The Uninvited

————–Last episode “The Alliance”————————–

————-The Title “The Uninvited”————————–

—————-The Fourth Part——————————

Earth Realm, It was a beautiful day, the birds were flying around and the sun was bright, there was not even a cloud in sight. Many people walked the streets of New york, with their everyday lives, TRL was on every station and many people screamed of celebrities. Just an average day in the world of Eath Realm.

Then darkness fell over this world and eclipse blocked out the sun causing clouds to reign of fire, volcanic eruptions beneath the streets of New York. Earthquakes and hurricanes shaked our foundation as the waves of the seas grew to our depths. In the sky thunder roared causing a tare in our demension as a portal emerged, warriors from all reamls entered our domain causing panic among the cilvilians of Earth. Their was so much going on in this world that bodies lyed in the streets, many people were killed within the hour.

Leutenant Sonya Blade and Jackson Briggs were on duty that night wathcing from afar a portal in the distance.

Sonya-“Jax Look”, with an astonished look upon her face.

Jax-“Sonja we must help them.”

Sonya-“No, Jax we need help against those warriors, they cannot be from Shao kahns army, we have defeated him, the Elder Gods sentenced him to exile, there is no way.”

Jax-“Okay, then we must find Rayden he will know what to do.”As they both were about to leave a portal opened as warriors entered the gate. The screams of soldiers sorrounded Sonya and Jax, with weapons in hands they were about to fight until the wind changed directions and a tornado emerged blowing the warriors away in the skies above as thunder struke down from the clouds and electricuted the minions from other demensions. Fujin and Rayden appeared with anger in their eyes.

Sonya-“Rayden, what are you doing here.”

Rayden-“Sonya/Jax we must leave this world is being invaded, there is not much time.”While grabbing Sonya and Jax’s hands they disappeared in a flash of lightning.

As the civilians of Earthrealm were in a state of panic, rioting, mass histeria two uninvited guests entered this world. Walking side by side Quan Chi and Shinnok walked the streets of a world once peaceful (Yeah right). There were civilians with anger in their heart in the means streets of Brooklyn. A man fired his gun at Shinnok.

The Man-“Take that you son of a bitch,” While firing his weapon.

The Other Man-“How does that feel homey, we just capped your ass,”with a smile upon his face. Shinnok was riddled with bullets as he stared upon the mortals of Earth as he began to laugh.

Shinnok-“You filthy mortals and your weapons,” as the weapons began to burn like fire in their hands, they dropped them with their fingers burning and a shocked expression upon their faces.”You want to see something exciting little man,”Shinnok disappeared as the earth trembled causing two rock hands emerging from the grounds, the man was scared stiff watching them rise to the sky, and simutaneously they clapped together with the man in between the two, blood poured to the ground like rain. While Shinnok reappeared with anguish expression upon his face. The other man ran with tears in his eyes as Quan Chi was before him, and before he could take the next step, Quan Chi grabbed his leg as the man pleaded for mercy, the sorcerer ripped the bone right out of the waist of this man, causing him to scream like a woman. Quan Chi had the man’s leg in his hand while the man was still alive twitching and crawling, the sorcerer was beating him down sensively with his own leg ligament, this man died while Quan Chi snickered.

Sonya and Jax was at the cave with Rayden, Fujin and Liu Kang.

Sonya-“Rayden what is going on here, we almost got our ass kicked, we like a little explanation.

Rayden-“Somehow with the aid of Quan Chi, Shinnok is finally liberated from the hell of Neitherrealm, they defeated Lucifer and taken the sacret amulet.”

Jax-“Sacret amulet what’s that.”

Rayden-“For centeries the sacret amulet was guarded by four semi-Gods, Fujin was one of them, until Quan Chi stolen the amulet.”

Sonya-“So your Fujin the god of what—”


Sonya-“Damn, you don’t need to shout.”

Rayden-“Quan Chi possessed the power of the sacret amulet and defeated Fujin with it’s emese power.”

Jax-“So who ever possess this amulet is invincible.”

Liu Kang-“YES, we must go to Outworld and ask for Kitana’s help.

The female voice-“It won’t be necessary.”

Liu Kang-“Who are you.”

The female voice-“The name is Tanya.”

—To Be Continued—-

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