The Trio Terror – all chapters

Chapter I

*The Thunderous Beginning*

Earthrealm warriors Liu Kang, Sonya, Jax, Johnny Cage, Kitana, and their leader Raiden have just returned from the Mortal Kombat tournament held in Shang Tsungs hidden island. Little did they know that the Outworld / Netherealm have joined forces to invade Earthrealm which meant Shao Kahn, Shinnok, and Quan Chi have joined forces and their legion of mighty warriors would help them attempt to take over Earthrealm. Shao Kahn has sent assassins to take out Earthrealm’s mightiest warrior Liu Kang. There were three assassins sent they were ninjas Noob Saibot, Reptile, and Ermac. Liu Kang was training one day unaware a great battle will soon break out and that the storm was very irregular. Shinnok opened a portal for the three assassins to go take out Liu Kang. They located him and took him off guard Liu Kang was formidable, but was no match for the three assassins and saddly died a painful death.

When Raiden learned of Liu Kangs brutal death and that acid was found by his body he knew what had happened and what will happen next. He would need to find some people to help him battle this “Trio of Terror.”

Kung Lao Liu Kangs brother would be recruited by Raiden to help fight for Earthrealm. Kung Lao was a great warrior who was arguably capable of defeating his brother. This time Earthrealm would need extra “firepower.” Raiden traveled to the legendary Lin Kuei temple to ask for Sub-Zeros assistance. Sub-Zero aggred to help Raiden in his battle and he would also bring along Lin Kuei Cyborg ninja Sektor and one of his students Frost both are very mighty. Sonya and Jax also programmed Cyborg ninja Cyrax to help them in their battle and also brought fellow Special Forces Agent Kenshi to help.

Now that Earthrealm had all their fighters rounded up and ready to begin planning for battle and a defense in case Shao Kahn, Shinnok, and Quan Chi make a sneak attack on the Earthrealm warriors. With Liu Kang dead Earthrealm seeked out the assisstance of Hell-Spawn ninja specter Scorpion who has allows seeked vengance against that of Quan Chi who is the killer of Scorpions family.

Chapter II
*The Hell-Spawn Ninja*

Scorpion has always seeked vengance on Quan Chi for what he has done to his familys so the Earthrealm thought he would except this deal no problem, the deal was if Scorpion joins forces for good instead of evil they would give him a chance at Quan Chi. Raiden opened a portal to the Netherealm and Sub-Zero was sent to send Scorpion the message, the message of peace and unity and most important the message of a joint alliance. Sub-Zero located the whereabouts of Scorpion and there Scorpion sprung his assault by sending his spear attack right at Sub-Zero luckily

Sub-Zero dodged the attack. After Sub-Zero quickly explained why he was there and Scorpion warned him that he doesn’t need his help and he will find have his vengance by himself. Sub-Zero returned to Earthrealm with the disappointing news that Scorpion would not form the alliance and that he is a lone ninja. Little did they know soon a threat would come to them, but this time it would come from a member of the “Trio of Terror.” Who will be the first to attack……………………………

Chapter III

*The First Confrontation*

Shinnok opened a portal to Earthrealm where he sent one of the greatest socerors Quan Chi. Quan Chi was not sent to battle, but just in-case he brought reinforcements that included cyborg ninja Smoke, ninja Rain, four armed beast Kintaro, and Princess Kitana’s twin sister Mileena.

Quan Chi warned that if Raiden and his fighters would interfere with their invading of Earth it would be a most great mistake. Raiden would ignore this warnings. Since they came just to warn Raiden had not attacked instead he warned that if they invaded Earth it would be a great mistake they make. Quan Chi got angered by this and commanded Smoke to send a bomb and it landed right by cyborg ninja Sektor. Sektor was hurt, but was no

push-over Sektor sprung an attack. It was a great battle with each side waiting to jump in in-case of interference by the other side. Smoke was about to finish Sektor off when Sektor performed an amazing throw attack that would be the end of Smoke, but before he can finish his move Quan Chi sent a Flaming Skull attack that prevented Sektor from winning the match and destroying Smoke. Although Sektor was greatly injured from this he was able to cheat death and survive. With this distracting them Quan Chi and Co were able to escape back to their secret base in the Outworld. Raiden was very disappointed that Earthrealm is now facing grave danger, due to the horrible defeat handed to them at the hands of Quan Chi, but the war was far from over and so Earthrealm would have to prepare for another battle with the evil alliance formed to take over Earthrealm what will happen next……..

