The New champs Part 2

ON the last story I made it ended with Rayden saying that Oblivions guilty (I could have made it longer but I had to wrap it up quick) well anyway. Oblivion was to be killed…So Oblivion tries to get away and gets in a fight with Rayden and Oblivion ditches the battle and runs only

to be seen by The man with the pony tail. “DAMMIT, He’ll See me and take me back I got to hide so he does and in the mean time takes off

his armor (helm,Lin qui suit) and starts running. As he ran The man noticed some noices. Oblivion realized “MY CHAIN!!” so he pulled out his wallet and ditched it. The chain rattling settled (the chain was attached to his wallet you know) So he ran and ran and ran as fast as he could

he stoped to take a breath in the middle of nowhere he relized he was far from civilisation far from the mortal kombat tournamant far from

“Shang T-sung!?” he saw the evil man glaring nearby at him ready to kill.


“Where did he go!!” Rayden says. So Rayden go’s out to find Oblivion

Eventually Rayden tracked him down and sayed “Times up its your turn to die!” “Oblivion, Oblivion!” Rayden looked around the corner and sayed

“If you dont submit yourself to death at the shrine Ill do it right-!”



What Rayden saw that day he would never forget. There on the ground

was Oblivion’s carcus coverd with that “Oblivion powder” stuff.

“How,When,Who??” Rayden said to himself.”Was it suicide?” “No, He didnt want to die he risked his life to live!” “it must have been murder.”

Rayden said to himself. As Rayden told the leaders of the new tournament of MK they wonderd “Wasn’t he guilty of murder with that powder!” “But,But, he cant he ran from death and got so far and…and…DO YOU THINK HE WOULD KILL HIMSELF WELL, DO YOU???”

“You have a point” one leader said “YES HE WOULD HE WAS INSANE!!”

said another “Rayden you cannot prove he was innocent you said it yourself HES GUILTY.” said one leader “Yes Rayden.” said another.

“YOU, YOU dont understand. I think this work is done by Shang Tsung.”

Rayden said “No It wasn’t Liu Kang killed Shang Tsung a long time ago.

To be continued

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