The Essence Of Edenia Pt. 2

When The crew rushed to where Sindel was left, They found that Mileena done her teleport kick, Sonya done her Wave Punch in the air Mileena had captured her along with Rain. Liu Kang tried to stop them capture Sindel but he didn’t. Soon after, the crew jumped in the portal before it had closed and used his double fireball to injure Rain. Rain got upset and fought back. Sonya fought Mileena and Johnny had kept Sindel safe. Liu Kang done his bicycle kick on Rain and so did Sonya to Mileena. Rain done his fast control ball and pushed Liu back. When and Mileena was down. She then took her sais out and threw them at sonya and got her. Sonya got up and done her sonic rings and Mileena fell back down to the grown and disappeared but the essence of Edenia was left to the grown. Liu had suddenly got up and Rain quickly ran for the essence while Sonya was still puffed out but Liu done a cartwheel kick and smashed Rain in the face and quickly got the essence and kept in safe in his hand.

Once Sindel had recovered from her injuries while being captured, she took the essence and tried to destroy it but Liu Kang stopped her. “Maybe we should keep it until Rayden comes back”. Suddenly, a thunderous crash came pounding down from the air. It was Rayden and Kitana who was still alive. “Speak Of The Devil” Sonya said. “I think you mean God?” Rayden said. “Haha Very Funny Oh Great power god” Sonya replied in a sarcastic voice.

“We found this” said Liu Kang and handed the essence. “Ahhh, the essence of Edenia, a powerful source which could destroy its whole world” said Rayden. “I think I should Keep this with me” Rayden said. “Shouldn’t we destroy it before it causes anymore trouble than it is in my world?” Sindel said. “Hmmm, I think I should keep this with me. It might be still usefull for destroying Quan Chi and Shinnok’s Realm” Rayden said.

Sindel used her powers to re-open the portal to Edenia then they went back in and found that it was no longer a world of living forests and dark castles and statues heads on the ground but a world of paradise. Both the crew and Rayden were confused but they needn’t worry since that it was all repaired.

Kitana said to Liu Kang “This is where i must leave you”. “No, I can still stay in your world with you and your mother” said Liu. I’m afraid I cannot do that” replied Kitana and walked off, disappearing and fading with her mother.

Sometimes Kitana wishes that Liu Kang wouldve lived in this world earlier.

The End….

The Essence Edenia

The Essence Edenia|Once Kitana has beaten Shao Kahn’s Deadly assasins..Kitana warns the Newly crowned Queen Sindel about their past and brainwashes her to betray Shao Kahn and transform there world Edenia to what used to be in the past. When she has done that, she gets her team mate Liu Kang and his group to help defeat Shao Kahn. They succeed in beating Shao Kahn and opens the Portal to Edenia. On their way to Edenia, Jade and Mileena block the pathway and creates some kind of holding back power and tries to defeat kitana alone. Kitana gets her weapons out and starts to fight but fails to win with mileenas sai stabbed into kitana’s head and both Jade and Mileena get into the portal. Once the portal is closed, there was no way of reopening it and help kitana get her world and her life back. Liu Kang screams from the top of his lungs. When Raiden has heard the call, he quickly came to there realm and found that kitana had died. He takes Kitana back to the Netherealm and does all he can to make her come back but first, he has to reopen the portal. He succeeds in opening the portal because the eldergods had listened to him. Sindel leads the way to her Lost world and finds Mileena and Jade there. Sindel ordered Mileena and Jade to go back to the Outworld but Sindel had no power since she is now not evil. Sindel uses her fireball to kill Jade and Mileena runs off but Sonya ,Liu Kang and Johnny help find her and kill her before she releases the essence of Edenia by taking it to the lost tomb and could blow up the whole world with Sindel and Crew with her. On their way, they heard a sudden scream of terrifying ake from where Sindel was left.
To Be Kontinued…..