Mortal Kombat Conquest- Episode 24 – Violent Data Part 1

In each of us there burns a soul of a warrior. In every generation a few are chosen to prove it. Centuries ago, in a time of darkness and fury, that fate befell three strangers. A monk Kung Lao, an exiled guard Siro and a thief Taja. Who have to defend our earth realm from the forces of outworld. By fighting for their lives, by fighting for their honour and by fighting for their realm. In a tournament called Mortal Kombat.

The moon slowly hovered above the Lin Kuei Temple. Screams echoed down each corridor. The source of these noises come from one room, the medical room. The evil emperor shoa khan has ordered the Lin Kuei to transform there warriors into Cyborgs. In one room that is being done, there first test was on a ninja named smoke, after the test was complete, the cyborg showed excellence in his ninja skills…. The doctor split open a ninja’s stomach, he then pulled his intestines out and placed several chips and wires into his stomach… ‘Arrghh!!’ Soon the noises began to fade away as the ninjas lifeforce dropped… He was dead. The doctor sent several voltages through his stomach.. the body showed no signs of life. The doctor lifted several peices of yellow metal armor and screwed it on to the dead body. The proccess took hours and finally it was complete. Once more they turned up the voltage. Finally the ninja was awake… Several minutes later they brought the ninja in front of the new grand master. ‘Show me what you can do…, Ermac get him..’ In seconds a red ninja stepped out. The new cyborg stepped infront and the two jumped in the air. The cyborg hit the Ermac on the face, ermac did several akido style kicks on the cyborg. Ermac stood back and a red liquid started dripping from his hands, it kept dripping until there was a puddle of the liquid. Seeming in pain Ermac flipped back. The grand master got up and wondered what was happening. The cyborg stepped up and spoke ‘Time to die Ermac.. It is under the grand masters wish.’ In a split second the grand master spoke. ‘ERMAC, CYBORG stop! You ermac has shown as a big dissapointment… Leave!’ The ninja walked in shame… The grand master continued to speak.. ‘Cyborg, you have shown your self worthy of carrying such a task one may fail in, it is with the secrecy and honour of the lin kuei i will name you ‘Cyrax’ your task today… Kill kung lao!!’ With seconds Cyrax turned away and continued to do his task…. The moon hovered over Cyrax… Just like a shadow of death…

‘Siro, has Taja told you?’ Kung Lao spoke.

‘What about?’ The guard replied.

‘Mortal Kombat is in 3 days…’ sighed the monk.

The two continued to speak. A flash of thunder lit in the sky and Raiden was standing.. He spoke…

‘Kung Loa! You must hurry! The lin kuei are back with a more vicous warrior…’ The god spoke..

‘When…’ Trembled Kung Loa.

‘Kung loa use your brain… Remember sub-zero… This one is meant two be twice as worse!’


‘Kung Loa.. Listen’

‘Listen to me Raiden… We defeated Sub-Zero and now theres this new warrior.. If we defeat him what will the send next! Huh? Am i meant to just run… Look raiden Mortal Kombat is in three days!’

‘I know…. You and Siro are fools.. Taja did the best thing she can.. she left!’

‘But Tajas.. here.. TAJA!’ There was a slight echo.. It was midnight… The two warriors followed raiden as he opened a portal.. Siro asked Raiden.. ‘Where are you taking us?’.. The God Replied harshly ‘Out of the Zhu Zin!’… Taking there tole the two agreed. The sound echoed behind them…

‘Kung Loa your death is my command!’

Kung Loa looked back and put his fists in there air… A yellow robot dropped from the ceiling… And spoke.

‘Kung Loa let me introduce my self! I am Cyrax.. I was sent to make you suffer at the will of Shoa Khan.. DEATH IS THE ONLY WAY OUT!’

Raiden pulled siro and jumped in the portal. Kung Loa looked away at the two dissapear as he got kicked brutally in the face two times… Questioning himself why Siro and Raiden left he got up and ran before the portal closed but it was too late.

With anger the shaolin warrior stepped back and looksed at Cyrax and ran up to him and jumped on his head ripping wires off his head. The robot jumped in the air And kicked kung loa several times in the head. Kept kicking him until he was near death. Cyrax did the finishing blow and And kicked Kung Loa. Kung Loa was chocking… Then he got up… He took a Broadsword; one which belonged to Jen and started to fight with the lin kuei robot…. Kung Loa jumped and cut off the robots hand.. Electricity flowed through the wires… Kung Loa took a bucket of water and poured it down the Ninja’s back.. The ninja ran across the court yard in flames.. Raiden appeared once more and him and Kung Loa managed to escape..

Kung Loa looked around him and beside him was raiden standing infront of Siro and Taja. Kung Loa looked surprised and embraised the two… And looked back at Raiden…

‘Why did you leave me there to die!!!!; Thunder God’ He said.

The god Replied ‘It was the best way, if i stayed to help you. You would have died..’

‘Thank the ELDER gods that i killed him…’

‘You really think you killed him?’

‘I did, Cyrax was practically running about in Flames…’

‘Kung Loa.. listen’


‘Cyrax is not dead, he is… Looking for your right now…’

A mix of emotions ran down Kung Loa’s cold spine.. He will have to face Cyrax back in one last battle to finish him off, even if by the means of listening to Raiden… Once he does this it will be Time for the next Mortal Kombat… where hes kold dreams become reality.

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