Melted Ice

Sub-zero meets up with Scorpion, but Scorpion takes them to the netherealm. There Sub-zero is slowly dying but he still gives his all as he fights with the evil master of the netherealm. Finally Scorpion weakens Sub-zero enough to finish him off, so Scorpion uses his strongest attack: Blazing Hell. It makes all the fire in the netherealm gather into a large spiral, and burn any enemies that oppose him, so finally Sub-zero dies.
Melted Ice

By: Richie

The Battle of the Immortals

Last season we had witnessed the deaths of all of the warriors and enemies to shao kahn. I am used of making things short and sweet and I totally sux with spelling so here we go.

Raiden was incarcerated in the Colbalt Minds of Shokkan as an example to all those who opposed him. Still grieving over the deaths of his warriors he prayed to the elder gods.

Though the Elder Gods heard his prayer, back on Earth realm an immortal worrior was summond by the Elder Gods and they called him Fujin the god of wind. They sent this immotal warrior because the Elder Gods were busy keeping Shao Kahns minions out of our world.(I thought they should add some more characters from the game to the show)Fujin left his post at the temple (Fujin is the protector of the sacret amulet to prevent the resurrection of the one Powerful Elder God who seeks it’s power, but that is another story) to aid the Elder Gods to rescue Raiden from Outworld

While caos reigned on Earth Realm back at the trading post Fujin saw the disaster and the mortal kombat medallion lying on the floor. As he picked it up he had a premonition this vision of death and annhilation of his brother god, know as Raiden. Raiden was sending him a message about the red little ruby that can alter time and open portals (Seen in episode 3 and 8). Last seen with Taja who stole the crystal from Shang sung and gave it back to Kung Lao as they all escaped from the Colbalt Minds of Sokkahn.

Anywayz, With his god like powers he found the crystal buried near the Temple of the order of light.

Then with the crystal’s power a portal was opened and Fujin entered this portal saving Raiden but it was not easy. Some of Shao Kahns spies in the Colbalt Minds of Shokkah decided to attack the powerful God of Wind. With the power he had a tornado emerged from the ground and driven all the ememies of the Earth Realm away. But his powers where weakening because the Colbalt drains any type of power possessed by an immortal or an inhuman sorcerer. With the wounded and left for dead Raiden, Fujin rescued Raiden as they both stepped through the portal opened by this sacred crystal.

So Raiden and Fujin stepped through the portal and back into Earth Realm before any information about their escape reached Shao Kahn.

Raiden was weak and tired and near death as a mortal, back in Earth Realm he had recieved his god-like powers again. With his rage he destroyed the open portal left in the valley of Shakka (Last seen in episode 21-22 were Raiden was trapped with Shao Kahn) and before any invaders came through the portal gate Raiden grabbed the red Ruby crystal in Fujins hands. With an unknown language he chanted as the world turned in reverse, the powers of the crystal brought everyone that Shao Kahn killed (in the episode vengeance) back to life.

But the only one who has the memory of anything is Raiden, Fujin and Shao Kahn because the power of the crystal doesn’t work on immorals and Shao Kahn was not on Earth Realm when it rotated backwards.

Kung Lao, Siro, Taja, Kitana, Vorpax, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Siann, Reptile and Kiri was brought back to life with no knowledge of their death experience due to the hands of the Shadow priest.

Back on Outworld a furious Emperor was outraged with violence and hate that he vowed to take out the champion in mortal kombat.

Unexpected Savour

While Shao Kahn beats a powerless Raiden, the camera turns back to the city where Kung Lao, Taja, Siro are surrounded by the Shadow Priest’s, at this point they are not quite dead, but most certainly have no energy to fight back at the priest’s. The leader priest asks his fellow priest’s to hold the three while he takes the final blow. He looks to a dazed Kung Lao and say’s “You may watch as I kill your friends before I kill you”, and with that the Priest leaps into the air toward Taja. The priest is just about to strike Taja when from out of nowhere a blast of Ice freezes him. He falls to the ground and shatters in peaces. His fellow Priest’s (Still with the three fighters in they’re grasp) turn to see where it came from. There standing at the bottom of the steps is none other than Sub-Zero, “Let them three go, or you will join your fellow priest in hell” warned Sub-Zero. After that on priest yells out “Come on all of you lets kill this fool. No one kills our leader priest and lives”. After that all the priests go to attack Sub-Zero. Zero fly kicks one priest but unfortunatly he lands in the middle of them and gets knocked to the ground. As the priests surround Sub-Zero a huge blast of ice shoots out from the middle of them and freezes them all. Then with a break dancing style kick smashes them to peaces. Zero flips up to his feet and looks around at the floor to see big piles of ice “ha ha ha I warned you all, but you just didn’t listen”. Zero chuckles a bit more before turning to where Kung Lao, Taja and Siro lay. He walks over to them and crouches down beside Kung Lao. “Kung Lao, you Ok my friend? Come on get up”. Lao starts to move and opens his eyes to see Sub-Zero, someone he least expected to see again “Sub-Zero”! “Come on my friend let me help you up”. Zero helped Lao to his feet and lent him against the stone table “Rest there for a minute while I see to your other friends”. Zero helps both Taja and Siro to their feet and leans them next to Kung Lao.

As the three fighters get their strength back, Sub-Zero explained to them how he found this city, and way he saved their lives. He told them that he was walking through the woods when he found an opening in the wall leading to this city. He said he saw the Priests and then you three in the middle. At that point he thought back at the time when his former family were saved by Kung Lao and his two friends from Scorpion and then with no hesitation took action and saved the three fighters.

