Shattered Mirrors- Wanderer


by Odeena Skywalker

Diva’s eyes slowly opened as she came round; unfocused at first, confused and tired afterwards. The first thing she saw was Liu Kang’s concerned face. The warrior was looking towards somewhere behind her, she couldn’t see what it was.


Liu turned to her, and a little smile played across his features for a second. “Welcome back.”

Diva slowly stood up and rubbed her temples. “Are we in the Netherealm?” she asked, although she aleady knew the answer all-too-well.

“Yes”, came the reply.

“Great”, she muttered. “I was starting to think I’m hallucinating, and that wouldn’t have been good at all. What happened, anyway?”

“Well, you… um, passed out.”

“Just like that?”

“Yeah, just like that.”

Diva rubbed her temples again. “It was almost as if someone hit me in the head with a mace”, she grumbled silently. “Everything just… went dark.”

Liu raised an eyebrow. “Okay, that’s one strange thing. But how come we got to the Netherealm, of all the places? I have every reason to believe you didn’t want us to end up here.”

“I didn’t. This is probably Quan-Chi’s doing.”

“Well, undo it”, Liu snapped.

“My thoughts exactly.” She got to her feet, raised a hand and focused, trying to open a portal. Nothing happened.

“Something’s wrong”, she stated as she focused harder. Again, nothing happened.

“Well, what is it? What’s wrong?” Liu asked impatiently.

“My powers…” Diva’s eyes widened at the discovery. “They’re–they’re gone!”


“Quan-Chi”, Diva said bitterly. “If this is anyone’s doing, it’s his. His powers are tremendous in Outworld.”

“Well, that’s just great”, Liu mused. “What do we do now?”

Diva sighed. “This is the Netherealm. Without my powers, we’re as good as dead.”

“That’s negative thinking”, Liu said, trying to lighten the mood. Suddenly, a thought occured to him. “Diva…”

She glared at him. “Yes?”

“Why are we here?”

She kicked at a small rock in frustration. “I already told you, Quan-Chi–”

“No, not that. Why did you help me escape? Why did you put an entire Realm at risk for me?”

Diva shuddered slightly. “I… We have to find water”, she said suddenly. “I can still sense water, and I’m guessing there’s a spring here somewhere.” She started towards the entrance which the stone dragon seemed to be guarding. Liu shrugged to himself and followed her. Back in Outworld, even with Diva’s aid, his death became inevitable. At least here, he had a fighting chance, although he didn’t bet high on his odds.

None of the two fighters noticed the changes which silently occured with the stone dragon during their brief talk. Its body glowed faintly, and shards of rock began to fall, revealing dark emerald scales. Slowly, the gigantic statue came to life.

When Liu noticed the fact, it was already too late. The beast unleashed a demonic shriek, and a seemingly endless wave of flames swept the shore.


The chamber was lit by hundreds of candels, each and every one of them spreading a faint oriental scent in the air. Altars to the Elders were carved dirrectly into the stone walls, and statues of strange shapes casted trembling and dark shadows around.

In the center of the shrine, Lord Rayden, God of Thunder and Protector of the Earth realm, stood, meditating.

The god tried to clear all thoughts from his mind and reached out, trying to sense the mind of Earth’s champion, Liu Kang. He knew that Liu Kang was still alive, just as he knew Kitana was dead. Still, he couldn’t reach out to him, and this was what concerned the Thunder God more than anything else.

The flames of the candels trembled slightly, and a gentle breeze filled the room, as Fujin, God of Winds, materialized in the shrine. Sensing his presence, Rayden opened his eyes.

“Fujin”, he said quietly.

“Hello, Rayden.” The younger god appeared a little uncomfortable. “How are things?”

Rayden sighed. “I can’t find Liu anywhere. He’s alive, I know that–but I just can’t reach him. It’s almost as if something’s blocking me.”

“Have you tried to break through whatever it is?” Fujin asked. Rayden shook his head slightly.

“It’s too strong, even for me. It’s almost as this spell would be protecting an entire Realm from–”

Suddenly, Rayden’t eyes widened, and he bolted upright. “That’s it! I think I know where he is!” Raising his staff, Rayden disappeared in a flash of lightning without anything else.

Fujin sighed. “I hate it when he does that”, he grumbled silently; then, he teleported away.


Liu’s thoughts raced, but he couldn’t find a way out of the situation. Acting by instinct, he threw himself down, pulling Diva with him. The flames passed inches away from the two; they barely had time to roll out of the way, and a new jet of flames hit the ground where they had been standing a moment ago.

“Go for the tunnel!” Liu shouted, jumping aside as the tail of the dragon swept past him.

Diva bolted towards the dark entrance and disappeared in the shadows, and Liu quickly followed. “Keep running!” he shouted as he heard another feral shriek behind him. In an instant, a thought occured to him, and he threw himself through a side entrance just as a jet of flames filled the entire tunnel. The heat was unbearable, and Liu crawled away. This seemed to last forever, until, with a last shriek, the fire eventually died down. Liu climbed shakily to his feet.

“Diva?” he called out. There was no response. He felt his heart in his throat. “Diva?” he called again. The echo travelled back and forth between the stone walls and gradually fainted, before the answer finally came.

“Here!” Diva’s voice had come from somewhere ahead.

Liu started forward, when he suddenly sensed an incomming attack, and he raised his hand, grabbing someone’s fist. “Hey!” he shouted, twisting the aggressor’s arm; immediately, he heard a faint gasp, and a voice, “Liu? Is that you?”


“Yes, it’s me. Let… go!”

Liu released her arm, still startled. “Are you alright?”

“A little scorged, but… I’m fine. You?”

“Same here… That was close.”

“Too close”, she sighed. “And now, we don’t even know where the hell we are…”

“You said you could sense some water around.”

“Uh… yeah. This way…”

Liu didn’t move. “Which way? I can’t see a thing!”

“Oh… right.” She took his arm and gently yanked it. “This way.”

They started to walk forward, leaning against the wall for support.

“Blind as bats”, Liu commented sarcastically.

“What are bats?” Diva asked, suddenly interested.

“Little creatures that live in dark places”, Liu replied. “They kinda look like mice with wings. You’ve never heard of bats before?”

“We didn’t have any in Eccelsia”, she answer. “Mice with wings, hmm? They must look… interesting.”

Suddenly, she stumbled on something, and lost balance for a second. Liu instinctively caught her, and she found herself in his arms. They remained still for a second, then Liu slowly helped her up.

“Thank you…” she trailed off, uncertain of what to say next, and Liu realised that he was still holding her hand. Gently, he wrapped his other arm around her; after a second, she stopped even pretending to try and get away.


An infinity of realms passed before Reiko’s eyes in mere seconds.

Where are you? he thought out, as he frantically searched for Diva’s familliar presence. Where did you go…?

He waited a few moments for a response, but there was none. Reiko sighed, and then he resumed his search.


The stone creature seemed to grow out nowhere. Liu barely had time to push Diva aside; however, he didn’t have time to block the incoming hit, and he was thrown into the rocky wall by the tremendous force. A sharp edge drew through his shoulder, and he shrieked in pain. Diva didn’t think twice; drawing out her twin blades, she attacked.

It was like striking blows against a wall. The creature barely flinched; then, with just one hit, sent her crashing into the wall. The last thing she saw was a dark hand coming down towards her; then, everything went dark.


He had no idea as to where he was, or how he had gotten there. There was a level, constant pain in his right shoulder, and when he tried to move his arm, he could hardly resist the urge to scream.

He immediately felt a cold hand reaching for his forehead, and he heard a voice. He couldn’t quite make out the words, but the urgent tone was obvious. As far as he could understand, the voice asked him to stay still. Then he realised it was Diva who was speaking, and he relaxed a bit, knowing that she was alive and she was with him. Sighing, he gave in to the weakness in his body, and he drifted away once more.



There was no response, and Diva sighed and leaned her forehead against the bars. Her head still hurt from the hit she had received from the creature, but apart from that, she was all right. It was Liu who concerned her the most. He had been unconscious for a while now, and he had only come to it for a few moments before fading again. Diva knew very little about wounds, but she could tell that Liu’s was serious.

As far as she could tell, they were prisoners. They were locked in a cage, settled high above, on a rock platform. They were in a bigger cavern now, and it was lit by a stream of lava which surrounded the entire area. Below, she could see a few dozens of rock creatures, and in the light, they looked even bigger and more threatening. She didn’t know what was going to happen to them, but one thing was for sure: it was not good.



The thought occured to him out of nowhere. He could almost feel danger surrounding him. The feeling was so strong, that Reiko seemed lost for a second. Tensing, he shrugged it all off, before a sudden realisation dawned on him. Opening a portal, he hurriedly stepped through it. His only hope was that he wouldn’t be too late.


‘In your next battle, use the ellement which gives life…’

It was cold, so cold. Liu shivered. The tunnel was narrow and dark, but he only had one thought in mind: somehow, he had to get through, he had to get to the other side.

‘Why am I doing this?’ he thought to himself as he struggled forward. ‘Why…’

A faint cry for help reached him, and he started to run blindly towards where it had come from. One turn, then another… The cry echoed again, closer this time. One last turn, and a bright burst of light hurt his eyes. He staggered backwards, and suddenly he found himself trapped. He opened his eyes and he realised he was sinking in a pool of lava. Sharp bolts of pain drew through his body as he struggled in a futile attempt to free himself.


Liu left out a soft whimper. He couldn’t fight the nightmare. He was too weak to even try.


Something was going on. A faint murmur was suddenly heard among the creatures, then, one of them got up. Another handed it a spear, as a few more cheered in low, unnatural voices. The creature slowly started towards the cage.


Diva knew resistance was futile. She slowly drew backwards, as the creature approached the cage, a low, feral snarl barely audible from its clenched jaws. It raised its spear, ready to strike.

Afterwards, things happened at an amazing speed. In the same instant the creature thrust the spear forward, a portal opened at the far end of the island, and silver ninja star hissed through the air. The spear broke in half, its tip passing inches away from Diva’s shoulder. The creature spunned around frantically, but it was already too late. A great ball of fire struck it, and, as it staggered backwards, it fell into the lava stream with a shriek.

Reiko appeared where it had been standing, a ninja star in each hand. He opened the cage lock with a kick, then turned his attention back to the other creatures, which were slowly advancing towards them. He raised his hands, and a rain of fire started out of nowhere. He smiled to himself as the creatures ran around, desperately trying to shield themselves as sharp bolts drew through their bodies, and, finally, there were none left.

“Reiko!” Diva rushed forward and embraced him. She tried to say something, but instead she broke down crying against his shoulder. “Thak you!” she managed between sobs.

“It’s alright.” Reiko did his best to sound calm, but anger was boiling deep within. “It’s okay, it’s all over now.”

She pulled back a little to gaze into his sky-blue eyes. “I’m sorry”, she nearly whispered. “I didn’t-I just-”

“It’s alright”, Reiko repeated. “You…” he paused for a moment, uncertain of what to say. “You did what you thought was right. Even though you risked the entire realm of Eccelsia by doing so”, he finished grimly.

“He was going to die!” Diva protested faintly. “And I… well, I owed him”, she finished under her breath.

“For killing your father?”

“For releasing me! Had there not been for him and the other Earth warriors, I would’ve ended up an assassin for Kahn, or Creator knows what. You know that.”

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds.

“Shinnok sent me after you”, Reiko stated quietly. “He wants you alive.”

Diva’s eyes widened. “You’re not… going… to…” she trailed off. “What will happen if you don’t bring us in?” she asked instead.

“I don’t know”, Reiko confessed.

He was in a dilemma. One side of him urged him to deliver the fugitives to Shinnok-and insure his realm’s safety. Yet, another side of him didn’t want to. He knew what would follow then-death, for both of them. And then, probably, his punishment would come as well.

Suddenly, Reiko’s shoulders straightened up. His decision was made. If there was anyone to pay for this, then he would take the blame alone. He relied on the fact that Shinnok needed his services as a general, and thus wouldn’t want to loose the only trading card he had.

But on the other hand, Shinnok had other generals as well. What if…


He snapped out of his thoughts. “What?”

Diva pointed towards the entrance of a tunnel. A few creatures were coming out, waving spears and clubs and unleashing deep battle screams.

“We have to get out of here”, Reiko said hurriedly.

“Wait… what about Liu?”

Reiko threw her an inquiring glance, but she looked away. Sighing, he closed his eyes, and the three teleported away, just as a few spears made their way towards the spot where they had been standing.


They were now on a small island, surrounded by lava. Diva sighed, and she sat down, taking Liu’s hand. She still felt his pulse, and that gave her confidence for now.

“I can’t help you any more”, Reiko stated. “If either Shinnok or Quan-Chi find out…”

He didn’t have to finish the sentence. Both him and Diva knew what was going to happen if they did.

“At least… help Liu”.

Reiko narrowed his eyes. “What?”

“You’re a healer, aren’t you? You can help him!”

Reiko sighed. “Diva…”

“Please, Reiko. He will die otherwise, and none of this would have mattered as all.”


Reiko sighed again, still undecided. “All right. I’ll do it. For your sake.”

He took Liu’s hand, and closed his eyes. His hand started to glow faintly, as Liu’s wounds slowly closed. All this lasted a few moments; then, Reiko let go. He felt dizzy for a second due to loss of energy, and he shook his head slightly.

“This is all I can do. Anything more, and I won’t have enough energy left to go back.”

“And… what will you tell Shinnok?”

“Shinnok knows little about my full powers. I’ll tell–”

The rest of his sentence was cut off by a loud peal of thunder, and Rayden, God of Thunder, appeared next to them. The god looked around for a second, then his gaze stopped on Reiko. His eyebrows frowned, and the air around him began to crackle with electricity.

Diva stepped in between the two. “Leave him alone!” she shouted, drawing out her blades, although she knew she didn’t stand a chance against the god. “He didn’t do anything!”

“Diva! Back off!” Reiko said sharply. “If it’s a fight he wants, then it’s a fight he gets.”

Reiko shoved her aside, and a fireball formed between his hands. The same instant, Rayden raised his staff, and Reiko barely had time to dive out of the way. Rayden kept sending bolts of electricity towards him, and one of them his its target. Reiko resisted the urge to scream and unleashed a wave of ninja stars at the god. Rayden teleported out of sight.

Reiko drew in a sharp breath. “Where did he go?” he said to himself, glaring in all directions. Around the same time, Liu began to awaken.

“Liu!” Diva ran off to him and gently helped him to a sitting position. “Are you all right?”

“I… guess so, yes…” Liu looked around, and found Reiko standing a few steps away, crouched in a defensive position. His whole body tensed.

“It’s all right”, Diva said hurriedly. “He’s the one who healed you.”

“He is?” Liu raised an eyebrow. “Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but he looks even worse than I do. What happened?”

“What happened? Rayden happened”, Diva said bitterly.

“What? …oh, no!”

A sudden movement caught Diva’s eye, and she turned just in time to see Rayden materialize. His bolts caught Reiko off guard, and the general fell to the ground.

“Reiko!” Diva shouted, bolting towards him.

“Rayden! No! They’re friends!” Liu shouted at the same time.

Rayden raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“They saved me!” Liu said quickly. “Had there not been for them, I would be dead by now!”

All of the sudden, a low groan echoed in the cavern.

“The stone creatures!” Diva exclaimed, turning towards a tunnel entrance.

It was, indeed, the creatures. Giant, strong and mercyless, they were running towards the four.

Reiko jumped back to his feet and turned to Rayden. “Get them out of here!” he shouted. “Now!”

“But what about–”

“Go with them!” Reiko shouted, starting to fire upon the creatures. “Please”, he added in a whisper. “Go!”

Rayden nodded and created a portal. After shooting a few lightning bolts at the creatures himself, Rayden stepped through it, carrying Liu. Diva cast one last glance at Reiko, then she followed as well, and the portal closed behind her.

Reiko glanced behind and he nodded to himself; then, he opened a portal, and jumped through it as well, just as the first creatures reached the place where he had been a moment before.


The sun was setting in a blaze over the desert; from a low peak, a lone figure stood silently. She watched it until the last rays of light died in the distant horizon, then started to head back to the Temple of the Elder Gods, when she suddenly found a tall figure standing in front of her.

“Liu? Is that you?” she questioned, squinting.

“I was worried”, Liu Kang replied. “I couldn’t find you anywhere, so I figured you’d be here.”

“I was just… thinking.” Diva shuddered. “I didn’t know it gets so cold here.”

“Yeah, it’s a bit chilly. Let’s head inside.”

Liu wrapped an arm around her shoulder, and she didn’t protest.



“Earlier today, you asked me why would I put an entire realm at risk for you”, she said quietly.

Liu stopped to glare at her, but couldn’t see her face in the dark. “Yes?”

“Shinnok had… made a decision. They were going to have you fight Goro. To the death.”

“I could’ve taken him”, Liu said reassuringly.

“Not in the condition you were into. And if you were to win, you would’ve fought another warrior, and another. It was a death sentence.”

Liu smiled. “In this case, I am even more in your debt.”

“It doesn’t matter. If anybody’s owing to anyone, that would be me.”

Then, the two headed silently for the Temple and disappeared inside.



Shinnok’s eyes started to glow menacingly. “You left them get away?” he shouted, and everyone else present flinched. Reiko bowed his head.

“Rayden… couldn’t be taken. I appologise.”

“Fool!” A green bolt of energy strook Reiko in the chest, and the general was thrown a few steps away. He gasped and tried to get up, but his legs refused to support him.

Shinnok turned to his personal guards. “Get him out of my sight”, he ordered.

“Shall we kill him, master?” one of the masked ninjas inquired.

Shinnok seemed to consider the alternative for a moment. “No… Take him to his chambers.” The two ninjas nodded as they helped Reiko up and left.

“You know he lies”, Quan-Chi stated, matter-of-factly.

“Yes, sorcerer, I know that. But I believe he can still be of use for us.” Shinnok chuckled to himself. “Yes… It is time to use my highest card in this game.”

“And which is that?” Quan-Chi questioned, narrowing his eyes.

Shinnok chuckled again, and his eyes glowed menacingly.

“The Realm of Eccelsia.”

Bitter words – 1st episode

Many say that immense power is some of the things that change a warrior soul but one can always change his or her destiny. Myths and legends have been told but also can they be true? Long times ago were the world was at war with an emperor named shoa khan ruled over earth realm because of his winnings in ‘MORTAL KOMBAT’.

Earth realm is now at risk of his invasion but the earth realm shall not give up. The god raiden earth realm protector has took many of earth realms glorious, goriest and bravest fighters and left one group ninja because of his brutal strength an mind, he thought that he was to strong so he had banished him to nether realm. His name was known as Alpha and this is how the battle begins.

‘Move woman get out of my way’ the ninja powered god recommended ‘sorry’ muttered the woman in a unpleasant way. Two of the guards had seen his actions to the woman in nether realm and sent him too him to the ruler named shoa khan. At his presence at out world he did not feel welcome as last time. A faint noise was heard as it sounded like ‘GET OVER HERE!’ a serpent snake creature like a rope but a snake head appeared through the tent as it got the guards attention. Alpha broke the chains and did a flip and landed on a box. The serpent creature turned at the guards and stabbed through the firsts neck and the other was stabbed through the head. Alpha rampaged through as the serpent was following him. Alpha heard the noise ‘come here’. Suddenly the snake as disappeared. ‘what the …’ ‘keeeeeeeeeee’ the snake came behind the tent . Alpha grabbed the sword and did and swinged it at the snake creature, with force the snake creature had been cut . Alpha decided not to run but fight. He made a circular ball of fire and threw it, as it annihilated all tents and weapons and left a ninja spectre crossing his arms laughing.

‘Who are you’ demanded alpha in persuading way .

