On the last Mortal Kombat Conquest: we see all the clips from Vengance, leading up to the end. Then….

Shao Kahn attempts to back-hand Rayden to finish him, but Rayden blocks the back-hand and raises up to his feet. The battle is not over, as Rayden does 3 backflips to gain distance from Kahn’s hands.

“What’s the point, Rayden?” said Kahn. “You’re all alone. Kung Lao is DEAD”

“You sure?” said Rayden. “Now.”

Then from the dark corridor on the side of the palace, Kung Lao appears, unharmed, shirtless, wearing the Dragon Medallion that he received from the tournament.

“So, how were the priests,” asked Rayden.

“They knocked Taja unconscious, but we managed to stall them,” said Kung Lao.

Unknown to Shao Kahn, the portal between Outworld and Earth Realm is still open. Kung Lao knows this as well, because this is now he got to Outworld.

“How is this possible?” said Kahn. “This is your shirt. The preist gave it to me.”

“Just because you have my shirt doesn’t make me dead,” said Kung Lao.

With the portal open, Rayden uses what is left of his powers to create a smoke screen. He and Kung Lao escape towards the open portal. Jumping through restores Rayden’s powers and heals him from the battle with Kahn. Now Rayden closes the portal before Kahn came through.

Returned to Earth, Rayden and Kung Lao discuss all the losses that the Shadow Priests caused.

“Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Vorpax, Reptile, and even Kitana are dead,” says Kung Lao

In Netherrealm at Quan Chi’s palace, Siann and Quan Chi lie on the floor, presumed to be dead. Suddenly, Quan Chi begins to move and cough in pain. Freed from the cobalt that almost killed him, Quan Chi uses his Netherrealm powers to heal himself. Since Siann was actually dead, she will only become a sprit in Netherrealm. Quan Chi realizes that 3 of his spikes are missing. Knowing this, he rises to his feet.

“Hmm,” thinks Quan Chi. “The Emperor thinks I’m dead, but I’ll show him.” Quan Chi steps outside his palace and sees the spirits of Shang Tsung, Reptile, and Kitana lurking around the realm in separate directions.

“Maybe I should send them back to Earth. This way, Shao Kahn’s plan will truly fail,” says Quan Chi.

He then restores them all back to life, with the exception of Vorpax and Kiri, whom he turns into slaves for him.

Back at the Trading Post, Siro and Taja are recovering from the attack. After taking care of Taja ribs, Siro walks out to Kitana’s death ground and see her alive and well.

“Kitana??” asks Siro.

“It seems that I’m alive. I was surely dead,” said Kitana.

“Well, we all seem to be okay, but I don’t know where Kung Lao or Rayden is,” says Siro.

“I’ll find them,” he says. “Will you stay with Taja until I come back?”

“Sure,” says Kitana.

At Vorpax’s palace, Shang Tsung rises to his feet immediately, knowing full well what happened. With all of his powers restored, he opens a portal and steps through. The destination is unknown.

Back at the Reptilian camp, Reptile nips up to his feet. Knowing that Kahn is aware about his betrayal, he finds an entrance to Earth Realm.

Rayden and Kung Lao are walking from the Hidden City and run into Siro running towards it.

“Siro, are you okay,” asks Lao.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he says. “Kitana is alive.”

“What?” asks Kung Lao.

“Are you sure?” asks Rayden.

“Yes” says Siro.

Rayden begins to seal up the door to the Hidden City as insurance that no one on Earth finds the location.

Eager to see Kitana, Rayden uses his powers to transport himself, Kung Lao, and Siro back to the Trading Post.

“Kitana,” says Kung Lao as they arrive. He rushes and embraces her, glad to see her alive.

“Rayden, did you fight Shao Kahn?” asks Kitana

“Yes,” says Rayden.

“Is he defeated?”

“No, he is more pissed than ever, especially when he saw Kung Lao,” responds Rayden.

In Outworld, Shao Kahn is enraged.

“AhHHHHH! How could you have failed?!!!!” yells Kahn.

The Shadow Priests just stare at Kahn not saying a word.

“Go back to the Trading Post and finish them.” “GO!!” says Kahn.

Sitting in his chair with his sword in hand, he says out loud.

“Kung Lao, Rayden, you will soon feel my power.”

At the Trading Post, 4 Shadow Priests appear. Not able to intervene directly, Rayden stepped aside and one of them immediately kicked him in the back, causing him to roll over. Now able to intervene, Rayden begins to fight 2 of them as Kung Lao, Kitana, and Siro fight the other two. Rayden at first holds back from using his powers and fights them like he fought Shao Kahn. After handling them, he was enraged, so he used his powers to destroy them. Kung Lao knocked one of the priests to the ground with his front flip axe kick as Kitana and Siro both threw one of Kitana’s fans at the other two. Before the priests could pull them out of their chest, Rayden blasts both of the Shadow Priests, destroying them.

Taja walks down, still in sharp pain.

“What’s all the commotion?” she asks.

“The Shadow Priests attacked again,” says Siro.

“Damn it, why does Kahn not give up?” she asks.

No idea…

Rayden says, “I’m going to have a look around the city and even Netherrealm, to see if anyone else is still alive.”

Disapperaring as usual, Rayden was gone in a flash.

Kung Lao begins to wonder about the events that took place today.

“Will we even survive to the next tournament? We almost got killed in one day, all of us,” he says.

“We will just have to be careful and get stronger,” says Siro.

“There’s no other way,” says Kung Lao.

Kitana agrees to live with him and the others, knowing she is dead if she returns to Outworld.

Shang Tsung has retreated to his cave outside of town in the woods.

“Either I get back in good terms with the Emperor, or I die. I cannot handle the Shadow Priests,” he says. He then thinks of a bargaining chip. “What if I could kill Quan Chi?” He began to think of a way to succeed in doing this.

Back at the Trading Post, Rayden reappears.

“Well?” asks Kung Lao

“Shang Tsung, Reptile, and Quan Chi…..”

“What” asks Siro.

“Spit it out, Rayden” says Taja.

“They live. Whatever brought Kitana back to life must’ve brought them back as well,” he says.

“Well everything is back to what it was, with the exception of worrying about Vorpax. I guess we try to resume our lives,” says Taja.

“Reopen the Trading Post,” says Siro. “First thing in the Morning.”

“Good idea,” says Kung Lao.

“The tournament is years away,” says Rayden. We will survive until then.

“I checked with the Elder Gods. Their rules are still active. Kahn cannot enter this realm without being destroyed unless he wins 10 tournaments in a row,” says Rayden.

“And he won’t,” says Kung Lao.

In the Shokan Cobalt Mines, a 4 armed figure is training under the guidance of a cloaked figure. Growling with every punch and kick, he continues to train. The cloaked figure took off the cape, revealing himself to be Shang Tsung. Only the eyes of this 4-armed figure is seen because of the darkness of the area they were in.

On the next episode of Mortal Kombat Conquest, Sub-Zero reemerges.

“Kahn missed one” he says.

Then the Ninja Smoke appears.

You must be the assassin of the Lin Kuei. Sub-Zero asks.

“Maybe” says Smoke

The Next Episode: The Ice: An ally or Enemy