shang tsungs ressurection

lei mei monks try to ressurect the long dead sorcerer shang tsung, they are incapable of doing so until the elder gods give them the right to do so. After alot of begging from the monks the elder gods allow them to bring the sorcerer back to life. They dig up the body of shang tsung and return his soul from the outworld now free from shou chans castle. Sub-zero now helping the mortals in raidens position is awhere of shangs tsungs return and sets out to kill him once and for all. Now at this time sub-zero is close to becoming an elder god of ice so he visits the elder gods to finish the process. When he arrives he finds the bodies of the elder gods lying on the floor dead, but one of the souls of the elder gods is floating above sub-zero and enters his body and sub-zero becomes the only elder god alive the elder god of ice.

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