‘let me introduce my self I am the ninja scorpion, I want you to do something for me’ spoke scorpion deeply

‘ Why shall I’ Questioned Alpha

‘because I an get you out of this hell hole’


The Lin Kuei asked Reptile to come, that they have something to talk about, Reptile knew that there is no warrior there who can defeat him since he killed Twister, that is because he didnt know of the exsistence of Sub-Zero, he came and said angrily “you tried to kill me and now you want to talk to me?!”, the Lin Kuei grand master awnserd “yes….” Reptile looked deep into his eyes, “i will not awnser anything for you, nor will i do anything for you!”, the Lin Kuei grand master laughed, “then i guess you dont care about him!” the grand master holded a child from Reptile’s world, Reptile recondized that child, it was his nefue, Reptile breathed deeply “what do you want me to do?….” the Lin Kuei has an enemy wich has been bothering us for some time, his name is Kung Lao and he is earthrealm’s chosen one, Reptile awnserd “i have heard of this Kung Lao, i cannot kill him on my own!” the grand master nodded “you wont have to, Twister had power but not expirience, our most powerfull and expirienced warrior will join you, his name is Sub-Zero” Reptile said seriucely “and i guess you want me to babysit him like i did to Twister?!” the grand master laughed “acctully i think he would babysit you more than you will babysit him” Reptile said angrily “i would like to fight him, just to see how good he is!” the grand master nodded and called Sub-zero with a special sighn (like they do on MKC), Sub-zero entered the room, the grand master said “Sub-zero, you and Reptile shall fight until the other one cannot fight anymore, i request no deaths” Sub-Zero nodded, Reptile smiled “this will not take long!”, Sub-Zero laughed “that is correct because i will beat you before you can even beggin!” they started fighting, they fought and fought and fought, no winner no loser , every hit is blocked every acid hits ice, they look much alike in combat, they both have the same Killer instict, the fight lasted 6 long hours of no winning and no losing until something happend, Sub-Zero punched Reptile in the face and Reptile kicked Sub-Zero in the stomach they both fell backwords, both couldnt continue, “Then it is a draw!” the grand master said, Reptile and Sub-Zero were impressed with each other’s fighting skills, “you will have 10 hours of resting and then you will start on your mission TOGETHER!”

To Be Continued




After the fight between Reptile and Sub-zero the both rested and after 10 hours they were already ready infront of the Grand master, the grand master smiled when he saw them, “you will both be sent to destroy Kung Lao, you must do this mission together if you want to stand a chance against Kung Lao, if i dicover that you failed doing this mission, I shall kill your nefue Reptile, and you shall be banished from the Lin Kuei Sub-zero, they both nodded and headed out for their mission, they didnt speak to each other and didnt even look at each other, they walked torwards the city but they didnt know they were watched, a bunch of robers were looking from the tree, “they wear custom made silk clothes, rare kind of silk it is, we can get hundreds from those suits, we will wait a little and then we shall surround them and kill them, and please, try not to spill their blood on the suits, it may hurt their value. Sub-zero and Reptile walked on a hill with small rocks, Reptile slipped and fell on Sub-zero wich made them both fall down the hill, Sub-Zero said angrily “i hope your happy insect!” Reptile turned arround with anger “Listen frosty!!! the only reason im doing this is because your Grand master has my nefue and he shall kill him if i wont do this!!” Sub-Zero was so angry that you can fill the heat coming from his head. “The only reason im doing this is because i was ordered to and i shall violet the rules of the Lin Kuei if i disobey any order!, you think i wanted to babysit an insect that pukes acid?!, i can defeat Kung Lao myself and i dont need your help!!!” Reptile smiled widely “so i guess you want to get banished from the Lin Kuei huh?!, It wasnt my idea to go hunt for a monk with an Icepick! But i must do that because my nefue is in danger!!!” they both studdenly looked around them, they were surrounded by a bunch of robbers, Sub-Zero thought it was Reptile’s warriors and Reptile thought it was Lin Kuei warriors, Reptile said calmly but there was rage in his words “i guess your grand master dosent trust us to do this mission!” Sub-Zero replied “what do you mean?!, you are the one sending your warriors to help us!”, Reptile thought for a moment and then said “if they are not Lin Kuei warriors and they are not my warriors who are they?” Sub-Zero looked at them for a moment and then replied “ordinary robers, shouldnt be a problem!” Reptile counted them “there are only 8 of them, this is going to be easy!” 12 more robers jumped from the woods, Reptile breathed deeply “maybe not…”, they attacked Reptile and Sub-zero and 3 of them were dead/unconcious in the first 30 seconds, Sub-zero said to Reptile “we’ll have to do the back to back methate to defeat them” Reptile smiled “finally you say something correct, we’ll do the back to back methate, only because i had it in mind aswell” they fought back to back, each fought in his own direction, they fought and fought and fought but more robers just keeped coming, Sub-Zero said despertly “how much are there?!” he studdenly felt something stingy in his neck like a bee stung him there, in a bare moment he fell to the ground unconcios, Reptile looked torwards him, and then the same happend to him aswell.

To Be Continued.




Reptile woke up, he saw a little blury and then got focused, he was tied up to Sub-Zero, he noticed his mask was on the ground, he wore it fast before Sub-Zero woke up, he thought for himself “They must have got scared and ran away by my true apperance…” he tried to melt the rope with his acid but there was some sort of spell protecting it, he knocked on Sub-Zero’s soldier with his head to wake him up, Sub-Zero woke up, “Where the hell are we?!” he said suprisingly “Beats me” repiled Reptile, Sub-Zero tried to get loose from the rope but its like it was made out of steel, and very strong steel, Reptile and Sub-Zero stood up (still tied up to each other) and walked as much as they could, after a few minutes Sub-Zero yelled “i got it!, ill freeze the rope and then youll melt it!” Reptile nodded and said “worth giving a try” Sub-Zero focused all of his energy in freezing that immune to everything rope, luckily he succeded in freezing it, Reptile tried to melt it with ordinary acid but it didnt work, then aswell he focused all of his energy in one single acid spit, and it melt the ice, they both collapsed when the rope was melted and slept like they never slept before, they woke up and continued their way, like in the beggining they didnt speak and didnt even look at each other, until they got to the city, they searched the city for Kung Lao and finally they spot him, they walked in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to attack him, that moment came and the ambushed him, the fight was hard and Kung Lao was beggining to lose to the two ninjas, but Taja and Siro came to his assistance, then the two ninjas was beggining to lose, Sub-Zero whispered to Reptile “lets split and handle the two others seperately” Reptile nodded and replied “ok”, they split to two different wayies, Taja and Siro went after Reptile and Kung Lao went after Sub-Zero, they fought for a long time and Reptile knocked Sirro unconcios with a direct kick to the forehead, the fight lasted many hours and was then interrupted by the city gaurds, at least 30 of them, Sub-Zero and Reptile fleed since they could not deal with such a number, the went back to the Lin Kuei hideout and were suprised to find out that the Grand master was assasined and that Reptile’s nefue was sent to his realm, Sub-Zero and Reptile bowed to each other and went back to their wayies as if nothing has happend, but something did happen, the new Grand master was deeply impressed with their achivments together and they hold many tasks together in the future.

The End

A stranger Part2

Reptile knew the excact reason Twister attacked him, he was simply ordered by the Lin Kuei because they figured Reptile was no longer needed in Twister’s training, Twister and Reptile fought excactly the same, the fight lasted a few hours and Twister was beggning to win, Reptile knew it wount be worth trying to talk to him but he tryied anyway,

Reptile: Why must you follow orders from a foolish clan when you can rule this world with me?!

Twister: i must follow my orders!

they continued fighting, and then Reptile made a final desecion, reptile took over his mask and suit and showed his true form (a lizard’s form) Twister was shocked from the apperance of Reptile, in the few seconds he had, he spit acid on Twister and then ran torwards him with all of his speed and punched him to the stomach with all of the thrust from the running, his fist exsited Twister’s back and Twister fell down, his eyes were empty, he was surely dead. A spirit then got out of his body, it looked like Fujin, earth’s wind god, Reptile was shocked and asked the spirit “What kind of trickery is this?!” the spirit awnsered “i am the spirit of Fujin, Earth’s wind god, i have been locked by a special spell in this body, i had no contorl, for there was also a Lin Kuei warrior’s soul in there and my powers moved to his soul, that is the reason he had the power to control wind. Reptile nodded “i see then, that is why he was so powerfull aswell right?” the spirit nodded. the spirit then talked again “i would be going now, you have a visitor”. Reptile looked behind him, Hundreds of citizents in his realm were watching the fight all along, they now saw Reptile’s full strengh and they would listen to him now, Reptile thought to himself “so the Lin Kuei helped after all”

The end.

Revenge of the Ninjas

After the Deadly Alliance of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung was created, the ninjas took action; Reptile, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Ermac, (Human) Smoke, Rain and Noob-Saibot headed to the island which the tournament was held. When they all saw each other on the island, a battle broke loose. Then suddenly, Raiden appeared, he stopped the fight and told them if they don’t work together, the earth realm would be in danger, and for once, the ninjas agreed. Except two of the ninjas, Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Raiden tried convincing them to stop trying to hurt and kill one another, but it was no use. Then Reptile got between them and kicked them both away from each other. Noob held on to Scorpion and Ermac held on to Sub-Zero, stopping the fight. Reptile tried talking to them, but it was no use, he couldn’t speak their language. Then Ermac translated for him. Reptile said that they shouldn’t fight one another if they are going to stop the deadly alliance. Everyone stopped fighting and listened to Reptile. Everyone trained. They each had their own weapons as well: Reptile had his Kireashi Blade; Scorpion had his two ninja swords; Sub-Zero had his water vapored sword; Ermac had a green laser sword(kind of like a jedi knight); Smoke had knumb-chucks; Rain had a lightning staff that Raiden gave to him; and Noob-Saibot had a katana blade. They all trained hard for the tournament, and the next day they confronted Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Shoa Khan who somewho survived; Shinnok; Kano, Drahmin; and Moloch. Tsung said that they defeated everyone excepted Raiden and the seven ninjas. That’s when the fight took place. Reptile took on Shang Tsung; Scorpion took on Quan Chi; Sub-Zero took on Shao Khan; Ermac took on Shinnok; Smoke took on Kano; Rain took on Drahmin; and Noob-Saibot took on Moloch. It was a gruesome fight, but it was a victory. Raiden awarded them by taking them to a certain island in earth-realm that wasn’t discovered, and made them a palace there…!

That was the palace for the seven ninjas who will continue to protect earth-realm.

The End





After the battle with the Deadly Alliance, the ninjas protected earth realm. One of the ninjas, Reptile, was on his nightly route checking on New York(one of the worst places of crime), not knowing, that a stranger was following him…

Reptile could sense something from a mile away, and he could smell that someone was lurking down on the streets below. When he checked in that area, five shadowed warriors jumped out and trapped Reptile. They tied down the ninja, and two Shokan warriors appeared. Goro and Sheeva. They told Reptile that they were followers of the Dragon King (to give u a clue why: shokan people are half human, half dragon), They went down in the sewers and took a tunnel that lead right were a giant egg was laying. They put Reptile in front of the egg and a giant beam shot out of the egg and lanced into Reptile. His ninja body mutated and transformed him into the long forgotten Dragon King…

Meanwhile, at the palace of the ninjas, Scorpion was training with Sub-Zero, and Noob-Saibot came rushing through with horrifing news. Noob told them that Reptile has been captured. He said that Raiden was watching from the sky but couldn’t help him. They jumped him to fast. Thats when Scorpion took over…He told Noob to go with Raiden and check out where Reptile was jumped. Scorpion told Sub-Zero to get the others and follow him.

When Noob-Saibot and Raiden arrived to the place that Reptile was jumped, They saw the sewer lid. Raiden opened it and shot a spark inside. Which created light inside the sewer so they could easily navigate through the tunnel. They jumped inside, and since Noob doesnt like the light, he absorbed himself into Raiden’s shadow. While Raiden was walking, he saw a guard who hasn’t seen him, and shut off his spark to dim the lights to make it really dark. Thats when Noob stayed on the floor, traveling along the ground to the guards shadow and sprang up and broke the guards neck without making sound. Then Noob went back into Raidens shadow and Raiden turned his spark on and continued forward. Raiden saw an iron door, he tried turning the knob, but the knob was so hot that it burned his hand. Noob stuck his hand out and brought Raiden in the shadow and went under the door and inside. When Noob let Raiden out, Raiden was shocked to see a huge dragon like figure, lurking above him. No!

ob dashed out and punched the beast in the face, but only his hand hurt, the beast didn’t even flinch. Then the Dragon spoke to them in a low growling voice,”I’m unbeatable, you mine as well give up while you still can.”Raiden then figured out who this giant was, the Dragon King. He saw the broken egg laying behind the Dragon.Then he figured out that Reptile was either a sacrifice or the mutated into the King himself. Then Goro and Sheeva came and knocked out Raiden and Noob from behind…When Noob and Raiden woke up, they found themselves hanged right above a giant pool of lava. And Goro was holding on to the rope that was tied to their hands. Goro was slowly was letting go of the rope to slowly lower Raiden and Noob into the lava, Noob looked aroung and saw that only Goro was there. Noob teleported himself. Raiden shot lightning out of his eyes and hit Goro. Goro let go of the rope from the blast and Noob caught Raiden and got him out of there. After Noob untied Raiden, th!

ey looked around to find a way out of there. Then a huge blast came and Scorpion and the rest of the gang. Everyone got out of there, when suddenly the Dragon King came with Goro and Sheeva, also shadowed warriors. Thats when the butt-kicking began. Everyone took out the shadowed warriors and then Raiden and Noob took out Goro and Sheeva for revenge. Thats when the trouble started. Everyone tried hitting the dragon king, but nothing was working. Thats when Raiden thought the egg would help, Raiden got Sub-Zero and made the rest of the gang to give a distraction.The distraction was a good one. Smoke made a huge cloud and put it over the Dragon King, so he couldn’t see anything.Plus, the smoke had poisonous gas. While the Dragon King was coughing, Sub-Zero was putting the egg back together with his freezing abilities. When the final peice was put on a beam of light hit the Dragon King and the spirit shot back into the egg. The physical form turned back into Reptile. Reptile di!

dn’t know what happened. But when he saw that he was in a lava area, he knew that he turned into something. He apologized for whatever happened and Ermac translated. When Scorpion was done taking every opponent into the Netherealm, they went to the palace. Reptile was still dazed, but will survive.

The End
After the big fight with the Dragon King, things tuned down a little. There wasn’t as many crimes to bust, there wasn’t any hostage situation, nor were there even accidents, in the city of New York. So while Raiden was searching the streets for any teens thinking they could get away with stealing, the ninjas back at the palace were training harder then ever. They were in an area that Raiden called the, Fear Factor, where sorcery and combat training was put to the test. Right now Scorpion and Ermac were sparring. It was a great match, no one was winning. Though the battle got tense, Ermac and Scorpion kept going. Finally Rain made an explosion to stop the match. Like I said before, they had so much time to train, neither of them were tired. They bowed there heads to one another for respect and left the arena. Next up was Rain and Sub-Zero. This time it wasn’t on combat, but magic and sorcery. Both of them circled the room, ready for anything. Reptile clapped his han!

ds and the battle began. Sub-Zero shot an ice blast and Rain shot a shocking bubble, both dodged in time, but barely. Sub-Zero shot ice on the ground at Rain and Rain did a side flip to escape the sliding ice, Rain then did a lightning bolt projectilce which did hit Sub-Zero, stunning him for a few moments, Rain charged up and did a roundhouse kick to sail Sub-Zero in the air, Sub-Zero was no longer paralyzed and landed on his feet. Rain was about to do his most dangerous attack…multiple lightning strikes. Which Raiden even feared. Sub-Zero charged and his feet made him slide and hit Rain with an attack called, Cold Shoulder (From Deadly Alliance). Rain stumbled backwards and fell. Reptile clapped his hands once to stop the match. Rain and Sub-Zero bowed to each other and left the area. Then Smoke and Noob entered the battle field and bowed before Reptile clapped his hands. This time, training for weapons. Smoke got out his knumb-chucks and Noob got out his katana blade. L!

uckily for Smoke, his knumb-chucks were unbreakable. No one was getting hit, and no one was tireing. Noob jumped in the air, and was about to do a downward slash, but Smoke did an upward thrash with his knumb-chucks and hit Noob in the chin, Noob landed on his feet and started doing sweep attacks. Smoke dodged, but barely. Noob then did a rising, twirling upward slash that cut Smoke’s suit…right on the chest. Reptile clapped his hands, and Smoke’s smoke healed his suit. Making it brand new. Smoke and Noob bowed, but didn’t leave. Reptile stood, and went in the center of the battle stage. Every ninja circled around Reptile, ready to do all of the training sessions;combat, sorcery, and weapons. Rain took out his lightning staff, Sub-Zero absorbed water vapor to ready a projectile, Smoke held on to his knumb-chucks, Noob in his combat stance, Ermac with his magic, and Scorpion in his battle stance. Reptile got in a fighting stance, and…clapped. Scorpion and Noob dashed towa!

rd Reptile. The green ninja fought both ninjas with astonishing speed. Sub-Zero and Ermac shot there projectiles, Reptile dodged and was still fighting Scorpion and Noob. Rain and Smoke attacked with their weapons. Reptile stopped fighting Scorpion and Noob, and started dodging the attacks that were thrown at him. Then Reptile took off his mask,(while still dodging),and shot acid spit at every ninja. Direct hit. All of them fell. But got right back up. Reptile clapped,bowed, and left the Fear Factor. Everyone then started practicing there martial arts.Except for Reptile who went outside to get some fresh air. While he was enjoying the fresh air, Raiden appeared. Luckily, Raiden learned Reptiles language, and spoke to him about how he found a portal that lead straight to the Netherealm. Reptile told the rest of the ninjas and told Raiden to talk to the Elder Gods to get some information; Told Scorpion and Noob to go to the Netherealm and see if anything got in or out, while t!

he rest of them get ready for battle…just in case.

When Raiden arrived, he told them that Moloch and Drahmin and other Oni’s escaped somehow and are attacking everything in their path. Scorpion and Noob arrived and told them the same thing. Reptile ordered everyone to split up and look around the city for them.

Raiden looked in an alley near a party building where lots of teens were. He saw a huge shadow that was eating something human sized. Raiden rose his finger in the air and sparks came out, creating light. Then saw the most gruesome sight he ever saw. Moloch was eating everything to a young innocent boy. Raiden was angered and shot electricity at Moloch. Moloch was injured, but not dead or injured enough to not fight. Moloch grabbed his giant ball of death and hit the ground with huge amount of power. Raiden stumbled to the ground. Moloch charged and Raiden brought out another staff since he gave his old one to Rain, and stopped Moloch in his tracks. Raiden jabbed and kept his last hit on Moloch, Raiden smiled and winked at Moloch, confusing the beast, and sent a million volts of electricity into Moloch. Moloch fell. Raiden poked him just to make sure…Wam! A huge hand knocked Raiden against a wall, and Moloch got up and ran.

Noob-Saibot was looking near ChinaTown, and saw two Oni’s eating out of a garbage can. The black ninja took out his katana, and charged. Noob impaled the Oni, the Oni yelled in pain, then fell on the ground, dead. The other one ran, but didn’t get far, Noob shot a projectile that hit the beast in the back of the head, making it explode. Noob transfered the souls and bodies into the Netherealm. After that, Noob continued on.

Rain looked in the subway, which was abanded. Rain looked around and spotted one Oni, which didn’t seem right to Rain. That would have been to easy. But the violet ninja shot a lightning projectile at the beast anyway, and killed it instantly. After he sent the body and soul to the Netherealm, he continued on.

Smoke was in a sewer, searching around when he spotted Drahmin, which was one of the hardest Oni’s in the netherealm. Smoke stealthly went behind the beast and put his hand on the mouth and sent toxic smoke in Drahmins mask that lead to the mouth. Drahmin silently fell. Smoke then put transporting gas on Drahmin. Another sent to the Netherealm.

Ermac stayed on the sky scrapers. He jumped from one to another, and spotted four Oni’s eating a security guard. Ermac took out his green laser sword,(jedi knight light-saber), and cut off three of the Onis’ heads. He used his telekineses to strangle the fourth. He sent all of them to the Netherealm.

