Shadow Priests

Life Status:    Immortal

Friends:    Each other

Enemies:    Enemies of their master Shao Kahn

Fighting styles:    (of the Priests seen) CapoeiraVale TudoKarateJeet Kune Do



Almost nothing is known about the past of these ruthless monsters. Since they lurk around in long, black robes and hide their faces under a dark hood, it is sometimes thought that they conceal hideous features. Sometimes it is also said that they were once warriors from different realms, fighting against Shao Kahn to save their own worlds. But the Emperor of Outworld defeated them all, capturing their souls. It is said that he then returned them to a half-life, only to serve him and fight for him in the many battles he wars he caused. Only one of them has ever been seen without his robes. This man had the features of a normal human, but he did not show any signs of human emotion. He only spoke to Shao Kahn, informing him of any important information. Whether all of the other Shadow Priests look like him underneath their clothes is a mystery. The Shadow Priests have no free will, and they have no desire to do anything the emperor hasn’t ordered them to. They are ‘blessed’ with many useful abilities, such as sorcery, telepathy and unbelievable martial arts. Though there are many of them who serve Shao Kahn, none of the Shadow Priests appear to be female.


The Shadow Priests are now alert by their emperor’s side, as the war between him and his enemies gets more hostile every day. They can serve him in many ways. They can tell how many forces or armies an enemy has, or where an enemy came from. The Priests also serve him by decimating any foe the emperor choses. They are masters at torture, possessing the ability to keep someone suffering even after they die.


Since their are many of the Shadow Priests, it is hard to tell how their fighting stye works. They fight in many different ways, with many different styles. One of the Shadow Priests fights with Brute Force, using hell-raising wrestling moves and stiff punching to get him through a fight. Another Shadow Priest stands still while his enemy pummels him, waiting for them to wear themselves out or let their guard down, before launching a flurry of sharp jabs and kicks to mark the end of the match. So the styles of the Priests vary. But they use their techniques to such an extent that they can’t recall the last time their foes didn’t met their doom.

As before, the ways of defense differs from one Shadow Priest to the other. But whichever way the Priests chose to defend, they will make sure that it is an effective way, and they will make sure that it is an offensive way.