Bitter words – 1st episode

Many say that immense power is some of the things that change a warrior soul but one can always change his or her destiny. Myths and legends have been told but also can they be true? Long times ago were the world was at war with an emperor named shoa khan ruled over earth realm because of his winnings in ‘MORTAL KOMBAT’.

Earth realm is now at risk of his invasion but the earth realm shall not give up. The god raiden earth realm protector has took many of earth realms glorious, goriest and bravest fighters and left one group ninja because of his brutal strength an mind, he thought that he was to strong so he had banished him to nether realm. His name was known as Alpha and this is how the battle begins.

‘Move woman get out of my way’ the ninja powered god recommended ‘sorry’ muttered the woman in a unpleasant way. Two of the guards had seen his actions to the woman in nether realm and sent him too him to the ruler named shoa khan. At his presence at out world he did not feel welcome as last time. A faint noise was heard as it sounded like ‘GET OVER HERE!’ a serpent snake creature like a rope but a snake head appeared through the tent as it got the guards attention. Alpha broke the chains and did a flip and landed on a box. The serpent creature turned at the guards and stabbed through the firsts neck and the other was stabbed through the head. Alpha rampaged through as the serpent was following him. Alpha heard the noise ‘come here’. Suddenly the snake as disappeared. ‘what the …’ ‘keeeeeeeeeee’ the snake came behind the tent . Alpha grabbed the sword and did and swinged it at the snake creature, with force the snake creature had been cut . Alpha decided not to run but fight. He made a circular ball of fire and threw it, as it annihilated all tents and weapons and left a ninja spectre crossing his arms laughing.

‘Who are you’ demanded alpha in persuading way .

‘let me introduce my self I am the ninja scorpion, I want you to do something for me’ spoke scorpion deeply

‘ Why shall I’ Questioned Alpha

‘because I an get you out of this hell hole’

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