Sub-Zero looked near where the poor lived. He spotted one Oni all alone, searching for food. Sub-Zero shot an ice blast at it, and sent it to the netherealm. Piece of cake.

Scorpion looked everywhere else with Reptile. They spotted Raiden knocked out at the ally. They helped him up and searched for Moloch. They found him at the portal Raiden found. There was lots of other Oni there, too. Reptile decided to take on the group of Oni while Scorpion took on Moloch. Reptile easily took care of the group of Oni, Scorpion was having fun fighting Moloch. Finally, Scorpion shot his spear through Molcoh’s head, and sent him to the netherealm. Everyone went back to the palace after searching for any other Oni’s still around in Earth-Realm, and started training again, like fighting Oni demons was a piece of cake.

The End





During the usual training session, in the middle of the Fear Factor, Rain and Sub-Zero were in weapons battle. Rain had Raiden’s lightning staff, and Sub-Zero had his watervapored sword. Sub-Zero attacked Rain with a charging downward strike. Rain blocked and did a counter with a turn around swing. The attack connected by hitting Sub-Zero acrossed his face. Sub-Zero did a cold shoulder that Rain couldn’t even block. Rain stumbled backward, while Sub-Zero shot an ice ball at Rain. Rain dodged just in time. Sub-Zero jumped in the air and did a downward strike. Rain stepped out of the way, then shot a bubble paralysis projectile at Sub-Zero’s back. It connected. Sub-Zero was paralized. Rain did a huge combo with his staff. Then used a lighting attack. Sub-Zero fell, but only for a moment. Sub-Zero charged, and did his own combo with his water vapored sword. Rain blocked all of them. Then Sub-Zero surprised Rain by striking, which was blocked, then kicked Rain in the s!

tumach. Rain stumbled. Sub-Zero made Rain fall by doing another cold shoulder.Which succeded this time. Rain fell. Sub-Zero was about to freeze Rain when an explosion occured. The rest of the ninjas were standing outside of the battle field. All of them were not happy. No ninja is allowed to practice without someone watching. They both left. There punishment was to do pushups for two hours, full speed. It wasn’t hard, just for endurance. After they were done, they did the usual. They ate, they trained and rested. The next night,(they rest in the day), Raiden came with some news. Kano, and the rest of the black dragon were in another dimension which only rains and snows, hard. Sub-Zero and Rain knew that they were going to have to be partners.(The reason why they dont really care for each other is that both think that they are better then one another and tried to see who was better at the Fear Factor.) Reptile said that Sub-Zero and Rain were going to have to go. Sub-Zero tho!

ught so. When both of them got there, the weather was horrible. Like Raiden said, it was snowing, and raining. They weren’t cold at all since They rain powers up Rain, and snow and ice powers up Sub-Zero. When they went over a hill, they saw an army walking toward a mountain. With Kano leading the way. Sub-Zero thought they should split up. When Sub-Zero looked behind him, Rain was gone. Sub-Zero looked back at the army and saw Rain cautiously walking toward the army. Sub-Zero went to the other side of the army. Rain did hand signals to warn Sub-Zero that he was going to try and take out most of the army with his lightning. Before Sub-Zero could stop Rain, Rain made thunder clouds, and since that the army was already wet, Rain sent one lightning bolt toward one soldier. It connected and since water conducts electricity, it hit everyone, and the lightning bolt grew stronger. By the time it reached the last person,(excluding Kano), everyone was down. Kano was in shock, he coul!

dn’t believe that his army was already down. Sub-Zero, made a snow storm to stop Kano in his tracks. When Zero and Rain reached Kano, Kano was buried in the snow. Right when Sub-Zero dug up the head, Kano shot his eye laser right into Sub’s chest. Sending him sailing. Rain was about to punch Kano out when Kano kicked out of the snow and hitting Rain in the stumach. Kano ran with a map in his hands. When Zero reached Rain, Kano was already beyond the hills. The duo continued on, wondering, and searching for Kano. They finally found him in a cave, holding a big piece of treasure. Sub-Zero froze Kano’s legs. Rain took the treasure, and Zero froze Kanos arms. Rain tried to make Kano talk. But wouldn’t work. Rain then placed his hand on Kano’s forehead, then shocked him. Not breaking the ice,(the only one who can break Zero’s ice is Sub-Zero himself). Kano then talked. He told the duo ninjas that the piece of treasure that Rain was holding was a magical medalion that would increa!

se the holders power and mind. Sub-Zero recognized the medalion. It was the sacred Lin Kuei Medalion. Sub-Zero was the grand master of the Lin Kuei, and knew that Rain wouldn’t be able to take the medalions power, so Zero stripped the medalion from Rain and clipped it on his chest,(Like from Deadly Alliance), Rain was confused, Sub-Zero explained the story to him. Rain understood and let Zero keep it. Kano was angered and shot an eye laser everywhere. Sub-Zero froze Kano and sent everyone, including frozen Kano, back to earthrealm. When they came back, all the ninjas were there to welcome them back. Including Raiden. Raiden took frozen Kano and sent him to a prison which immediatly took him in custidy, even though Kano couldn’t fight back. Zero asked Reptile if the medalion could stay with him, Reptile agreed, Reptile said that maybe Sub-Zero could bring the Lin Kuei here and have good reinforcements. Sub-Zero left to get his Lin Kuei warriors, Rain trained with Raiden, Rept!

ile and the rest of the ninjas went through New York to check on things. Another typical night for the ninjas.

The End?





After the Kano incident, reinforcements arrived with Sub-Zero. The Lin Kuei were now with the ninjas. Sub-Zero and Rain trained all of the Lin Kuei, Reptile and Scorpion tended with there meditation, Ermac and Raiden practiced their martial art forms, and Smoke and Noob went in the Fear Factor. They teamed up and went through an adventure course. A magical arena was formed and surrounded the two ninjas. They only tooked four steps and warriors appeared. Lots of warriors. They surrounded Smoke and Noob, then charged. Noob worked on a new weapon and made a whip. Smoke took out his knumb-chucks, and started swinging. Since the whip was made of weird type of ooz, Noob could control it. He hardened the whip to make it a staff. He two, started swinging. After the warriors were defeated, a bigger and stronger warrior appeared. It was Motaro. Then Kintaro showed up. Then Goro. Along with Sheeva, Moloch, and lots of Barakas. Noob turned his staff into a katana blade. The Baraka’s attacked first. Smoke put the whole arena into a fog. No one could see, except Smoke and Noob, which took advantaged of the fog. They took out the Barakas. Then Smoke tuned downt the fog a little, making it knee high. Now Motaro and Moloch came forth. Noob took on Motaro and Smoke took on Moloch. Noob turned his katana into a staff, then did tricks to confuse Motaro. Then shot a soul-like projectile at Motaro. The projectile circled the horse man, making him unable to attack. Noob made his staff into a whip, then lashed out and caught the front leg of Motaro, tripped him. Then turned his whip into a katana, and cut off Motaro’s head. Smoke’s battle didn’t take long. Smoke jumped onto Moloch’s back and put his hand over the beast’s nose. Smoke sent poisonous gas into Moloch, making the beast fall dead. Then all the Shokans attacked. The battle was tense, but Smoke and Noob came the victor. Goro fell last, who was the hardest opponent. The adventure mode was over. The arena disappeared and the Fear Factor went back to normal. The two ninjas went to see how Sub-Zero and Rain were doing teaching the Lin Kuei. Right now they were sparring. Everyone was doing well. Especially a young female named Frost. She was doing great. Sub-Zero decided to personally teach her. While he was teaching Frost, Rain took over. After the training, everyone rested. While everyone was sleeping, the suspicious Frost went to Sub-Zero, and removed the medallion for herself. When she held it, it increased her power and mind, but she was not ready for the medallions power. It froze her to death.

In the mourning, Sub-Zero was disappointed. They had the funeral. While the funeral was going, an old friend of Raiden’s appeared. It was Sonya, who was accompanied by Jax, Cyrax, and Kenshi. They needed the ninjas help. Kano escaped and made a whole new army. The army had taken control of two cities and was heading toward New York. Raiden told Sub-Zero the news, who made an order that the Lin Kuei were to help Sonya and the rest of the team to stop the army. They all left, including Sub-Zero. For some reason two of the ninjas were suspicious, Smoke and Noob. They didn’t know why, but they were confused about the special forces agency asking for the ninjas help. They decided to follow the team. They spied on Sonya, Jax, Cyrax, and Kenshi. They were shocked to see that they were all sorcerors, Shang Tsung, Shinnok, and Quan Chi, but one of them wasn’t a sorceror, the one who acted as Cyrax was actually Sector. Smoke and Noob listened to the conversation, they were the leaders of Kano’s army. They were going to lead the Lin Kuei and Sub-Zero into a trap. Smoke and Noob disappeared to warn Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei. When they arrived, it was to late. The trap had succeeded. They looked around for Sub-Zero, whom they found lying, dead. They mourned for Sub-Zero. Then they heard footsteps. When they looked up, it was Sub-Zero, who told them that the dead Sub-Zero was the younger brother, and that he was the origanal Sub-Zero. The older brother picked up the medallion and placed it on his chest. The three ninjas looked for the three sorcerors and the one robot. They found them giving them a lecture to an enormous army. The three ninjas jumped out and surprised everyone. Shang Tsung was confused. They thought they killed Sub-Zero. The older brother told them that he was the ghost and was coming to avenge himself. Smoke and Noob almost laughed, cause everyone was scared of the older brother. The blue ninja attacked. Smoke and Noob noticed that the older brother was almost twice as strong as the younger brother. He was taking down the whole army. Smoke and Noob attacked the sorcerors. They were winning and were easily taking down there evil advasaries. The only one that was left was Sector, who was the one who personally killed the younger Sub-Zero. The older brother killed Sector and they all left. When the rest of the ninjas found out about Sub-Zero’s death and losing all of the Lin Kuei, they all mourned for them. Then the origanal Sub-Zero stepped out and told them that he would replace the younger Sub-Zero. They all let him. He didn’t replace the younger brother, but he kept the younger Sub-Zero’s spirit with them all. This was one of the worst days of the seven ninjas and the thunder god.

um…In Loving Memory of the Younger Sub-Zero




Another typical day for the ninjas: Reptile, Scorpion, original Sub-Zero, Ermac, Rain, and Noob-Saibot. Training, training, and more training. Then, Raiden appeared, saying that the elder gods are creating a tournament, and are inviting Raiden to participate. Raiden said he didn’t want to participate in this tournament. Instead, he wanted the ninjas to participate in it. The ninjas agreed to try it out, so they trained even harder. Ermac was practicing his telekinesis when an old friend showed up. Blind Kenshi. Ermac and Kenshi talked and got acquainted. The two warriors trained together, helping each other out. Ermac asked why Kenshi was here and why he was training so hard. Kenshi told him that he was invited to a tournament, hosted by the elder gods. Ermac told him that all the ninjas were going to participate. Kenshi got a little nervous. The blind warrior told Ermac that he knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance in this tournament if all the ninjas were going to be in it. The red ninja convinced him to enter the tournament. Kenshi finally agreed after Ermac said that he would teach Kenshi a telekinetic slam. After Kenshi learned the move, the warrior left.

The tournament was huge, and there were a lot of participants. Including Sonya, Jax, Kung Lao, Stryker, Nightwolf, Kitana, and Kenshi. Also some of the ninjas adversaries: Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Kano, Goro, Moloch, Drahmin, Motaro, Jade, Mileena, Sheeva, Baraka, and Jarek. The ninjas stayed in the shadows. Thanks to Noob. The ninjas knew this wasn’t an ordinary tournament, this was another century, a Mortal Kombat tournament. The ninjas became nervous. Then a spokesman started talking. “Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Mortal Kombat. The elder gods, including myself, are the creators of this tournament. The eight finalists will be facing our special participants: Goro, Drahmin, Moloch, Motaro, Kintaro, Sheeva, and three Baraka’s. If you get passed them, you will be facing Shao Khan, then myself, Shinnok. The tournament will begin at sunrise. I hope you will be ready tomorrow. Oh, and by the way, who knows when and where you will be fighting on this island? Good Luck.” !

The ninjas knew this tournament would be hard, but with all the training they do, they will be ready.

The next morning, the ninjas separated, finding participants, also watching battles taking place, learning the warrior. One match was Kung Lao and Kano. The battle was hard, but was a good fight. Kung Lao became the victor. Leaving Kano dead in the ground. Then Kano turned into fog and shot into Kung Lao, Kung Lao became stronger, faster, and smarter. The ninjas regrouped and found out that if you defeat a warrior, you take their soul and become more powerful. They again separated. This time they took part in the action. Noob found Stryker. They fought. Noob made another useful weapon, a spawn like cape (from the movie “Spawn”) which lashed out and knocked Kurtis to the ground. Noob didn’t want to kill anyone that was on the side of good. Noob instead sent Kurtis Stryker home.

Rain saw Jax who just defeated a warrior whom Rain didn’t even know. The fog shot into Jax and made him stronger. Rain dashed out of the bushes and wanted to fight. Jax agreed. Rain brought out his lightning staff. Jax didn’t bring out a weapon. Rain shot a lightning bold at Jax. Jax rolled out of the way. While Jax was getting up, Rain dashed and did combos with his staff. Jax fell…but got right back up. Rain was startled. He thought the mortal would stay down. Rain faked an upward strike and then did a leg trip, again, knocking Jax on the ground. He got up and took out a gun. Rain made a bubble shield. Jax shot, but the bullet didn’t go through. The bullet was stuck in the shield. Rain motioned his hand forward, and the bullet shot back at Jax, hitting him in the hand, disabling him. Rain then did a roundhouse and knocked Jax out. Rain was about to send Jax to earthrealm, but Jax woke up and started walking as if he didn’t get shot in the leg. Rain asked if this fight should stop. Jax answered him, “We will stop as soon as you are dead and I get your evilness.” Rain figured out that the fog was the evil in the warrior. Making the winner an evil slave. Rain motioned his hand downward. Creating thunderclouds. Jax looked up and multiple Lightning came down and kept striking at Jax. It ended up killing him. The evil fog was about to enter Rain when real rain came down from the sky making the fog disappear. Rain left.

Smoke found Sonya who was getting beaten by Kung Lao. Smoke didn’t understand what was going on. Then Kung Lao took off his hat and sliced Sonya’s neck. Killing her. Smoke was shocked to see Kung Lao killing his own friend. Smoke ran over to Kung Lao when the fog came out and lanced into Kung Lao. Smoke saw Kung Lao’s eyes turning red. Smoke knew that this fog wasn’t the warriors soul. Kung Lao grabbed Smoke by the neck with one arm and grabbed his hat with the other and was about to kill Smoke when Smoke put his hand over Kung Lao’s mouth and sent poisonous gas into him. Kung Lao fell, dead. The fog came out and Smoke made a portal to the netherealm and the fog went right through it. Without Smoke knowing it, the fog disappeared.

Sub-Zero found out that every warrior excluding Kenshi and the ninjas was evil. Sub-Zero froze all the warriors and destroyed them as he was walking by. Then he saw Jade. She was evil as it is. Sub-Zero fought Jade and easily won. He was about to spare her life when Jade through a boomerang and sliced Zero’s shoulder. The blood froze over and healed Sub-Zero. Zero then brought out his water-vapored sword and Jade brought out her staff. They fought once again, and Zero was again the winner. Except this time he had no choice but to kill her when she threw another boomerang but missed and Zero caught it and threw it right back, Jade, however, didn’t catch it and it hit her right in the head. The fog came out and Zero froze it and sent it to the netherealm. Sub-Zero continued on.

Scorpion defeated many warriors. Then he saw Nightwolf. Nightwolf had a fire going and eating some meat. Scorpion immediately knew that Nightwolf was one of the evil slaves. Scorpion charged. Nightwolf brought out a magical ax and threw it right at Scorpion. Scorpion dodged, barely. The dead ninja threw his spear and it connected right into Nightwolf’s heart. Nightwolf died right on the spot. Scorpion sent the fog into the netherealm. Scorpion knew he would be in the finals.

Reptile had everything under control. He killed over fifty warriors. Then he saw Kitana. Reptile thought he would stop Kitana from being in the finals, so he attacked. The fight lasted for hours. Reptile finally won by turning invisible and doing a brutality. Kitana fell. Reptile was about to leave when the fog came out. Reptile shot acid bubbles and the fog disappeared. Reptile left to find the others.

Ermac was already in the finals. The ninja looked everywhere for the blinded warrior Kenshi. Ermac found Kenshi just defeated a Baraka, whom was lying dead on the ground. Ermac walked up to Kenshi and asked if he was ok. Kenshi grabbed Ermac on the throat and started choking the ninja. Ermac didn’t know why he was doing this, but had no choice but to fight back. Ermac did a telekinesis shove on Kenshi. Kenshi was forced to let go and was shoved backward. Ermac took out his green laser sword. Kenshi took out his ancient sword. The two fought with weapons. Ermac was defeating Kenshi and finally knocked the sword out of the blind warrior’s hands. Ermac took Kenshi’s sword and sent Kenshi to a safe place where he won’t do harm to himself and to others, and continued on for the finals.

All the ninjas met at the area where Shinnok spoke. They were the only ones left. Shinnok came out and told them that they would have to battle Goro, Drahmin, Moloch, Motaro, Kintaro, Sheeva, and three Baraka’s. The ninja’s knew this wouldn’t be easy. Reptile took on Goro, Scorpion took on Drahmin, Sub-Zero took on Moloch, Ermac took on Motaro, Smoke took on Kintaro, Rain took on Sheeva, and Noob-Saibot took on the three Barakas. Reptile took down Goro by blinding him with an acid spit. Then by shooting four big acid spits. One at each arm, which knocked them off. Scorpion easily took down Drahmin by sending his spear through the head. Sub-Zero took down Moloch by freezing him and knocking the head off with an uppercut. Ermac killed Motaro with his green laser sword and cutting off the head. Smoke defeated Kintaro by hitting him in the chest with the spear and then putting poisonous gas into his lungs. Rain easily killed Sheeva by sending multiple lightning bolts down at Sheeva, frying the Shokan. Noob easily defeated the three Barakas by letting them run straight through a portal. Sending them straight to the netherealm. As soon as Noob defeated the Barakas, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Jarek, Shao Khan, Shinnok, and even more Barakas jumped out and attacked right away. The ninjas brought out their weapons and attacked. Then all of a sudden, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Jarek, Shao Khan, Shinnok, and all of the Barakas stopped. They couldn’t move. The ninjas saw Ermac holding out his hands and knew that the red ninja was using his psychic ability and stopped them. Noob then threw his cape and it increased in size. The cape then landed on everyone except the ninjas. The cape finally flattened. Noob picked up his cape and no one was under it. Noob had sent them to the Netherealm. Ermac brought back Kenshi and the warrior returned back to normal. As soon as Kenshi regained conscious, he gave Ermac his ancient sword, then left. Ermac now had two powerful swords. Right before they were about to leave, the elder gods dropped from the sky. Including Fujin and Raiden. Raiden was now an elder god. The ninjas were going to be on their own from now on. Another typical day for the ninjas.





Ever since the tournament that was held by the Elder Gods, the ninjas have been working harder then ever. They wanted to be twice as strong, so that if another tournament that is as hard as the one held by the elder gods, they will be ready. Scorpion was meditating when Reptile came over and talked to him. Reptile was learning English as well as the ninja’s learning Zatterish.

Reptile: Sssscorpion. SssI have sssss, found out that ssss, there is another sssss, tournament.

Scorpion:What of it?

Reptile:Ssss. This one has warriors that are rumored to be stronger then,ssss, anyone.

Scorpion: Just a rumor.

Reptile: Ssss. Are you going to ignore the warningssss?

Scorpion: Yes.

