Life Status:    Mortal

Friends:    Shang Tsung

Enemies:    Kung Lao, Siro, Taja, Vorpax, Kebral

Fighting styles:    None. Ability to fight fuelled by the powers of The Black Dragon.

Episode 7:    Debt of the Dragon



Jola is member to an infamous underground clan known as The Black Dragon. The clan is run by her father, a man known as Bannak. Her older brother, Kebral, is also part of this organisation. The two siblings are highest in command of The Black Dragon, second to their father, but it is Kebral who will inherit the throne after Bannak’s death. Jola is extremely jealous of her older brother, and it has lead to great bitterness between them. The throne of The Black Dragon means more to her than Kebral might realize.


The trading post belonging to Kung Lao, Siro and Taja is owed to The Black Dragon. Its previous owner, Baron Reyland, lost it to them by gambling. He is now dead, and The Black Dragon wants what is theirs.

The three warriors refuse to give up the trading post. This leads to an angry feud, with Jola caught in the middle. She badly wants to take the trading post by force, and she also wants to be the first heir to the throne. Remembering the legend of her family’s ancient, albeit dangerous powers, she seeks help from the sorcerer Shang Tsung. He makes a deal with her: if she were to have access to the powers, it would mean the death of Kung Lao. She agrees without hesitation.

With her earth-shattering new abilities of The Black Dragon, she murders her father and her brother, before heading to the trading post to claim the life of her enemies. Jola is completely invincible during her fight with Kung Lao and Siro. However, as Shang Tsung had warned her before, the powers of the Dragon are near uncontrollable. Just as the powers begin to suck the life from Jola, Shang Tsung transports her back to the Cobolt Mines and takes them from her. The sorcerer tells Jola that he will keep her prisoner until she learns to harness and control the Dragon’s powers properly.


Without the powers of The Black Dragon, Jola’s skills are extremely limited. However, when she possesses the Dragon’s unique abilities within herself, she becomes the most unstoppable force. Her strength is hugely increased, especially through her kicks. Through her fight with Kung Lao and Siro you will notice how brutal her kicks can be. Her punches are fast and heavy, leading to tremenously powerful blows, but Jola is too short in height to rely on her fists. Using punches to an extent may put her at a disadvantage. Even when she does get in close, it is much wiser to put her Aikido-like holds to use instead of punches or kicks. Jola does not usually take part in hand to hand combat. Instead she uses her power by throwing fire. Also if she touches someone she can use her powers and kill them.

Weak enough, given that she is a master of combat with her newfound abilities. Her blocking is shocking, although in other ways her defense can be effective. And cool-looking too. Jola is remarkably agile when in battle, using well-timed ducks and dodges combined with perfect somersaults and spins. Never before have I seen a fighter air-cartwheel out of an arm lock with such grace.