Trio of Terror: Chapters IV and V|Chapter IV

*A New Hope*

While preparing to make their first attack instead of sitting around and waiting for them to get attacked they ran into one of Raidens old friends whom is the god of wind his name Fugin who has also gave up his immortality to help battle for Earth along side Raiden. Fugin had the idea to set up a secret base to protect them from any unwanted visitors so they won’t be located easy and can hideout and train for battle. Raiden thought the idea was great and agreed to it right away. Fugin had already setup a secret base with his own fighters there ready for battle. And so an alliance was formed the god of thunder and lightning and the god of wind seemed like to be unstoppable now. The fighters Fugin had recruited were Tanya and Jarek who were well trained and ready to battle.

Chapter V

*The Sneak Attack*

Fugin called Raiden to take a walk with him to discuss their situation meanwhile while they were gone an unexpected attack was made on the Earthrealm fighters whom were just having a routine training session when Nitara an ally of Quan Chi led an attack with the warriors Moloch, Drahmin, Mavado, Reptile, Sheeva, and Jade whom were all ready to battle elite Earthrealm fighters. The Earthrealm fighters were struggling heavily trying to fight back, but it all seemed hopeless, until Kung Lao proves himself to be a true fighting monk when he brutally murders the colossal Moloch who was doing most of the damage attacking multiple warriors at a time. Sub-Zero also proves himself to be a true grandmaster by defeating former ally ninja Reptile. It was incredible how much the Earthrealm fighters were

Regrouping together as a team and arising in the battle and coming out victorious and causing their enemies to retreat. When Raiden returned he was shocked to see blood all over the place he questioned Fugin of how their advesaries knew about their whereabouts Fugin said they must have followed them. But Raiden was suspicious about something………………



Trio of Terror – The Finale|Chapter IX

*Final Preparation*

Raiden said that the games were over and they should take advantage of the weakened Shinnok and go on attack before the merger would be complete. The estimated time left was three days which gave them little time to prepare. Sub-Zero was swore vengance on Shinnok for what he hhas done to Frost his top student. Raiden spoke out in a session with his combatants telling them that Scorpion would be the one to fight Quan Chi, Sub-Zero would fight Shinnok, and Kung Lao would do battle with Shao Kahn who was not yet sited, so they can only anticipate how he will fight. Raiden also let it known that the other warriors would also do battle with the last defending troops of the Outworld and Netherealm alliance. Raiden addressed who would be best suited to fight who. Sonya would take on Nitara, Kitana would fight Mileena, Sektor would get his shot at Smoke, Kenshi would fight Rain, Jax would fight Noob-Saibot, Cyrax would fight Ermac, and Johnny Cage would fight Jade.

Raiden led them to where the Final Battle would take place at the Temple of the Order of light. Standing between The “Trio of Terror” and Earthrealms mightiest warriors was one last defense.

“Raiden I give you one last warning surrender or prepare to fight,” Shinnok warned.

“Never will I surrender to you, fighters get to your positions and prepare for MORTAL KOMBAT!” Raiden Said.

Trio of Terro – Chapters VI and VII and VIII|Chapter VI

*The Traitor*

Raiden and Fugin have been conflicting until Fugin came clean. Fugin told Raiden he respects him only as a god other than that they are enemies and he has formed an alliance with Shao Kahn, Shinnok, and Quan Chi. And they will all soon complete the merger among the three realms and deystroy the Earthrealm fighters. Raiden told him he will not stand for this and that he better be prepared to fight. Fugin said bring it on and with an amazing whirlwind Raiden and his Fighters we flown very far away.