Reptile: Ssss.By the way.Sssss…

Reptile then grabbed Scorpion’s hand that held the serpant-like spear with astonishing speed and then sent something in his hand. Reptile then grabbed the other hand and sent three creatures in his hand. Reptile let go. Scorpion was at first in pain, but then the pain died down. Reptile left and said to go to the Fear Factor to see what is now in Scorpions hands. Scorpion arrived at the Fear Factor and threw his hand that had the serpant like spear at a target yards away. When the Serpant came out, it split into three seperate serpants that hit the target. Scorpion was amazed. Then Scorpion sent out his other hand that sent three other serpant like spears, doing the same thing to the target as the first. Scorpion thought this would be useful at the tournament. Without Scorpion knowing, Reptile was watching Scorpion practice with his knew spears. Reptile knew Scorpion would like it.

The tournament was being held by Raiden, now the ninjas knew there would be fairness in this tournament. Raiden was announcing that the winner would get to be announced as the strongest man/women on this planet. All the ninjas knew they would have to fight each other, and wished each other the best.

This was a proper tournament, Raiden would watch each fight, making sure there was no doubleteaming, or even triple. Right now Noob was fighting Reiko. Noob had his spawn like cape out, and Reiko had out a spiked club. Each warrior was walking around in a circle, not leaving eye contact. Reiko then shot out six ninja stars. Noob then teleported in the air, and came out beneath Reiko, and grabbed him by the arms and did a slam attack, bashing Reido’s head. The fight was over. Noob had won.

Rain was now fighting Cyrax. Cyrax did a teleporting move, which Rain was ready for and did a roundhouse kick right in Cyrax’s face. Cyrax fell and when the ninja was about to get up and shoot his net, the violet ninja sent a lightning bolt and hit Cyrax in the chest, sailing him back and into a tree. Cyrax broke down and exploded. Rain was the victor.

Smoke was also fighting a robotic ninja, Smoke. Both ninjas were blocking and dodging attacks. The ninja Smoke then shot a spear at his robotic counterpart. The cyborg dodged and sent a missile at his opponent, whom missed and hit a tree. The ninja Smoke then did a flying kick into the cyborg’s face. The cyborg got back up and turned invisible. Ninja Smoke shot a smoky mist and could see the cyborg’s outline. The ninja Smoke shot a fast spear into the head of the cyborg. Smoke pulled and tore the head off, causing an explosion. Leaving the ninja Smoke the victor.

Ermac was fighting Shang Tsung. Both using telepathy. The two sorceror’s kept using psychic attacks on each other. But only Ermac was trained enough to easily defeat Shang Tsung’s power…

Ermac: As soon as I defeat you sorceror, I will take all of the souls that lie in you.

Shang Tsung: Not if I can help it.

Shang Tsung then shot a fire ball at Ermac. Ermac did a fire teleport right behind Shang Tsung and did a fireball into the back. Sending Tsung stumbling. Ermac then brought out both his swords,(the laser sword, and the gift sword that was given to him by Kenshi), then cut off Shang Tsung’s head with both swords with one slice. Ermac then took all the souls that lied in Tsung and now was even more powerful. Ermac now had the power to merge his swords together. Now his sword looked like Kenshi’s but glowed green. Now Ermac can transfer power into and out of the sword.

The original Sub-Zero was facing Liu Kang. Whom wanted revenge from the first fight. He survived by making a portal from the netherealm and coming back to earthrealm. Now that he had the Grand Master’s medalion, he would be able to defeat the chosen one. Liu shot a fire ball and Zero countered by dodging then doing a super slide. Zero then did a combo of attacks. Knocking out the chosen one. Sub-Zero then froze the body and sent him back to his home.

Scorpion was facing a,”Super Warrior,” but Scorpion already knew it was Drahmin. The dead ninja already met this dead demon. Scorpion got into his Hapkido stance and was ready for battle. Drahmin got into his Oni stance and then charged. Scorpion then tripped Drahmin while he was charging, whom landed on his head. Drahmin got up and sent a ball of flies straight at Scorpion. Scorpion teleported and countered the ball of flies attack with all six serpant-spears striking into Drahmins back and face. One of the serpant’s grabbed the mask that Drahmin was wearing and went back to Scorpion. Drahmin now demutating into a skinny scrawny demon. Scorpion then put on Drahmins mask and it sunk into Scorpions face. Now the origanl face of Scorpion came up. Scorpion took off his mask revealing Drahmin’s mask on his skull. The deformed Drahmin looked into his own mask and saw burning flames coming into Scorpions eyes. Drahmin screamed and Scorpion shot a huge flame from his mask. Frying Drahmin. Scorpion put his mask back on and left the dead, burning body of the once known demon, Drahmin.

Reptile was facing a super warrior himself. It was Goro…

Reptile: Sssss.Don’t you ever sssstay dead?

Goro: RAAHHH! I’m Goro! I never die!

Reptile: Sssss. Then it will be fun ssss, killing you ssssss,again and again.

Reptile took off his mask and shot an acid spit into Goro’s eyes. Reptile then charged and did a huge and long combo on Goro. Goro stumbled backwards and then took out his Kireashi blade and then slashed at Goro. Goro had cuts but lived. Reptile put away his Kireashi blade and then mutated into a more primal form Reptile was now more powerful. The mutated Reptile then got into his Hungar stance and did a major powerful combo that made Goro unconcsious. Reptile then poured acid all over Goro which turned him into a skeleton green puddle. Reptile left a victor and into the finals.

Raiden talked to each of the ninjas saying that they are the only ones left in the tournament. So the ninjas were up against each other. First it was Noob and Smoke. Noob and Smoke had a great fight going. No one was winning. Then Noob shot a strip of goo toward Smoke. Smoke then teleported and then put unconcsious gas into Noob. Knocking the black ninja out. Smoke was the victor. Then Rain and Sub-Zero fought. Again, no one was winning until Rain made a sheild, formed by water and was struck by lightning, making it an electrical sheild. Sub-Zero then made an ice ball and shot it at the sheild. Since ice doesn’t conduct electricity, it hit the sheild and trapping Rain in a ice dome. Sub-Zero then did a cold shoulder attack which broke through the dome and hitting Rain head on. Rain fell. Sub-Zero was the victor. Then the newly powered up Scorpion fought the powered up Ermac. Both now wise and powerful, got in there best martial arts stance. They fought, which was longer then the two previously fights combined. Ermac then faked a trip and tried doing an uppercut. Scorpion took the fake trip and dodged the uppercut. Countering with his own uppercut. Then Scorpion shot out three serpant like spears from his right hand. They grabbed Ermac and brought him toward Scorpion. Ermac then teleported behind Scorpion and shot a green fireball. Scorpion fell but got back up. Scorpion again shot out three serpantspears, and when Ermac teleported behind Scorpion, Scorpion shot out his other three serpantspears with his left hand. This time Ermac was surprised. Scorpion then tripped Ermac, and while the red ninja was still in the air, Scorpion did a flaming downward punch that connected in the stomach, shooting Ermac down to the ground. Ermac didn’t get up. Instead, unconsciouns. Now Smoke fought Sub-Zero and Smoke took out his knumb-chucks and started swinging. Sub-Zero got into his Dragon stance and started dodging. Zero then made a mini freeze ball and countered by shooting it. It froze Smoke for a short time and Zero then attacked with a super double palm strike. Sending Smoke sailing. Smoke lost the match. Sub-Zero then fought Scorpion, Scorpion shot out a single serpantspear, Zero made an ice clone. The serpantspear hit it, but then the other two shot out and connected with Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero was brought toward Scorpion. Scorpion then did a flaming backflip, hitting Zero in the face. Zero stumbled backwards and then got back up. Zero then made two freeze balls and shot one at Scorpion. Scorpion dodged and shot his other hand at Sub-Zero which threw out his three serpantspears. Zero was ready and shot the other freeze ball, hitting the serpantspear. It froze all three of the serpantspears and then froze Scorpion. Zero then did a cold shoulder. After the ice shattered and Zero looked to see if Scorpion on the ground, Scorpion wasn’t there. Zero looked around but didn’t see anyone. Then Scorpion came out above Zero in the tree and took off his mask and shot a huge flame at the ice warrior. It connected without Zero knowing. When the flame died down, Zero was down. Scorpion won. Now it was Reptile and Scorpion. Scorpion shot out all six serpantspears at Reptile. Reptile all of a sudden turned invisible. Scorpion’s serpantspears didn’t know where to go. Scorpion sent them back. Reptile then shot a fast forceball that connected with Scorpion’s chest and sent him through six trees, knocking the trees down. When Scorpion got up, Reptile turned uninvisible and started doing combos. Scorpion blocked most of them. After the combo, Scorpion brought out his ninja swords and Reptile brought out his Kireashi blade. The two ninjas dueled out until they took back there weapons. Scorpion then tried doing a flame backflip. Reptile then countered with an acid spit. The green ninja then did an Anamality. Turning into a giant Snake. Scorpion then turned into a giant scorpion. The two creatures fought until the snake took out the stinger of the scorpion and sent some poison into the arachnid. They both demorphed into ninja form and Scorpion had venom inside him. Reptile then uppercuted Scorpion and the battle was over. Reptile took out the venom and Reptile was now the worlds greates warrior. All of the ninjas left back to their island. Leaving with a trophy, and more powerful then ever.




The tournament that was held by Raiden improved the ninjas fighting. Each one of them seemed to get inspired once again to fight harder. Reptile, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Ermac, Smoke, Rain, and finally Noob-Saibot were all stronger in some ways. Scorpion with his improved Flaming Skull with Drahmin’s mask on it, also with three serpantspears in each hand. Sub-Zero with his Grand Master’s Medallion. Ermac with the souls from Shang Tsung. Smoke with the gift from Fujin the power of wind as well as gas and smoke. Rain with the newly powered staff from Raiden. Then Noob who trained hard enough to be able to take any form. He found out the strongest form for him was his origanl ninja form with the spawn like cape. There was one however, who hasn’t become stronger yet. Reptile. Whom trains the hardest, whom is the fastest, and strongest, hasn’t become stronger. Reptile became ashamed of himself for not being able to improve on his own. Reptile left the fortress and went to aswamp to be alone. He began to swim in the pond. Faster than anything in the water, also can hold his breath for the length he chooses. Reptile found an alligator hurt and was being attacked by lots of mosquitos and flies. Reptile took off his mask and started to eat all of the insects attacking it. After his feast, Reptile healed the alligator. The ninja noticed that it was a very huge reptilian beast. Reptile asked it how it was injured in his Zatterian language. The alligator could understand the language and replied, saying a two legged creature came with a wierd looking weapon on its arm. Reptile thought poachers. The ninja left the healed beast and searched for the attacker. The green ninja saw Drahmin, eating whatever he could find. Reptile noticed that Drahmin was burnt everywhere, he had no mask, and dragged his left arm on the ground. It was the iron club on his arm. The scrawny demon was to weak to carry it. Reptile knew that Drahmin wouldn’t last long with the arm dragging like that. The ninja then snuck up on the demon and broke its neck. Killing it. Reptile then heard a loud growling noise. Reptile turned around to see Moloch with a dead deer in his hand. Reptile was madd to see wild animals killed and attacked. Moloch then dropped the deer and lashed his destructive ball at the ninja. Reptile fell. The ninja couldnt get up. Moloch was about to finish Reptile off when the giant alligator dashed at Moloch and ripped off the beasts arm. Crying in pain, Moloch ran. Reptile finally got up and thanked the reptilian beast. The alligator told Reptile to follow him, Reptile walked with the alligator to a giant tree. The gator told him that at the very top of the tree, lies an orb. The orb is what holds the power of nature. Whom ever can hold this orb will be able to control there specialty of power. Reptile thought that if he had this orb, he would be able to master his special power, but Reptile didnt know what that was. The gator told him that this tree only appears when he addresses it to the person he desires to control the orb. The gator told him that he chooses Reptile. Reptile accepted and started climbing the tree. When he found an opening, he saw a green light appear. He went in the opening and stared at the orb. He could already feel the power surging through him. Reptile reached for it slowly and then the orb began to shrink. Reptile started to panic, thinking it would disappear forever and tried grabbing it. Before he could, the orb held him still. The orb floated up and began to break apart. Reptile was watching in shock to see the parts of the orb impaled him in each area of his body. It didnt hurt, but was surprising. Finally the pieces of the orb was merging with his veins and everywhere in his insides. Reptile began to see perfectly. He had a hawks vision, the sense of smell like a hound, the strength stronger then superman himself. Heavy as a mountain, but when he jumped, he looked light as a feather, and could go faster then the speed of light. Reptile was now smarter then anyone or anything. Reptile was the most powerful creature in the universe. Reptile shot out of the tree, heading toward the fortress and was transforming. The scales appearing. The ninja suit still on, but now a reptilian creature was inside the suit. Nothing could defeat Reptile. Reptile looked behind him and saw that he was not alone. He was the leader of all animals as well. The newly changed ninja brought out his Kireashi blade and it glowed a bright green. When he arrived at the fortress, the place was burning. Reptile looked in horror when he saw a living dead army attacking it. He knew that this was the unbeatable army. Reptile dove down and surprised them all. Reptile started slashing and bashing but they wouldnt stay down. Then he saw a huge dust storm coming straight at him. It hurled them all except Reptile since he weighed as much as a mountain. Reptile saw Smoke controlling the wind while Ermac was holding all the ninjas in the dust storm. They all left to a cave that even Reptile didnt know where was located. Ermac dropped them all and Kenshi came out. Ermac knew they would be safe here. This is the place where Kenshi became blind and his ancestors souls were stolen. This place was protected and couldn’t be harmed. That was when Reptile started asking what happened. He found out that Shao Khan found the tomb of the Dragon King’s unbeatable army and some how found out where there fortress was. Reptile said he could go kill Shao Khan right now, but the ninjas wouldnt let him. They wanted to help. Even though Reptile knew he was unbeatable, he decided to stay. Instead of going, he sent a bat to go spy on what was happening at the fortress. Reptile found out that Shao Khan had taken it over and using it for darkness. Scorpion discovered Reptile’s ability and asked him to sparr to see how good he really was. Reptile wanted to see how well he could fight knowing that the orb is helping him. When they found a good spot, they got into there best stance and bowed. Then they fought. Scorpion was having a hard time keeping up with Reptiles punches and kicks. The two ninjas were going so fast that they were becoming invisible to the naked eye. The battle was so intense that the other ninjas came into the room and watched. Finally Reptile was tired of going easy on Scorpion that he went super speed and did at least five strong combos in ten seconds that dropped Scorpion. Scorpion was shocked to see Reptiles agility becoming more powerful then ever. The other ninjas were also shocked, including Kenshi. Reptile held held out his hand to Scorpion. Scorpion took it. Reptile left the room. All of a sudden, Raiden appeared in front of Reptile, injured. Reptile quickly helped him up and took him to the others for help. When Raiden woke up, he told them what happened. The Elder Gods were attacked, by the unbeatable army. Fujin and Raiden left in a nick of time. Fujin went a seperate route to find Liu Kang and the others. Raiden decided that the ninjas would be good help. He also mentioned that Shao Khan brought back Shinnok and now are taking over all the realms. All they need is earthrealm and its all over. The ninjas left Raiden to Kenshi and headed toward there fortress. When they saw the fortress, it was horrible, they had dead bodies all over the place. They even had slaves. The ninjas were angered to see that Fujin was enslaved. Smoke made the dust storm twice as strong and made a tornado out of it and attacked. Millions of dead bodies were picked up as well as some of the army. Noob sent them all to the netherealm to by time. Knowing that they could just come back whenever they felt like it. Rain sent millions of lightning bolts down at the training army. Sub-Zero made an ice storm and froze some of the soldiers down below. Ermac dove down and started slashing with his sword, while also using telekinesis by sending at least thirty soldiers sailing. Noob dropped from the tornado they came in from and started to release the prisioners. Scorpion and Reptile started to find Shao Khan and Shinnok. All of a sudden, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung dropped down and landed on Scorpion. Reptile stopped to help but Scorpion yelled him to go on without him. Reptile didnt wait for him to tell him twice. Finally Reptile came across Shinnok and Shao Khan laughing from above. Watching as the unbeatable army was not even losing a soldier. Reptile shot himself toward the evil duo and began fighting them like there was no tomorrow, since there wasn’t. Reptile was fighting them at once. They were just as fast as him. They weren’t going down easy. Reptile finally took off his mask and shot an acid spit in Shinnok’s eyes. Then did a back flip and landed behind Shao Khan who just saw his fathers eyes being burned, and did a huge forceball that sent him sailing into Shinnok. They faced Reptile and shot multiple fireballs at him. Reptile dodged and dodged but there were to many. At least four hit him and Reptile fell. Reptile was ashamed of himself. Thinking the orb should have made him unbeatable. Then he looked at the battlefield, seeing the ninjas fighting nonstop. Not giving up to help out the slaves. Even though the army was unbeatable. Finally Reptile got up while the two lords laughed. Reptile then got into his crab stance that he learned when he was a child. And shot his strongest forceball up in the air. Where it made an oval-like shape and after a couple seconds, a scaled face appeared. It went back into the acid oval. Then all of a sudden, a huge dragon shot out of the portal (looks like the male dragon from Reign of Fire), after that one came out, the portal grew and millions of the same size dragon started to shoot out. They started fighting the army. The other ninjas didnt know what was going on. Scorpion was putting up a good fight, but lost, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi were about to finish him off when a dragon swept down and grabbed Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung was lunch. Quan Chi looked shocked to see a dragon. Scorpion took the advantage and attacked. Scorpion easily defeated Quan Chi. Quan Chi begged for mercy, but Scorpion granted none. Reptile looked to see Shinnok’s and Shao Khan’s faces. They looked confused. They looked down at there army and noticed that they weren’t unbeatable. The army was getting destroyed by the dragons and the ninjas. Shinnok and Shao Khan looked back where Reptile was standing, but he was gone. They looked everywhere but couldn’t find him. Then a dragon floated down with Reptile on it. Reptile motioned his hand forward and the dragon shot a flame at the two, Shao Khan jumped but Shinnok was roasted. When Shao Khan looked up, he saw a fist landing right in his face. Shao Khan got up from the punch and the fight began. Reptile made a growling noise like the dragons and Shao Khan flinched. Reptile then took off his mask and shot acid bubbles at him. Khan was burning and screamed. Reptile then shot out his tongue and ripped off his head and ate it. Then with the upper body, the torso, then left the legs for the dragon standing behind him. Reptile put his mask back on and left. Scorpion left the flaming body of Quan Chi. And the ninjas began sending the slaves back to there home world. When they were done, they cleaned up there fortress. The dragons left until Reptile summons them again. Raiden is now healed and so is Fujin. They are back up with the Elder Gods. Ermac erased every slaves memory of this attack so they dont remember where the fortress is. Noob sent all of the bodies to the netherealm. Now daylight came. Now every ninja has becomed somewhat stronger.