Meanwhile in Outworld, Raiden is laying on the ground completely powerless. Shao Kahn towers over him with his huge sword in his hand and a massive grin on his face, “ha ha now Earth is finely mine” Kahn graps the sword and raises it above his head, preparing to drive the sword through Raidens chest “But don’t worry Raiden, I promise to take great care of it… of it’s destruction anyway ha ha ha ha”. Just as Kahn is about to drive the sword through Raiden, Kung Lao, Taja and Siro appear in front of him “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Kahn” shouts Kung Lao. “WWWhat!” shouts an angry Shao Kahn “How are you all still alive? My Shadow Priests should have crashed you easily”. “Yes they would have if it wasn’t for the fact that they are dead” came a voice from behind the three fighters. Kahn looked to see Sub-Zero appearing from behind Kung Lao. Sub-Zero then added “And now you will join them”. Kahn roared in fury and a huge final battle commenced. The fight was vicious, brutle and very bloody. But it finaly came to an end with Kung Lao grabbing Kahns sword and chopping his head of, Kahn’s dead. After getting their breath back Lao, Taja, Siro and Zero help Raiden to his feet and return to earth. The minute Raiden touches the Earth floor, his powers return to him, and he then destroys the portal. Everything is back to normal, the sun shines in the beautiful blue sky and birds can be heared. They return to the trading post, and the Kung Lao, Taja and Siro thanks Zero once again for what he did tells Sub-Zero he is welcome to stay, but Sub-Zero turns down his offer, telling them there’s things he needs to do. Raiden thanks the Earth warriors for saving him. After that the three go to bed and have a damn good rest.

The end

Hoped you liked it, I know there’s no Paragraphs but never mind

Episode 23 – Revival

In the last episode of Mortal Kombat Konquest, the emperor of outworld, Shoa Khan had ordered his highly ranked Shadow Preists. With brutal force, each one of Khan’s foes fell to their knees and died. The emperor now has inprisoned the The God Of Thunder Raiden. Earth has now bent it self to the will of Khan, the future of earth realm will depend on one powerfull group… The Elder Gods!

‘Get Back, old man!’ One of khans ninjas ordered as he pushed Raiden into the back of a prison cell. The thunder god wiped the fresh red blood dripping from his mouth, he had been tortured and beaten to near death. Raiden now must communicate with the Elder Gods. Impaled with dreaded fear the god raiden began to prey.

‘Elder Gods, hear me. Elder Gods, i wish to speak!!’ Raiden muttered, then a flash of light burst open infront of raiden, the Thunder God closed his eyes and continued to speak.

‘Elder Gods, earth realm has fallen once again into the hands of outworld, shoa khan!’

‘You dare contact us when you have proven yourself unworthy!! Your flaws are unexceptable.’

‘Gods, it is only in your power that we can set the defenders of the realm free!’

‘Very well thunder god! We will see to it, in a few seconds everything will change! Every one that his shadow priests killed will be brought back to life.’

‘Even the evil ones?’

‘Yes, protect earthrealm well, for we have helped you now, but know this Raiden the future will still not seem bright as you think!’

‘Very Well, thanks, chow now!’

The light infront of him increased as it became brighter, and then Raidens sight dissolved and he was once again in earth ralm, just infront of the temple of light, standing in front of them were the defenders, the shoalin monk, Kung Lao, The theif, Taja and the Exiled guard Siro. Raiden stared at them with releif, This meant that the revival had been complete…

Resurrection of the good guys

I decided to modify the last episode – Vengeance. And here it is:

Raiden steps through the portals to the neutral realm. So does Shao Kahn.

Raiden says: “Komm hier und fall für mir auf die Knee.”

“Never,” replies Shao Kahn, “Du werst dich vor mir Verbogen.”

Raiden starts firing electricity to Shao Kahn. Shao Kahn gets hit and feels pain.

At the same time, Kung Lao, Siro and Taja meet one Bagman in Zhu Zin. The bagman says: “You three are pathetic. I will kill you all, hehehee.”

Kung Lao makes a Vaulting Axe to the Bagman. Bagman falls down on the floor. But suddenly twenty new Shadow Priests appear from the sky. Just before a big fight, Kitana appears. She knocks out one of the Priests. But the other Shadow Priests kill her instantly.

Now the Bagmen are beginning to beat Kung Lao, Siro & Taja. But suddenly traveller Tomas (from Twisted Truth episode) appears from the sky. Taja asks: “Wie ist dass möglich?”

Tomas smiles and says: “The Elder Gods regenerated me.”

Tomas knocks down all the Bagmen with a little help of Kung Lao and Siro.

IN ZATERRA (Reptiles realm):

Reptile and Kiri are talking. Kiri says that they (Reptiles) are whole army. Vorpax doesn’t stand a chance against them. Unawares three Shadow Priests appear behind a corner and one of them starts fighting against Reptile. Reptile succeeds to become invisible. He gets out of the hood and calls other reptiles to help them out.

Thousands of reptiles jump in the tent to help Kiri and Reptile. They fight Shadow Priests as long as the Priests disappear. They got away.

Meanwhile, in QUAN CHI’s camp:

Quan Chi is eating grapes. All of the sudden, two Shadow Priests appear from the sky and they start to fight Quan Chi. Quan Chi is very strong warrior and before he manages to knock down both of the Priests, he says: “Tell Shao Kahn that it will be me next time, and I will kill him.”

In Shang Tsungs lair:

Three Bagmen appear. Shang Tsung shoots fire at them and disappears. The Priests don’t know where he went. Shang Tsung got away.
Raiden and Shao Kahn start fighting. Suddenly Quan Chi appears and says: “Go away, Raiden. You don’t know who you’re dealing with. He’s mine…”

Quan Chi knocks out Shao Kahn, and Raiden says: “Thank you!”

Alright! What do you think guys?

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