Vengance part 2

As shao kahn starts destroying earthrealm the elder gods stand in the way and shout “shao kahn you have waved the rules of mortal kombat so we have no choice but to have you killed we have visited raiden he was in your mines then but we have gave him the strength to regane his thunder god powers now you and he will fight once more for the ranking of elder god like you did many years ago we will take you to the temple of light where you will fight”shao kahn appears in the temple of light where raiden stands there ready to fight the elder god’s shout fight.The both of them fight but raiden unleashes an devastating thunder bolt the bolt shooted from raidens hands as it hit shao kahn shao kahn shouted no shao kahn flew through the air with electrizity sourounding him the elder god’s said”shao kahn you have been defeated now you will die” the elder god’s unleashed a fire ball attack the ball of fire hit shao khan a ray of light shot out of shao kahn as the thousands of !

souls were shooting out freely.Raiden then looked at the elder god’s as they gave him the power of all elements such as ice,water,fire,wind and thunder.Kung lao,taja and zero were set free from deph the tree mortals grew older with there familys and lived happily.But as the deph came of those three mortals a new threat came to earthrealm the threat of the dark elder god the leader of the dark princes.

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  1. DDT


    The darkness is upon the earth, the Shakans or Shao Khan’s followers are cheering his name Shaka! Shaka! all over the city.
    The Eder Gods are much stronger and powerful than the Shao Khan.
    Kung Lao, Siro and Taja are dead. But their bodies are left in the earthrealm, only their clothes are taken to Shao Khan as a proof of their death. Raiden is not dead and Shao Khan keep him imprisoned. as Shao Khan’s secret portal is not yet closed. Ahhh a mistake by Shao Khan. A light yellowish sparks approaches near the portal on the earthrealm and entering the portal to the outword.(The Elder Gods’s energy/power). As the life in outworld goes back to normal. No one noticed the power of the elder gods ans it gets invisible after entering the outworld. The energy locate where Raiden is kept improsed. The energy approaches and get inside Raiden. Raiden is screaming as energy is getting in his body. Raiden has gained his strength back and better than ever. as the guards locate to Raiden’s imprisoned cell to see why he screems. He (Raiden) keep himself down as nothing has happened. They left him there and bakc to their daily work. Raiden has power, then he dissapear and appear near the portal to go back to Earthrealm. He back,he got dissapointed to see all people of the city on their feet near the portal praying for their God: Shao Khan. He shout at them and repeat what he said before: Your God has abounded you, now go! He flush the lightining and people step back from the portal. The shadow priest come from nowhere trying to kill Raiden. He dissapear and appear behind them and fire the big lighting power to them. The shadow priests died but only one of them managed to escape and step back to outworld through portal.

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