A chill ran up Smoke’s spine while he was meditating. The chill warned him of danger that was coming. The gray ninja got up to warn the others. When he arrived at the Fear Factor where everyone was at, the other ninjas were dead. And the killers were sitting in a throne with an army. It was three cyborgs. They were watching their army train. Then the red cyborg looked Smoke’s direction, and yelled the army to attack. One soldier jumped from behind Smoke and swung his ax. Right on impact, Smoke woke up. He dozed off…

Smoke got up and went to the Fear Factor. No one was there. Smoke then left the Fear Factor and saw that every one was meditating. Smoke felt relieved. Smoke then felt like joining them and started meditating. Then Raiden and Fujin appeared. They said that something is attacking the guards at the bank. But they aren’t human. Smoke felt a little worried. The ninjas got up and Noob transported them to that spot. When they saw the attackers, they found out they were cyborgs. Smoke then brought out his sai’s and jumped and flipped toward one of the cyborgs. The robot turned around and shot a missile from its chest. Smoke turned to smoke and it passed right threw him. Ermac detonated the missile with his telekinesis and blew it up. Smoke reappeared to ninja form and shot a ninja star right at the cyborg. The ninja-like-robot then teleported and came out from beneath Smoke and did an uppercut. Smoke felt dazed and fell. Luckily Ermac caught him before he fell headfirst. Noob then dashed at the robot and teleported right in front of and came from behind it and did a superman dive from the back. Sending the cyborg sailing. Smoke got up and shot out one ninja star and held another one in his other hand. The cyborg did exactly what Smoke thought. It teleported and tried doing an uppercut from beneath. Smoke jumped in the air and shot down the ninja star. Impacting it in the head. The cyborg then teleported and left the scene. There was another one just like it. Except it was yellow, not red. The yellow cyborg then shot out into pieces and left the scene just like the first. The ninjas didn’t know what was going on, but they too, left the scene and erased everyone’s minds. When they arrived at their fortress, things were too quiet. Smoke turned to smoke and became fog to check the place out. Along with Noob who became shadows. They searched the place and found the Fear Factor being used by over three hundred people. The two ninjas went back and told them what was going on in their home. Reptile said to surround the Fear Factor and ambush them by surprise. They stealthily surrounded the Fear Factor and when Reptile hissed, that was the signal to go and ambush. Noob became at least five people’s shadow and knocked them out. Smoke made things easier and became a knock out gas to make them fall asleep. Sub-Zero froze everyone’s arms and legs so they couldn’t move. When they woke up they panicked. They didn’t know what was happening. Rain asked one of them what they were doing here. He replied saying that this is the Lin Kuei’s new home. There old home they abandoned because they were making cyborgs out of the ninjas. They didn’t want to become cyborgs. Ermac said that he was telling the truth. Reptile still didn’t trust them. He had a weird feeling about this. Reptile told them to leave them frozen and since Zero, Rain, and Smoke were Lin Kuei trained, they would know where this place is. The three lead the other four ninjas to their old Lin Kuei home. So far nothing was found. The ninjas didn’t believe the rebellion of Lin Kuei. They were about to head back when an explosion was made. The ninjas looked in the direction of the explosion and saw two cyborgs. They jumped at them and started fighting Smoke, Sub-Zero, and Rain. And the robotic-ninjas were actually winning. They finally held down the three ninjas. Before the others could help out, the cyborgs teleported with the ninjas in their grasp. The ninjas didn’t know what to do. They continued in the direction they were going.

When Smoke woke up, he found himself in a laboratory. And right beside him was a non-moving cyborg that was gray. The rebellion Lin Kuei were right. They were making cyborgs out of their ninjas. Soulless assassins. Smoke was in a glass cube that was holding him prisoner. A person came in the room that looked like a scientist. He was turning a generator on with the hose running down to the glass container that Smoke was held prisoner in. All of a sudden the glass container was being filled with a gas. Smoke started to chuckle to himself. The scientist wondered why. Smoke then held his out and the gas went into his hands. Then Smoke made his own smoke and made a mini tornado. Smoke then became the tornado. The glass then shattered and the tornado grew. The scientist wasn’t worried. The scientist just stood there. Smoke appeared as a ninja and stood right in front of the scientist. Smoke felt a dart shot in him. The Scientist laughed while Smoke fell to the floor, and put him on a table to begin surgery.

Reptile shot a forceball at a wall and blew it up. He then saw over fifty cyborgs. They all charged. Reptile thought he could take them on. Reptile got into his crab stance and started to go super speed and not even getting touched. Scorpion went past the battle to keep looking. Scorpion came across an iron door. Scorpion chuckled to himself and jumped at it and did a flaming jump kick. Destroying the door. He came across Sub-Zero on a table about to be made into a machine. Scorpion shot out his spears at the scientist and killed him instantly. Scorpion released Zero and they were about to continue forward when they met over a hundred cyborgs. The two ninjas couldn’t believe it. They got into their best martial arts stance and started fighting.

Ermac was alone and was looking for the two captive ninjas; Rain, and Smoke. He opened a locked door with his telekinesis. He found Rain about to be killed and his soul to be put in a violet robotic ninja. Ermac used his telekinesis to stop the scientist and using the other hand shooting a green fireball. The scientist was shot backward and broke threw another door. Which Smoke was in. Noob shot past Ermac and went into the room. Smoke unconscious, Noob shot a ghostly projectile at the scientist and it circled around him. Scientist wasn’t hurt and was going to finish the operation, but his hand went right threw the body of Smoke. The projectile made him a ghost. Noob then shot out his whip and with it grabbed the tool the scientist was using and disposed of it. Noob then did a superman dive right at the scientist, but instead of breaking the wall, the scientist went through it and ended up in the netherealm. Noob woke up Smoke and they found Ermac and Rain fighting over thirty cyborgs. All of a sudden, sixty cyborgs appeared in the room Smoke and Noob were in. The fight began. Smoke was easily taking down the cyborgs and Noob the same. Ermac and Rain destroyed the cyborgs in the room they were in and came in to help the other two ninjas. After they were destroyed, they headed out to find the three other ninjas. Scorpion and Zero had there hands full fighting the cyborgs. Finally the four other ninjas came and helped out. The cyborgs were defeated. Reptile easily defeated the other cyborgs. They hurried and left the temple. When they arrived outside, two cyborgs were waiting. The two cyborgs talked to them with a low voice…

Cyborg 1: Unit Cyrax, targets acquired. Grand Master will be pleased.

Cyborg 2: Unit Sector, targets acquired. Grand Master will be pleased.

The yellow Cyrax jumped forward and shot a grenade at the ninjas. The ninjas got out of the way and got ready for battle. Sector tried keeping the ninjas off their feet and shot a missile at them. Noob countered by sending the missile threw a portal and the portal reappeared behind Sector and the missile came out and hit the cyborg. Sector was hit, but wasn’t down. Sector got right back up and dashed toward Noob. Four ninjas took on Sector while three took on Cyrax. Smoke, Rain, and Noob had Sector while Reptile, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Ermac took on Cyrax. The battle was tense. The two cyborgs were the strongest of the whole cyborg army. Cyrax threw a green-electrical-net at Reptile, whom dodged and sent a forceball straight at Cyrax. Cyrax broke into pieces did a teleport. Cyrax appeared behind Scorpion and was about to break his neck, but Scorpion was ready and had his hand facing Cyrax and shot all three serpantspears into Cyrax’s chest. Sparks were shoot out of Cyrax’s chest and Scorpion hit his elbow in Cyrax’s face. Cyrax shot out a fast grenade and Ermac held it with his telekinesis. Ermac shot it right back at Cyrax. Whom tried to teleport but was too slow. The grenade hit Cyrax and sent him sailing. Cyrax was going to land on his feet but Sub-Zero shot ice on the ground and made him slip and fall. Reptile grabbed him and brought him on his feet, then took off his mask and shot acid all over Cyrax. The robot melted and was about to explode when Zero froze the puddle of acid. Sector was defeating the ninjas slowly until he tried another teleport and came from beneath Smoke and tried doing another rising uppercut. Smoke knew that would happen and did a flip backwards and tripped him. Rain then shot multiple lightning bolts from the sky down at the fallen body. Electrocuting the red cyborg. Noob then did a teleport slam after the hits and finished off by sending a clone of himself and doing a brutality. The red cyborg known as Sector exploded. Reptile remembered the cyborgs mentioning the Grand Master, and decided to go look for him. In the temple was the Grand Master. Reptile knew that this was going to be a tough battle if he is the Grand Master.

Reptile: Sssss, you must be the, ssss, Grand Master.

Grand Master: Yes.

Reptile: Sss, why did you make soulless assassins of your own clan?

Grand Master: Then they won’t disobey my orders.

Reptile: Sss, well, your ssarmy is destroyed. Ssss, what do you have to sssay for yourself?

Grand Master: This…

The Grand Master jumped from his position and started attacking Reptile. Reptile did a side flip and tried doing a trip, but failed as the Grand Master jumped and did all these combos. Reptile blocked them all and countered with a mini forceball in the Grand Master’s face. Reptile then disappeared. When the Grand Master was able to see again, he tried finding the invisible warrior. All of a sudden, smoke started to form and Smoke appeared. Then Rain, and finally Sub-Zero. They wanted to take on the Grand Master themselves. The Grand Master knew it was over for him, so he grabbed his sword and killed himself. The ninjas weren’t surprised. They left the temple and went back to their fortress. Smoke’s dream still continues, but is no longer frightened by it.





“Get Ready Earthrealm!” Yelled Shinnok. Reptile didn’t know what was going to happen next but all of a sudden he was being forced to walk down a hallway by two imperial guards that were in purple. Reptile noticed that his body was becoming more primal. Reptile was afraid that if he becomes more primal, the more hungry he will become and will start killing innocents, not warriors. While he was walking toward the door two shadow like creatures darted out and killed the guards. They made themselves look like the guards and informed Reptile what is happening. The door was then opened and he saw Sindel sitting on a throne. Reptile also saw a group of hooded people near her throne.

Sindel: Reptile, you are held prisoner here in Edenia. Some say to kill you and some say to send you to another realm. My advisors say to keep you here for a while and that I will do. For killing thousands of my people, I will send you to are worse cell that you can not escape.

Reptile: I dont care what you do, but you are just stalling your life which will end very soon.

Sindel: Take him away.

Reptile sneered at Sindel before he was taken away toward the cell that will hold him in. The demons put him in the cell but did not lock it. Reptile sat for just a few minutes when an explosion occured and thousands of shadow-like demons went everywhere. Reptile knew that was his time to get out of there and enter the throne room. When he entered, he saw Sindel dead on the floor and Shinnok and Quan Chi laughing. He also saw Scorpion and Reiko standing behind. Reptile walked over to them and Shinnok spoke.

Shinnok: Reptile. Scorpion has also wanted to become General of our armies. I told him that you two would fight for the spot, to the death.

Reptile: Ssss. Very well then.

Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!!

Right away Scorpion shot his hand out which a creature-like-spear shot out toward Reptile. Reptile dodged just in time. Reptile hurried and brought out his Kireashi Blade he always carries with him and cut the creature’s long body off. Scorpion retracted the broken end of the body and Reptile charged. Scorpion then rose some flames right in front of himself and Reptile did a jumping flip and slashed down. The Zaterrian warrior noticed that Scorpion was gone. Reptile then was hit from the back by an elbow. Reptile got up and saw Scorpion laughing. Reptile turned invisible which shocked Scorpion. Scorpion then brought out a straight sword and then held very still. Reptile shot acid bubbles at him and Scorpion teleported. Reptile then did a backward flip and Scorpion ended up teleporting right in front of him. Reptile tripped Scorpion and while he was still in the air, swung down with his blade at the torso of Scorpion. Scorpion turned to flames and disappeared. Reptile became the general of the army. Then, all of a sudden ninja darts shot everywhere and Reptile had to deflect all of them.

Shinnok: Now that you have defeated Scorpion, you have to face Reiko.

Reptile: Ssss. Oh goody.

Reiko charged and Reptile crawled on the floor to flip Reiko easily. Reiko then shot up in the air and threw lots of ninja stars at Reptile. Reptile ran for cover then shot a forceball right at Reiko. Reiko was hit and was sent flying back threw a wall. Reptile then looked carefully in the wall and saw that Reiko landed right on a spike that impaled him and killed him. Reptile looked back at Shinnok and Shinnok laughed.

Shinnok: Great Job Reptile! Now you are the general of my demon army!

Reptile looked relieved. No more fights for now. Shinnok looked at Reptile and told him that if Shinnok controls earthrealm, he will send Reptile back into his home realm. Reptile said he will fulfill his end of the bargain. Reptile left and seeked out Edenian gurads and killed them all with the demon army. Quan Chi said to go kill Raiden and the rest of the elder gods. Reptile left right away.

When they arrived, Fujin, the god of wind, came out and told them to leave right away. Reptile said he had orders to come and kill him. As soon as Reptile finished his sentence the demon army charged. Reptile saw Fujin getting beaten up by the demons and Fujin fell from the sky with them and landed where Kai and Liu Kang were training. Reptile then looked back and saw Raiden.

Raiden: Don’t fight me Reptile. You will only lose.

Reptile: It’sssss you whose going to lossssse, Thunder God.

Reptile charged and Raiden grabbed Reptile’s head and shocked him to death.

Reptile woke up back in the netherealm and saw Scorpion with him.

Scorpion: What happened to you?

Reptile: Ssss why do you care?

Scorpion: I need to get out of here, Quan Chi killed my family, not Sub-Zero. I’m after him now. Do you know a way out?

Reptile: Maybe.

Scorpion: Tell Me!

Reptile: You have to fight me first.

Scorpion: Very well.

Reptile didn’t know that Scorpion’s powers easily increased in the Netherealm while Reptile’s didn’t and lost the fight easily.

Reptile: Ok. I’ll tell you. See that stone over there?

Scorpion: Yah.

Reptile: There are markings on it.

Scorpion went over to the stone and read it. Scorpion now knew how to get out of there.

Scorpion: Lets get out of here.

Reptile: Great…

They then landed on Shang Tsung’s island and found out by Raiden that Shinnok is dead but Quan Chi and Shang Tsung lived and are teaming up. Reptile saw other ninjas land on the island. Sub-Zero noticed Scorpion and the two fought. Reptile got in the middle of it and got punched in the head. Right on impact, Reptile then woke up from meditation and saw Smoke standing in front of him.

Smoke: You ok?

Reptile: Yah. Just saw a flash back.

Smoke: Oh. I know how that goes.

Reptile: Yah.

Smoke: Want to spar? Get your mind off it.

Reptile: Sure why not.

They both went to the Fear Factor.







Reptile left the meditating room with Smoke to the Fear Factor. There, they sparred. Reptile’s nightmares of the past were making him dizzy, dazed, confused, and also made him very cautious. Smoke knew how he felt, but he didn’t know how to treat it. Smoke was now getting nightmares on him becoming an android. Everyone was now getting nightmares on either their past or what will happen to them in the future. Scorpion was having nightmares from hell. Sub-Zero was having nightmares of him ending up like his younger brother. Ermac was hallucinating Shao Khan ordering him to kill someone or him being punished in a brutal way. Rain was dreaming him in a squared room that heated up and him sufficating. Finally, Noob was dreaming of Shinnok fighting him in the Netherealm, he lost and demons were surrounding him, eating away at his skin. They all were worried that something is going to happen and they won’t be able to stop it. They finally called upon Raiden and asked for help. Raiden was afraid that this would happen. He explained to the ninjas that along time ago, a giant war of good versus evil was going on. down in the realm of Edenia, was a fortress that Edenians were in. Fighting down an army of demons and the undefeatable army. The Edenians were trapped and they had lost all hope. Then suddenly, a small meteor crashed down to Edenia landing on the army of darkness. Then, when the smoke cleared, lightning started to shoot down, crashing on the army. Tornadoes started to form taking over the battlefield. Then where the meteor landed, a figure shot out of the ground and appeared. It was a ninja-like warrior, who looked exactly like Reptile, began fighting the army of darkness. He was so fast that the demons couldn’t keep up with him. Then he changed color, yellow, and looked exactly like the latest Scorpion costume. He shot out a spear like creature, whom went through at least fifty demons and killed them instantly. Again he changed color, now looking like Sub-Zero, making a blizzard that only hit the army of darkness. Then he turned Red, the color of Ermac, who brought out his green-laser sword and fighting exactly like a jedi in the star war movies. He changed color to violet, who brought a lightning storm that brought down two-thirds of the army. The last time he changed color was black. The color of Noob-Saibot, whom made a black sphere, and shot it at the nearest demon. The demon disappeared, the spere then became the size of the whole area and made every demon disappear. The ninja figure went back to the color of green, and walked to the fort. I came out with King Jerrod and Queen Sindel. The ninja called himself Chameleon. He is a strong fighter that travels realms and he is on the forces of good. He sensed a giant battle of good versus evil and had to react. Raiden and the King thanked him for all he did to help Edenia. Chameleon then said he had nowhere else to go and said that they will need him again, far in the future where history will repeat itself. That indeed there will be another war. Another battle. And again, the battle of good and evil will happen. Except it will be three times more bigger the the this battle. After saying this, Chameleon shot into the air. Then light shot out of him. The green light went straight up to the elder gods temple of light, the yellow light went straight down to hell, the blue light went north to the ice burbs, the red light went to a soul chamber, the grey light went to a fire that was made in the battle field and went into the smoke, the violet light went to the nearest lake, and a black light went deep into the fort and went into an ink from a feathered pen. The body of the ninja fell and the body was dead. A prophecy was made on that day. It said that war was coming that only seven formed into one may defeat. Seven elements. Nature, Fire, Ice, Telekinesis, Smoke, Rain and Electricity, and Oil-like-Ink. Seven made into one may defeat the army of darkness. Raiden also mentioned that seven warriors will get nightmares who vision their death or a horriable past that mean the war is coming and they are the key to win it. Raiden said that the war is coming, but the questions are: When? Where? And How?




Raiden was hoping that the war wouldn’t be coming for a long time, but it seems that it will. Whether he liked that or not. The ninjas didn’t know what to do. All they could do was train hard for this war that they will have to fight. They will have to be ready for anything. While they were training, Raiden dropped by, literately, and said that he just came back from Edenia, telling them that the war is coming and they should be ready for it. The King said they would be, but from what Raiden saw, they won’t have enough men. The ninjas didn’t like that news. They trained harder ever since the bad news came. While six of the ninjas were in the Fear Factor, one of them was on top of there fort, looking out to the sea. There he saw a dark cloud forming around the sun, and Ermac knew this wasn’t good. Ermac teleported back into the fort and said that a dark cloud was forming around the sun. Raiden said it was time to go. Raiden took them to Edenia where a small Edenian army was waiting for them. The army welcomed them with a big cheer. The ninjas were shocked to see this small of an army. They were a little bit nervous to know that if this battle was supposed to be three times bigger then the past, there will be alot of blood shed. The king of Edenia gave an encouraging speech to brighten the spirits of the soldiers. It gave them some hope. Then everything started to shake. An earthquake was happening. Everyone fell to the ground. When they got up, they saw a horrific sight. The area was filled of black creatures. They saw demons, soldiers from the unbeatable army, armed ninjas, centariens, shokans, Oni’s, Vampire people, and Androids from the Lin Kuei. In front of the army was the Dragon King, Shao Khan, Shinnok, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Drahmin, and Motaro.

Shang Tsung: Hello Edenia! Feeling good today?

Raiden: Hush up fool! We don’t need small sorcerors talking big to me!

Dragon King: Sub-Zero. Rain. Smoke. Look who we resurrected.

The Dragon King and Shao Khan stepped to the side and the Grand Master of the Lin Kuei stepped forwth.

Zero, Rain, Smoke looked in horror. That’s where all the androids came from.

Grand Master: Hello boys! Miss Me?

Zero-Rain-Smoke: Nope.

Grand Master: Too bad. Let me introduce to you the newly improved androids.