Chapter VII

*Thunder& Lightning vs. Wind*

Raiden was very disappointed when Fugin a fellow god and former friend betrayed him and joined the “Trio of Terror.” All the fighters were still Shell-Shocked from the actions used against them especially when Jarek and Tanya were just sitting there watching the great warriors struggle. Sonya vowed vengance on Tanya as Kenshi vowed he would do the same to Jarek. Raiden was angry and he thought of an idea that would involve Sonya, Kenshi, and him going to their former base and have a battle. Sonya and Kenshi liked this idea and so they went on their way to do battle. This time Fugin will be on the opposite side of an attack. When they got there Raiden opened the assault by striking Fugin with a thunder bolt. Kenshi went after Jarek and Sonya brutally attacked Tanya and killed her easily after a brutal battle. Kenshi had trouble defeating Jarek, but when Sonya defeated Tanya she came to his aid and that was Jareks demise. Fugin was angry with this and made a huge whirlwin!

d blow them away, that was the way Fugin wanted it him vs. Raiden& god vs. god, and so the battle began! Fugin was actually immortal at that time, but throughout that battle he became mortal for they will do battle in Mortal Kombat! Raiden was relentless against Fugin not stopping at any cost brutally beating him down doing everything in his power to put an end to Fugin’s evil ways and was trying to prevent him from using his wind powers that can cause him to be whisked away, until he made one grave mistake Fugin acted dead so Raiden would get off him. Fugin was about to blow Raiden away, but Raiden wasn’t having it so he turned around and said “I don’t think so.” In one big thunderous roar Raiden delivered the final blow with one big thunderbolt Fugins body parts went everywhere and Raiden said “Fatality.”

Chapter VIII

*Shinnok Strikes*

With the demise of the wind god Fugin, Earthrealm prepares for their next battle and who it will be against. Sub-Zero thought it would be time to see Frost in battle she seems ready and liable to fight, little did he know who she would have to fight against in the next battle. Shinnok had enough games and thought it would be his time to lead a battle against the warriors of Earthrealm. He told Shao Kahn and Quan Chi he would lead a ruthless battle thi time and he will fight until all their warriors are dead. Shinnok planed to bring Mavado, Kintaro, Sheeva, Baraka, and Drahmin. Raiden had been preparing for the final battle where he will choose three fighters to lead them one of them for certain was Kung Lao. That is who Shinnok will mainly target due to the fact that he is Liu Kang’s brother. Raiden knew another attack would be soon and so they were prepared to fight to the death. They were founded in the middle of the merger ready to battle. Shinnok attacked all at on!

ce and since Sub-Zero was certain Frost was ready for a battle she would go head to head with Sheeva who was going on a rampage. Frost fought her hard and long and was about to be killed when Sub-Zero saved her by freezing Sheeva, Kintaro stuck Sub-Zero before he can finish her off and Sheeva eventually regained conscience and continued her rampage and killed Frost. Kung Lao killed Baraka after splitting him in half with the razor sharp rounded outside of his hat. Kintaro was about to kill Sub-Zero when Johnny Cage came and did his famous flying kick to knock Kintaro to the ground and went after him punch by punch after that to eventually kill the colossal Kintaro proving himself to be very formidable in this war. Mavado’s hook swords were about to strike Sub-Zero in the back killing him when an unexpected hero arose and the famous saying “Get Over Here” was shouted by nun other than Scorpion and speared Mavado in the back pulled him over pulled off his masked and he and his!

flaming skull sent fire to him and destroyed Mavado. But the forgotten ones Drahmin was doing battle against both Cyrax and Sektor. Cyrax took out his claw smasher and tore Drahmin to shreads he was on his last life as Sektor would finish him off by sending a missell launch and destroying the remains of Drahmin. All this caused Shinnok to go against his word and retreat.

