILLED BECAUSE OF THE MURDER YOU HAVE BEEN CAUSING.” “But I did not do all those, the man with the ponytail uh….I dont know his name but,”

“SILENCE!” “you will be killed by tomorrow at noon!” “but,but.”YOU DIE TOMORROW!!

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