That’s when chaos struck. All of the androids ran to the fort and started this giant war. Smoke had a new weapon that he took from Hsu Hao. The Sun-Moon weapon. Smoke jumped from the fort and started fighting these so called improved androids. Zero and Rain jumped in too. Zero brought out his watervapored sword and Rain brought out his lightning staff. They started fighting the androids. Smoke then disappeared. Raiden looked at the top of the fort to see Smoke and Fujin raising up their arms. Then a desert storm shot from behind Smoke and Fujin to the battle field. The storm took away lots of the Androids and some of the dark soldiers with them but over 3/4’s of the army remained. The king of Edenia told his army to aim the arrows high. They did as they commanded, and then shot. The arrows hit but the demons just got right back up. Scorpion jumped down and shot both hands toward the army. The six serpant like spears shot out and took out over fifty androids at once. Ermac also jumped down and brought out his green ancestrial laser sword and started fighting like a master jedi from the star wars movies. Reptile shot millions of force balls at the army for cover. Noob brought out his cape to protect the Edenian army, while also shooting his soul projectile to make the dark soldiers ghost targets. Rain jumped backwards and raised his staff to the sky, along with Raiden doing the same. Lightning came down and hit the army of darkness. Sub-Zero made a ice dome that grew, freezing any android that touched it. What Sub-Zero didn’t know was that these androids were upgraded and they walked right through it without turning into an ice sculptor. Zero turned off the dome just in time to dodge a kick. When Zero looked back at the androids that surrounded him, they all brought out pulse blades. Right before they struck, a tornado appeared right on top of them and Zero saw Smoke picking up the androids and tossing them back. Zero nodded toward Smoke for a quick thank you and Smoke returned the nodd. But Zero watched in horror that a pulse blade was impaled right through the grey warrior. Sub-Zero ran toward the android and cut off its head with the vapored sword. Zero held Smoke and lowered him to the ground softly. Smoke’s eyes filled with a fog and the body turned into smoke. Zero was angered so much that he dashed toward the middle of the army and started fighting everywhere. Rain saw Zero’s suicide attempt and ran toward him. Zero was brought down by Shinnok’s demons and Rain brought down the biggest lightning storm he’s ever made. Killing lots of dark soldiers before he was brought down himself. Reptile, Scorpion, Ermac, and Noob became angry and jumped into the battle with the Edenian army. Noob with his cape going everywhere. He brought out his ink staff and took down hundreds of demons before they started eating away at his skin. His nightmare coming true. Ermac’s telekinetic powers weren’t even enough to save himself, because the army brought him down. Scorpion’s serpant-like-spears were cut off and his ninja abilities couldn’t save him because he died and went to hell. Reptile was the last to go and his speed was tested because the dragon king took him down. Raiden couldn’t believe his eyes. The battle just started and they already lost. The King’s courage was drained as soon as all of the ninjas fell. The army was dying quickly. Evil, it seems, just one. Raiden told Fujin to go to the Elder gods temple with the King to see what to do. They left, leaving the army to die. Raiden and Fujin had to take the King by force, since he didn’t want to leave his men. When they arrived at the temple, the elder gods came forwth and they discussed what will happen.

Fire God: As soon as the fort is taken over, they will take the temple.

Water God: All we can do now is run.

Raiden: It won’t matter if we run now or later. As soon as they take Edenia, nothing will stop them from taking the world. Then there will be nowhere to hide.

Fujin: Raiden’s right, but what do we do?

King of Edenia: There is nothing we can do.

Fire God: What about Chameleon?

Raiden: The ninjas are dead. The prophecy is not true.

Water God: No prophecies are false. There must be a way to bring him back.

Fujin: We mind as well surrunder now.

King of Edenia: Yes. That’s all we can do.

Fire God: Very well.

Water God: Ok.

They went back to the temple. Where they saw the fort still holding survivors. The King told them to come to the top with them to wave the white flag. As soon as they did this. A huge roar filled the air. The demons, it seems, have won. The Grand Master spoke…

Grand Master: Raiden, did you actually think you could defeat this army?

Drahmin: Foooooool!!!

The dark army roared again. Raiden looked down at the gates of the fort in shame. Then he saw cracks appearing. Confused, he told the elder gods and the king to look at the ground. In front of the gate, giant, firey hands grabbed for the surface. The dark army backed away to see giant firey demons block the fort. Then on top of one of the demons, the yellow demon known as Scorpion yelled to the army…








Raiden, Fujin, the King, and the elder gods looked at the fiery demons and Scorpion in shock. They thought he was dead.

Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!

Scorpion threw his right hand forward and the creature-like-spear shot out of his hand. The creature struck an android, and then pulled it straight to Scorpion. Scorpion used his left hand to bring out one of his ninja swords. He grabbed the handle, and when he brought the blade out of the sheath, the sword turned on fire. Becoming a flaming ninja sword. Scorpion cut off the android’s head and the fire demons attacked. They threw fireballs from their hands and swapped at the dark fighters. Fujin brought out his crossbow and started shooting, giving Scorpion cover. Down below, Scorpion brought out his other flaming ninja sword. He started slashing and bashing, taking down over thirty androids at once. Scorpion found the Grand Master and dashed toward him. The Grand Master brought out his sword just in time to block Scorpion’s double slash attack. The bright flames made the Grand Master close his eyes and back up, and Scorpion started fighting him. Scorpion brought the Grand Master to his knees and was about to finish him off when Quan Chi came from behind and brought out his double broad swords to surprise Scorpion. Quan Chi rose his arms to ready a downward slash, when Scorpion disappeared. Quan Chi and the Grand Master looked around confused until hearing Scorpions battle cry off in the distance.

Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!

Quan Chi turned around with the creature-like-spear coming straight at his neck. The creature opened its mouth, biting and holding onto Quan Chi’s throat. Quan Chi felt a tug on the creature’s long body and was dragged over with astonishing speed toward Scorpion. Scorpion did a roundhouse kick right into Quan Chi’s face, flipping the sorcerer to the ground. When Quan Chi got on his knees and looked up into the ninja specter’s face, Scorpion did a flaming back flip into Quan Chi’s face and knocked him out. Scorpion finished off Quan Chi by taking off his mask and shooting a giant flame at the unconscious body. After finishing the roast, Scorpion took his flaming ninja swords and cut off the head. Ending his revenge. But all was not over, the army still was coming and Scorpion was going to need all the help he could get. All the fire demons were fighting well, but the dark army was still too strong. They were slowly bringing down the fire warriors that Scorpion summoned. Scorpion didn’t know what to do except fight hard. Raiden brought out his lightning staff and jumped in with Scorpion. The thunder god started to finish off the last remaining androids. As soon as Raiden and Scorpion finished off the last android, Shinnok’s flying demons attacked. These were going to be a lot harder then the androids. Back inside the fort, Fujin gave the Edenian army lots of his magic arrows. The King of Edenia then told his army to aim up and to fire at will. They fired their arrows and Fujin fired his, and watched as thousands of flying demons fell from the sky. This time, they stayed down. Even though the arrows, the fire demons, Scorpion, and Rayden were fighting hard and taking lots of demons to their deaths, the dark army still pushed through. Hundreds of the walking demons started banging their large fists against the giant iron door. Scorpion saw that they were going to get through sooner or later, and told Raiden to cover for him. Scorpion got into his Hapkido stance and rose his hands slowly to the air. Fujin watched from the top as flames started to surround the fort. Roasting any demon that was in the Ring of Fire. Scorpion thought that should hold the fort a little longer. Now all the Edenian army had to worry about was the flying demons, which were being shot down by the magical arrows. Rayden told Scorpion that they should pull back, but Scorpion said no, not wanting to show retreat to encourage the army of darkness to push harder. Scorpion saw a flying demon come straight down, coming for his prey and Scorpion shot his spear straight up, going right through the head. Raiden thought it would be easier to kill the flying demons by bringing down a lightning storm. This time, Raiden asked Scorpion to cover him, Raiden got into his strongest stance, and spoke some words to bring down lightning. The thunder cloads came, and lightning started to pluck the flying demons from the sky. Scorpion took advantage and started fighting the ground demons, along with Raiden. Raiden started fighting the walking demons with his staff and saw Rain’s body lying on the ground. Raiden had Scorpion cover him again and looked at the lifeless body. Raiden rose his hands in the air and the biggest lightning bolt fell from the sky and struck the dead body. Raiden was hoping this would work and saw a hand jerk. Scorpion saw what was happening and fought harder to give Raiden more time. Raiden kept bringing down more lightning and kept hitting the body. One of Rain’s legs jerked along with his hand again. Raiden tried once more with all of the lightning he possessed and shot it at Rain. This time, Rain awoke. Rain got up and looked around, seeing millions of demons. He turned his head toward Raiden whom tossed his staff toward the violet ninja. Rain caught it, and started fighting lightning speed. Every time his punch, kick, or swing connected, lightning struck. Rain started helping Scorpion and the dark army was losing soldiers twice as fast now. Fujin saw the light show and knew that Rain was alive and that their was still hope. Fujin looked up to see the white flag waving. Fujin concentrated his wind power on that flag and the surrendering flag was blown away. Fujin grinned to himself and started shooting his crossbow again. Rain saw a falling demon that had an arrow in him and was still alive. While it was falling, it was going to kill Scorpion. Rain aimed his hand toward the falling demon and a shock bubble shot out and hit the demon. Rain used to only be able to move the stun warriors anywhere when he struck them with his shock bubble. Now he can do almost about anything, because Rain closed his hand and the demon exploded. Scorpion shot his hand toward Rain.

Scorpion: COME HERE!

The spear came out and Rain thought Scorpion was a traitor, but it collided with a demon’s head that was going to kill Rain. Scorpion nodded and Rain the same. Rayden was surrounded by the demons and yelled for help. Rain and Scorpion too far away to help, and too far away from the fort, Rayden was trapped. The demons were about to attack when one of them clawed at another, killing it. Rayden and the other demons didn’t understand. The demon traitor began fighting the others and won. The demon than transformed itself into the one we call Noob-Saibot. Rayden thanked him and fought on along with Noob. Noob brought out his spawn cape and also brought out his oiled staff. With the cape and the ninja fighting, he was bringing down over twenty demons. Scorpion, Rain, and Noob were back and started fighting the dark army. Who still kept fighting on, Scorpion noticed that all his fire demons were killed and knew they needed more reinforcements. Rain brought down lightning along with Raiden, while Scorpion and Noob were going super speed and started killing thousands. Rain saw Moloch and the Oni army charge and knew this was going to be harder then the first two battles. Scorpion looked back at the fort and saw the flames still holding back the walking demons. Fujin and the King’s army were still holding them back with the arrows. Raiden and Rain noticed that the clouds were going in a circular motion, seeing that Fujin wasn’t controlling the funnel that was being created. Raiden could tell that it was going to be an F5. The King’s army was freaking out at the sight of a tornado, knowing that Fujin wasn’t controlling it. No one knew what was happening. The tornado finally was formed and was definitely a F5. The tornado was taking up the dark army by the dozens. It was moving toward the fort. Fujin tried stopping the tornado, but couldn’t. He had no control over the F5. All of a sudden the tornado stopped in its tracks. The tornado disappeared and a ninja took its place. Smoke has arrived. Smoke brought out his broadsword, and started fighting. Smoke was fighting hard and every time that a punch was thrown at him, he turned to smoke and the punch would go through him. Then turning back into ninja form, Smoke would finish them off by slicing their throat, or stabbing them in the heart. Smoke, Noob, Rain, and Scorpion are now returned. Raiden shot a lightning bolt at a demon that was behind Smoke. Smoke turned into a fog and the lightning bolt hit the demon. Killing it instantly. Smoke returned to ninja form and nodded to the thunder god, whom nodded back. Scorpion looked near a hillside where thousands of Oni demons were appearing, and found out they weren’t coming for the war, but running from something. Scorpion saw that ice was being shot out from over the hill. All of a sudden, Sub-Zero jumped the hill on an ice board. Zero was snowboarding down the hill killing the Oni demons. Sub-Zero had out his water vapored sword, killing Oni demons. Scorpion saw that a flying demon was about to dive on Zero unless he did something. Then Zero did a fancy jump trick on his board and jumped off and the board impaled the flying demon, and before Zero landed, he created another board and started sliding again. Sub-Zero then started again killing more Oni demons. Raiden knew this war would be hopeless unless they had more reinforcements, without those reinforcements, this war would still be the victory for evil. Scorpion looked back at the fort and saw the walking demons got past the Ring of Fire. They started banging their fist again on the door. Scorpion started dashing toward the iron door. Then he saw that a walking demon’s neck was broken when he touched the door. Scorpion focused his eyes on the door and saw movement. Scorpion finally made it to the door and noticed a reptilian outline lying on the door. Scorpion didn’t know if it could be him or just a territorial demon. Then the outlined creature spat poison at Scorpion. Scorpion flinched but the acid hit a walking demon. Scorpion knew it was him from then on. The reptilian creature jumped off the wall and became visible. It was indeed the creature Reptile. Reptile turned into ninja form and started fighting the walking demons. Scorpion made a much bigger and stronger Ring of Fire. This time any demon that touched even the fire, they would turn into ashes. Reptile brought out his Kireashi blade and started fighting the Oni demons. Reptile was so fast that he became invisible to the naked eye. Killing thousands at once. Reptile saw Moloch and Drahmin waiting for him to come to them. Reptile stopped and looked at them. They were getting ready for him to strike. Reptile shook his head, which confused the two beasts. Instead, Scorpion dashed toward them with both flaming ninja swords in hand. The two Oni’s were surprised that Reptile didn’t want to fight them. Scorpion was going super speed on the two slow Oni. Scorpion jumped and kicked Moloch in the face and shot his spear at Drahmin. Drahmin moved to the left with the creature-like-spear slicing Drahmin’s side. Drahmin cried in pain. Scorpion used his flamed ninja swords and finished Drahmin off by cutting off its head. Moloch rose his hand up with his giant ball of death to crush Scorpion. Scorpion teleported behind Moloch and impaled one of his flaming swords into the giant Oni. Moloch shrieked in pain. Scorpion then cut off Moloch’s head. Reptile rushed to Shao Khan, with his Kireashi blade in hand. Shao Khan brought out his sword and they fought. Reptile did an upward slash that the evil emperor blocked. Shao Khan performed a powerful shoulder charge that Reptile dodged and disabled the emperor by knocking the sword out of his hands. Reptile put away his Kireashi blade and did a roundhouse kick in the emperors face, knocking the emperor out cold. Reptile took off his mask and puked a huge puddle of acid that killed Shao Khan. Reptile looked up to see hardly any flying demons. Now it was time to fight the vampire demons. Reptile again brought out his Kireashi blade and charged, then stopped to see a weird sight. All of the vampire demons were held still. Then all the heads exploded one by one. Reptile didn’t know what to think of it. Then saw a red warrior who had an ancestrial sword out that glowed a bright green. Right away Reptile knew it could only be Ermac. The red ninja was holding them by telekinesis. Raiden looked and saw all seven of the ninjas. All the ninjas were back. They actually had a chance.





The Edenians actually had a chance. The world actually had a chance. The ninjas were back and were fighting off the army of darkness. The Grand Master, the Dragon King, Shang Tsung, Shinnok, and Motaro were the last bosses left of the army. The centarions were now attacking and Shang Tsung was too angry and yelled the whole army to attack then having sections going one by one. Raiden and Fujin rose their hands in the air and yelled for encouragement. The King of Edenia yelled to the army to attack. The army brought out there weapons and charged out of the fort. Giving the ninjas all the help they can give. The ninjas new this wouldn’t be enough. Over half of the army still was fighting on. Fujin started shooting thousands of arrows at once. Reptile dashed as fast as he can toward Ermac. When he reached the red ninja, he told him to send a telekinetic message to every ninja, telling them to meet in the fort with the elder gods and the king. Ermac teleported with Reptile inside the fort where all the ninjas were waiting. Reptile told them that they had to do something to win this battle. They all tried to think of something, but couldn’t think of anything. Finally, Fujin jumped down and asked them about Chameleon. The ninjas didn’t know what to do about this so called prophecy. Then, all of a sudden, dark light shot out of Noob’s lights to the center of the ninjas circle. Then violet light shot out of Rain’s eyes and merged with Noob’s to form a liquid. A grey light shot out of Smoke’s, red from Ermac’s, Blue from Zero, yellow from Scorpion, and green from Reptile. The ninja’s bodies fell to the ground lifeless. Fujin watched in horror as the best fighters of the world died right before his very eyes. Then the merged lights that formed into a liquid shined very brightly. So bright that Fujin had to cover his eyes. So bright that from outside of the fort the both armies saw the light brighten. The light formed into a beam and shot out into the atmosphere. The armies just stared at the light show that was happening in front of them. The beam disappeared. The armies were confused, until they saw a comet, heading right toward them. The Edenian army began to run toward the fort with the dark army was right behind them. The comet landed and took hundreds of dark soldiers lives. The smoke arised, and the survivors surrounded the crater that was before them. Then the the giant rock that was inside of the crater cracked, and another beam of light shot out of crack. The beam formed itself into a ninja body, just like the ninjas. It was all black. The black ninja landed and walked a couple steps, before bringing out the giant spawn cape and going super speed. Attacking the dark soldiers. The ninja brought out an oiled like staff and started swinging. The tips turning into blades and slicing soldiers. Finally the dark ninja turned into violet, with lightning marks all over the suit. The violet ninja brought out a lightning staff and was surrounded by electricity. His eyes glowing bright white like the thunder god. The ninja closed his hands and thousands of lightning bolts fell from the sky. With the lightning shower, the violet ninja started going super speed. Every punch, kick, and swing created thunder. Then he changed into a grey ninja, with smoke surrounding him. The ninja’s eyes were full of wind and smoke. Without even moving, he formed hundreds of tornados. Taking hundreds of soldiers up and then bringing them down. The grey ninja then created the biggest wind storm the Edenians have ever seen. As soon as the wind storm passed, the grey ninja changed color once again to the color of red. The ninjas eyes were a bright green and brought out an ancestrial sword that glowed a bright green. The sword looked exactly like Kenshi’s sword. The red ninja blinked and thousands of soldiers arms shot out of socket. The ninja charged and sliced and diced. The ninja forced his arm forward and a giant green fire ball shot out and made a giant explosion. The ninja then changed into the color of blue. The blue warrior’s eye’s were completly ice, his mask ice, and his grand master medallion was frozen. The ninja was surrounded by a icy mist. Anything that touched him froze up. The ninja shot his hand upward and a white crystal ball shot lightning and when it hit soldiers, they became ice sickels, which shattered after a few seconds. The ninja brought out a vapored sword and attacked. After about a hundred kills, he threw his weapon and brought out an ice septor. After killing and freezing some warriors, the blue ninja changed color to yellow. The suit had flame marks all over the yellow vest. The eyes just like Scorpion’s did. Raiden and Fujin heard the sacred words that everyone knew.
Yellow ninja: GET OVER HERE!!!
The yellow ninja shot out over six searpent-spears out of his hand. The creatures were as sharp as a broadhead on an arrow. Easily going through thousands of warrirors. The ninja retracted the 100 per hour speed creatures and brought out both of his flaming ninja swords. The ninja spector dashed and fought the army. While while the warrior was fighting he brought up a Ring of Fire around him roasting thousands of demons. The ninja then rose his hands up and once again the firey demon warriors came out from the ground once again, this time thousands came out. The yellow ninja changed once more to a dark green. Where the human skin was supposed to be, now was lizard/snake scales. The eyes were the eyes of a snake. The masks was the mask from MK the movie. The warrior’s vest was made of green snake skin. The green warrior got into a Crab stance and shot a giant forceball into the air. Then the male dragons from Reign of Fire shot out and started attacking the army. The Dragons landed and the Edenian warriors jumped on their backs and fought the army of darkness in the air. The dragons dove down and shooting its napalm breath, roasting thirty at once. The green warrior also jumped on the back of one and attacked the army. The army shrunk down to thousands, then hundreds, then fifty, then thirty. The Edenians knew they won, and made the dragons land. They got off and let their newest warrior finish off the rest. The ninja got off the dragon and fought the last warrior, who was the one and only Dragon King. The warrior brought out his Kireashi blade, while the Dragon King used his staff. They fought until the warrior won. The Dragon King then asked what his name was, so he knew who killed him. And the warrior answered with a hissy voice…
With that, Chameleon swung his sword down and killed the Dragon King. The Edenians cheered and Raiden and the Elder Gods joined Chameleon. Raiden: Will you stay?
Chameleon: Yes. I will travel the realms. Helping those in need.
Fujin: We all owe you our lives.
Chameleon: You owe me nothing. I will need nothing from all you except your loyalty.
Everyone cheered. They had a new protector. Chameleon then jumped in the air and a portal appeared with him flying in it. The prophecy became true after all.

Mortal Kombat Conquest- Episode 24 – Violent Data Part 1

In each of us there burns a soul of a warrior. In every generation a few are chosen to prove it. Centuries ago, in a time of darkness and fury, that fate befell three strangers. A monk Kung Lao, an exiled guard Siro and a thief Taja. Who have to defend our earth realm from the forces of outworld. By fighting for their lives, by fighting for their honour and by fighting for their realm. In a tournament called Mortal Kombat.