Chapter X

*The Last Defense*

And so it began Sonya wasn’t having her way with Nitara at all as Nitara was very powerful. Kitana and Mileena was proberly the closest fight witnessed till Kitana took out her steel fans and took an advantage over Mileena. Sektor and Smoke were going at it as if it were life and death because well it was and Smoke took every advantage he can get, because Sektor wasn’t giving him many, the fight was evenly matched thus far. Throughout the fight of Rain and Kenshi Rain was taughting Kenshi because of his blindness, but Rain didn’t know about the telekinetic powers of Kenshi and Kenshi slammed him repeativley without touching him and now Rain was the one on the defensive. Jax and Noob-Saibot wasn’t like any other with Noob-Saibots speed and ability versus Jax’s brute strenth, but Noob-Saibot was dodging everything Jax through at him and firing back rapid punches. Ermac vs. Cyrax was all Cyrax, but Cyrax couldn’t finish him off Ermac would always make a desperate attempt and cheat death. Johnny Cage and Jade was an irregular matchup with Johnny Cage holding back and Jade Annhilating him. Back to Nitara and Sonya, Sonya finnally took advantage over Nitara, and snapping her neck to finish her off. Kitana would further have a downhill match with Mileena taking her fan and cutting her up to shreads. Smoke tossed Sektor into a wall and Sektor was on his last life, but refused to back down, using the space seperating them he had time to launch a missle right at the Cyborg Ninja Smoke finishing him off and getting his revenge. Kenshi continued his assault on Rain and eventually finished him off thanks to his telekinetic powers. Jax was trying really hard to defeat Noob-Saibot, but it was hopeless Noob-Saibot just kept dodging and punching to eventually and saddly finish off Jax. Cyrax finnally didn’t let Ermac get away this time and defeated him. Johnny Cage finnally decided not to hold back and caught up with her punch for punch and finnally uppercutted her to finish Jade off once and for all. Noob-Saibot sprung an attack on Kung Lao, but before he can get to him Johnny Cage kicked him to the floor and fought with him and because he was weakened by Jax he was able to finish him off. And so the stage was set for the Final Battle.

Chapter XI

*The Explosive Finish*

“You will finnally pay for what you did to my family Quan Chi, and I am going to show no mercy on your pathetic cowardly life!” Scorpion said.

“Revenge will be mine Shinnok, you will be the next to die!” Sub-Zero said.

“Shao Khan you have hid long enough come out and face me!” Kung Lao said.

“You pathetic mortals think you can fight us we are more powerful than anything there is you’re realm will fall to us and the universe will be controlled by us!” Shao Khan said.

“Enough blabbering you have given up your immortality to fight in Mortal Kombat, so begin!” Raiden demanded.

And so the battle began Kung Lao vs. Shao Kahn, Sub-Zero vs. Shinnok, and Scorpion vs. Quan Chi. The most rememberable battle ever to play out began with Scorpion all over Quan Chi making no errors and Quan Chi was put on the defensive early. Sub-Zero and Shinnok was a close battle with Sub-Zero a step ahead of him, Shinnok’s plan to victory was to knock Sub-Zero back and then to just beat him down repeativley till Sub-Zero can no longer battle, will he succeed in doing this? Kung Lao and Shao Kahn wis very close indeed with Shao Kahn just a step ahead of him each time using his brute strength to overpower Kung Lao and put him on the defensive. This match was incredible Quan Chi and Shinnok looked at Shao Kahn for a mere second and saw how well he was doing and it gave them a morale boost to help them begin to over power Scorpion and Sub-Zero this maybe the end for Earthrealm. It seemed like a matter of time before the “Trio of Terror” would finish them off and take Earthrealm for their own. Quan Chi seemed well ahead of Scorpion knocking him down and hitting him hard, and then it happened Scorpion seemed done for good when Quan Chi fired a skull fireball at him and hit Scorpion right in the chest and Scorpion seemed all, but finished another skull fireball was coming Scorpion dodged it! He got up and sent his spear and starting twirling Quan Chi around and sent him flying to his demise! Sub-Zero was fighting hard doing everything he could to counter and take an advantage and did just that to Shinnok when he knocked Shinnok back a little and froze him then made a little ice ball and shattered Shinnok to pieces. Kung Lao had alot on his hands trailing until he was able to duck a punch and strike back with a giant uppercut then when Kahn got back up Kung Lao took off his hat and sliced off Kahns head and the earthrealm warriors had finnally won over their peace and victory….until the skies grew cloudy the air grew cold and thunderstru!

ck who was this evil intruder? Stay tunned for you will find out in aftermath the first chapter in a new story!