Soul Survivors

——–Last Episode “The Last of the Black Dragon”——————

———————-“Soul Survivors”——————————



——–Last Episodes Quan Chi had released Shinnok from the Neitherrealm after his fight with Fujin for the Sacret Amulet. The Amulet contains the emense powers of the Elder Gods to make invinsible to mortals and immortals alike. Quan Chi struggled to liberate Shinnok from the hells of Neitherrelam. Only to be confronted by Lucifer the King of this hellish dimension. Their fight took years which gave Quan Chi and Shinnok leverage to escape into Edenia. Princess Kitana and Queen Sindel were incarcerated in the colebalt minds of Shokkan by the former Elder God and Quan Chi. The Sorcerer and Shinnok found the portal to Earthrealm in the realm of Edenia as they both entered the vortex. Tanya now joined up with the mortals of Earthrealm to take out the uninvited guest and stop this invasion from coming to pass. Kai was in search of Liu Kang while Quan Chi liberated Jerek from the National Security State Prison to fight against Rayden’s army. And Now we continue our story……….


——-The eclipse of the sun blocked out the light of Earth and only darkness remained, the oceans were drying up and animals were walking dead. The trees of the forest were slowly withering and dying like flowers in contaminated soil. The Cities of many countries were annhilated only remained of ruins and wastelands. New York was destoyed, fires broke out and bodies bloodied the streets, this world was in mass caos and the only two who still walked Quan Chi and Shinnok.

——-In the forest was a cave hidden beneath the trees and inside the cave was Lord Rayden, The God of Wind Fujin, Sonya, Jax, Liu Kang and Tanya. Fujin was still injured from the fight with Quan Chi, but he only had enough left to fight, just to bring back Sonya and Jax. Fujin was lying down on cold harded sharp rocks but didn’t feel any pain.

Sonya–“Rayden what is up with Fujin, I mean isn’t he also a “God” couldn’t he just heal himself.”

Rayden–“Sonya, there is little to know about Fujin, he’s dying even as an immortal.”

Sonya–“What? That’s impossible, he helped us fight off those warriors in New York, you both saved our asses.”

Rayden–“Yes, but he also sacrificed his immortality for you. Since Shinnok now possess the Sacret Amulet, he wants to destroy the essense of Earth.”

Sonya–“The essense of Earth, Which is?”

Rayden–“Nature,” “By destroying nature Fujin is apart of it, he’s connected and if you kill Mother nature then the balance is thrown out of track. It’s like night and day or the yin and yang, Fujin is apart of that balance he controls the powers of nature, one of the strongest elements.”

——Liu Kang was medetating in the forest when he heard a strange whisper. His eyes opened and saw the vision of Princess Kitana.



Liu–“I had a dream about you the other night Kitana.”

Kitana–“Later Lui, we need your help, I don’t have alot of time left.”

Liu–“What are you talking about.”

Kitana–“Quan Chi and Shinnok are back and they want to destroy you, I heard their plan, their is a sabatour involve……”The image faded while Kitana was struggling with another being from the other world.

Lui–“KITANA!” Liu Kang shouted as he instantaneoulsy ran back into the cave.

Lui–“RAYDEN! Princess Kitana needs our help.”

Tanya replied with a sarcastic concern on her face—“Is she alright”

Lui–“No, I think she is a prisoner in Edenia, because I sensed the area she was located at.”

Sonya–“Then we must save her.”

Rayden–“No, it’s to risky, with the possession of the sacret amulet in Shinnok’s hands, none of us will survive.”

Jax–“I’m with homey here, it’s gotta be a trap.”

Liu–“I’m going with or without your consent.”

Rayden–“Liu, don’t be obstenant, we have to figure out a plan.”

Fujin–“Rayden,” he said in a tired voice “There is a portal that goes to Edenia—-But it may be risky.”

Liu–“I don’t care, Kitana and Sindel need our help.”

Rayden–“All in favor of going to Edenia raise your hand.” Everyone raised their hand especially Fujin who was tired and weak.