The moon slowly hovered above the Lin Kuei Temple. Screams echoed down each corridor. The source of these noises come from one room, the medical room. The evil emperor shoa khan has ordered the Lin Kuei to transform there warriors into Cyborgs. In one room that is being done, there first test was on a ninja named smoke, after the test was complete, the cyborg showed excellence in his ninja skills…. The doctor split open a ninja’s stomach, he then pulled his intestines out and placed several chips and wires into his stomach… ‘Arrghh!!’ Soon the noises began to fade away as the ninjas lifeforce dropped… He was dead. The doctor sent several voltages through his stomach.. the body showed no signs of life. The doctor lifted several peices of yellow metal armor and screwed it on to the dead body. The proccess took hours and finally it was complete. Once more they turned up the voltage. Finally the ninja was awake… Several minutes later they brought the ninja in front of the new grand master. ‘Show me what you can do…, Ermac get him..’ In seconds a red ninja stepped out. The new cyborg stepped infront and the two jumped in the air. The cyborg hit the Ermac on the face, ermac did several akido style kicks on the cyborg. Ermac stood back and a red liquid started dripping from his hands, it kept dripping until there was a puddle of the liquid. Seeming in pain Ermac flipped back. The grand master got up and wondered what was happening. The cyborg stepped up and spoke ‘Time to die Ermac.. It is under the grand masters wish.’ In a split second the grand master spoke. ‘ERMAC, CYBORG stop! You ermac has shown as a big dissapointment… Leave!’ The ninja walked in shame… The grand master continued to speak.. ‘Cyborg, you have shown your self worthy of carrying such a task one may fail in, it is with the secrecy and honour of the lin kuei i will name you ‘Cyrax’ your task today… Kill kung lao!!’ With seconds Cyrax turned away and continued to do his task…. The moon hovered over Cyrax… Just like a shadow of death…

‘Siro, has Taja told you?’ Kung Lao spoke.

‘What about?’ The guard replied.

‘Mortal Kombat is in 3 days…’ sighed the monk.

The two continued to speak. A flash of thunder lit in the sky and Raiden was standing.. He spoke…

‘Kung Loa! You must hurry! The lin kuei are back with a more vicous warrior…’ The god spoke..

‘When…’ Trembled Kung Loa.

‘Kung loa use your brain… Remember sub-zero… This one is meant two be twice as worse!’


‘Kung Loa.. Listen’

‘Listen to me Raiden… We defeated Sub-Zero and now theres this new warrior.. If we defeat him what will the send next! Huh? Am i meant to just run… Look raiden Mortal Kombat is in three days!’

‘I know…. You and Siro are fools.. Taja did the best thing she can.. she left!’

‘But Tajas.. here.. TAJA!’ There was a slight echo.. It was midnight… The two warriors followed raiden as he opened a portal.. Siro asked Raiden.. ‘Where are you taking us?’.. The God Replied harshly ‘Out of the Zhu Zin!’… Taking there tole the two agreed. The sound echoed behind them…

‘Kung Loa your death is my command!’

Kung Loa looked back and put his fists in there air… A yellow robot dropped from the ceiling… And spoke.

‘Kung Loa let me introduce my self! I am Cyrax.. I was sent to make you suffer at the will of Shoa Khan.. DEATH IS THE ONLY WAY OUT!’

Raiden pulled siro and jumped in the portal. Kung Loa looked away at the two dissapear as he got kicked brutally in the face two times… Questioning himself why Siro and Raiden left he got up and ran before the portal closed but it was too late.

With anger the shaolin warrior stepped back and looksed at Cyrax and ran up to him and jumped on his head ripping wires off his head. The robot jumped in the air And kicked kung loa several times in the head. Kept kicking him until he was near death. Cyrax did the finishing blow and And kicked Kung Loa. Kung Loa was chocking… Then he got up… He took a Broadsword; one which belonged to Jen and started to fight with the lin kuei robot…. Kung Loa jumped and cut off the robots hand.. Electricity flowed through the wires… Kung Loa took a bucket of water and poured it down the Ninja’s back.. The ninja ran across the court yard in flames.. Raiden appeared once more and him and Kung Loa managed to escape..

Kung Loa looked around him and beside him was raiden standing infront of Siro and Taja. Kung Loa looked surprised and embraised the two… And looked back at Raiden…

‘Why did you leave me there to die!!!!; Thunder God’ He said.

The god Replied ‘It was the best way, if i stayed to help you. You would have died..’

‘Thank the ELDER gods that i killed him…’

‘You really think you killed him?’

‘I did, Cyrax was practically running about in Flames…’

‘Kung Loa.. listen’


‘Cyrax is not dead, he is… Looking for your right now…’

A mix of emotions ran down Kung Loa’s cold spine.. He will have to face Cyrax back in one last battle to finish him off, even if by the means of listening to Raiden… Once he does this it will be Time for the next Mortal Kombat… where hes kold dreams become reality.

Shattered Mirrors- Escape


by Odeena Skywalker

A few days passed without any sign from Diva. Sometimes, Liu thought it had been only a dream; but the spring was there, its clear, bright water dripping down the same sharp rock, and each time he drank from it, he felt he grew stronger. The thick darkness which seemed to surround him whenever he stood up, or made a sudden move, was now gone, and when he tried, he managed to do a simple kata, from one end to another, even though he had to lay down abruptly afterwards for fear he would faint.

And then she came. Being totally awake now, Liu saw her materializing from the shadows. He did his best to hide his astonishment however.

“Hello, Liu”, she said smiling.

Liu smiled as well. “I was starting to think you’d never show up”.

“Well, I’ve been… busy”, she told him, and she leaned against the bars, sighing. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Liu approached and took her hand. “Is something wrong?” he asked gently. Then, he spotted a burnt mark on her shoulder. “What…”

Diva followed his gaze. “Oh… that. Long story.” She sighed again. “Mind if I… come in?”

Liu smiled a bit at this. “Sure, be my guest. I’m afraid I don’t really have much treats around”, he continued as she disappeared and reappeared in his cell a second later. “There isn’t plenty of room, either.”

Diva smiled. “Don’t worry about the treats”, she chirped, “I have that covered. And about the room… well, this isn’t too much of a problem, either.” She leaned against the wall casually. “See? All settled.”

Liu was a bit puzzled by her sudden change of mood, but decided it was better not to push in at the moment. “You were saying something about some treats?” he asked tentatively.

“Yeah…” She reached for a hidden pocked and took out a small leather bag. “Ready?”

Liu nodded.

“Close your eyes and give me your hand.”

He obeyed, although he was, again, puzzled. Suddenly it occured to him that he was always puzzled around her. He felt something fall onto his opened palm.

“Can I open my eyes now?” he asked.

“All right… yes.”

Liu gazed down, and found that he was holding a few strange objects in his hand now: a few small, red spheres, two yellow cubes, a green cylinder, and a long, thin, blue stripe.

“What are those?” Liu asked, eyeing the shapes warrily. “Are they… umm, god candy?”

She smiled. “Right on.”

“I…” Liu tried not to expose his doubts. “Is it good?” he said instead.

“You don’t trust me”. It was rather a statement.

“No, no, I just–”

“Okay then, I’ll try them first. Point a color.”

“Umm… try the red one.” Liu didn’t sound too convinced. His instincts told him not to trust her; still, there were times when his instincts were wrong.

Diva took one of the red spheres and gulped it down. The next second she made a face.

“Cherry flavour. I don’t like cherries,” she explained at his puzzled look. “So. Still don’t trust me?”

Liu shrugged, then picked up one of the yellow cubes. “Here goes nothing…” he muttered under his breath, and he shoved it into his mouth. The next second, he felt a sweet lemon taste, and suddenly he felt lighter.

“This is great”, he mumbled, remembering too late that he was talking with his mouth full. “Sorry.”

“No problem. Glad you like it.”

Liu chuckled, amused. Of all the things that could have happened, the idea of a goddess giving him god candy was one thing he didn’t think about.

Diva tilted her head to one side. “Why are you smirking?” she asked, puzzled.

Liu chuckled again. “Nothing. Aren’t you going to have another?”

“No. I brought there for you. I have my own.”

“Alright then…” Liu took the cylinder and shoved it into his mouth. “Do all Immortals eat this sort of stuff?” he asked.

Diva looked at him in puzzlement. “Um… why?”

“Because if they do, I’m going to kill Rayden for not sharing any with us.”

She smiled proudly. “Actually, not many get this kind of sweets. They’re very rare. Reiko gave me some right before we came here.”

Liu frowned, and Diva realized she’d made a mistake. “I’m… sorry”, she nearly whispered. “I shouldn’t have…” she trailed off.

“What’s going on between you and Reiko?” Liu asked, silent, but determined.

Diva closed her eyes and sighed. “You’d hate me if I told you”, she said quietly. “You wouldn’t understand.”

Liu couldn’t tell whether he was confused, furious or both. Uncertain of what to do, he took her hand. “I couldn’t hate you, even if I wanted to”, he replied gently. “You saved my life. Please, tell me.”

“You promisse?”

Her voice shook a bit, and she did her best to hold back the tears she felt uprising.

“I promisse.”


She took a deep breath, and let it out slowly.

“Shao Kahn–the one who you defeated in Mortal Kombat–is… was, my father.”

Liu’s eyes widened, but he remained silent as she went on.

“I don’t know who my mother is. Only Kahn knew, and he took that secret with him when he died. Reiko told me that my mother died at birth, and Shao Kahn told Reiko to take me to the Netherealm and prepare me to become one of his generals. But Reiko disobeyed his master, and didn’t take me to the Ziggurat, like he had been told to.”

Liu shuddered. Not even Immortals used to talk about the Ziggurat very often. It was thought to be somewhere in the Netherealm, a temple of damnation, home for the darkest souls in all the known Realms. The very thought made his hair stand on end and, despite his courage, he shuddered.

“Instead, he raised me like I was his own”, she continued. “I grew up in a small shaolin temple, somewhere in the realm of Eccelsia. Reiko wasn’t around all the time – most of the time he was carrying out Shao Kahn’s orders – but when he came, we used to spend hours together. I showed him what I had learned, and he used to show me some of his own katas. Other times, we used to go deep into the woods which surrounded the temple. We had out own secret place, a clearing, somewhere, on top of a hill.”

She looked him straight in the eye. “He taught me everything I know, Liu. He is the closest thing to a father I’ve ever had.”

Liu was silent for a moment.

“He was one of Shao Kahn’s most trusted generals”, he finally said. “Why would he disobey his master like that?”

“The Ziggurat is the most terrifying place in all the known Realms. He’s not how you think, Liu. He has a heart, too.”

“Then why did he obey Kahn?” Liu snapped. “Why did he kill millions? Why didn’t he–”

“Liu.” She put a hand on his shoulder. “Do you actually think he wanted to obey Kahn?”

Liu was taken aback for a second. “I… of course he did! Otherwise, why did he–”

“Ever heard of Edenia?”

Liu gave a bitter laugh. “Of course I did.”

“Then you must know what happened there, too.”

“I know. But what’s that got to do with Reiko and Kahn?”

“Edenia was taken by Kahn because Outworld warriors won the tournament ten times… and because the Edenians were too proud. Same thing happened in Eccelsia, too. A long time ago, when Kahn wasn’t even half as powerful as he was when you defeated him, his warriors won the Mortal Kombat tournament. As price for his realm, Reiko sworn loyalty to him. The reason he was so ever-obediant, was because, at the slightest sign of treachery, Kahn would have destroyed his Realm.”

“His Realm…?” Liu Kang repeated numbly. “You mean…”

“Yes. He was–is–a deity. Just like I am.”

Diva glared at him, unable to hold back her tears any more. “So, do you hate me now?”

A strange mixture of emotions raged through Liu’s mind. Comprehension and anger, mercy and blame, regret and compassion. But on top of all that was a question.

“What have you been doing the past few days?” it almost sounded as if he wasn’t even aware of the questions he was asking. “Where have you been?”

“All this time?” She gave a bitter laugh. “Shinnok wanted to see if I was worthy of being one of his generals. All this time, I had to fight his best warriors. I guess I impressed him after I fought prince Goro.”

“Goro?” Liu was astonished. “I thought he was killed–”

“Well, he was, until Quan Chi ressurected him somehow.”

“And… you have that–” he motioned towards her scar “–from him?”

“The scorge? I got that from Reptile. No mortal has the power to hurt a deity, you know that, but somehow, Reptile managed to get me–pretty bad, too. Him and Goro were the only ones I couldn’t beat.”

“No wonder”, Liu muttered under his breath. Goro, the Shokan prince, had been hard enough to defeat in the original tournament. The warrior had no doubt that Quan-Chi had added some sorcery of his own. “How’d you take him?”

She shuddered a bit. “Not that good. Well, to be straight… he nearly killed me. That’s why I couldn’t come.”

“And Shinnok allowed all this?” Liu nearly shouted.

Diva put a calming hand on his shoulder. “Liu, please, calm down. Shinnok doesn’t need weak fighters in his army.”

“And Reiko? Why didn’t he say anything?”

“He can’t”, Diva reminded him. “Eccelsia, remember?”

“Oh… yeah.”

She sighed tiredly. “I don’t know why all this is happening to me,” she muttered. “I don’t want to be a general in Shinnok’s army. I just want to go home.”

Suddenly she bolted up. “I have to go”, she said hurriedly.

“Telepathic call?” Liu asked.

“Yes. I’ll see you later then.”

With that, she disappeared.


The days passed, one after another. By now, Liu was used to Diva arriving when he least expected it. Then, they usually talked about things, and, time after time, Liu told her all about his life: the Temple of the Order of Light, the tournaments, the other chosen fighters, and so on. In turn, Diva told him about Eccelsia, about the temple where she had grown up, and about Reiko. Occasionally, she would bring some more of the sweets Liu had turned to like so much.

“I’m freaking Reiko out with these”, she commented once. “He keeps telling me that sweets are fattening.” Then, she smiled a bit. “I don’t recall asking for so many even when I was little-and trust me, I used to eat a lot then.”

The spring water was enough for Liu Kang though. He had made a full recovery as time passed–and now he felt ready for anything.

But neither of them was prepared for what lied ahead. And things were soon going to take a turn for the worse.


Liu opened his eyes and sighed. He slowly got to his feet, then stretched his arms. Making sure that none of the guards were around, he went for the spring and took a sip.

“What the-” he muttered.

For a strange reason, the water tasted sourly. He shrugged, then set up to do the usual kata he began each ‘day’ with.


It was later in the ‘afternoon’, and Liu was resting. A few minutes ago, he had tried the spring water again, and this time it had tasted almost like it usually did, but the sour tase was still in. Suddenly, he heard the sound of approaching footsteps, and he sat up and listened. It sounded like someone was coming towards his cell, or rather, running. A second later, Diva rushed into view and nearly collided with the bars. She looked around and seemed to be lost for a moment, but she quickly regained her composure. A wave of her hand, and the bars disappeared.

“What–” Liu started, but she cut him off with an impatient gesture. The same second, the spring disappeared.

“I’m getting out of here”, she said hurriedly, panting. “And you’re coming with me.”

Liu could only stare at her. “But–but what about Eccelsia?”

“Forget that”. She grabbed his arm. “We have to go now, before–”

The sound of approaching footsteps cut her off.

“–the guards arrive?” Liu finished, raising an eyebrow as he spotted four ninja guardians approaching.

“Stop!” one of them yelled. Another rushed to get help, as Liu and Diva both took defensive poses.

“This is gonna be fun”, Liu mused, just as a ninja charged him. Ducking out of the way, he sent the guard into the wall with a kick, face-first. The ninja spun around almost instantly, and his fist exploded in Liu’s stomach. Taken offguard, Liu staggered backwards as the ninja charged him again.

Meanwhile, Diva was having difficulties of her own. She desperately jumped up, managing to avoid a kick from one of the guardians. Just as she landed, the other one tripped her, and she fell. She rolled out of the way, barely avoiding another kick. She stood up and put her back against the wall.

“Not good”, she muttered, as the two ninjas approached from different directions, pulling out their swords at the same time. “Not good at all.”

A flash, and curved blades emerged from her bracelets. “Let’s play”, she mused as she charged one of the guardians. The ninja blocked the attack with his own sword, and a fierce battle began. It didn’t last long however, as the Goddess of Oceans was clearly outwitted. Before she knew it, she found herself pinned to the ground, with two swords against her throat.

“This was fun, while it lasted”, one of the guardians said in mock pity. “Good bye”, he finished, as he raised his sword, ready to strike.

Liu’s attack caught both ninjas by surprise. In a matter of seconds, both were on the floor, clutching at their wounds and clearly no threat at all. With a sigh, Liu helped Diva to her feet.

“Thanks”, she said uneasily as the two blades drew back into her bracelets. “But I could’ve taken him.”

“That, I doubt.” Liu waved his katana sword proudly. “Not bad, eh?”

“Yeah… not bad. The problem is, we have to get out of here, and that way-” she motioned towards whrere they had come from “-is blocked.”

“Are there any other exits?” Liu asked quickly, catching the sound of more guards approaching.

“Not as I know.”

“So what do we do now?”

“I’ll tell you what we’ll do. Run!” Diva yelled, just as a steel arrow passed only inches away from Liu’s throat.

“Sounds like a good plan to me”, Liu yelled back as they both ran deeper into the dark catacomb. “We’re doomed”, he added under his breath.

Suddenly they came to an abrupt halt, nearly colliding into the stone wall.

“Dead end”, Liu observed. “Now what?”

They could already see their followers. There were at least twenty ninjas, advancing towards them and waving their weapons menacingly.

Diva’s mind raced. She was the Goddess of Oceans, so she could have used her ellement to defent both of them, if only–

“Duck!” she yelled as she raised her hand. With a tremendous sound, a thick wall of cascading water emerged from the floor and smashed into the ceiling. The ninjas stepped back, startled.

“Not bad, is it?”

“Not bad”, Liu admitted. “But that won’t hold them off for long.”

He was searching frantically for a sollution, when suddenly, a thought came into his mind.

“Can you… um, form a portal or something?”

“I don’t know”, she replied. “I’ve never tried.”

“Well try it now!” An arrow hissed through the water wall and hit the wall next to Liu. More followed. “And hurry up, please?” the warrior finished, ducking as more arrows came through.

She raised her other hand. “Where to?”

“Anywhere!” Liu snapped.

“Alright…” Something sparkled into the air for a second, then disappeared. Diva sighed in frustration.

“It’s too much!” she yelled “I’ll have to drop the wall. Get ready!”

Liu tensed, and Diva waved her hand again. With a booming noise, the wall collided onto the other side, washing away most of the ninjas. At the same time, a portal began to form in front of them.

Liu glared at it. Portal travelling wasn’t exactly high on his pleasant-things-to-do list, but a quick glance at the ninjas who were recovering fast made his mind. Taking a step forward, he grabbed Diva’s arm. She started forward, but she suddenly froze.

Running through the group of ninjas, general Reiko froze as well. Behind him, the sorcerer Quan-Chi raised his hand, and a green wave of energy bolted towards the two escapees. For a second, Diva’s gaze met with Reiko’s; then, Liu yanked her through the portal, and the universe seemed to collapse in itself.

Colors swirled around like mad, and both Liu and Diva closed their eyes, holding their hands tight. An eternity seemed to pass in mere seconds, then suddenly things reverted back to normal, and the two landed hard.

Liu slowly got up and dusted himself off. “I hate portal travelling”, he grumbled. “Diva? You okay?”

The goddess nodded slowly and got up as well. “I’ll survive”, came the answer as she looked around.

The question came from both warriors at the same time. “Where are we?” There was an unconcealed tone of astonishment in Liu’s voice, while Diva sounded tired and resigned.

