Life Status:    Mortal

Friends:    Kebral, Jola

Enemies:    Shang Tsung

Episode 7:    Debt of the Dragon



Bannak is the high ruler of an underground organisation known as the Black Dragon. This group terrorizes the city of Zhu Zin to get what it wants, and has a reputation for being one of the most powerful clans in history.
Bannak knows of the ancient powers of The Black Dragon. It is unclear to all others as to where they originated. These almighty powers are deadly in the hands of someone who does not know how to control them. As a result, no memeber of The Black Dragon has ever summoned them from their chamber – a large heavy amulet in the form of a black dragon. No member, that is, save for one man.
The previous Black Dragon ruler, Bannak’s father, was an exceptional fighter in all arts. However, being one of the greatest wasn’t enough. He wanted to be the best. Bannak’s father summoned the ancient powers of The Black Dragon and bestowed them upon himself. Days later, in the middle of a fight, the powers went out of control. He began to die, and Bannak had to watch as the powers killed him from within.
Bannak took over as ruler of The Black Dragon, and had two children, their mother unknown. There was a son, Kebral, and a daughter, named Jola. Bannak vowed to keep the deathly powers locked away forever, and protect his children from the ungodly evil contained in the amulet.


Kebral and Jola have grown into adults, turning out to be both strong fighters. As Kebral was the first-born child, he is the heir to the throne and will take over from his father. Bannak knows how deeply this troubles Jola, and how much tension it has caused between his two children. He struggles to keep them together as a unit, continually reminding them that they are the heart of The Black Dragon and how weak the clan would become if they came to blows. United they will stand, divided they will fall.
As much as Bannak tries to keep them cool, he can see that Jola is becoming greedy, perhaps even dangerous. He has seen her obsessive interest in the amulet worn around his neck.  However, Bannak is determined: if Jola were ever to reach the powers of The Black Dragon, it would be over his dead body.


Unkown. We do not witness any of Bannak’s battles.


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