Rayden said to himsel–“I’m getting to old for this. Okay, everyone grab ahold of my hand.” Everyone surrounded Rayden, grabbing ahold of his immortal body they disappeared in a flash of lightning.

——–In the city of Los Angeles, war broke out between the army and the militia of shinnok’s minions. Thundered roared the sky only to reappear in the middle of this battle Rayden and his warriors. Liu Kang, Sonya, Jax, Tanya and injured Fujin were ducking from ongoing bullets and the shout of many soldiers roaming the streets of L.A. Their were fights and riots and bodies bloodied the streets.

Rayden was talking to his warriors–“Okay, look I need some time to open the portal to Edenia, and make sure these mortals don’t hit me with one of those stupid bullets.”

Sonya–“Geee, Rayden, worried much.”

Rayden stood in the middle of the streets with his long white robe blowing in the breeze along with his pale like hair. The Thunder God opened his arms to the sky calling upon the opening of the portal. The clouds thundered and lightning struck the solid pavement of the street causing the war and the fighting to stop. While many mortals ran for their lives along with the minions of the outter dimension. Rayden’s eyes turned coma white as the lightning grew stonger.

——-The warriors of Earthrealm stared, watching Rayden open the portal only to be confronted by Quan Chi and Shinnok who levetated above the grounds.

Sonya shouted–“RAYDEN! LOOK OUT”. With the powers he had left, Fujin tried calling upon the winds of Earth. A weakening tornado twisted only the debris of the littering trash on the streets of L.A, but the impact made Shinnok fall to his feet.

Shinnok–“What the….”

Quand Chi started laughing as he called upon the forces of Neitherrealm as hands emerged from the grounds holding down the warriors. Liu Kang was fighting back but the hands grabbed both his hands and his legs. Sonya and Jax was also captured while Fujin was lying motionless on the ground. Rayden was helpless because his concentration was on opening the portals. Shinnok and Quan Chi slowlied walked up toward Rayden.

Quan Chi–“Mmmmmm, Well, “Thunder God” what-will-you-do next, ha ha ha.”

Shinnok–“Rayden, this is for sending me into purgatory.”Shinnok’s eyes turned bright green as he held out his hand, an emerald like fireball was shot directly toward Lord Raden, and before the green ball hit Rayden from behind,it was interfered by a black boomerang. Shinnok and Quan Chi turned their heads to find an unknown warrior stand before there presence. Rayden looked behind only to find the warrior Kai come to the rescue.

Shinnok–“Who are you, puny man!”

Kai–“I am Kai, and you are no more.” Kai’s hands were to the sky as a fireball emerged, Quan Chi and Shinnok were in a confused state of mind as the fireball came from the sky. It smashed the sorcerer and Shinnok into the ground giving time for Rayden to open the portal to Edenia. The undead hands that held the warriors down disappeared. They ran into the direction of Rayden, watching the bright portal open.

Kai stared at the hole in the ground only to see Liu Kang stand before him–“Liu, it’s been awhile.”

Liu–“Kai, how did you find us”

Kai–“It was easy, the Elder Gods gave me a lift, to help bring an end to Shinnok’s reign.”

Liu–“I guess the Elder Gods have their own problems to deal with, but thanks for showing up in time, right now princess Kitana needs our help.”

Kai–“Until the end my friend.” Rayden and his warriors were about to enter the portal when from a distance Sonya saw Jerek peeking at the whole were Quan Chi and Shinnok were buried by a fireball. Sonya was in shock to find Jerek liberated so with the strength of her legs she ran toward Jerek.

Jax shouted from afar–“SONYA! Nooooooo”

With rage in her heart she ran quicker than a cheata. Jerek didn’t even know that Sonya was on his trail, and before he had a chance to turn away, Sonya hit him with a square wave fist only to knock him out unconscience. Jax carried him into the portal as they all entered this vortex.

—–Buried deep within the grounds of L.A, Shinnok and Quan Chi were intomed within the rocks only to find a pale white fist emerge from the grounds. While the portal to Edenia closed.

————————TO BE CONTINUED————————–

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