The place where they had appeared was nowhere near anything Liu had ever seen before. They were in some sort of cavern, on the bank of what seemed to be an endless ocean of lava. Stones of strange shapes were sticking out of it here and there, and skeletons were pinned to them. On the other end of the bank, there was a giant dragon, carved in stone, and behind it there was the entrance to a dark tunnel.

“Oh, no.”

Diva’s face suddenly went pale, and Liu rushed forward to support her. The thought dawned on him at the same time, yet it was the goddess who spoke it first.

“We’re in the Netheralm”, she whispered, and then she collapsed into his arms, unconscious.


The ninjas on either side of Reiko took a step back as the general bowed his head respectfully before his master, Shinnok. The fallen Elder God looked down on his servant with unconcealed fury.

“Your protege has betrayed me”, Shinnok said in a harsh tone.

Reiko said nothing, but he dropped silently to one knee.

“She helped Liu Kang escape”, Shinnok continued.

Quan-Chi took a step forward. “Master, if I may…”

Shinnok turned to the sorcerer. “Yes?”

“I have done a little… trick on the portal the traitor opened. I know they intended to go to Earth realm; but somehow, they ended up in the Netherealm instead”, Quan-Chi stated, his entire attitude a cruel parody of astonishment and confusion.

Unseen by his master, Reiko’s eyes narrowed as Shinnok chuckled silently.


The general raised his look. “Master?”

“You can make amends for Diva’s regrettable treachery”, Shinnok started slowly, “or you can watch your entire Realm die.”

Reiko slowly stood up. “Your orders, Lord?”

Shinnok suddenly frowned, his mask of indifference dropping and this revealing the fury that was slowly building inside him. “Bring them to me”, he commanded. “Both of them.”

“As you command, master.” Reiko bowed and started to leave, but Shinnok stopped him with a gesture. “Yes?”

“Bring them alive”, the god hissed through his gritted teeth. “I want to kill them myself.”

The general nodded, then opened a portal and disappeared.


—————–Last Epidode “Soul Survivors”———————–

————————–Title “ALIVE”——————————


——-In LA Quan Chi walked again to see the darkend skies of Earthrealm crumble while Shinnok leveitated above the grounds.

Shinnok said in an angry voice–“QUAN CHI! How did Fujin knock me to my feet, the power of the amulet should have destroyed them.”

Quan Chi–“YES! But-your-forgetting-one thing, the power of the amulet takes time to adjust and you have just witnessed it’s potential strength but also the lack of it.”

Shinnok–“Well sorcerer, I don’t have time for these impetuous games, I WANT THE MORTALS OF EARTH DESTROYED.”

Quan Chi–“Well, if plan-A-doesn’t succeed, then we move to the second phase.”

——-All around the mortal globe caos and mass destruction reigned all over this world. War has broken out and warriors from other realms fought the civilians of Earth. The Elder Gods tried to keep the gates closed but everytime one passage was locked another one was open. In Brazil a shaman by the name of Nightwolf saw the destruction through the green flames of his pyre. There was nothing he could do to help the Earth warriors fight, his people needed his strength because they to were in need of a hero.

——-In Las Vegas, people ran the streets because so much was upon them portals were open, and people were killed. In an ally way a dark mysterious figure walked the streets. A portal opened as two outter world warriors entered the gateway to find a mysterious man stand before them.

Guard 1–“Earth realm warrior are you prepared to die.”The mysterious man was in complete silence as the two guards approached him. Before they had a chance to strike, this man placed his hands on their throats causing them to freeze to death. While they both were ice statues this man kicked the fragile bodies of these soldiers only to shattered them like glass, as he walked away.

——-In the realm of Edenia, it was dark because of the fatal eclipse which block out the sun. The portal opened as the mortals of Earth entered the gateway only to find darkness. Fujin was still injured holding onto kai, Sonya walked along side of Jax who had a hold of Jerek who was struggling, Rayden looked around as Liu Kang and Tanya walked ahead of the group, trying to find the direction of Princess Kitana’s castle.

Jerek–“If I ever get out of this, Sonya I will kill you.” Jax gripped Jerek’s hands alittle tighter.

Sonya–“Jerek, I hate you, I hate the black dragon, I hated Kano because you have taken someone precious from my life, and now that he is dead, I vowed to capture and imprison the last of the black dragon, Oooh my god, it’s you.”

Jerek–“Sonya, I can care less about you and your friend, Kano did the right thing, I regretted not doing the job myself.” Sonya punched Jerek accross the face causing him to bleed. The warriors stared at Sonya with her eyes filled with tears.

Sonya–“You son of a bitch, the being I was talking about was my brother.”Jax pushed Jerek to the ground only to comfort Sonya.

Jax–“Look man! I can care less if you survive, I can kill you myself in this place.”

Jerek–“you wouldn’t, you have to uphold the law.”

Jax–“You see Jerek, that’s the funny thing about this world, the law doen’t apply here, I can Kill you easily and nobody would hear you scream.” Jerek started to feel the intimidation of Jax.

Jerek–“Okay, okay what do you want me to do.”

Sonya–“Jerek, we need you to fight on our side just to bring Quan Chi and Shinnok down.”

Jerek–“Sonya, If I betray them do you have any idea what they will do to me.”

Sonya–“If you don’t, your only worry is what will Jax do to you.” Jerek looked behind him only to see Jax punch his palm of his hand with his metal fist.

Jerek automatically aggreed to help the warriors of Earthrealm.

——–In the Neitherrealm Quan Chi was in his laboratory mixing up a potion. While Siann approached him.

Siann–“My lord what are you doing.”

Quan Chi–“You filthy harlot get away from me, this spell requires consentration.” Quan Chi held out both hands as he called upon the powers of the dishonored dead. The souls of one-million deaths entered as the spirit of Shang Tsung found it’s rightful body after all. Quan Chi had brough back Shang Tusng from death only to find him an old man, who needed souls to remain youthful for eternity.

——–In Earthrealm The Elder Gods were in parral trying to keep the minions out of our world. This world was in so much caos that the gates to heaven was blocked out by some unnatural forces causing the once deceased Johnny Cage to return to the world. Only to find the world half destroyed by this evil new destruction Johnny Cage walked the streets confused and disoriented.

————————-TO BE CONTINUED—————————

Forbidden Memories – Episode 0-1

One might say that our world is one of many pararell realms. According to old legends these myths are true. Each warrior has chosen by the Elders to carry out to battle ancient powers or strength passed down from those before them. They themselves pit there mights against each other in the tournament ‘Mortal Kombat’. Long time ago… The warrior ‘Li-Zang’ Lost against the mighty shang tsung. He was seperated soul from body. With mercy Shang Tsung casted his hellspawn body to the burning wastes of the Netherealm where he’s body had changed into a burning inferno. ‘Li-Zang’ is no longer… He has changed, mutated to his opposite specter just like our realms, he is ‘Flame!’.

‘Where are my women!’ The strong emperor of out world commanded the his ninja-slave. The timid warrior replied. ‘There coming’.

Within the very split-second a group of females came opening the doors. The group stared at the emperor. Shoa Khan rose to his feet..

‘Get up and entertain me women… You don’t seem the least bit promising..’ Not knowing the emperor sat back down. Withing seconds the emperor fell to his knees and started coughing. He did not know that he was drooling blood for the last 3 minutes… He started to choke eventually something was coming out of his mouth… Blood started to pour like it was a river or cannel. As the moon started to hide behind the gloomy incesence of clouds the chocking continued. Suddenly the choking stopped… An elder gods voice echoed in khans head…

To Be Continued… >>>

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One might say that our world is one of many pararell realms. According to old legends these myths are true. Each warrior has chosen by the Elders to carry out to battle ancient powers or strength passed down from those before them. They themselves pit there mights against each other in the tournament ‘Mortal Kombat’. Long time ago… The warrior ‘Li-Zang’ Lost against the mighty shang tsung. He was seperated soul from body. With mercy Shang Tsung casted his hellspawn body to the burning wastes of the Netherealm where he’s body had changed into a burning inferno. ‘Li-Zang’ is no longer… He has changed, mutated to his opposite specter just like our realms, he is ‘Flame!’.

‘Where are my women!’ The strong emperor of out world commanded the his ninja-slave. The timid warrior replied. ‘There coming’.

Within the very split-second a group of females came opening the doors. The group stared at the emperor. Shoa Khan rose to his feet..

‘Get up and entertain me women… You don’t seem the least bit promising..’ Not knowing the emperor sat back down. Withing seconds the emperor fell to his knees and started coughing. He did not know that he was drooling blood for the last 3 minutes… He started to choke eventually something was coming out of his mouth… Blood started to pour like it was a river or cannel. As the moon started to hide behind the gloomy incesence of clouds the chocking continued. Suddenly the choking stopped… An elder gods voice echoed in khans head…

‘Khan my son… It is time don’t you think?’

‘Father.. isnt it the most violent way to speak to your son..’

‘YOU WILL LISTEN.. khan. Your prancing about has taken its tole on me for too long.. Very long.’

‘Is it time to unleash the extermination squads and begin annhiliation?’


‘Very well… it will begin next month father, shinok… i swear or ill die by the hands of a mortal’…

In each of us there burns a soul of a warrior. In every generation a few are chosen to prove it. Each chosen must prove there self worth by fighting for their lives, by fighting for their honour and by fighting for their realm. In a tournament called Mortal Kombat….

‘My name is Flame, i am output specter of the warrior Li-Zang.’ The fire warriors thoughts echoed in his head. Sleeping in the burning molten lava he sees figures lurking above him. The warrior violently pounces creating a harsh current of negative wibes to pass through the air. Flame flipped in the narrow pathway.. To see one man.. The warrior made eye contact with flame.. Flame spoke.

‘Who are you? Speak or BURN at my hands..’

‘I am Scorpion’ The warrior spoke.

‘.. continue and speak’ Flame replied as scorpion stepped forward.

‘I too am a ninja specter just like you, my body is similiar to yours. I too posses the natural power of fire which you posses. But will always be greater.’

‘Screw you, youll never be greater than me.. i am the master of fire. What buisness do u have here?’

‘I am searching for Quan-Chi, know him?’

‘Yes.. i work for him.. And my mission is to KILL anyone who seeks him even incase of an alliance.’


In that split second the two warriors started to fight.. Then a serpent ripped through a palm of scorpions hand. Flame flipped in the air ripping the serpents head and kicking the Ninja. The ninja stepped back and held his leg and let go, kicking Flame. Flame was still not skillfull, Scorpion deflected every attack. Scorpion punched flame and he smashed against a rock. The rock melted, because of the high heat that flame poseses… Flame rose to his feat. The fight continued.

After several minutes of gut-twisting fighting flame was bleeding, his blood sizzled on his skin. Weakened the warrior rose to his feat and threw a massive fire ball at the warrior. He kept making these balls until the Scorpion ninja was weak… Now the two was equal.. Suddenly in a split second scorpion dissapeared.. Not knowing where he was Flame walked back… But then scorpion stood behind Flame and hit him on the face.. And ripped his nose off. Blood started to pour as flame kept stumbling. Scorpion mumbled ‘Want more.. then COME HERE!’.. Flame fainted and fell back into the molten rock. He has lost. At the age of 25; the young warrior has no love in this world; no one to talk to; no friends; but has the power only to make enemies. He is now at the verge of death.. His memories ran past him in a dream state.. Studying with Master Bo Rai Cho. Loosing his brother to the hands of Quan-Chi. Then the warrior woke up; and flipped back into the narrow path which he was there 30 minutes ago… With his wounds healed he declaired a re-match.

Shattered Mirrors- Prologue

Shattered mirrors: Prologue

by Odeena Skywalker

The narrow passage was barely lit up by half-burnt torches settled against the walls here and there. The holding cells had been carved directly into stone, and each was cold and barren. The weak light casted faint reflections on the thick steel bars, and there was not a sound disturbing the silence of the unholy crypt.

Many of those who had been imprisoned here were immortals; most of them, gods of various realms, who had dared to stand up against the invading forces from the Ourworld, and were now paying the price for their act. All had been defeated, their worlds destroyed and their allies killed. Some hadn’t seen the sun or the sky in millennia; others had slipped into the abyss of insanity over the years. But all had one thing in common. They had defied the renegade Elder God who had started this whole war – they had defied Shinnok.

Confined in one of the cells however, there was a mortal. A fighter from the realm of Earth.

From a distance, it was hard to tell whether the warrior was alive or not. He lay on the cold floor, his long, dark hair sprawled over the rocks in disarray, and his deep, brown eyes wide open.

But he was not dead. No. He was merely… thinking.

Everyone had warned him not to venture into the Outworld alone. Everyone had told him that it was a lost cause. They had all tried to stop him.

But he didn’t listen. When Rayden had told him that Quan-Chi had captured Kitana, rage had blinded him. He had only had one thought in his mind: to free her. At any cost.

At first, it had all been easy. Too easy. Having disposed of the three or four guards, the fighter had sneacked into Shinnok’s fortress, and then, unseen and unheard, had made his way to the fallen god’s throne room.

And then it happened. In a split second, hundreds of fighters had poured into the room. He had tried to fight them, but even with his unmatched strength and skills he was outnumbered. In a matter of seconds, he was immobilized, beaten and bruised.

Then Quan-Chi had appeared–and he was holding Kitana. Weakened and defeated, he could only watch then as the sorcerer had stolen the princess’ soul, slowly, enjoying her agony, laughing at his lack of power; a terrifying laugh, a laugh which would torment his mind each and every moment from then on.

Suddenly, he heard a faint sound, and felt another presence. Despite himself, Liu Kang turned his gaze towards where the noise had come from.

At first, the only thing he saw was a pair of deep, emerald-green eyes; then, as if materializing from the shadows, the face of a woman came to sight.

She looked very young; probably, no more than sixteen or seventeen years old. She had long, brown hair, and a thin, golden band arched around her forehead. She didn’t say a word; she merely looked at him. But there was something in her eyes that made him trust in her, even though he didn’t know very well why.

A small hand reached for one of the steel bars; the woman shuddered a bit, but her gaze remained pointed at him. One of her thick, gold bracelets caught a ray of light, and it beamed for a second, sending faint refflections around.

Slowly, painfully, the warrior stood up. Not knowing very well why, he tried to reach for her hand. Sensing the move, she pulled back abruptly.

“Who… are you?” Liu whispered, touching the cold bars.

She looked in his eyes, ready to answer, when they both heard the sound of approaching footspeps. In an instant, she seemed to dissolve in the shadows, and Liu threw himself down just as two guards went past. They eyed him suspiciously for one moment, then moved on.

Liu Kang waited until the sound of their footsteps fainted in the distance, then quickly stood up. The sudden move sent flashes of pain through his entire body, and he leaned against the bars and closed his eyes.

A cold hand reached for his, and he opened his eyes. For a second, all he could see were her wide, green eyes; then, she arched back a little.

“You’re… a mortal.” It was more of a statement then a question.

Liu smiled grimly. “How did you know?”

“Your blood”, she answered. “Only mortals bleed.”

She looked him straight in the eye.

“Are you the one who defeated Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat? Are you Liu Kang?”

Liu nodded weakly.

“I am honored then.”

The warrior was more and more confused. “Are you a deity?”

“Yes. I am the Goddes of the Ocean”, she said, smiling proudly.

“Well, your eyes do remind me of the ocean”, Liu said involuntarely. A memory flashed through his mind: the sun, setting into the ocean as he walked on the beach, alone, with his thoughts…

“Yeah, that’s what the other monks used to say.”

He raised an eyebrow. “What monks?”

She realised what she had just said and her eyes widened. “I… shouldn’t have said that. Please… forget about it, alright?”

Liu was taken aback by the sudden panic he read in her eyes. “O… kay, I’ll… I’ll forget you said anything.”

She relaxed a bit. “Thank you.”

Liu smiled. “No, thank you.”

“What will happen to you, Liu Kang?” she asked in a whisper. “Will… will you die?”

“Yeah, I guess I will.” He had never thought of it before, but now that he had said it, it seemed inevitable. “They left me die here. I didn’t eat, or drink, anything, in–” he stopped in mid-sentence, not wanting to show his weakness “–a while”, he finished quietly.

He could see tears starting to glow in her eyes, and his confusion deepened. Who was this girl – this deity – who, although she seemed to be on Shinnok’s sire, felt sorry for the death of their greatest enemy? Why was she honored to meet the one who had defeated Outworld’s great emperor Shao Kahn? And frst of all, why was she even here?

He was about to say something–when a very familliar voice, a deep, hatred voice, boomed across the narrow catacomb.

“Diva!” came general Reiko’s voice. “Diva, are you here?”

The girl started up. “I have to leave”, she whispered hurriedly. “But I will be back–I promise!” With that, she ran away.

Liu watched her until she went out of sight, then sighed. Somehow, he realised numbly, this meeting had done something almost impossible. Whereas before he was prepared to die, now he found himself thinking that, against all odds, there could have still been a chance. If only…

Suddenly, he heard a faint sound, and he turned around, looking towards where it had come from.

Clear, bright water drippled along a sharp rock, then fell down in a small gathering. It seemed to glow faintly in the dark, and, without knowing very well why, the warrior extended his arm and took a sip.

For a second, he felt nothing; then, the unperceptible smoke which seemed to cloud his vision was gone, and he welt an irresistible wearmth flooding him. Slowly, he laid on the floor, which no longer seemed cold and barren.

“Thank you, Diva”, he whispered.

Then, he slipped into a peaceful sleep.


‘In your next battle, use the ellement which gives life.’

The cave was cold and dark, and he felt fear rising. He heard faint cries for help.


He took a step forwars, extending his hands in front of him cautiously, and suddenly, he fell. He shrieked, trying to grab onto something; but the void was mercyless.

‘Liu, if anything happens to me, I just want you to know that–‘

‘Kitana, I have lost everything, and I’m not going to loose you, too.’

He landed hard on something; the same time, cold wines wrapped tightly around him.

‘They’ve got Kitana… There was nothing we could do… there was too many…’

A cold hand reached for his.

‘It will be alright.’ Was that Kitana, who whispered into his ear? But it couldn’t be. Kitana was dead.

‘I love you, Liu Kang.’

‘Just hold still, this won’t hurt you.’

‘Liu, don’t go. It’s a trap, and you know it. Please, listen to me! Don’t go!’

‘But I must save her… I must…’

Hypnotic, green eyes glowed faintly in the dark.


‘I love you, Liu Kang. Love you…’

‘Help me!’

The eyes came closer.

‘Your soul–‘


‘–is MINE!’



Liu bolted upright with a shriek.

“No…” his voice was barely above a whisper. The dream would return, over and over again, to torment his soul. He closed his eyes and, despite himself, a single tear ran down his face. A second later, a cold, small hand wiped it.


Liu opened his eyes. Next to him, Diva smiled, although her eyes showed concern.

“Are you alright?”

Somehow, her voice, her touch, made him feel secure for a moment. “The dream…” he whispered. “It just won’t… won’t go away. It’s all… my fault… that…”

Diva reached for his hand. “It’s alright. It’s over now. You shouldn’t weep on the past. It’s done. You can’t change it.”

He sighed painfully. “I know… But I just wish… wish… that…”

“‘Analyze the past, live the present, and you will be prepared for the future’. Reiko told me that once.”

Liu frowned. What was the connection between Diva and Shinnok’s general? And why, when she spoke of him, he could sense something different in her voice? Was it… affection?


Liu Kang snapped out of his thoughts.

“I have to go now. Reiko’ll get suspicious if he sees me around here too long.” She frowned for a second. “I hate lying to him about all this”, she confessed. “But you…” she trailed off, looking a bit troubled. “I’ll be back–and I’ll try to snitch some food, too”, she said quickly.

“But how are you going to–”

She giggled and waved her hand, her bracelet sending weird refflections around as she did so. “I’m a deity, remember? Watch.”

Before Liu’s stunned gaze, Diva seemed to liquify, and the next thing he knew, small rivers of water passed the bars of the cell easily. Moments later, she materialized on the other side.

“Take care, Liu Kang. And don’t loose your faith.”

With that, she walked away.