Power Struggle

After Shao Kahn’s veangence his power had grown immense and better yet he had no one to oppose him (or so it would seem). Kung Lao the champion of Mortal Kombat had been killed as were his friends Taja and Sirro, Vorpax and her minions were destroyed and the opposing sorcerers Shang Tsung and Quan Chi were also killed as was the ruler of Zaterra, Reptile and Raiden, God of Thunder and Protector of Earth Realm is now a prisoner of Kahn and having all of his power sucked out of him as a result of entering Outworld left him as no threat to Kahn.

A few years later an evil that was banished to the Nether Realm thought it was his time to rise up.It was none other than the fallen elder Shinnok and he has managed to escape his confines in the Nether Realm with the aid of an artefact given to him by Reiko. As Kahn was planning his invasion of Earth Realm his once loyal servant Reiko became possesed by Shinnok and went to the ruins of a realm that Kahn had conquered long ago and in it’s ruined temple layed an artefact deadly and powerful, especially in the hands of a powerful being such as a sorcerer or god. The temple was guarded a powerful band of thieves led by a great centaur known as Motaro. Reiko knew he was no match for Motaro and his minions but he seeked the aid of the ninja, Ermac who is made from the souls of conquered warriors, a powerful shokan Kintaro and his elite guard, Baraka, the leader of the takartan horde and he summoned a group of Oni to the Earth led by Moloch.

They all laid waste to the temple and slayed all who dared to oppose them and Motaro and his thieves were defeated. Reiko had found the room in which the artefact was and went to the Nether Realm. He gave Shinnok the amulet and they were both transported back to earth with Shinnoks fallen angels. But little did they know that the ninja Rain was watching them and he ran back to tell Kahn of what had happened.

Shao Kahn was in his throne room preparing the assault of Earth Realm when Rain told him of what he saw. Kahn, for the first time in his life felt fear as he knew that Shinnok was the only being apart from the elder gods who could oppose him, however he had gained more power and would prove a match for the fallen elder god. Kahn summoned Scorpion and his warriors, shadow priests, Edenians, the Lin Kuei and the Black Dragon to Outworld to engage the opposing armies.

Kahn mounted his defence around his fortress and awaited the coming legion of doom. The battle raged on, both sides fueled with rage and fury and the only acceptable outcome for each side was the complete elimination of the other. While the battle was raging Kahn waited in his throne room and then suddenly Shinnok teleported in front of him. He called for his guards but they were all being held in check by Shinnok’s minions. Realising that he was out numbered Kahn ran to the inter realm chamber in which he fought Raiden and Shinnok entered too. Kahn closed the portal to Outworld so there was only two there, Shinnok and Shao Kahn.

Kahn: You were a fool to think you could just invade my realm and live!
Shinnok: Hardly! I wasn’t the one fleeing Lord Shinnok’s wrath when I realised I was outnumbered.
Kahn: I have worked too hard to fall now. I defeated Raiden and so I shall defeat you!
Shinnok: Oh please…. Raiden would be no more of a challenge than an infant. He was weak. I am not him… I am Lord Shinnok! Bringer of Doom! And Destroyer of Light! *takes out his staff*
Kahn: And I, am Shao Kahn! Conquerer of Realms and Emperor of Outworld! *takes out his sword*

And so the two beings engaged eachother in combat and it was a very close fight and both Outworld and Earth trembled when they clashed. But Kahn emerged victorious, he was too powerful even for one who was once an elder god.

Shinnok: You may have won the fight Kahn! But don’t think for a moment that you have won the war! *teleports Raiden to the room* If I can’t have Earth Realm no one can! *Raiden leaps into the portal of Earth*
Kahn: *Growls* Then you shall spend eternity in the pits of the Nether Realm *takes the artefact from Shinnok before Shinnok could escape then banishes Shinnok to the Nether Realm.
Shinnok: *Screams*

Raiden was in Earth Realm and he resurected Kung Lao with his powers that were coming back to him and now Kung Lao can fight in the next Mortal Kombat Tournament (and if it goes by the story he’ll be killed by Goro).

Hope you liked the story.

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